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Protecting David-The Brothers
--- Chapter 16---
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                                           Protecting David-The Brothers 16

Saturday I took the twins to the Farm and Fleet store so they could do their Christmas shopping for the dads.  They have no imagination, at least regarding nonsexual things, and since their little sexcapade on the internet the dads have kept them on a very short financial leash.  The thought being, that money just makes it easier for them to get into trouble.  It turned out that the girl that appeared with them on the cam was a hooker that they hired online with their credit cards.  She came by cab and told the people at the gate that she was a decorator.  One of the unexpected problems, at least unexpected by the twins, was that as soon as she found out who they were, or rather who they were the sons of, she was in business for herself.  Ultimately, she had to be bought off, and a team of lawyers made sure that in return for a bunch of money she would keep her mouth shut.

So anyway, I know that they’re going to want to charge everything on my credit card because now their credit cards have a limit of about thirty bucks or something.

Farm and Fleet was packed, filled with people dressed exactly like the twins, jeans, Carhartt jackets, light colored cowboy hats and cowboy boots.  It’s like a uniform.

One of the huge problems with Christmas shopping is that the dads need absolutely nothing.  So basically, anything that we bought for them was pretty much symbolic anyway.  And besides, what is it with straight boys and shopping?  We were just inside the door and the twins were standing there with their hands shoved deep into the pants pockets and looking around with stunned looks on their faces like they had landed in enemy territory.

I said, “So whadya wanna get em?”

Aiden said, with a totally sincere look on his face, “The ad in the newspaper said they got ammo on sale.”  I know…ammo, but you gotta consider that this is Colorado.  It’s probably easier to buy a gun here than a condom, and the twins are very firearm-centric, so to speak.  They must have thirty rifles, shotguns, pistols and God knows how much ammo they go through on their firing range up on the other side of the tree line.

Andrew turned to him in astonishment and said, “Dude, you can’t buy em fuckin ammo!  You gotta get em somethin personal.”

He turned to me.  “Chris, how would underwear be?”

Mentally I was slowly shaking my head, but I said, “Jockey or Fruit of the Loom?”  Naturally, I was joking.

Andrew got a blank look on his face.  “Fuck, I dunno!”  He looked at Aiden and asked him.  “What do we wear?”  Aiden just gave him a blank look.   I knew they wouldn’t even know the brand of underwear they wore.

Then I got to thinking about it and it really didn’t seem like the worst idea.  I said, “They wear Hanro and you wear Calvin Klein.  But we can’t get either of those here.  We’re gonna have to go to the mall.”  Believe me, it wasn’t that the dads need underwear, but it was the kind of thing sons could reasonably buy for their fathers for Christmas, and it was something that once bought, would probably be used.  I mean, what gay man doesn’t love more underwear?

In the end, we bought them each four pairs of Hanro boxers and two pairs of boxer/briefs.  I’ve never seen either one of my dads in boxer/briefs, but it was something I was kinda looking forward to. 

But I didn’t really care about that.  All that I was really thinking about was Sunday, and what might happen with Nick.  Ever since I got off the plane with him on Friday, the idea of him has been growing in my mind.  Like when we were just about to get off the plane on Friday and he told me what time he’d pick me up.  He was behind me and he kinda put his hands on my hips when he did that and I could feel his breath on the back of my neck.  I’ve been thinking about that a lot.


Sunday I slept until nine o’clock, and amazingly the twins let me.  I woke up in the middle of them yesterday, but this morning I was twin free.  Like every morning, I followed my dick to the shower, but halfway through the shower the twins poked their blonde heads around the wall of the shower stall.

Andrew said, “It’s nine thirty, what if he’s early?”

I grabbed a towel and dried my face.  “He’s not gonna be here at nine thirty!  Besides, why are you guys so interested?”

They ignored my question, but then in a way, answered it.  Aiden said, “Do you think if Nick…you know…if Nick starts plowing you, that he’d take us rock climbing?”

I finished drying off and pulled on a pair of boxer briefs.  “I thought the dads took you rock climbing, and besides, this isn’t about me getting plowed!”  Well, not entirely.

They plopped down on the edge of my bed.  Andrew said, “Yeah…but they just take us to the spot and then they sit around and watch us do it.”

