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Protecting David-The Brothers
--- Chapter 22---
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                                  Protecting David-The Brothers 22

When I got home I had about an hour to answer messages from the twins and my dads before the messages from Michael started.  The first one said that he was on his way to talk to his friends about the ‘money thing’, as he called it.  The second one came while he was talking to them, they were interested and at the same time positive that it was an attempt to steal their idea.  Then Nick called and we talked for an hour and a half.  While I was talking to Nick the phone was beeping seemingly every twenty seconds with text messages coming in from Michael about his friends.

When I finally hung up with Nick, the phone rang again almost instantly.  It was Michael.

He sounded tired, which for Michael doesn’t happen much.  “Okay, Chris, the thing is that they’re convinced they got a million dollar idea and everyone wants to steal it.   I tried telling them that you were a friend of mine and that you wouldn’t steer us wrong, but they’ve got themselves wrapped up tighter than a drum.  I dunno what to tell em anymore.”

I sighed heavily.  “Michael, these guys I know wouldn’t do that!  I mean…look, Michael,  there probably are people who would do exactly that, but these are friends of my dad’s and that would never happen.  He wouldn’t let it happen.”

“Yeah, but they don’t know your dad.”

“Well, the only thing that I can think of is if you have em come over to my place tomorrow morning, I’ll talk to them.  Maybe I can convince them, and I don’t have a class till ten o’clock.  Besides, from what you’ve told me they’re out of money and the whole thing is gonna collapse anyway if they don’t do something.”

“You’d talk to em?”

“Sure.  I mean, I dunno if I can make them feel any better, but I’d talk to them.  I’d even buy a little stock myself if it was a good idea.”  Okay, that was to cover my ass, well, kinda.

He laughed.  “They need a lotta money, so I guess every little bit helps.  The other thing is that they don’t want to give anything away to get the money, which I guess is stupid.”

After I hung up with Michael, I got to thinking about it and then finally sent a long email to Mr. Carlimenti explaining what I had kind of gotten myself into,  then I sent a copy of the email to my dads and to Jamie Billings, my lawyer in Madison.  When I hit ‘Send’ it really felt like I was lighting a fuse, and the thing was I had no idea about what was supposed to happen next.  I guess in the back of my mind was the notion that someone would send me an email asking me if I had lost my mind.

Lying in bed, waiting for sleep, I asked myself why I was doing it.  I knew that I didn’t really care about making money.  Well, that wasn’t quite true, it was more like I didn’t think that I had the ability to make money.  And I did understand that it was mostly just a way to get back at Cory.

Just as I started to drift off my phone rang again, it was Nick.

“How tired are you?”

“Huh?  Whadya mean?”

“My meeting tomorrow, I’m thinking about canceling it and driving to Madison…tonight.”

“Can you do that?  Well, I know you can, but should you?”

“Remember Harman?”

“You mean the guy that grabbed me at your office that day?”

“The very one.  Well, the meeting was about him, or rather what he’s fucked up.  Anyway, he just emailed me and told me he’s got the flu and can’t make the meeting.  Not that I believe him, but I rescheduled the meeting for next week.  So if I come to Madison tonight I get to sleep with my boyfriend and then get to interview a guy tomorrow that I think might be Harman’s replacement.”


He laughed and said teasingly, “You, you’re my boyfriend.”

I laughed.  “No, I mean who would you replace him with?”

“You know you can’t tell anyone this, right?”

“I know, but I’m curious.”

“The executive VP at your bank, the one you work at.  His name is Steiner.”

“I don’t think I’ve met him, but at my pay grade we don’t get invited up to the top floor much.”

“Well, don’t feel too hurt, your dad and granddad basically own the top floor…and all the other floors for that matter.”

I reached down and pried my hard dick off of my stomach and then let it snap back.  “So you really wanna sleep with your boyfriend?”  I laughed.  “Cause, you know, you could be calling me from your car.”

“I’ve already got my coat on and my bag’s in the car.”  Then he paused for a moment.  “Not that it matters, but what are you wearing right now?”

I laughed.  “Not a thing and my dick is so fucking hard it feels like a loud noise would break it.”  Nick couldn’t see me do it, but I shook my head and said, “I need to be fucked sooo bad!”

“Hold that thought.  I’ll call you when I’m on the freeway.”

I got outta bed, slipped on my boxer briefs, grabbed a blanket and went out into the living room.  I stretched out on the sofa with the lights off and watched the snow falling gently outside.

Nick called me back in about fifteen minutes. 

