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Protecting David-The Brothers
--- Chapter 11---
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Protecting David-The Brothers 11

When we got to the bottom of the stairs the twins were already half way up their climbing wall.  The gym is mostly a place for weightlifting equipment and machines, but the dads had a climbing wall built on one end of it for the twins.  They were basically monkeys anyway, and they used it constantly.

The twins were clinging to the rocks like Geckos.  They looked down at us and yelled, “C’mon up!”

Nick looked down at his shoes, then glanced at me, and finally yelled up to the twins, “Not in these shoes, Guys!  Chris and I’ll just watch you.”

The twins grinned down at us and saying nothing, but each of them, hanging by the fingers of one hand, slowly took off their climbing shoes, and let them drop to the floor.  The challenge was unspoken.

Nick laughed and shook his head.  He turned to me and tilted his head.  “They do this to you, too?”

“Every second of every day.  We could just turn off the lights and go upstairs.  Let ‘em hang there.”

He grinned, shook his head again, and then kicked off his shoes and pulled off his socks.  “I’d never hear the end of it.”

Then he moved up the wall just like they did.  I guess I’m the only one around who isn’t part Gecko.  With Nick up on the wall with the twins, I got a chance to check out his body more.  The muscles in his back were bulging against his shirt as he climbed.  It had taken about two seconds for his shirt to be pulled out of his jeans and I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.

The wall is only about sixteen feet high, so it’s not like they were five stories up or anything.  The twins were up at the ceiling and in no time at all Nick was, too and moving sideways towards them.  His body was tight to the wall and his arms were extended, gripping the protruding stones.  The muscles in his ass were rigid and his jeans were formed close around them.  His brown hair in the back came down to just below the collar of his shirt and feathered against it as his head moved back and forth as he judged his moves.  And while his moves were slow, there was a deliberateness to them and a fluidity that made me feel like he really knew what he was doing. 

In the back of my mind I was still mulling over what Nick had said about coming with me to Wisconsin.  I was wondering what ‘stuff’ my dad wanted him to look at.

After Nick got off the wall, we lost him to the adults.  The granddads dragged him into a conversation that seemed to go on forever.  The twins hovered around the edges of the group, but finally, even they got discouraged with all the conversation about banks and stocks and money, and they wandered over to where I was sitting watching television and plopped down next to me.

During dinner Nick got glommed onto by Connie’s husband, so basically the twins and I just shut up and ate, if you can call what they do eating.  I mean it’s really just shoveling food into their mouths as fast as possible.

But in a way that was a good thing, because I was sitting across from Nick and got a chance to watch him eat, and since he was constantly being talked to he couldn’t see me looking.  The muscles in his face look really strong and he’s got a little bit of a cleft chin and really nice lips.  Oh, and pretty eyes with long lashes.


By ten o’clock everyone had left, and I went into the family room where my dads were lying on opposite ends of the sofa watching CNN.   I sat down between them.  Everyone was pretty much in a turkey induced coma.  After a minute Alex rubbed his stocking covered foot against my shoulder.

“Did you have a good time today?”

I nodded.  “Yeah.  The dinner was great and Nick is nice.”

Larry said, “He’s a really good guy.”

I was about to agree when Larry nudged me with his foot on my other shoulder and said, “Quite the stud, too.”

Instantly, I felt like I was guilty of something, although I wasn’t really sure what.  “I didn’t really notice.   Well, I mean, yeah, he’s okay.”

Larry laughed and said, “You are such a liar.”

Then I got embarrassed.  “Well I didn’t notice!”

“He sure spent a lotta time talking to you.”

I was starting to squirm and wanted to just go to bed.  “He was just being nice.”  I looked at Alex.  “You’re his boss, he didn’t want to screw up.”

Alex sat up and then pulled me down so that I was lying down against his chest.  He said softly, “It’s okay to notice other guys.  You’ll be back with Adam before you know it.”  Then he kissed the top of my head.

I lifted my head and said, “Why do you need him to look at stuff in Wisconsin?”

Alex pulled my head back down to his chest and said, “Banks.  It’s all about banks.”

I mumbled into his chest.  “I still don’t understand.”

“Well, you know where you’ve got your checking account, Wisconsin National?”

I just nodded against his chest.

 “Okay, so that’s a nice bank, it’s part of the First Colorado Group, but it’s only got like ten branches and they’re all either in Madison or right around there.  Then just a couple of months ago, I got a chance to buy a bigger bank, a bank in Milwaukee, and they’ve got forty-two branches altogether and no branches in Madison.  So it’s a good fit.”

I said, “So what’s Nick got to do?”

“I’ve never been able to get an answer, at least not one that I totally believed, to what happened with the president of that bank.  They fired him in an odd way, and I want to know what really happened.  Nick is good at finding stuff like that out.  Plus I like to send Nick in first, he kinda paves the way for the rest of the team.”

I said, “You think they’re lying?”