Aiden said, “Or they hire this guy to train us.  But he’s kind of a jerk.  But with Nick it’d be like he was our brother…but, you know, older.”  This seemed so sad.

“Well how about if I took you rock climbing?”

Andrew rolled his eyes.  “Dude, you barely know how to fucking walk!”  All of a sudden  it didn’t seem so sad.


Nick showed up at quarter to eleven.  He came in to say hello to my dads, but they had gone over to Bob and Becky’s to give them some Christmas presents for them and my cousins.  Nick was wearing jeans, a dark green crew neck sweater and a leather jacket.  I met him at the door and we kind of gave each other an awkward sideways hug.  It’s a strange time because I’m not really sure what he wants to have happen.  I mean it’s entirely possible that he isn’t thinking that this is a boyfriend thing at all.


                                                                      -  Nick -

This is the day, I hope.  Well, probably it’s the day.  The thing is that I’m pretty sure he feels the same way I do.  Except that he couldn’t, he couldn’t feel the same way about me and I keep telling myself that it’s not fair to expect that and it’s not fair to make him feel like he should.  For one thing he’s only eighteen, and how many eighteen year olds are into long term relationships?  Although, that’s clearly what he wanted with Adam.  Adam…what an idiot.  Why would a guy throw away a relationship with Chris.  I just hope the relationship really is over.  So what if he just wants sex?  And if he does just want sex, how do I handle that.  His dad is my boss!  And his grandfathers…don’t even go there.

The first time I came to Alex and Larry’s home it took me fifteen minutes to get past the gate, and the guards were looking at me like I was some kind of mad bomber or something, and I had to wait for my hand print file to be sent from David’s office in Washington.  Now they just do a quick check to make sure there’s no one else hidden in the car and that the trunk isn’t packed with explosives, and wave me through. 

When I got to the front door, I didn’t even have to knock because Chris was waiting for me and pulled open the door just as I was getting to it.  I know that he doesn’t think he looks cute, but more like nerdy, and there is a little nerdy there, but the cute part of the equation is stunning.  His hair is this gorgeous brown color and, thanks to Alex, he’s got a pretty amazing body.  He is a little small, but for me that’s a total turn-on and his blazing smile actually makes my legs weak.  And when he’s talking to you, he can suddenly get this all shy quality about him that simultaneously makes me want to protect him and fuck the crap out of him at the same time.  Every thing he does, every hand gesture, every expression on his face makes my dick hard.

Chris was wearing tan chinos and a red half-zip sweater.  His hair was gelled and pushed up in a kind of faux hawk, he looked fantastic.  He said, “My dads are gone, but the twins are in the family room pretending to watch soccer.”

“Pretending to watch soccer?” 

He grinned.  “They’re hoping you’ll come in and talk to them.  Maybe you could just wave hello or something.  Just don’t let em talk you into anything.”  I figured that this was the whole man crush thing that Chris had mentioned, so I definitely didn’t want to let them down.  I remembered what it was like to be fourteen and wanting someone older to pay attention to you.

I poked my head into the family room, waved and said, “Hey guys!  What’s up?”

The twins were sitting on a sofa facing away from the doorway, but they both popped up, tried to look bored and said, “Soccer!  Italy!”

Chris came in and said, “Well, we’re going.  You boys gonna be okay?”  You could see they hated that.

They both turned around and plopped back into place in front of the TV while at the same time saying, “Bite me!” 

Chris grabbed my arm and pulled me out towards the hall.  He said, “Let’s get outta here before they try and get you to climb up on the roof with them or something.”

We were in the hallway by the front door that Chris was just beginning to open and it just seemed to me at that moment that this had gone on long enough.  I gently pushed the door closed, then grabbed him by the shoulders, pushed him against the closed door and kissed him.  He made a soft little sound in his throat and then opened his mouth, and I shoved my tongue into it.

When I finally broke the kiss, his eyes were closed and his lips tried to follow mine like he couldn’t bear for it to end.  I put my finger to his lips, grinned said softly, “So which stores are we going to?”

He said softly, “Stores?”

I bent forward, kissed his neck just below his right ear and whispered, “Shopping first…then I’ll show you my house.”

His body quivered at my kiss, but he gasped and then said, “Cherry Creek Mall.  You ever been there?  We just bought the dads some underwear there.”  He closed his mouth, blinked, then said, “Kiss me again.”

