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Protecting David-The Brothers
--- Chapter 23---
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                                          Protecting David – The Brothers 23


Monday morning at five o’clock with the winter wind beating against the windows I was kneeling naked on the bed. Nick was dressed and standing next to the bed.  He bent down and kissed me for an achingly long time.  It was time for him to get back to Milwaukee and I hated it.  My body was screaming for him to get back in bed and mold himself to me.   Not being able to be with him for a week seemed insane.

“Can’t you just stay?  Why can’t…” He kissed me again.

His lips pulled back slightly from mine and he murmured, “You know I can’t.”  His right hand held the back of my head while his left caressed my shoulder.

“Your dad is on his way to China with Mr. Tam and, besides all the stuff with the banks here, I’m sure he’s gonna have me checking stuff for what they’re gonna be looking at there.”  Mr. Tam and my dad were involved in a couple of businesses in Shanghai.

I grinned hopefully and ran the back of my fingers against his crotch.  I laughed and whined, “I need more sex!”

He groaned and laughed.  “The last thing you need right now is more sex.  Besides, you’re gonna kill me if we keep up this pace.”

He captured my hand, pulled it away from his crotch and kissed my fingers.  “Just remember with Cory…stay away from him.  I think he understands that you’re not involved with Adam anymore, but he does have some kind of weird quality to him and I wouldn’t mess with him."  Nick had gone to see Cory on Saturday.  "I asked your dad what he wanted to do and he just wants us to keep an eye on him.  I'm pretty sure Mei has got someone watching him.”  That surprised me and even kind of shocked me.

"You're kidding!"

He shook his head.  "I didn't specifically ask him, but it's the kind of thing he'd do.  And you’ve gotta remember that Cory just got this job with the law firm here in Madison, or rather his grandfather got it for him.  Those guys fight like crazy to justify their existence and you’re in the position of costing him a win with one of his first clients.   Although I can’t imagine how he’d know you were behind it."  He pulled his leather jacket on.  "Anyway, your dad worries about you.  He kinda figures the twins can take care of themselves, but he worries about you being okay."  Well, my dad was right about the twins, the twins would never be victims…they created victims.

"But I've never spotted anyone.  I mean like nobody follows me around."

He shook his head.  "I dunno, and your dad doesn't like to talk about security, but you know how Mei can be."  That was for sure!  Mei was always one step ahead, but still I figured that I would have spotted someone if they were there.  The twins and I had made a game out of it. Although, thinking of it now, the twins were way better at it than I was.

Nick kissed me all the way from the bedroom to the front door and by that time I had a hardon that was pointing straight up.

Nick looked down at it and laughed.  Then he gently wrapped his fingers around it and the warmth of his hand spread throughout my body.

He shook his head and grinned.  "How does your dick get this hard?"  I was almost standing on my toes from the affect his hand was having on my cock.

"Yours get this hard, too."  His dick was longer than mine and way thicker.  He shook his head.

"Not like this."  He gently pulled it away from my stomach and I gasped.

"Oh God, don't let it snap back!"  I felt like I could shoot from just thinking about it.

He bent down, kissed my neck and whispered, "Close?"

I said, "Please, just stay, I need you here."

He said softly, "Turn around."


He turned me by my shoulders so that I was facing away from him and then he pulled me back against his chest.

"What are you gonna…"

His left arm was tight around my chest keeping me from moving, while his right hand slid slowly down my body until he wrapped his fingers tightly around my cock again.

His mouth was right at my ear, his voice was deep and had a hoarse edge to it.  "Cum for me!"

"Oh God!"  I could feel his hard cock under his jeans pressed to my ass.  I shoved my cock even harder into his fist.  "Oh fuck!"

Then he said it again.  "Cum for me, Baby, fuck my hand!"  My body was twisting and trying to hump his hand, but his arm around my chest kept me from moving.  Then when he lightly bit the back of my neck I started shooting.


During my 10:00 class that morning I got a text from Michael asking me if I knew anything more about the money thing for his friends and reminding me that we had a one hour training class that night at the bank.  It was a good thing he reminded me, because my mind had only one thing on it and that was Nick.

I did know about the money though.  My lawyer Jamie Billings had called and told me that while their product wasn't bad, they were pretty disorganized and had no real clue about the competition they'd be facing.   But on the other hand, the CW100 looked really good and even if they weren't successful, as long as we could salvage the patent on the metering valve we could get our money back by selling it to Krueger-Goertz.

Jamie said that he was working on an agreement to present to the guys and he was pretty sure that he could sell it.  I told him I wanted to include a couple of percentage points for Michael because he had brought it to us and he could use the money.  That caused him to pause for a couple of seconds, then he said that he'd take care of it.

I got out of my last class at four and went to the library to try and dig up some stuff, then at 5:30 I drove through mountains of snowy slush and a light snowfall, to the bank.

