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Protecting David-The Brothers
--- Chapter 2 ---
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Protecting David-The Brothers 2

“Dude!  Dude!”  It was a frantic whisper.  “Dude, wake up!”   Somebody was shaking my arm.

I guess that I don’t sleep like a normal person but then I still got a lotta crap floating around in my head from when I was little.  The point is that if someone wakes me up instead of me waking up on my own I get a little nuts.

So instead of just opening my eyes and saying hello to my new roommate like a normal person my eyes snapped open and I started yelling, “I didn’t do it!  Don’t hit me!  I didn’t do it!”  The twins tell me that I look truly crazy when that happens.

To complete the picture you also gotta understand that by then I had kicked my blanket off so I was on my bed going crazy wearing just my Calvin Klein briefs that were bulging with my morning hardon in front of a total stranger.  But actually it was worse than that because then I heard.

“Oh my God, Max, what did you do to him?”  And, even worse, it was a high female voice.  By now I was pushing backwards trying to get my feet under me so that I could face whatever demons these people might be.

Max had his hands on my arms and turned his head and yelled, “Caroline, honey, get the fuck outta here, okay!  Just go downstairs and wait in the lounge.  Tell the cab driver that I’ll be right there!”

Max said, “Dude it’s just me, Max, your roommate.  Remember I sent you an email?”  By now my brain had gotten up to speed and humiliation was spreading over me.

Finally I stopped struggling and took a deep breath.  Max was staring at me, I guess hoping that things generally were gonna be better than this.  What made it even worse was that Max was a really hot looking guy.  Not that he was all that handsome, well, not in a conventional way but he had a hot body and his face was interesting.

I stumbled through an apology.  “God I’m sorry, Max!  It musta been a dream.”

“Hey it’s okay.  The thing is that my truck broke down.  I had to have it towed and then we had to take a cab from the repair place.  Me and Caroline.  We had enough for the tow and we had to give the repair dudes some money but now I’m outta cash and I don’t know where there’s an ATM machine.  I was positive that I had an emergency fifty in my wallet but I don’t.  So can I borrow twenty to pay the cab?  I’ll pay you back as soon as we find an ATM.  Honest to fucking god!”  He had dark blond hair cut short and even with everything it registered in my brain that that seemed odd for someone named De Luca and on top of that his eyes were a steel blue.

I stared into those eyes, swallowed and said, “Sure Max.”  I looked down at my briefs and instantly realized that it just didn’t matter, whatever anyone was gonna see they had already seen.  I crawled to the end of the bed grabbed my jeans and pulled out my wallet.

I looked in my wallet and said, “I got two fifties.”  I handed one to him and said, “Caroline your girlfriend?”

He grinned broadly and I could see how this guy could get all the women he wanted.  There was just something about the way he looked.  His face didn’t look quite right, like at some time or other maybe a long time ago he’d been in an accident that beat him up but instead of it being a bad thing  the net effect was to make him look intensely masculine.  He even had defined muscles in his face.

He said, “Dude you’re a champ!”  Then he smiled in a way that could only be described as contented and said, “Yeah, we been together since we were like twelve.  How fuckin odd is that, right?  We shoulda just got an apartment but, well, it’s a long story and the cab driver is waiting.”

When Max was gone I looked around.  They had brought in two big boxes and several large plastic bags that were stuffed full and a suitcase.  Leaning against the wall was a large framed poster that said, “WRESTLING USA” and showed two incredibly hot guys in wrestling singlet’s hanging on to each other.


Once I wake up I never just stay in bed, well, unless I gotta beat off but with Max gonna be around all the time it occurred to me that maybe my sex life, such as it was, was gonna take a hit.  However there still was one place.

I got up went into the bathroom and peed and then got in the shower.  Just as I was washing my balls Max pounded on the bathroom door and yelled, “Dude I found an ATM!  I’ll put your fifty on the desk!”

“Thanks, Max!”

I heard the door to the hall slam shut and knew that he was gone again but I started soaping up my dick and imagining him stepping into the shower with me and pulling me back against his chest.  His chest was hot and wet against my back and his enormous cock was getting hard and pushing between my legs and up under my balls.  I reached back and started rubbing the head of his cock against my asshole while I tried to open up so that I could take it.   Then I thought of something and stopped.

“I can’t have sex with Max!  What’s Caroline gonna be doing, sitting there watching?  Fucking women!  They even screw up fantasies.”

I rummaged around in my brain for something new and came up with the blond kid that was moving into a room on the second floor with the muscular back and the cargo shorts that were low enough on his hips to make me pretty sure that no underwear was involved.  Maybe if he and I were roommates he’d already have my face pushed into a pillow while driving his massive rod deep into my tight little butt again and again and again.  Of course he’d make me his sex slave and want to fuck me at least twice a day.  I started stroking hard.  “Ohhhhh…yeah.  This is better, this is definitely better!”

Afterwards I went out and started walking.  I was determined to learn the campus and figure out exactly where the town was but first there was breakfast.

