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Protecting David-The Brothers
--- Chapter 18---
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                                          Protecting David-The Brothers 18

If you saw my dads at the breakfast table in the mornings, you’d almost wonder if they even knew each other.  Larry is always writing notes on a yellow legal pad and taking phone calls, and Alex is buried in his laptop answering emails.  They’re both in boxer shorts without any shirts.  It’s only if you happen to look under the table that you get the real picture.  Their naked feet are always together, companionably entwined.

This morning at the other end of the table are the twins.  They too are dressed only in boxers, but neither of them are engaged in anything productive.  They’re both still nearly asleep and slouching to the point that their heads are almost touching the top of the table.

Without looking up or indicating his intentions with even a slight change of expression, Aiden’s right hand slaps hard against Andrews side.  This is below the top of the table and it seems to have happened unnoticed.

It takes Andrew about five seconds to punch the side of Aiden’s bare leg…hard, but still fairly quietly.  Aiden mutters a quiet but fierce, “Bitch!”  And a split second later he pokes Andrew hard in the ribs.  Larry is still writing on his legal pad, but I can tell by the way the corner of his mouth moves, he’s aware of what’s happening.  The fact is that Larry’s a major player in this drama with a very specific role.

The twins have seen it too and they seem to draw back.  They both lean back in their chairs and seem to relax.  Andrew extends his arms in a stretch with one arm coming to rest on the back of Aiden’s chair.  Once Larry seems to be absorbed in what he’s doing again, Andrew slaps the back of Aiden’s head.

Aiden lowers his head and glowers at his brother.  “Will you fucking quit?”

“You started it!”

Larry doesn’t stop writing and doesn’t even look at them, he just says, “Stop.”

“He did it!”

“You’re the one that fucking started it!”

Larry still doesn’t look at them, but says, “Just stop.”

For me, this is a dangerous moment in the drama, because I know only too well how easily the twins could join forces and attack me.  I go over to the sideboard, get some eggs and toast and then sit next to Larry.  I could have sat next to Alex, but he gets too absorbed in what he’s doing.  It’s safer next to Larry.  Larry’s the cop.

When Andrew turns his head slightly to talk to Larry, Aiden kicks him.  To me, at least, it looked painful, and Aiden makes a sound in his throat, something like a grunt, but says nothing.  Larry’s on the alert, and neither one of the twins wants to draw his complete attention.  As physically painful as their game is, neither wants it to end, but the truth is that this game never ends, they torture each other endlessly.  I have no idea how two people who love each other and depend on each other as much as these two do could enjoy inflicting pain on the other as much as they do.  I’m guessing it’s a hetero thing.

I ask nobody in particular, “When are the granddads coming in?” 

Alex scratches his left nipple and without looking up says, “Like eleven our time.”  Then he looks at me and smiles.  “Wanna pick em up?  I’ve got a meeting at ten and it could go long.”  It isn’t strictly necessary for anyone to go get them, because it’s not like we’d actually be doing the driving anyway, but someone always goes to the airport to meet them.

“Sure, I’ll meet em.”

Aiden says, “I can drive.”

Before I can stop myself I say, “What, your toy truck?”

Understandably, this pisses him off and he shoves his hand under my butt and pinches my left butt cheek really, really hard.  Of course I scream like a little girl while trying to bolt away from him.  That gives the table a push and has everyone’s coffee spilling, and that has Larry and Alex both screaming, “BOYS!!!”


We were in an SUV at the airport waiting for the granddads.  There was a big security guy driving and the front passenger seat was left open for Hans, David’s huge security guy.  It occurs to me that you wouldn’t want to be paying these guys by the pound, because they’re all enormous, well, except for Mei, but she’s visiting China on some sort of secret mission.

The twins and me are sitting together in the second seat, and because the twins are like they are each one of them has a window seat and I’m in the middle.  All morning I’ve been thinking about Nick and I’ve texted him once, but I don’t want to be one of those needy guys who bombard you all day with text messages.  I mean, he’s got an important job and I can’t imagine he wants his boyfriend texting him nonstop.  Boyfriend?  Am I really his boyfriend?  Maybe.  I think about him constantly.  I think about how he sounds when he whispers in my ear and about how his voice just seems to vibrate me.  I think about how he has this look, this “I wanna fuck you look.”  Some guys just have this look, this look that says that no matter what else is going on they’d drop everything and fuck you.  I know Nick loves me and I’m about as sure as I can be that he’d never hurt me, but I know that he wants to fuck me, a lot, and it’s like he wants to build this corral around me.  And the weird shit is that that’s what I want too.  I like it that he wants me, that he’s always horny for me and that he wants me to be his alone.