“Probably not that - just not telling the whole truth.”  He laughed and his chest rose and fell.  “It’s the sort of thing that always drives your grandfather crazy, and I guess he instilled that in me, too.”

Then he said, “Nick will be mostly in Milwaukee.  I told him he could stay at our old house there.  It’s just sitting there.”  Nick wasn’t coming to Madison.  It made me a little sad.

It was getting late and the twins came bouncing into the room wearing only matching  blue boxer shorts.  The sofa we were on was kind of in the middle of the room facing the television, and they bent over the back of it and kissed the dads goodnight.  Aiden kissed Alex and Andrew kissed Larry, then they traded places.  It’s something we do every night, and weirdly, it’s something I really miss at college.

Aiden poked the back of my head with his finger and said, “I ain’t kissing you!”

So naturally I said, “Oh yeah?  Why don’t you kiss my…..!”  But Larry yelled, “Children!” before I got a chance to complete the sentence.  “Children!” is the slightly less aggravated version of “BOYS!”

I’m gonna be eighteen in like a month and a half, so I probably should be more mature, but the twins know how to push all my buttons.

It wasn’t long before I headed for my bedroom, too, and as I walked through the door my cell phone rang.  It was Adam.

“Chris, you won’t fucking believe it!  You will not believe it!”

He sounded excited, but I just automatically figured that anything, considering his family, would be bad news so my response was cautious.  “What?”

“I’m getting a BMW!  A fucking BMW!”  It was the car of his dreams, but even though his dad had money, Adam indicated that there was no way that his dad would ever even consider such a thing.


“My grandfather.  Well, I’m pretty sure it was his idea.”  Adam had never really said much about his grandfather, except that he, too, was an attorney just like his dad.

I flopped down on my bed and wedged my phone between the pillow and my ear while I lifted up my butt and pushed my pants off.  I was wondering why, all of a sudden, his dad should have such a change of attitude.

“It’s supposed to be an early Christmas present, which probably means I won’t get shit for Christmas, but still…it’s fucking BMW!”

“And this is your dad?  Your real dad?”


I wanted to ask him why, but I didn’t want to bring him down.  So I just said, “That’s fantastic!  Do you get to pick the color?”

“Absofuckinglutely!  My grandfather told me to go to the dealer in Madison and then have him call my dad with the price and he’d do a wire transfer.  I mean, is this fucking cool or what?”

But then I decided that I had to know.  “Why do you think they’re being so nice all of a sudden?”

He sighed.  “My grandfather wants me to go to law school.  I guess it’s like a family thing to him.  He’s been hinting at it for a while now.  It wasn’t something that I was all that interested in, but I guess if it’s that important to him, maybe I could at least try it.  He took me out for coffee and was talking to me.  He said that a lot of the problem with my dad is my fault.”  He sighed again.  “I guess that could be a little true.  He said that I’ve never given him a real chance, that I jump down his throat as soon as he says anything to me, that I’m too defensive.”

I loved hearing the sound of his voice, and I was soooo fucking horny. I said,  “I can’t wait till Sunday!  It’s driving me crazy.”

He laughed and his voice dropped lower.  “I miss you too.  Last night I dreamed about fucking you.”

I laughed.  “I wanna make that dream a reality.”

“Sunday we can fuck all night.”

“So you think your dad’s attitude towards you is changing?”

He sighed.  “Maybe.  It’s also possible that this is just my grandpa pushing him, but my grandfather always seems to have my old man by the balls.  He treats him like my dad treats me, but the weird thing is that my grandpa doesn’t treat me that way at all.  Does that make any fucking sense?  It’s like the whole family needs to be in therapy.”

“How does your granddad have such a hold on him?   I mean your dad is this big lawyer guy, right?”

“Yeah…but my granddad has the real money.  He was a lawyer, too, and I guess a pretty good one, but he also bought a lot of land when he was making money lawyering.  My mom told me that by the time he retired he owned six big farms around here and then by the time I was in grade school this area was already built up and a really expensive place to live, and my grandfather had all at that land and everybody wanted it.”

“So even though my dad was making lots of money being a lawyer, it still didn’t come close to what his dad had.  And like when my mom and dad got married, my grandpa just gave him a house, and a really nice one, too.  So it’s like his dad was always one step ahead of him.  We’re all crazy, really…the whole fucking family.”  They all sounded pretty manipulative, too.  My family is nothing like that.  David and Mark are totally supportive of everyone, and Alex and Larry just seem to keep loving us kids no matter how stupid we act.

“How do you think they’d react if they found out you’re gay?”

There was total silence, and for a second I thought we had been disconnected.  Then he said softly, “They can’t find that out.  They can’t ever find that out.”  That kind of shocked me.  Even the sound of his voice got all bizarre.

I said, “Adam, you gotta figure that at some point they’re gonna…..”

“I…I…can’t even think about that happening.  That’d be so bad, that’d be horrible.”

“But Dude you gotta figure…”  I never got to finish the sentence.