“Okay, I’m on the freeway and there’s like no traffic.   Is the snow bad there?”

“No, it’s just real light.  I’m in the living room watching it come down.”

“Grab your laptop.  I sent you some pictures of the house here.”

I went back into the bedroom and grabbed my laptop.  There was an attachment to an email from Nick and when I brought it up there was a half dozen pictures of the house in Milwaukee, but if I didn’t already know that I almost wouldn’t have known.  The kitchen had been totally redone and updated and it was gorgeous.  All of the rooms had been remodeled.

“My God,” I said, “how’d they get all this done?”

He laughed.  “I’ve never seen that many people working on one house.  David must have hired triple crews.  What do you think of the furniture?”

“It’s nice, I guess.  It looks a lot like the house in Colorado.”

“Did I send you a picture of David’s office?”

“I don’t think so.”  I checked again.  “No, nothing.”

“It’s beautiful.  All that electronic stuff is gone.  I can’t imagine where David got that stuff, but a separate crew showed up and hauled it off.  It looked like shit NASA would have.  Well, NASA from twenty years ago anyway.”

He didn’t say anything for a moment and then he sighed and said, “You know, your dad is gonna have me working here a lot.  I mean there’s all the stuff we already own here and now he’s looking at a string of supermarket banks.”

“Supermarket banks?”

He laughed.  “You know, those banks that are just in supermarkets?”  He laughed again.  “You don’t ever go to supermarkets, do you?”

“No, I go!  I was in one in Denver a few weeks ago.”  It’s not that I didn’t know what a supermarket was, but I knew that he knew that I didn’t have a clue as to what he was talking about, so I decided to just admit it.  “I mean…why don’t you just tell me about them.”

“Well, putting a bank in a supermarket makes a lotta sense because it’s someplace that everyone goes all the time anyway, so they can also do their banking, like cash checks and crap.  They’re not big like regular banks, but you can still do all the basic stuff.  Anyway, your dad is after a chain of them covering Minnesota and Wisconsin.   That’s gonna mean a lot more work for me here.”  He sighed again.  “The thing is that I was thinking maybe I could talk you into spending the summer in Milwaukee with me.”  He paused again.  “I don’t mean to push you or anything…”

My heart did about three flip flops.  “Nick…you couldn’t talk me into not being with you!”



Nick’s left arm was under my head, his right knee was pushed between my legs and his right arm was wrapped tightly around my chest, all the while he breathing rhythmically into the back of my head.   It was just beginning to get light out.   I don’t think I could have moved if I wanted to, and I definitely didn’t want to.  But when the doorbell started ringing, I was startled and tried to jump out of bed, as soon as I tried to move away from him Nick pulled me back and mumbled, “Where ya goin?”

“It’s the door bell.”  I turned on the light and looked at my watch.  I couldn’t believe it, it was a little after eight o’clock in the morning.  “Fuck!  That’s gotta be Michael.  He said he might bring those guys over.”

Nick had rolled out of bed and was pulling on the jeans that he had worn the evening before.  I was still searching the floor for my underwear.  The doorbell rang again.

Nick said, “I’ll let em in.”  He slapped my naked butt as he walked by and said, “Your underwear is on the other side of the bed.”

While I was getting dressed I heard a lot of loud conversation coming from the living room, but it didn’t last too long and then I could hear what had to be Nick making coffee in the kitchen.

I pulled on my underwear, then jeans and a sweatshirt, and headed for the living room.  Michael was sitting by himself on the sofa and two other guys were sitting in chairs across from him.  One guy was the really tall guy that I had seen at the bank, and the other guy was probably another of the guys from the bank, but I wasn’t sure.   The tall guy was sitting there nervously bouncing one knee up and down.

Nick yelled from the kitchen, “I’m making coffee!”

I sat on the sofa with Michael.  He looked at me, grinned, nodded his head quickly towards the kitchen, then softly said, “The boyfriend?”

I grinned and nodded yes.  He raised both of his eyebrows and then murmured softly, “Holy shit!”

Then he turned and pointed at the tall guy and said, “Larry Crain”, then he pointed to the other guy and said, “Steve Winslow.”

They both got up, leaned over and shook my hand.

Crain looked at me, then at the kitchen and said, “Look, we’re sorry to bother you and all…it’s just that this shit is about to go critical.”  He glanced at Steve Winslow like he was looking for a sign of some sort and then he looked back to me.

“We brought along a business plan and drawings of the CW100.  You can keep the business plan, but we don’t want anyone looking at the drawings.  Well, other than you, here.”

