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Protecting David-The Brothers
--- Chapter 19---
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Protecting David-The Brothers 19

All of the lights in Nick’s townhouse were out except for the light coming from the fireplace that I was lounging in front of, and from the kitchen off to my right where he was naked cooking a frozen pizza.

I was curled up naked under a blanket wondering how he managed to feed himself because he had already burned himself twice.

From the kitchen I heard, “Ow!  Fuck!”  And watched as he pulled the pan out of the oven using rolled up paper towels and dropped it quickly on the counter top.  “Fuck!”  I was watching his cock swing back and forth as he moved.

Then he looked at me and laughed.  “I guess this isn’t what I’m best at.”

I rolled off the sofa and walked into the kitchen.  “It’s impossible to fuck up cooking a frozen pizza.”   Mrs. Colby gave me and the twins directions on cooking basic things.  Mainly, I think she was worried about me starving at college, but I still remember a lot of things from before when I was a kid and lived with Charlene.  Pizza was mostly all she and her boyfriends ever ate.

Nick came up behind me laughing and said, “You’re gonna be cold.”  But then he stopped and I felt his fingertips touch my back.

He sounded worried.  “When did you hurt yourself?  These marks…”

I had forgotten them.  The stuff that Mei had been putting on the scars for the last seven years had made them almost disappear, and now you could only see them in bright light, like the kitchen.  A wave of humiliation washed over me that was so strong and so sudden that I almost doubled over.  I grabbed the counter for support, but when Nick’s hands rested on my back, I straightened up and arched my back to get his hands off me.

I yelled, “Don’t touch my back!” and jerked away from him.  But he didn’t let me get far.  He grabbed my arm and didn’t let go.  I tried to pull away, but he just held on and started talking softly.

“Easy, Chris, just calm down.  Who did this to you?”  He moved his hands to the tops of my shoulders and moved his body in next to mine.  His chest was pressed to my back, his soft cock pressed to my ass.  But inside of me it was like my head was exploding, and when that happens the only thing I know how to do is run, but he wasn’t gonna let that happen.  My body kept looking for a way to get away and I kept twisting and trying to pull away from him, but his grip on my shoulders just tightened and he pressed harder against me.

His voice got deeper, softer, and his mouth was right by my ear.  “Stop it!  You’re not going anywhere.”  His hands moved down over my chest until his arms were totally wrapped around me. 

I kept trying to push him away, but he’s bigger than me and about ten times stronger and finally I just gave up and slumped back against him. 

I felt him kiss the top of my shoulder and then he said softly, “Tell me about it.”

I shook my head and dropped my chin to my chest.  I mumbled, “I hate talking about it.”

“Why?  You certainly didn’t do it to yourself!”

“I know…and I know…it doesn’t make any sense, but when someone asks about it,”  I shook my head, “I dunno, I just get embarrassed.  It feels like it was my fault…like I’m the one to blame.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I know…I know you don’t.”  Suddenly I just felt so tired.  “No one ever does…except Grandpa David, he understood.”


I stood up straight and looked around.  “Are you gonna let me go?”

He spoke softly right into my ear.  “If I let you go now, you’ll make up some excuse to leave and I’ll never see you again.”

“No!  No, I won’t do that.”  That’s exactly what I was gonna do.

He gave a short laugh.  “Bullshit!  Promise me you’re staying the whole night.”

I dropped my head back against his shoulder and sighed.  “You’re not gonna quit until you hear about this are you?”

He loosened his grip on me and then turned me around slowly to face him.  His face had a strange look, and he said softly, “I just wanna know who to kill.”

I sighed.  “You can’t kill anyone.  One of them is already dead.  At least I think so.  And the other ones were my sister and her boyfriends, and she’s gone…I haven’t seen her in years.”

He gently nudged me over to one of the stools that stood at the center island of the kitchen.

“Sit.  You need to eat some of this pizza.”

“I don’t wanna eat anything.  I’m just…I couldn’t, I’m not hungry.”  The very thought of food made me want to puke.

Nick said, “Why would your own sister do that?”  While he was talking he cut the pizza, put a piece on a paper plate, and shoved it over to me.  “Try and eat some of that.”

I took a bite of the pizza and tried to not think about it…just chew and swallow.  “My sister never really liked me.  I dunno, maybe she never liked anyone, but when my mom and dad were killed she had to take care of me and she sure didn’t like that.  She had these boyfriends.  It was like a different one every night, and a lotta nights she wouldn’t come back at all.  The thing was, that was okay, because we never saw each other.  I just took care of myself and went to school.  But then the money ran out.”

