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Protecting David-The Brothers
--- Chapter 21---
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                                            Protecting David-The Brothers 21


“Michael!”  I had totally forgotten that Michael was working at this bank.  He was wearing a white shirt with a red tie and tan chinos.

The girl said, “Mike, he’s here to see Tyler…for a job.  Can you get him started?”

He grinned hugely at the girl and grabbed me by the arm and pulled me to a chair next to his desk.  “I got him, Sharon.”

She said, “I dunno when Tyler’s gonna come outta that meeting.”

Michael flashed her an even bigger grin and said, “It’s cool.  Chris goes to school with me.  I’ll take care of everything.”  She gave me a big smile and then turned around and left.

We both sat down and Michael said, “Man, I’m so glad to see you, but I didn’t think you needed to work.  I mean, you never said.  What are you doin here?”

I made a face.  “My dad wants me to learn how banks work.  I guess he probably asked somebody for a favor cause he seems to think I can work here.  He said I’m supposed to talk to Mr. Tyler.”

Michaels face suddenly fell.  “I sorry about Adam.”  He shook his head slowly.  “I never saw that coming.  You know he quit the team?  And now he’s got that broad, and I’m pretty sure she’s keeping an eye on him for Cory.”

“It’s okay, Michael.  I’ve got a new boyfriend.  He’s older than me, twenty-five, but he’s really hot.”  I sighed.  “He liked me a couple of years ago, but never said anything.  Then with Adam and…all that, he ended up telling me.”

Steven Tyler was tall, gray/blonde and about fifty years old.  He took me into his office and had me sit in front of his desk while he read my application very slowly.  Finally he sighed and pulled another slip of paper out of a folder on his desk and seemed to study it.  While he was reading it he said my last name softly, “Bending.”  He said it so softly that he maybe didn’t even realize that he’d actually said it.

Finally he sat forward with the sheet of paper in his hand and said, “Do you know this Mr. Voight from First Colorado?  I mean, is he a friend?”

I shook my head.  “No…no I don’t.  He’s probably someone my dad knows or something.”  I know that my dad doesn’t really want them to know that I’m his kid, but I hate lying, and anyway, our last names are different.

After a moment he took a deep breath, let it out and said, “Well, it doesn’t matter.  I guess we can always use another body.  We can use you Tuesday and Thursday evening from four to eight.  It pays ten bucks an hour to start, then after ninety days we take another look.”  He got an odd look on his face.  “Can you start today?”

“Sure!  I mean, am I dressed okay?  I didn’t really know….”

He waved a hand.  “You look fine.  I’m gonna turn you over to Mike, the boy that gave you these forms.  He’s been with us for a month or so and he can give you a tour and get you comfortable with the layout of the bank.”

Michael spent the rest of the evening showing me around the bank, every nook and cranny.  He told me that they’ve been keeping him busy doing pretty much everything except actually working with money.  He must have introduced me to two dozen people, none of whom I was going to be able to remember.



The twin’s favorite thing to do is send text messages, but they don’t seem to realize that there’s two of them and only one of me, so, sometimes it can be overwhelming.  “What’s my new apartment like?  Are you gonna send pics?  Is Nick there yet?  Is it real cold?”  They go on and on.  They’ve also sent me pictures of about a dozen girls that they’ve either done or hope to do.  I’m a little relieved that the girls are getting less and less trashy looking and I’m a little curious about which one of them is going to have the first serious romance.  Of course the flip side of that is how is the other twin going to react?

When I got home that evening, actually, just as I was walking through the door, Nick called me.

The sound of his voice literally made my dick hard.  “So, how was your first day of work?”  There’s an edginess to his voice like there always is, a kind of deep crackling sound that when I think about it, makes me hard.

“How did you know?”  Nick knew that I was going there, but I hadn’t had time to contact him after the fact.

He laughed.  “I’ve been checking the computers all afternoon to see if your name would pop up.”

I sank down into the soft leather of the sofa in my living room.  “Oh my God, that’s right!  Technically you’re my boss now.”

I couldn’t see his grin but I could hear it.  “Does that mean you’ll do whatever I tell you?”

I kicked my shoes off and put my feet up on the coffee table.  I laughed.  “If it’s sexual.”  I sighed.  “You make me so fucking horny and it’s just stupid not having you with me!”

“What are you wearing?”

“Whatya mean?  Ah, dark blue chinos and a white shirt.  Why?”

His voice was deep and thickly layered.  “Take off the chinos.”

“Oh, my God!  Phone sex?”