Once we got through the gate, it was only a mile or so to the freeway and we made it to the mall in thirty minutes.  The place was packed and for a while I thought we’d end up parking a mile away, but a spot opened up fairly close to Neiman Marcus and I grabbed it.

On the drive Chris had been bouncing around like he was going crazy, and as soon as we were parked he pretty much launched himself across the center console and started kissing me.  I kissed him back while I held him and then ran my right hand down his back until I was holding onto his small hard pant covered ass.  I pressed my finger in hard and he moaned in my mouth.

Finally I pushed him slightly away, just enough so that I could talk and said, “First shopping.”  I laughed.  “I really do have to get this stuff.”

He groaned and dropped his forehead to my chest.  “It’ll kill me, but let’s do it.   I gotta get stuff for the twins, too.”  Then he reached down and gently touched my hard on which, because it was trapped in my jeans, was beginning to hurt like hell.  He licked his lips and then shook his head.  “Let’s shop fast.”

We were less than a week away from Christmas and the store was packed with people.  Mostly it was women doing serious shopping, but there were also some couples there, too.  The store smelled of pine boughs and Christmas carols were playing in the background.

In the men’s department it was a genteel mob scene, and that kind of helped me get closer to Chris.  We were looking over a large table full of really nice high-end shirts when he almost got trampled by this enormous woman who must have been carrying 100 pounds of shopping bags.  So I got behind him to kind of absorb some of the pushing from all those women.

While I looked over his shoulder Chris said, “These shirts would be perfect for my dads.  They’re really high quality and they come in their sizes.”  They were sports shirts in a faint plaid and made out of a very soft material.

I put one hand on his left hip and my other hand on his right shoulder to steady myself against the people behind me and said, “What colors would you get?”  He turned his head slightly towards me and his hair brushed my cheek while his butt seemed to push back against my crotch and made my dick lurch.  His hair smelled naturally of clean boy and it was driving me crazy.

“Red is a natural for Larry, he always looks great in it, and green would be perfect for Alex.”

I bought those shirts for Alex and Larry and also picked up sweaters for the twins.  I had already bought Chris’ present and had it at home.  Chris bought presents for his brothers, his dads and for Larry’s sister and her husband and their kids.  I knew that their names were Bob and Becky, but I had never met them.  I knew that Chris liked them and that was good enough for me.

Then Chris left me for a few minutes and came back carrying a bag with a box in it.  He looked at me and smiled.  “One of your presents.”

I said, “One of them?”

He nodded and smiled.

By the time we got back to my SUV it was snowing, but they were large, gently falling flakes, the sort of snow that could turn into something, but at the moment was just beautiful.  With Chris standing next to me, I opened the rear door and stowed the packages inside.

When I closed the door, Chris was standing there looking at me with a large white snow flake resting on his left eyebrow.  I stared into his eyes for a moment and then reached out and lightly held the sides of his face with the tips of my fingers, then bent slightly and kissed him.  He wrapped his arms around my neck and kissed me back, hard.

When I looked up there was a woman one aisle away that had just opened the trunk of her car and was putting packages in it.  She had stopped what she was doing and was staring at us, then she slowly lifted one gloved hand and held it out in our direction.

I said to Chris, “C’mon, lemme show you the place you helped pick out the furniture for.”


My house is called a townhouse, which would imply that it was attached to other houses, and it is attached to one other house, but only by one wall of the garage so it actually feels very private.  The north, east and south sides of the house face nothing but small stands of trees.  I’ve only met the couple that lives next to me a few times and they’ve always been either coming or going.

We pulled right into the garage and I hit the button to close the door and then looked at Chris.  He came across the center console again, but this time more slowly than before.  He wrapped his arms tightly around my neck and kissed me again.  This time I shoved my hand down inside the back of his pants.  He moaned into my mouth.

I finally pulled my lips a fraction of an inch away from his and mumbled into his mouth, “We keep doing this and you’re never gonna see the inside of the house.”

Even in the crazy confines of the driver’s side of the front seat of the SUV, Chris had molded his body to mine.  His hard cock inside his pants was pressing against my stomach as his legs straddled mine.  My right hand was down the back of his pants and my left hand was under the back of his sweater, caressing his bare back.