“Chris, I gotta go.  I’ll see you Sunday.  Love you.”  And then he hung up.  It happened so fast that I was left staring at my phone.

I shut my phone off, put it on my nightstand and turned off the light.  I shut my eyes, but after a minute knew that wasn’t going work.  Finally I got up and went over and sat in the chair by my window and watched the snow falling.



Sunday morning I practically had to pry the twins off of me.  They had slept with me and  moaned and complained when I tried getting up.

Aiden had both of his arms around me in what probably looked like a wrestling hold and when I tried to get him off me, he mumbled, “Why do you have to go to that stupid fucking school?  Why can’t you just go here?”

Then Andrew twisted around until he was facing me.  “It’s not like you’re trying to be somethin that you gotta go to a kickass school for, like a nuclear fucking physi..cis…fucking whatever!  You’re just goin to read fucking books!  You could read fucking books here!”  The twins did always seem to have a way of getting to the heart of things.

When I managed to pull free from them so that I could get off of the bed, I looked down at them and said softly, “I love you guys.”

They both did the exact same thing at the exact same moment - they both flipped over onto their stomachs, buried their faces in their pillows and said, “Shut the fuck up!”

Then when I was in the shower they both came pushing in.  “We’re goin to the plane with ya.”  I knew they would, too.  We pushed and shoved each other in and out of the stream of water, and it probably took longer for us to get clean than if they had just gone back to their own room to shower.  I knew it wasn’t about that though.  They just had their own way of showing me how they felt, and in typical straight young guy fashion it was mostly demonstrated by shoving.

I had talked my dads into staying home and letting Mei and one of the security guys drive us.  It’s just so hard for me to say goodbye to my dads and, well, it just works better this way.

When we were pulling up to the hangar, Nick was just getting out of a silver Audi SUV.  I’d kinda thought that maybe with a couple of days time he might have gotten a little less hot looking, but he still looked damn good.  He was just dressed in jeans and a tee shirt, but he also had on a leather jacket and a baseball cap.

The twins actually perked up when they saw Nick, and I figured that they especially wouldn’t want to show any emotion with him around.  Cowboys never cry in front of other cowboys.  Or at least that’s what I figured.

The twins shoved their hands into the pockets of their jeans and ambled over to Nick with their heads down and looking all shy.  I knew it was an act.  I knew that they wanted to run up to him, throw their arms around his neck and probably hump his leg.  I pretty much wanted to do that myself.

They were basically just looking at the ground and actually just said, “Hey.” It was like Nick was somebody that they casually knew from school or something and hadn’t expected to see here.  Nick was having none of it though.  He grabbed them both by the back of their necks and pulled them both to his chest for a hug.  They’ve never looked happier and almost seemed to snuggle into him.

He said to them softly, “Chris is gonna be just fine, and it’s only a couple of weeks before he’ll be back for Christmas vacation.”

Aiden muttered, “Awe shit, we know.”


Our pilot Mike came down from the plane and hugged Nick.  It was like everybody I knew also knew Nick.

Mike laughed and said to him, “You ever gonna stop traveling?”  Mike was seriously hot and his boyfriend was about as unlikely a guy as you’d ever imagine.  His boyfriend worked for my dad, too, as a lawyer.  His name was Harold Thune, and while he was handsome he had to be the shyest man on the planet.  But my dad took seriously everything Harold told him, and his office was just one door down from my dads.  My dad was always handing his secretary papers and telling her to run’em by Harold.

Nick shook his head.  “Beats me.  Maybe some day I’ll get me a desk job.”

Nick had a fair bit of luggage with him and said, “I have no freakin idea how long I’m gonna be there.”  The twins helped him stow it on board.

The security guy that came with us handed Karen a large stainless steel container.  Karen looked at us and smiled.  “Mrs. Colby said I should feed you boys her lamb stew.”

Karen did an amazing job.  I think that mostly people think about Mike and Jared, but Karen had the job of feeding whoever was on the plane, and not just feeding them, but feeding them in style.  Half the time she never knew how many people would even be on the plane, because my dad had a habit of bringing extra people along at the last minute.

The twins went over to her and begged.  “Can we have sweet rolls?”  For morning flights the plane was always loaded with sweet rolls.   Honestly, they looked so pathetic everyone laughed.

Karen did, too, but she nodded up at the plane and said, “Help yourselves.  I’ve got plenty.”  They bolted up into the plane and came back twenty second later, each with two pastries.

Then it was time to go and Nick and I boarded the plane while Mei and the twins went back to the SUV.  Nick and I were sitting at the seat by table watching them as the engines fired up.  I got a lump in my throat like I always do when I’m leaving them.  Then the engines went higher as Mike did a one hundred and eighty degree turn with the plane and we started to taxi.  I lost track of the SUV then, but I still waved even though it was probable that no one could see me.  When I finally looked away I saw that Nick was staring at me with an intense look on his face.  His face was tanned and that made his blue eyes pop.  When he saw me look at him he blinked and then he just smiled and reached out and squeezed my arm.

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