The granddads plane appeared with a screaming of jet engines.  After they got parked, Billy waved to us from the cockpit while we waited for the door to open and the stairs to come down.  When the door did open, Hans was standing there like a block of granite.  He grinned at the twins while he was checking the surroundings including our security guy, then he moved out of the way as Mark appeared and the twins bolted up the stairs.

I dunno, it may be the whole love of guns thing, but the twins seem to have a special bond with Mark.  He just totally appeals to every facet of their nature.  Mark is a hunter and so are they.  The three of them share a primal quality, a let’s kill it and cook it quality.  The twins barreled into him like two schoolgirls who spotted their favorite rock star.

I don’t mean that I don’t get along with Mark because I do, in some ways we’re even closer than he is with the twins.  Anyway, he gives the twins a hug, ruffles their hair and then grabs me and pulls me to his chest.  Why does Mark always smell so good?  It’s not like an aftershave, it’s just him. 

David is right behind Mark and he kisses me, then pulls back and raises an eyebrow.  “Nick, really?”

I hadn’t really thought about their knowing and I blush, but nod and say, “Yeah.”

David takes my arm and pulls me with him down the stairs to the ground away from the others, and while we’re moving he squeezes my arm and says, “I hope it works out.  It would be a good thing on so many levels.”

“Whadya mean?”

“Just that he’s a good guy.  He’s worked for us ever since he started college.”  We walked towards the SUV.  “And I trust him.  One of the problems you run into is that most people have a price.”  He shrugged.  “Not that I necessarily blame them.  We’re all just trying to live, but it can be a problem.  The media can get to people and quick money can cloud people’s judgment, but Nick has always had this inner core of integrity, almost a military quality, unshakeable.”  He stopped and looked at me.  “He’s what you need.   You need people you can trust and you need someone strong.”  Then he looked at me and his eyes seemed to twinkle.  “He’s pretty much a stud too.  And there’s nothing wrong with that either.”



With David and Mark here, and despite the fact that I’m horny as hell, I can’t really just go out on the first night they’re here, but Larry comes to my rescue.

As soon as we get back home with the granddads, he calls me on my cell and says, “Why don’t you invite Nick over for dinner tonight?”

All I can think to say is, “Really?” I’ve already invited Nick for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but I was a little afraid I might be pushing it.

He laughs.  “Alex and I talked about it.  We know he’s coming for the holiday and all, but that’s three days away and we figured you’d never last without seeing him.  Besides, everybody likes him.”  The first thought to pop into my head is to wonder where we might be able to fuck.

And that’s why I’m in my bedroom getting ready for another shower when the twins burst into my room.  I grab my underwear and hold it in front of me until I realize how stupid that is and then throw it with the rest of my clothes into the laundry hamper.  They’ve seen me naked in every conceivable way like a thousand times, so it just doesn’t matter.

The twins plop down on my bed like they’re totally bored and I ask them about it.  “How come you’re bored?  Where are the granddads?”

Aiden rolls over onto his stomach and says, “They’re in the office calling people.  How come you got such a little dick?”

This pisses me off, but if I show it it will only make it worse.  “It’s not little you dipshit, it’s just normal.”  Aiden smiles.  Okay, maybe I could have been more casual than that.

“Besides, whadya you care about the size of my dick?  You got one of your own to worry about.”

Andrew crawls over and lies with his head resting on the small of Aiden’s back.  He sighed and then said with the most reasonable voice in the world, “We just want Nick to be happy.”  They actually mean it.

I roll my eyes and head for the shower.  “You two are both crazy!”  But I wonder if it bothers Nick that I’m just normal.  Six inches is normal, right?

While I’m washing my hair the twins poke their heads around the end of the shower.  Aiden asks, “Is Nick coming tonight?”

With my head under the shower I yell through the water, “Yes.”  Then I start thinking about all the horrible shit they could do to embarrass me.

While I’m soaping up the rest of me, I ask, “You’re not gonna do anything that’s gonna embarrass him are you?”

Andrew gets a disgusted look on his face and says, “We’re not fuckin animals you know!”  That, of course, is debatable.

I turn the shower off and while I’m drying myself say, “Look, it’s just that he’s gonna  wanna kiss me and stuff,” then I wonder about that  “…well...yeah, I’m sure he’ll wanna do that.  So if you guys are just gonna make fun of us it’s gonna make him uncomfortable.”

Aiden shakes his head.  “We’re not gonna do that.  We want him to be comfortable.”

Andrew said, “You should take him swimming.”

“Why, so that you guys can ogle his dick?”

Aiden looked frustrated and said, “No, Dummy!  We won’t even swim with you.  In fact, we’ll make sure that nobody sees what’s going on.  Get it?”

“Huh?”  I guess I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

Andrew walked over shaking his head.  “How on earth did you ever get laid in the first place?  We mean we want you to have time alone with Nick.  We don’t want you fucking this up!”  Oh!