“C’mon, take em off.”  My dick was pushing so hard against the inside of my pants it almost felt like something would break.

I tried unbuckling my belt while I still held my phone but I was too excited and finally said, “Le’me put you on speaker.”

His voice was soft and what I can only describe as thick when it came out of the larger speaker.  “Got your pants off?”

I undid my belt and shoved them down to my ankles.  My dick was laying against my hip and pushing my boxer briefs out.  There was a quarter size spot where the precum had leaked through the cloth.  I kicked my pants all the way off but I resisted the urge to grab my dick because I wasn’t sure what would happen.

“Okay, they’re off.  I’m just wearing kinda grey/beige boxer briefs.”  I laughed.  “And I’m hard and leaking precum.  What are you wearing?”

His voice was deep and dreamy sounding.  “Nothing.  I’m kneeling on the bed with my dick in my hand pretending that I’m looking down at you.”  That image popped clearly into my brain.  “Pretending that you’re lying here on your back and that I’m between your legs.  That the insides of your legs are on either side of me rubbing against me.  My cock is hard as a rock and wanting to be inside of you sooo bad.  Slide your boxer briefs off, but don’t toss em.”  He laughed.  “Tell me what they smell like.”  Without one conscience thought, my legs had moved apart and my butt had moved closer to the edge of the sofa.

I lifted my underwear to free my dick and slid them off and then brought them to my face and smelled the crotch.  “They smell like soap.”  I smelled them again.  “And I guess there’s another smell too, sweat maybe.  I guess they smell like me.”  I touched the tip of my tongue to the patch of precum, but it didn’t seem to have a taste.  “I tasted the precum too, but it doesn’t taste like anything or seem to have a smell.”

“Is there more precum?”

My voice quavered because I was pretty sure what he’d want me to do.  “Shit, yes!” 

“Scoop some up and rub it on your butthole.  I’m gonna lean down and kiss you and when I do I’m gonna push my dick slowly into you.  I want you to push your finger in and then cum for me.  Can you do that Baby?  Just imagine that it’s my dick and that I’m pushing hard inside of you and that you’re cumming for me.  Can you do that?”  The feeling of him pushing into me filled my head and I could almost feel the warmth of his hips between my legs.

I spread the precum on my butthole.  I said softly, “Okay.”

“Just imagine my tongue pushing into your mouth while my cock pushes into your ass.  Shove your finger into your ass.  Do it right now!  Feel how it stretches you, how it fills you.”  I was gone and the first of five long ropes of cum hit my chest.



Thursday was my next work day and it was also the day that Nick was flying into Milwaukee.  He called me just as I was eating lunch.

“Man, you won’t believe what they’re doing to the house!”

“Which house?”  There seem to be so many houses in my life.

“The one here in Milwaukee.  Your dad mentioned to me a couple of weeks ago that David said that as long as we were going to be using the house he might as well have it fixed up, but I never really thought about it.  I mean, what could they do, right?  Well, they practically gutted the inside.  The only rooms that they’re finished with are the master bedroom and bathroom, so I guess I’m gonna be eating out until they’re done.  Although, they’ve got double crews working on it and they tell me it’s just a matter of days until it’s over.  I was talking to one of the neighbors and he said he’s never seen that many people working on one house.  And there’s this old woman from California here and she seems to be overseeing the whole thing…some kind of designer.  She says she used to work with your dad.  Anyway, I have no clue what they’re doing and I don’t really give a shit.  The only thing I can really think about is you.”

“You’re coming here tomorrow, right?”

“God yes!  I got a meeting with some people at noon and hopefully I can hold that to two hours, then I’ll leave for Madison straight from that meeting, so I should be there at like three or three-thirty.  Oh shit!  You’ll be outta classes by then, right?”

“I’ll cut my last class.  Pull your car into the driveway.  The streets have got like a foot of snow on em.  They try plowing but it’s a losing proposition.  My side of the garage is on the left, just park behind me and then if we need to go out we can use your car, but I don’t think you’ll want to go out.”



Thursday afternoon I was back at the bank, but after sorting out some mass mailings to customers and because there really wasn’t anything else to do, Michael continued with his tour of the bank.  Basically, we were just killing time.  We were walking around on the second floor and would occasionally look over the edge of the balcony down onto the banking floor twenty feet below.  But we weren’t always looking, mostly we were just talking.

Then about five o’clock we heard some loud voices coming from the banking floor, but before we could look over Michael’s cell phone rang and he answered it.

