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Protecting David-The Brothers
--- Chapter 9---
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                          Protecting David-The Brothers 10


On Thanksgiving morning the twins literally dragged me out of bed, and it was way too early.  They came barging in at some ungodly hour dressed like twin cowboys with jeans, plaid shirts, Carhartt jackets and cowboy hats.  On the plus side, they did look hot.

They were kneeling on my bed pushing on my back.  “C’mon, Chris!  We got the horses outside!”

I pulled the blanket off my head, and muttered, “Huh?”

Aiden plopped down next to me with his face inches from mine.  “The fucking horses!  Our horses!  They’re outside, tied up.  I hitched em to the lamp post.”

Honestly, for the first minute I thought they were speaking in another language or something.  I just couldn’t get all this to make any sense.  For one thing I had been up until two in the morning talking to Adam about all the shit he was going through, so I really was dog tired.

I rubbed my eyes and stared at Aiden.  “Whada we need horses for?”

Andrew dropped down in front of me, pushing Aiden out of the way and said, “It’s Thanksgiving morning!  We go riding every Thanksgiving.  That’s what you said.”

Then it hit me.  I did say that last year.  We had been riding on Thanksgiving morning and the twins remarked that we did that every Thanksgiving and I thought about it and we had.  For one reason or another, once we came to live with Alex and Larry, we had gone riding every Thanksgiving morning.  But on the spur of the moment I got a bright idea and told them that it was intentional, that I had decided years before when they were little that this would be one of our traditions, something just for the three of us, that we would go riding every Thanksgiving morning.  And now they both looked stricken at the thought that I had forgotten.  Whenever we or the dads did something for one of the major holidays, it was like the twins wrote that onto their brains and ever after it had to be done exactly that way.

Quickly, I laughed and said, “I know dummies!  I was just kidding you, pulling your chains.”

Aiden sat up and jerked the covers all the way off of me leaving me lying naked in front of them.  “You want us to fucking dress you too?  We gotta get going, it’s snowing out.”

I yelped at my sudden nakedness and quickly rolled onto my stomach. “Gimme five fucking minutes!  I gotta shower.”

They rolled off the bed and headed for the door but then Aiden came back to the bed and slapped me on the butt. 

He looked at Andrew and said, “You can kinda see what Adam is so hot for.”

I buried my face in embarrassment and yelled, “Get out and let me get ready!”

Mrs. Colby had put out this enormous breakfast buffet, and the three of us each took a huge slice of her amazing coffee cake and headed for the door.  We would really put away some calories later when we got back.

Outside there were huge snowflakes gently falling and everything was already covered with about an inch of snow.   There was really no wind, so it didn’t even seem particularly cold.  I had put on my jeans with long underwear underneath them, a heavy sweater and a leather jacket that was insulated with Thinsulate.  Aiden handed me a cowboy hat and, even though I thought I looked dumb in them, I took it and put it on because that’s what they wanted and I did want it to be all that they were hoping for.  They had pretty much forgotten everything about their mom and dad because they were really little when they were abandoned, so in a way it’s like their lives began when they were seven.  Sometimes they almost seemed desperate to create new memories to take the place of what bad stuff was there.

We mounted our horses and for the next half hour rode slowly up to the stand of trees that separated what my dads originally owned from the land that they bought later.  It’s like if our house was on one end of a shallow bowl, and that tree line was on the other end.  In the middle of the bowl were the stables and a couple of buildings that the security people used.  Also in the bowl was a stock pond that froze solid every year and we used for ice skating.  Beyond the tree line it was fairly flat.  That was the land that they bought later.

It was a pleasant ride through the falling snow and there’s a stillness in the mountains that you don’t seem to get anywhere else.  I’m a decent rider, while the twins are really great, but this ride wasn’t about that, it was just about being together.  The horses were making horse sounds and, since their breath immediately froze it looked like they were steam powered.

Looking for something to talk about, I asked them, “So whadya you guys wanna be when you grow up…besides porn stars.”

Aiden laughed, leaned towards me and whispered loudly, “Andrew wants to be a doctor!”

Andrew glared at him and yelled, “Shut the fuck up asswipe!  Jesus fucking Christ!  I tell you something that’s supposed to be a goddamn secret and the first fucking chance you get, you tell it!”  When the twins get agitated, ‘Texas’ returns to their voices with a vengeance.

Aiden laughed and said, “He’s just lookin to do something that lets him see folks naked.”

Andrew had been shooting me glances to see if I was gonna make fun of him, so I figured I better put him at ease.

“I think it sounds great, Andrew!  Why do you wanna keep it a secret?”  He was giving me a look like he wasn’t sure if I was putting him on or not.

Finally, he sighed and said, “I dunno, I just think I wanna help people.  You know, like our doctor Doctor Wilson, he’s like really cool.”

I turned in my saddle and looked at Aiden.  “How about you?  What are you thinking about doing?”

He sighed and said, “I dunno.  I mean it’s not like we gotta do anything, or we could even just work for Alex.