Chris said, “Well, I guess it will get cold in here eventually.”  Then he laughed softly.  “I’m not sure that I can even move the way I’ve got myself wedged in here.”

I opened my door and said, “Climb out this way, it’ll be easier.”

He whispered, “You really want me to get off of you?”

I laughed.  “Actually I’ve got another position in mind that I think you’ll like even more.  But we’ve gotta be inside.”

When you first walk into my house from the garage you come into a small hallway with a closet on one side and on the other a set of doors that hide the washer and dryer.  From there you walk directly into the kitchen.

The kitchen is pretty large and in the middle of it is an island with a granite top.  Sitting in the middle of it was a coffee maker, an open package of paper plates, a stack of paper cups and some plastic silverware.  Chris walked over to it, looked at that stuff and then looked around the room.  He shook his head and said, “You weren’t kidding!  Have you ever even eaten here?”

“Does pizza count?”

He laughed.  “Maybe a little.”

I reached over and pulled his jacket off of his shoulders.  While I was doing that Chris twisted his head around and kissed me.  In a way, I couldn’t believe this was happening.  It was something that I had thought about nonstop ever since I had first seen him in his dad’s office.  It was something that I had imagined happening in a million different ways and yet I always figured that it never really could happen.

I put my arm around his back and led him out of the kitchen and into the family room.  “Here you have the black leather sofa and chair.”  The family room is right next to the kitchen and faces south.  There are French doors that lead out onto a red brick patio.

Chris tried to pull me to the sofa, but I said, “If we start that down here we’re just gonna have to go upstairs anyway.  Besides, there’s more to show you, so just behave yourself for a couple more minutes.”  I turned him around and pulled him back tight against me with my crotch pressed to his ass and my arms around him, then duck walked him through the rooms while my right hand was under his sweater holding his bare stomach.

The living room and my office are at the front of the house and directly opposite the kitchen and family room.  In between is the dining room.  The rooms were all empty and would continue to be for the couple of months that it would take to get the furniture. 

Actually, Chris had been getting quieter and quieter, but wait, that’s maybe the wrong word.  He had said less and less and it was almost like he was letting me move him around, I was beginning to think that I understood it.  Some guys, when it comes to sex, like to have someone else take control and I was getting the feeling that that’s what Chris wanted.  I don’t mean that he was being meek or that you could tell him to do anything, it was just that in this one area, it seemed like he wanted me to make the decisions.

My bedroom is pretty large with a king size bed on one of the long walls and at the far end of the room there’s a floor to ceiling window.  Unfortunately since I didn’t have a dresser or any furniture yet, besides the bed and a nightstand that was just a small barrel with a square piece of plywood on top of it, my underwear and socks and sweaters were all stacked on the floor opposite the bed.

Although I didn’t have a dresser, I’m obsessive above folding and stacking things and when Chris saw those stacks he pulled away from me and knelt down on the floor and looked at those stacks of briefs, tee shirts, boxers and socks.  He picked up a pair of white briefs, unfolded them and stared at them for a moment before smelling them.  Then he looked up at me and smiled.

He said softly, “They smell like Bounce.”

I knelt down next to him so that our shoulders were touching.  “I almost never wear them.  I’m pretty much a boxer guy.”

“I’d love to see you in briefs.”

I laughed.  “I’d love to show you, but if you think there’s any way that my dick is gonna get soft enough to go into a pair of those little briefs, then you have no idea of the affect you have on me.”

I twisted my upper body and kissed him, and it was almost like he was purring, like there was this deep hum coming from inside him.  I stood up and pulled Chris with me and then shoved my hands under his sweater and lifted it off as he stared at me with a tiny enigmatic smile on his face.

When his head popped free of the sweater he seemed to shiver a little bit and I asked him, “You cold?”

He nodded and then leaned forward and touched my chest with his tongue.

I dipped my head and kissed the side of his neck, and he rubbed his head against the side of my face as he pushed his crotch into mine.

I shoved my hand down the back of his pants and whispered, “I’m gonna fuck you.”

He moved back from me a bit and then slid his jeans and underwear down and then sat on the edge of the bed to pull them off.  Then he scooted backwards on the bed until he was in the middle of it.  He laid there resting back on his elbows with his legs spread and his hard cock pointing at his chin and said, “Okay.”

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