Watching Michael’s face, at first he look surprised, then he looked happy and then he looked panicked.  He was obviously trying to get someone to calm down.

“Dude!  Oh…oh….I don’t.”  He looked around like he was looking for a way out, but then he looked at me and said, “Chris, you got any money?  I mean, I’ll pay you back on payday….ah, maybe next payday!”

I didn’t know what was happening, but I knew that I had to say yes.  “Ahhh, sure.”  I pulled my money out of my pocket and counted it quickly.  “A hundred and ten dollars.”  I shoved it towards him.  “Take it.”

He covered his phone and said, “You won’t believe it!  It’s that fucking Cory!  He’s with a law firm here now.  His client rents a warehouse to my friends, and they’re a little late on the rent.”  He shook his head.  “But there’s no time!  I’ll tell you about it later.  You sure you’re okay with this?”  I pushed the money into his hand.  He said, “They’re downstairs.  The check bounced and they gotta have cash!”   

I said, “Go!  Give em the money!  Is it enough?”  Michael took off almost running and I slid over to the banister and looked over to the banking floor.  Off to the left I could see three guys that looked like college kids arguing with Adam’s brother, who was dressed in a dark blue suit, and a short stocky guy who looked Italian.  Even though I’m sure they were talking loudly I couldn’t really hear what they were saying.  Seeing Cory made my stomach lurch, but I forced myself not to hide behind anything.

Michael practically flew down the big staircase, but when he hit the floor he slowed suddenly to normal walking speed, like he didn’t want to attract any attention, then veered off away from the group with Cory in it.  Michael is short like I am, but it’s like he’s got this nuclear power plant running inside of him and he’s always wired.  At the same time, a tall skinny guy with black hair broke away from the group and walked in another direction, but watching from above I could see that both that guy and Michael were trying to meet without it being obvious.  He and Michael ended up doing a slide-by with Michael handing off my money to him.  Michael then did an about-face and ducked into the elevator.  Ninety seconds after he left me he was back.

He said, “Did you see that guy?  He’s Steve Pakarsky.  Those guys invented something that measures stuff and they been trying to get people interested in it.  Anyway, they rented some warehouse space from the Italian guy and they got totally screwed on the rent, but it was the only place they could find.  So the owner hired the firm asshole Cory works for to get’em out of there.  They wrote a check for $800 but they didn’t remember that they’d already paid another bill. 

He grinned at me.  “That’s the price you pay when all your employees are engineers.  You gotta have somebody that knows money.”

“Aren’t they selling whatever it was they invented?  How do they get money?”  The thought of doing something that might upset Cory was growing in my brain.

Michael looked around and then grabbed my arm and pulled me along.  “We better keep moving or somebody’ll ask us to do actual work.”

“They been talking to lots of big time manufacturers about including their product in other stuff, but when you’re financing shit with your Mastercard, I guess it’s not easy.”

“But is it a real thing, something that’ll actually work?”  I heard a thousand stories from my dad about people who thought they had the greatest thing in the world but were really clueless.

He nodded.  “Pakarsky’s a fucking genius, if you ask me, but they’re just college kids, so not everybody will listen.”

“Have they tried to sell stock so they’d have some money to operate?”

He laughed.  “They’ve sold stock to everyone they know, including me.  But the machines they use are insanely expensive.  They bought a used one and it was like twelve grand and it’s always breaking down.”

I pulled Michael over to a corner.  “The thing is that I know somebody, somebody here in town and he told me if I ran across any good ideas to let him know.  He’s a lawyer, but that might be good; cause it looks like they need one.”

“You think he’d really be interested?”

“What do they have to lose?  It sounds like they’re about at the end of the line.”

“How do you know this guy?”

“My dad uses him for legal shit, but that could be a good thing; cause I could make sure he doesn’t screw em.”

“You’re right.  What do they have to lose?  I’ll call Pakarsky when I get off and see if he’d be interested.  You really think this guy could bring in some money?  I mean a lotta guys talk like they got money, but when push comes to shove they crap out.”

“No, you wouldn’t have to worry about it with this guy, he’s got rich friends.”  Like me.  How weird is that?   “Anyway, if they wanna do something, gimme a call and I’ll have him get in touch with them.”

“How long do you think it’d take to get the money?  I dunno how much longer these guys can hold out.”

“I dunno, Michael.  But I imagine if everything checks out and the thing they’re making looks like it’s got a future that things could move fast.”  Just then we caught site of Mr. Tyler looking over at us, so we ducked down a corridor.



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