“She had been doing drugs, I guess.  I mean I never thought about that at the time, but now it’s obvious.”  I took another bite of pizza.  “The guys that she started bringing home got worse and worse and then we had to move cause we couldn’t afford the house that my mom and dad left.  It got really bad after that.  The guys started to be guys that were just drug addicts and pushers.  They were all pretty much crazy and that’s when they started hitting me with stuff.  She made em hit me.  But the thing was that once they started doing it it was like then they wanted to do it more.  Finally, I just started running away.”

My head was down and I could feel the tears starting to form in my eyes, and I really didn’t want Nick to see that.  But when I glanced up he wasn’t there, then I felt him behind me as he wrapped his arms around me.  And like it usually does, that made me cry even more.

“It was so hard to do…to live anywhere I could.  Then this guy CC caught me.  I was sleeping under his back porch, he found me and brought me inside.  He was really nice at first and I told him everything that had happened, but it was like he really just wanted to find out about me and then he wanted me to do stuff with these old guys.  When I told him I wouldn’t, he told me that if he had to beat me it’d be worse than with my sister.”  I grabbed a paper napkin and wiped my eyes.  “I didn’t see how it could be worse, but it was.  So I ran away again, but when winter came it was just so cold.  I mean it’s hard to believe how cold it can get and it was like everywhere I went CC was looking for me.”  I shook my head.  “That was a horrible winter. Then in the spring I started sneaking into the apartment where my sister and her boyfriend lived.  In a way it was easy.  They’d drink and do drugs until they passed out.  I used to sleep in the closet, which they were too lazy to use, and I even slept behind the sofa.  They caught me a couple of times, but they were so fucked up sometimes it didn’t seem they even knew who they were looking at.”

“But sometimes I’d sleep under a bridge.  I’d find a big box and fix it like a house, and if nobody took it away it’d be good.  That’s when I found the twins.  They had just been tossed out.  It was like they thought they were trash or something, two beautiful little boys, they just tossed’em out by the bridge I was under.”  I sighed and shuddered from the crying.  “The rest you know.  Alex and Larry found me, then, eventually, they took the twins too.”  I just couldn’t explain the details.

In the end we just went up to bed and took a nap.  Nick never suggested sex or anything, he just got behind me and held me while I fell asleep.  We woke up a couple of hours later at a few minutes past ten o’clock.  When Nick felt me beginning to move, he kissed my shoulder.

He said, “Feel better?”  I nodded yes.

I laughed.  “I’m a mess.  You sure you still want me?”

He whispered in my ear.  “I’m never gonna let you go.”

I said, “You know I have to go back to Madison, have you thought about that?  It’s gonna drive me crazy!”

He laughed and humped my butt.  “Tell me about it!  I don’t wanna see what happens when you’ve been without sex for any length of time.  Anyway, lemme show you something.”

He got out of bed and walked over to the chair his pants were on and fished something out of a pocket, then he got back in bed, carefully laying his cock against my ass while he settled down against my back.  He was looking over my shoulder and held out a card that looked like a credit card.

“Your dad gave me this today.  It’s a NetJets card.  Basically, it lets me fly anywhere whenever I need to.  He told me that I could use his plane when it was free, but he didn’t want to tie up Mike’s time just so I wouldn’t be horny.”  He laughed again and kissed the back of my neck.  “He was kinda kidding.  He really wants me to turn the two banking groups we own in Wisconsin into a viable branch of First Colorado.” 

His cock was beginning to get hard again and pushed down between my legs.  “You’ve seen first hand how nuts those executives can be, at least the ones in Milwaukee.  So getting the guys in Milwaukee to work with the guys in Madison should be interesting.”

He gently bit my ear and his voice got huskier, and he said softly, “So I’ve got your granddads place in Milwaukee.  Wanna play house?”

I said, “You’ll be there full time?”

I could feel him shake his head.  “Nope.  But I promise I’ll be in Madison every Friday evening and with a little luck I won’t have to leave until Monday or Tuesday, or if you don’t mind the drive you can meet me at the house in Milwaukee.”

I spread my legs a little so that Nick’s legs dropped between mine.  Then I hooked my ankles behind the calves of his legs, kind of locking him in.

I could feel Nick’s head drop to my back between my shoulder blades.  He laughed and said, “Oh God, I love you!”


The next day was Christmas Eve and of all days I had a meeting with somebody that worked for my dad named Fred Carlimenti.  My dad said that with David selling his company they were going to start something called a Family Office and that it was going to take up the eighth and ninth floor of my dads building.  I tried to get my dad to explain it, but he just said it was a lot of crap I should know about, whatever that meant.