I had just finished putting away an enormous breakfast when Max and Caroline slid into the booth.  Max said, “Dude we saw you headed this way.”

Caroline said, “We were exploring and getting my room done.  Now we gotta go back to your room and get Max organized.”  It was my first chance to get a good look at Caroline.  She was really pretty with soft blond hair and eyes that were almost a grey-green.

She said, “I got moved in in no time at all.  I’m right over…..”  She turned to point at something and then seemed to realize that you couldn’t see it anyway.  She laughed.  “Well, it’s over there somewhere.  But anyway, now we gotta get wrestling boy straightened out.  We just didn’t wanna bother you.”

I glanced at Max.  He was sitting there with his head tilted and a goofy smile on his face.  His eyes seemed to always look like they were a bit closed, bedroom eyes.

I was looking right into Caroline’s eyes but nodded my head towards Max smiled and said, “He’s needs to get laid, right?”

She laughed and didn’t hesitate a second, “Like right away!”  She added quickly, “This isn’t gonna be all the time Chris.  We just need to settle in.”

Max was blushing and opened his mouth to say something and then seemed to rethink it and just closed his mouth and shrugged.  I could totally understand it.  Not only was Max a stud but he had an engaging quality about him.  There was an innocent charm there that was impossible to refuse.

I figured that this was the time to talk about this.  “It’s fine with me.  You guys can do…whatever.  I’m gonna be gone for a couple of hours.  Look, the thing is that I just don’t want to be in a situation where I feel uncomfortable about coming back to my room.  Like if I come back and I don’t know what you guys are gonna be doing.   How about this, let say that when you guys are messing around it’s gonna take an hour.  So when you’re gonna do it just send me a text message and let me know.  I’ll stay away for an hour.”  I remember the first time the twins brought two girls home.  Alex and Larry were at work and the twins and the girls were all running around naked and the security people were all having heart attacks.  Finally Mrs. Colby got them and told them that if this was the way it was going to be she was going to call Alex and quit.  That scared the crap out of them.

They both seemed relieved.  Caroline said, “You’re the best, Chris. And whenever you got something going just tell us.”  She was staring into my eyes when she said it and for a millisecond her eyes seemed to expand by a tiny tiny amount and somehow I knew that she just figured me out.

I’m not ashamed of being gay but I’m not an idiot either and I know that that information can change things.  But if it changed anything with Caroline she didn’t let on.  Maybe I was guessing wrong or maybe I was just thinking that I had seen something that wasn’t really there.  I wondered if she’d tell Max.  But then guys don’t always believe what girls  tell them, especially about this.
I think as much to change the subject as anything Max got an animated look on his face leaned across the table and said, “Dude, you gotta come see me wrestle this evening! It’s not like real rip your guts out matches just kind a preview of coming attraction stuff but it’d be cool if you were there.  Caroline’s gonna be there.”

I must have had a skeptical look on my face because he turned to Caroline and said, “Baby, make sure Chris comes!”

Caroline started bouncing up and down and said, “Yes Chris!  You gotta come!  Otherwise it’s like spending the evening in jail for me.  But if you’re there I’ll have somebody to talk to while wrestler boy is playing with the other guys.”

I tried to imagine Max in a bright red wrestling singlet “playing” with the other guys and somehow still managed to choke out, “Okay.”

I spent the rest of the day checking out the campus and making sure that I was ready for tomorrow when we’d actually begin going to classes.  At six-thirty I dressed carefully in exactly the same way that every other guy on campus was dressed, cargo shorts and a tee shirt.  The cargo shorts were fairly loose but still managed to show off my butt.

Caroline showed up at quarter to seven and the two of us walked over to the gym which is just down the street from my dorm and is only a ten minute walk.

We were a little late getting there and there were already guys wrestling in the middle of the gym while a fairly good sized group of fans were sitting on benches on three walls of the gym.  Wrestlers and guys who looked like coaches were standing and sitting against the fourth wall.  A lot of people were yelling at the guys wrestling.  I didn’t have a clue what was going on.

Caroline grabbed my hand and let me away from where most of the fans were sitting to an area on the other side of the gym.  The spot gave us a worse view of the actual wrestling but we were right next to where the wrestlers were standing and talking with the coaches.

At first we didn’t see Max but then he must have seen us because he came trotting over.  He looked incredibly hot in his red singlet and the fact was that he might as well have been naked.  There wasn’t an ounce of fat on him.  He was just all hard muscles and broad shoulders and bulging cock.   But he was also different, different than he was earlier at breakfast or when I first met him this morning.  Then he was laid back and almost sleepy eyed but now it was almost like he was shimmering or vibrating or some shit.  He just seemed so fucking healthy and strong.

He gave me a huge grin and squeezed my shoulder and then bent over and gave Caroline a quick kiss.  Then he trotted back.  I couldn’t tear my eyes off of his ass.