Nick came out of the kitchen.  He literally was only wearing his jeans and looked insanely hot, all hard chest and tight stomach disappearing into Levi jeans.  Not supermodel hot, but more like Navy Seal hot.

He ducked into the bedroom and came back with a shirt on and said to me, “You need help here or you want me to mind my own business?”

I instantly said, “Help.” 

Then I looked at Crain.  “Nick works for my dad and he’s got a lot of experience.  He’d know as good as anyone whether this was a good thing to do and he absolutely will keep everything secret, if that’s what you want.”

Crain sighed heavily, but didn’t say anything.

“Look,” I said, “Nick deals with investors all the time.  He’s a banker himself, so he knows all the stuff that’s involved with this sort of thing.   He can save us all a lot of time and trouble.”

Crain said, “That means you don’t think anybody’ll want to invest.”

“No, it doesn’t.”

Nick sat on the arm of the sofa next to me and held out his hand for the business plan.  He said, “How much are you guys looking for?”

Crain inhaled deeply and then said, “Ten thousand.”  Then he said quickly, “We got back rent that that asshole Cory Whatshisname is pushing us for and then we gotta get machinery and hire some people.”

Nick opened his mouth like he wanted to say something, but instead he took the business plan, which was only a few pages long and read it quickly once, then again more slowly.

When he was done, he put the business plan down, picked up the drawings and stared at them.  Finally he looked at Crain and said, “You don’t need ten thousand, you need more like three hundred thousand if you’re really serious about trying to manufacture this.  And by the way, I would try to talk you out of that.  To begin with, you need a patent attorney.”

Steve Winslow leaned forward and said, “We got a friend in law school who said he might be able to help with that.”

Nick shook his head.  “That never works, and besides, it’s half-assed.  A good attorney is worth every penny you pay him.  What’s the point in trying to make something only to find out somebody else is doing the same thing.”

Nick glanced at me and said, “Would Larry do a free patent search for you?”

“Sure…I think.  I mean, yeah, he’d do that.”  I wasn’t even sure what that was, but I was sure my dad would do anything I asked.

Nick said to Crain, “The other thing is how do we evaluate this thing if you won’t let us show it to anyone?”  He slid off the arm of the sofa and sat next to me.   He said to Crain, “I know people at Krueger-Goertz out of Germany.  They’ve got an office in New York.  How would you feel about me discussing this with them?”  I knew the company name and knew that my dad owned it.

The level of Crain’s nervousness jumped up a notch.  “Who are they?  See this is what scares me, we’ve got no protection!  There’s nothing to stop them from taking it.”

“I won’t give them any details!  Hell, I don’t know any details, I’ll just tell them what you’ve told me.  And besides, they’re huge in Europe.  You could license this to them for Europe and still make it for the U.S. market, or any one of a hundred other deals.  The thing you’re gonna find with manufacturing is that it’s hugely expensive with all kinds of costs you didn’t anticipate, and if the product is as good as you say it is there’d be enough value added that you can afford to have someone else do that for you.”

Nick didn’t stop talking for the next thirty minutes and the more he talked the more they listened.  I could see why my dad trusted him so much.  Even sitting there in jeans he still commanded the floor and you just absolutely knew that he knew what he was talking about.  I believed him when he told them that we wouldn’t screw them, and he made them believe it.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.  Just the sound of his voice made my dick hard, and the more important thing was that he made me feel safe.  There was just this quality to him, this rock hard strength that relaxed me and at the same time made me wildly horny.  If I thought about it, and I did, I could still feel him inside me from last night, feel his sperm inside me, making me feel like we were one, like there was no place else on the planet that I should be except with him.

Crain, Winslow, and Michael left with the understanding that we were allowed to discuss their product in generalities with Krueger-Goertz and that they would consider what Nick had told them and would also be putting together a more realistic business plan.  We also agreed to help get Cory off their backs, something that Nick seemed to think was the easiest thing in the world.

I was pouring us both coffee in the kitchen when Nick came up behind me and simultaneously kissed the back of my neck and shoved his left hand down the back of my pants.

I said softly, “You were fantastic!”

His lips had kissed their way around my throat and I tilted my head back while Nick kissed the underside of my chin.  I could feel his hard dick through his pants pressed against my side.

He pulled my face to his with his right hand and then pushed his tongue into my mouth.  With his mouth now controlling my face, his right hand dropped to my jeans and popped open the top button.

He laughed softly while he pushed my jeans down and bent me forward.  “I can be even better.”



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