Andrew leaned over and said, “Dude, you gotta do something!”

Aiden shrugged.  “Why?  We got those trust funds.  We don’t gotta do shit.”

Andrew looked like he was gonna get mad and Aiden jumped in to stop him.  “Man, I wouldn’t do just nothin, but what I’m sayin is that we can take time to decide is all.   You’re talking about helping folks, well maybe the best way to do that would be to work at the Granddads’ trust.  The whole top floor of that new building is gonna be just for that.  There’s gonna be a lotta people working there.  Maybe I could do that.  After all, given money away is helping folks, too.”

Eventually, I got us turned for home and said, “Well, you still gotta get through high school and college, so there’s plenty of time.”  Then I got to thinking about what I was gonna do when I really grew up, and frankly, I didn’t have a clue.


One of our traditions is that Thanksgiving is pretty casual, and that we have lots of people over.  Today, besides the dads and granddads, there was Uncle Bob and Aunt Becky and their kids Ian and Sean, then there was Connie and her husband Edgar, who was some sort of consultant for some huge company.  Also, Larry’s dad and Bob’s mom and dad, whose law firm Larry worked for.  Then there was also some people coming who worked for Alex, but nobody seemed to know for sure who that was other than Connie and her husband.  Anne, the lady that Alex worked with at the women’s shelter was gonna try and make it, but she was also hosting a big dinner for the folks at the shelter so she was just gonna do her best.  All in all in was like twenty people for dinner.  The exact opposite thing happened at Christmas when Christmas dinner was just for us.

We’ve got a huge dining room at our house, but it really only gets used on those two holidays because we normally eat in the kitchen, or outside, or in front of the television.  But today it was all decked out with the best of everything and that always seems strange.

It seems to me that I read some place that twins don’t like dressing alike and that’s a little true for my brothers because they don’t generally dress exactly alike, although it’s usually pretty close.  But the time they always dress alike is holidays.  I really think they do it because it makes them look cute and they do like to put on a show.

After we got back from our ride, we spent an hour with the granddads and then the twins disappeared for a half an hour, and returned looking all cleaned up and dressed exactly alike with their tan chinos, dark green sweaters and white shirts.  And even David who you’d think would see through it, totally fell for their little act.

He stood up and said, “Ahhh.  You guys look sooo handsome.”  Aiden and Andrew just stood there with an “Awe shucks” look on their faces.  The con men.  They have no shame.

I looked at Larry, rolled my eyes and whispered, “’They’re just sooo adorable!”  He laughed and then reached over and rubbed the back of my neck.  When he pulled me into his chest, I muttered, “If I had a twin, I could be adorable, too.”

He wrapped his arms around me, kissed the side of my head and whispered, “You’re adorable all by yourself.”


By one o’clock in the afternoon the house was full of people and there must have been four television sets going in different rooms with different things being watched.  There was a bar set up with a bartender and tables all over the places with snacks of every conceivable kind.  My job had been answering the door and greeting people.  The people on the gate would call me and tell me who was on the way up.  The last call just said that a guy named Nick Carmichael was on his way up and that he worked for my dad.

The guy was great looking, but not movie star handsome.  I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who I was more instantly horny for though.  Well, I guess I shouldn’t say horny because at that point I hadn’t progressed to horny, I was still at stunned.  There was just something about this guy.  He was youngish, about 25 or so, and fairly tall with broad shoulders and a strong square jawed face.  His hair was medium brown, he had a lot of it and it was kind of out of control, although it didn’t look like he was someone who worried much about his hair.  At the same moment that I went slack jawed looking into his dark blue eyes, I noticed a small scar that cut through his left eyebrow.

I suddenly realized that he was talking and that I had missed part of it.  “Huh?”

He laughed and kept his hand out.  “My name is Nick Carmichael.  I work for your dad.  You’re Chris, right?”  My dick lurched, he knew who I was.

He had big hands, and there was a toughness to them, like he was used to working with them.

I shook my head to try and clear it and then stumbled through, “I’m sorry, I…I…it’s just not my day, I guess.  Yeah, that’s me, I’m Chris.”  Brilliant, huh?

He was dressed casually, just like everyone else, and like every other guy in the house, with the exception of the twins and Connie’s husband, he was wearing jeans.  He also had on a light blue dress shirt and corduroy sport coat.  He was carrying what looked like a car coat.

I was beginning to get a grip on myself and I held out my hand and said, “Lemme take your coat.” 

He indicated the car coat and said, “I’m hoping I won’t need that.  The snow is supposed to stop, but you can never be sure.” 

He handed me his coat, and while I was hanging it up in the closet, he said, “I remember you from the office but you probably don’t remember me.  I was in and out of there a lot…usually out.  But I remember seeing you around.”  I noticed another tiny little scar under his lower lip.  It was only three eighths of an inch long and well faded.  I had an urge to reach out and touch it, so I shoved my hand into my pocket to keep that from happening on its own.

I brought Nick into where my dads were sitting watching a soccer game and turned him over to them.  Then I backed well off, so that I could examine him from a safe distance.