The class was about customer service and never saying no to a customer.  Actually, I was pretty impressed toward the end at how dedicated everyone seemed to be.  At the start Michael and I were basically giving each other eye-rolls, then, after a while we got drawn into it.

We got done at 6:30, and Michael asked me if I wanted to grab a sandwich at Grubby's Pub, which was an amazing hamburger place that basically was right behind the bank.  We ducked out the back way, cut through the alley and went into the restaurant.

Grubby's was lined with really old green leather booths, which kind of spoke to an upscale past, but now it was a typical college town hamburger joint and the walls were covered with posters.  Amazing food though.

We settled into a booth and both ordered double bacon cheeseburgers.  When the plates loaded with food came I groaned at how much food it actually was.

Michael laughed and said, "Enjoy it while you're young.  That's what my grandpa always told me."

"This has got to be a million calories."

Michael chewed for a while and then leaned forward and said, "So you think they'll get the money?"

I nodded.  "I'm pretty sure.  It'll depend on the stock and crap like that, I guess."  I waved my hand.  "They'll probably work it out."

Michael looked at me for a second and said, "So, have you run into Adam yet?"

I shook my head.  "Nope.  Once I thought I spotted him from a long way away, but it probably wasn't him.  But truthfully, I wouldn't care.  Nick is different.  He’s better…different and better."

Michael said, "I ran into him, and his girlfriend, which is the only way you can run into him.  She's always there."  He grinned and made a little whipping motion with his hand.  "Pussy whipped."

"I hope he's happy."  I knew how that sounded.  "I really mean it."  And I did mean it.

Michael shrugged.  "He doesn't seem to notice the whole pussy whipped thing and he does seem happy…ish."

At about 7:30, we called it a day and walked out into the cold night.  Michael headed for his car, which was across the street and I headed to mine back at the bank.  I lowered my head against the wind and ducked back through the alley to the parking lot, brushed like two inches of snow off my car and headed for home.  As I was pulling out of the parking lot, there was another car that started up at the same time.  When I was pulling out he turned his bright lights on me for a moment, then turned them off.

I pulled out, drove for a few minutes and then at a big intersection about a mile from my apartment, I pulled into a convenience store so I could buy milk.  I was the only car there and the frozen sludge crunched under my feet as I hurried into the store.

When I got my milk and headed back outside, there was a dark colored car next to mine, but I again lowered my head and walked quickly to my car.  Even when I heard the car door open, I never really thought anything of it.  Just as I was about to open my car door someone shoved me hard from behind and slammed me into my car.

Maybe if I wasn't so jumpy and half nuts anyway Cory's first blow would have knocked me out, but I was used to being hit and instinctively, even with the pain of the blow, rolled my body away.

He screamed at me, "You couldn't just leave it alone, you little fuck!"  He sounded crazy and it was pretty clear he wanted to kill me.

Cory lunged for me again and even managed to get his fingers around a piece of my coat, but I twisted away and took off running.

We were at a part of the parking lot that was farthest away from the intersection and it was surrounded by some sort of high fence with the snow from the parking lot piled up against it, and I was running straight for it.  I didn't look, but I knew that Cory was running after me.

I ran up the huge frozen pile of snow, but the fence was still too high.  Then I started running along the top of the snow to get enough distance between me and Cory, so that I could run for home.  He started to move to cut me off, so I jumped down off of the snow and started to run for the intersection.  This seemed to catch him off guard and when he turned to come after me, his feet slipped and he started to lose his balance.  I took advantage of the moment and shot towards the intersection.  The problem was that it was filled with people in cars trying to get home, but somehow in my head it seemed better to get hit by a car than get beaten to death by Cory.

I didn't wait by the corner for the light to change because if I had he would have gotten to me… he was only 30 or 40 feet behind me, I just bolted into the intersection.  Suddenly, a dozen cars, trucks, and SUV's started blowing their horns and slamming on their brakes.  The thing was that the street was almost solid ice and almost instantly all of those vehicles were sliding sideways I even heard a car crash a few cars away.  I just missed a Ford truck by a half an inch as I had started to slide myself, the last thing I wanted to do was fall so I had bent my legs slightly and spread my arms like a surfer.

Halfway through the intersection there was a huge blue Buick SUV headed right towards me.  The lady driving it had her arms rigidly on the wheel and a frozen look of horror on her face.  I looked back quickly for Cory.  He was trying to dodge cars fast enough to get out into the street, but my little stunt had created a huge mass of out of control cars and, for the moment anyway, he was stuck.

The anti-lock brakes must have been getting the Buick under control because she had managed to slow enough that I slammed into the side of it, but was able to push myself off of it.

All of that happened in the space of a second or two and then I just ignored the rest and started running again.  I figured if I got killed, I got killed.