That of course, got me worried, but he just looked at me, smiled, and said, “It’s just a lotta crap about money, don’t worry about it.  But your money isn’t gonna be managed through your grandfathers old company, it’ll be managed here in Denver, although he’ll still manage it, or at least he’ll manage everyone else managing it.  Anyway, Fred is the guy who can explain it all and he’s gonna be your go-to guy for getting money from your trust.”

I must have had an odd look on my face because he laughed and came over, wrapped his arms around me, and hugged me.  “I’m still your dad!  Don’t look so panicked.  It’s just that it’s like I’m up to my ass in alligators all the time and I gotta get other people to do some of this stuff.  You can always come to me with money stuff too.  The thing is I’ll just call Fred so you can save some time for yourself.  Of course you can call Connie, too, but she’s gonna just end up calling Fred.”

The ninth floor was totally different than it had been when I was working for my dad.  Now it was all quiet with dark paneling and soft lighting.  It kinda made me nervous.  A lady that looked like some kind of model came and got me and took me to a big corner office.

The guy that greeted me there was short and stocky, what was left of his hair was black and his eyes were brown.  He was dressed in a white shirt and dark blue tie with his sleeves rolled up.  He looked like someone who liked to fight, you know, like box, and before he actually said anything he scared me, but that stopped when he opened his mouth.

His eyes twinkled and his voice was quiet and somehow sounded happy.  As he shook my hand, he said, “Chris, it’s so nice to meet you.”  Before I could answer, he grabbed my hand and gently pulled me over towards a sofa.  He looked back at me and said, “It must seem weird, all this change.”  I had never had a guy do that, to actually hold my hand and guide me over to someplace to sit.  I almost felt like I should pull my hand away, but at the same time it felt very comforting.  His hand was warm and muscular.

I finally said, “Yeah, it’s all different.”  Then I cleared my throat and said,   “My dad said you wanted to talk about money.”

He nodded towards the sofa, sat, and when I sat down, he said, “Yes.  I want to explain how things will be handled and I’ll do that, but I also wanted to get to know you.  I used to work for your grandfather in his New York office, I guess you could call me a banker,” He grinned. “well, at least a type of banker,  but I’m also a lawyer.  When your granddad decided he wanted to take his company public I told him that I wasn’t so interested in working for some big company,”  he grinned “and New York was driving me crazy,  so he introduced me to your dad who hired me to come out to Denver for this job.”  He brought one knee up onto the sofa and leaned towards me.  “I’m very good with money…but I want you to understand that to me it’s about more than money, although it’s certainly about that, it’s about being on your side.”  He looked at me, slightly nodded and said, “People may try to take advantage of you when they find out about your money.  A big part of what we do will be to protect you from that.”

I said, “I never had that happen.  Well, really, I guess no one knew.  I don’t tell people.  I mean, no one has ever asked and I never volunteer anything.  I don’t really spend much money.”

He smiled.  “I know.  I checked.   I think you should do what makes you comfortable, but your dad said that he wanted to make ten percent of the trusts income available to you, which of course, it is.  In a way money is like anything, the more you deal with it the better you get at it…well, usually.”

“Anyway, a lot is changing with your trust.  Your grandfather has about half of your money in private equity assets and the other half in a really beautiful assortment of convertible preferred stocks.”  I just tried to smile knowingly, but I didn’t have any idea what that was.  “But now, as of yesterday, your grandfather has transferred a large block of stock to you in what will be the new company, and over the last week and a half your dad has transferred a large block of his First Colorado stock into your trust.  They’re both trying to get it done before the end of the year.  The First Colorado stock pays a decent  dividend, so there’s plenty of dividend money available.  That’s not to mention the money that your dad still puts in the trust every month.  But for the purpose of distributable income I’m only considering dividend income.”

He reached over and squeezed my knee.  “So anyway, if you need money, write a check, it won’t bounce, or just use your debit card.”  He grinned.  “It won’t bounce either.  And judging by what you’ve spent it the past, I’d say it’s almost impossible for you to spend even a fraction of the income your dad wants you to have.  And remember, if you need help, we’re here.  We’ve got lawyers, accountants and anything else you need; and we know how to use them.  If someone wants you to give them money, or if you’re just making a big purchase, call us and we’ll see that you’re protected.”

It’s weird, when I was a little kid my biggest problem was money, but now that I’ve got money it’s like I don’t even want to tell anyone.




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