Both of my dads hugged him like they had known him for awhile and then, to my amazement, David and Mark came over to Nick and hugged him, too.

The twins had just walked into the room, and when they spotted Nick they went all silent and still.  They looked like Golden Retriever puppies that had just seen their first fully grown Rottweiler, their tails were wagging, but they weren’t really sure if they should run up and try and lick his face.

I should explain that while the twins are straight, like all fourteen year old boys, they go through a series of man-crushes.  Their bedroom walls are covered with posters of hot women, but there’s also a lot of football players, NASCAR drivers and rodeo cowboys.  As a gay man, I can tell you that nobody surpasses the cowboys in pure hotness.

Anyway, I could see a man-crush about to bloom.  Nick walked the five feet over to them, shook their hands and introduced himself just as Alex was about to do it.  That seemed to decide it for the twins, they went into full bromance mode, and in thirty seconds they went from being all shy to practically humping his leg.  I guess that made me a little mad because I wanted to be the one humping his leg.  He was just that kind of guy.  The masculinity just seemed to radiate from him, like you could toast marshmallows off of him.

I backed off even further and sat on a sofa on the other side of the crowded room and watched things from afar.  There was a Thanksgiving Day parade on the TV that nobody but me seemed the least bit interested in, so I had some space.  But then I noticed that no matter who Nick seemed to be talking to he would keep glancing over at me.  I looked at his crotch and wondered what lurked there.  His jeans were pretty loose, so you couldn’t really tell much, but I was pretty sure that it wouldn’t be disappointing.  I was pretty sure that nothing about Nick would be disappointing.  His shoulders were broad and his waist was slim, and I was trying to analyze what it was about him that created this aura.  I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t one thing, it was the whole package, but maybe if I had to pick just one thing, it would be his attitude.  There was a friendly, even kind, aggression to him that was a total turn on.  Like the way he had just stepped forward and introduced himself to the twins.  It was a kind of chin-forward attitude that was very appealing.  It would have the opposite affect if he was a jerk, but when you combined that aggression with kindness it was pretty hot.  I wondered where the scars came from though.

The twins had pushed their way in so that they were standing on either side of him and talking a mile-a-minute like they do, and I figured that was that, they had practically branded him.

I went back to watching the television, but a few minutes later Nick walked over, somehow, without the twins, and sat down next to me.  He turned towards me on the sofa and brought his right knee up so that he was sitting at a right angle to me.  That pretty much forced me to turn towards him and do the same thing.

“I love your brothers.  I love their enthusiasm.  Are they always like that?”  His hair had fallen down over his forehead again and I wanted to lick it.

I tried to smile as sincerely as possible and not add even the slightest note of bitchiness to my voice.  “My brothers are nuclear powered.  It’s a wonder they even need to eat.”

Then, “You know my granddads?”

He nodded ‘yes’ and something told me that he was anxious to talk about it.  “I met David when I was going to school in New York.  He gave me a job as an intern.  Then when I finished grad school, he gave me a job in Washington.”  He gestured slightly with his head in their direction.  “I met Mark then too.  Wonderful people.  I owe David a lot.”

He grinned.  “Of course I met your dad then too.  He wasn’t around Washington all the time, but he flew in from Denver pretty regularly.”

“How did you end up here in Denver?  I mean if you went to school in New York why would you move here?”

“I grew up here.  We didn’t move to the East Coast until I was sixteen.  So this was like coming home.  And I like working for your dad.”

I couldn’t help myself.  I touched my finger to my own eyebrow and said, “Ahh, how…?”  I just had to know about those scars.

He smiled, but there was almost a sadness in it.  “When I was twelve I realized that I was gay and I told everybody I knew.  It was a tough neighborhood and not everyone liked that.”

I said, “Oh shit!  You got beat up?”

He laughed and stretched his arm out on the back of the sofa so that it almost touched my shoulder.  “No, no I didn’t.  A lotta people tried though.”

Suddenly the twins reappeared and trotted over to us in a cloud of energy.  They plopped down on the floor in front of us but they were talking to Nick.

“Dude, we wanna show ya our gym!”

Aiden looked at me all excited and almost yelled, “Nick works out!  Just like us!”

Then they both swung back to Nick and said, “We got a pool too!  We could all go swimming!”

Nick look at me almost with panic.  I grinned, shook my head and said, “They’d have you skinny dipping in like two minutes.”  The thought of that made my dick hard, but there was no way that that could happen.

Nick smiled at the twins and said, “Fellas, that’s something we maybe oughta save for another day.”

They were crestfallen for like a tenth of a second, but then Aiden said, “Well come look at the gym!”

I grinned at Nick and said, “I can keep you safe.”

While we were walking downstairs to the gym Nick said, “I hope you don’t mind me sharing your plane on Sunday.”

I was clueless.  “My plane?”

He stopped on the stairs.  “To Wisconsin.  I’m goin back with you.  Your dad wants me to check some stuff.”


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