Some of the sidewalks had been shoveled, but even those were quickly picking up a fresh covering of snow, my greatest fear was of falling, because I knew he'd have me then.  I was trying to run where the snow looked stable enough that my boots could get a grip on it, but not so heavy that it would slow me down.  The problem, or one of them, was that Cory was at least a foot taller than me and had much longer legs, but he wasn't running for his life.  The other thing was that he didn't look like a runner.  I knew that he'd been out of college for a while and working in a law firm, and while he was lean, he might very well be out of shape.

There's a stillness to a cold winter night and when there's snow sounds get muffled.  All I could hear of Cory were his feet hitting the snow, I wasn't absolutely sure where he was. but  I was estimating about a hundred feet back.

I had finally made it to the block I lived on and was fumbling as I ran to make sure that I had the keys to my apartment.  The last thing I wanted was to not be able to get in.  With Cory right behind me I was trying to think of ways to stop him long enough for me to unlock the lock to my front door, but I couldn't see how I would do it and maybe taking him in this direction hadn't been the best idea.

In the middle of the block, there was a guy in a heavy overcoat bent down and seeming to struggle under the weight of a snow shovel.  I went shooting past him and a second later flipped my head around to see where Cory was.

Then a crazy thing happened.  Just as Cory was running past the guy, the guy dropped the shovel and came out of the crouch he was in.  The guy was build like a tank and he slammed into Cory's shoulder as he was running past him. 

I skidded to a halt and watched as Cory's forward momentum and the tremendous blow from that guy caused his body to become airborne for about ten feet before he slammed into a car parked at the curb.

I was bouncing on my toes yelling, "Holy fuck!  Holy fuckin fuck!"  I had never seen anything like that.  It was like in the movies, Cory's side hit the car and he was suspended there for a split second before he just slid down into the snowbank.

Then, strangely, I could hear someone calling my name.  It just seemed so surreal.  "Christopher!"  But it was actually coming out, "Chrisofer!"  It was like I had been set down in the middle of some strange place like, Alice in Wonderland, nothing felt real and it was like my world was confined to just me and Cory.

I slumped forward with my hands on my knees trying to breathe and looked around for where the sound was coming from.  Across the street, the door of a black SUV opened and a small woman with black hair called me again.  "Chrisofer, come here!"

Mei?  Then suddenly someone touched me from behind and in panic I started to jerk away, but his voice was gentle and his hand never tightened on my arm, but held it lightly.

"Chris, you really need to come now!"  I looked around and immediately recognized the guy as one of Mei's men. 

I said, "How, how did you…where did you come…?"

Then Mei waved and signaled me to come quickly.  "No time to explain, you jus come quickly!"

Suddenly, it seemed like I could barely walk and the security guy helped me over the snowbank next to the street and walked me over to the SUV.  Mei opened the door and at the same time said into a cell phone.  "Is good, go now."

As I was getting into the back of the SUV, two people, an older man and woman, got out of the car parked ahead of us and started walking quickly to where Cory had fallen.

I looked at Mei and said, "Who are they?"

She grinned and said softly, "Witnesses.  They will make sure he gets to the hospital."

"Witnesses?"  It made no sense to me.

"In case police get involved.  They will explain they saw him fall all by himself."  She grinned.  "Mei thinks of everything."

She pulled me into the seat, slammed the door, and yelled at the driver in Mandarin.  We pulled out immediately and Mei pulled out her phone and punched in a number, then handed me the phone.

I looked at the phone, took it and put it to my ear. 

My dad was sayng, "Chris?  Are you okay?"

Finally I swallowed and said, "Yeah, I'm okay, but I'm not sure what happened."

He said, "It's okay.  We were watching him and late in the day we started to think something might be up and then we lost you somehow when you came outta the bank."

"I went to dinner with Michael."

"Oh.  Well, I guess we shoulda let you know what was going on, but we weren't sure and I didn't want to scare you unless it was real.  Anyway, now you're on your way to the airport unless you don't want to.  I thought maybe you and Nick could use a vacation somewhere sunny, like Palm Beach."

"But what about school?  I can't just take off without…"

"It's okay.  I called some people and it's taken care of.  The thing is, I don't know what's gonna happen with Cory, and I was thinking you might want to transfer to the university in Milwaukee.  That way you and Nick could live together and it would be a lot safer.  After they remodeled your grandfathers house it's very secure and you know your safe with Nick."

"Milwaukee?"  It's what I had hoped for.  "Nick knows about it?"

"It was his idea, and I think it's a good one.   We’re just about to land in Shanghai, but Mei has gotten you a plane, and if it's okay with you, you'll be landing in Milwaukee to pick up Nick."

"But what about the bank?"

"The bank'll survive for a week without Nick.  You're not gonna be gone forever."

When we got to the airport, it wasn't my dad's plane, not the one I'm used to anyway, but a white three engine plane that Mei said was a Dassault Falcon.

I said, "It seems strange that it isn't the regular plane."

She grinned and said, "Is a rental."

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