I don’t know if the twins talked the adults into it or what the hell happened, but somehow when Nick got here everyone was downstairs in the pool and Alex even said that we were gonna cook on the grill.  Yeah, I know, middle of winter and swimming and cooking on the grill.  The thing is that the pool is enclosed and even the part that would normally be outside is covered in these huge glass panels during the winter.

When the guard called and said that Nick was on his way, Andrew came running out of his bedroom with a pair of swim trunks in his hand.  He was bare chested and dressed only in board shorts.  He skidded to a stop and grabbed me before I could even head for the door.

He shoved the trunks into my hand.  “These’ll fit Nick!  But you need to take him into your room to change.  Get it?  Take him into your room to change!”  He stopped for a second and stared at me like I wasn’t all there and then said slowly, “When I say “to change” I really mean to fuck.”

“Whadya mean fuck?”

He sighed.  “We changed the plan.  It’s easier to keep the dads downstairs while you fuck in the bedroom than up here while you fuck in the pool.  Besides they don’t even know he’s here yet and they won’t know till you come downstairs.”
This made me really nervous.  “Well, what if he doesn’t want to fuck?”

Andrew almost did a double take and then said, “You gotta be kidding!”

“Well he might be nervous with everybody in the house.”

Andrew thought for a split second and then said, “Go in there to change with him, but if he looks nervous you put on your yellow Speedo instead of your trunks.  He’ll wanna fuck then.”

I started to say, “Why…” but Andrew just pushed me towards the front door and said, “There’s no time!  Just fucking trust me!”  How do they know all this?



When I opened the front door Nick almost growled when he grabbed me and started kissing me.  As the door was closing, he pushed me up against the wall of the foyer and shoved his tongue into my mouth while at the same time trying to say, “God, I fucking missed you!”  It all came out pretty garbled, but it was like I couldn’t get enough of him into my mouth and I would have swallowed his tongue if it hadn’t been attached to him. 

He started to push his right leg between my legs when he suddenly seemed to realize where we were.  He made a little sound in his throat and then pulled away from me and looked around almost in a panic.

He gasped and said, “Where is everybody?”

I tried to kiss him again, but he held me back and said, “We gotta get a grip.  Where are they?”

I shook my head.  “They’re all downstairs in the pool.”  Then I remembered the trunks in my hand and held them up.  “These are for you.  We gotta change and go down there.”

He looked frantic.  “Swim?  I can’t swim!  My dick has been hard for the last hour!”

I grabbed his hand and stated pulling him towards my room.  “We gotta change.  It’ll be okay.  The twins are keeping them busy.”

“The twins?”

“So we’d have some time alone.”

“Alone?”  He looked at me like I was suggesting we eat a baby.  “Chris, we can’t…they’re just downstairs!”

I pulled him down the hallway and into my bedroom.  “They can’t hear anything!  This house is totally soundproof.”

He was shaking his head.  “Chris, we can’t do that.  It would be just too weird.”

I pulled my sweater and tee shirt off over my head.  “Okay, well we still gotta change.”  I kicked off my shoes and pushed my jeans and underwear off.  Nick was staring at me like a horse in a starting gate that was waiting for the gun to go off, but he also wasn’t moving. 

I said, “Nick, you gotta change!”

I went into my closet, got the yellow Speedo and pulled it on.  My cock was almost hard and bulging out the front, but I shoved it down as well as I could.  I came out and said, “Will this be okay?”

He stared at me for a moment, started to laugh and then walked over and slumped down on my bed.  He still had on his overcoat and he kept shaking his head and staring at the floor.  Then he finally looked up at me, took a deep breath, let it out slowly and said,  “Do you have any idea how fucking nuts you make me?  I know…I know we haven’t discussed this…but today, today I got like nothing done, this whole day was thinking about you, wondering what you were doing, when you were gonna call, worrying that you weren’t gonna call, worrying that I was going too fast with you, that I was scaring you.”

I walked over to him and started to push him backward on the bed.  He laughed and put his hands on my waist.  He grinned up at me and said, “If you’re trying to seduce me, you win.”

As Nick settled back on the bed, I kissed him and straddled his waist at the same time.  Then I pulled away a little and stared into his eyes.  I said softly, “You don’t have to worry about me.  I’m not going anywhere.  I love you, too.”

He smiled up at me and slid his fingers into the back of my Speedo. 


A half an hour later we made our way down to the pool.  The twins were at the deep end trying to overpower Mark and having no luck at all, and my dads and David were sitting on the edge of the pool at the shallow end.

When we walked over to the pool, both of my dads did the exact same thing.  They both looked at me, looked at the Speedo and then smiled.  Larry shook his head, grinned  and said to Nick, “You are so screwed.”





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