Caroline looked at me and laughed.  She leaned a little towards me and said, “It’s like somebody set off a testosterone bomb in here.”

I laughed and then figured that I might as well dive into it.  I said, “Does Max know I’m gay?”

She grinned and said, “I don’t think so.  But he’ll figure it out eventually.  But, Chris, it won’t matter to him.  When we were both juniors back in Beaver Dam a good friend of Max’s who was on the baseball team got outted.  A lotta the guys just totally stopped even talking to the guy but not Max.  In fact he never even mentioned it to me and the guy hung out with us just like normal.  Finally one day I asked him about it.  You know, did it bother him that the guy was gay?  He just looked at me and said, “Why would I care?”

I grinned at her.  “So what made Caroline fall in love with Maximillian?”

She gave a short sharp laugh almost like a yelp.  “Hah!  Nobody has ever asked me that.  Well…you just saw about as much of him as I do so obviously you know that he’s a total stud.  And to tell you the truth he was even when he was twelve.” 

She pulled her foot up onto the edge of the bench and rested her chin on her knee.  “Max is also the nicest guy I’ve ever met.  And it’s not just with me, he’s like that with everyone, well, mostly.  And, and this is so strange to women, he never talks about anyone.  He just never does.  I asked him once how come he’s like that and he just said that his dad never talked about other people and told him that he should be like that so that’s what he did.  Well, I guess that I should amend that to say that he never says anything bad about anyone because he will say good things.”

“He’s also honest.  Oh and he’s incredibly loyal.  Once Max decides that he likes you he’ll do anything for you.”  She grinned.  “He’s already decided that about you.”  She laughed.  “I did too.”

I was pretty sure that I was blushing but nodded my head and said, “I like you guys too.”

She smiled softly and said, “You know the other thing is that Max’s really really smart.  I know that half the time he looks like he’s about to nod off but ever since we’ve been together, which is like forever, he’s never gotten less than a B in any class and mostly A’s.  The boy is definitely not stupid.”

Caroline said, “Chris, I gotta make a quick trip to the ladies room.  Will you be okay?”

I said, “Yeah, sure, Caroline.” and she walked off.

Just then, twenty feet off to our right two blond girls that had been sitting next to the wall jumped up off the bench and started waving and yelling at someone.  At first I didn’t pay too much attention and was watching the wrestling out in the middle of the floor but when I looked back my mouth just dropped open and I stared.

The girls were talking to a wrestler who was standing against the wall.  One girl was to his left and on one to his right.  His head kept moving back and forth as he listened and responded to each of the girls.

I couldn’t believe how hot this guy was.  His singlet was peeled off of his shoulders and from the top of his abdomen up he was naked.  His arms were folded across his chest almost like he might have felt uncomfortable with being dressed like he was that close to two girls.

His hair was black a little long and somehow even from twenty feet away I could tell that his eyes were blue.  His shoulders were broad and well muscled and when my eyes dropped I had to wonder what it would feel like to be the fabric that was trying to contain his cock and balls.  Every thing was visible and his big balls were pushing at the fabric as a heavy plump looking penis fought to separate them and all of it struggling to be contained by that soft silky very thin fabric.

I tore my mind away from his cock and looked at his handsome face.  He looked like he was trying to look serious, nodding at one girl and then turning to the next and nodding again like whatever they were saying was interesting.

Then as he looked from one to the other, for a brief split second, barely a tenth of a heart beat, he glanced at me.  He didn’t really pause but continued his tennis match conversation with the girls but then five seconds later he did it again.  His eyes met mine then broke and continued on.  He did that three more times and on the fourth time I was sure that I saw the barest trace of a smile begin to form on his luscious lips.  He knew I was alive.  Of course, how could he help but know, I was sitting there with my mouth open staring at him.

Immediately I felt like a total asshole for spying on him and quickly turned my head and began watching the match but then, after a minute, it was like my eyes just decided all by themselves that they had to look again.  Again, back, forth, back, forth, back, forth and then he glanced at me again.  This time he held the glance for a bit longer and the smile became more real. And maybe I was reading things the way that I wanted them to be but I could have sworn that he was also beginning to look impatient with the two girls. 

Clearly they were hitting on him and it was like he was trying to play the game with them when he didn’t really care.  And then his right hand which was covering his left nipple dropped a little bit so that the nipple was now visible between his thumb and his fingers.  The back and forth was still happening but then I watched as his thumb slowly brushed across his nipple just before he glanced in my direction with a barely discernable smile that had become slightly different.  By now I was hard as a rock and almost shot in my pants when he did that.

I was staring at him and my eyes dropped again to that package and I imagined what it would feel like to press my face into that soft silky crotch, to feel that cock pressing against me,  when someone grabbed my shoulder and I almost shit in my pants.

Caroline leaned down and said, “Max is almost done and we’re gonna take off.”  Then she giggled and said, “If you end up seducing Adam Kennedy you are gonna have half the female population of this university trying to lynch you.”

When I looked back towards the wall no one was there.

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