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Protecting David-The Brothers
--- Chapter 24---
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                                        Protecting David – The Brothers 24


Standing at the foot of the stairs leading up into the plane was a tall guy who looked about thirty years old with a Marine type high and tight haircut and the ramrod straight posture of an ex-military guy.  As Mei got out of the car she waved him over.

He walked over, smiled, and held out his hand for me to shake.  Mei said, “This is Jeff.  He’s the head of your security.”  Then to explain further, “He’s head of your security in Milwaukee, but also on this trip.” 

She looked him up and down like he was a side of beef.  “He’s a new daddy!  His wife just have little girl.”  Mei knows that I’m always a little uncertain around straight guys, so she added awkwardly,  “His brother is gay.”  The corners of his eyes almost turned up like he was a little weirded out by the abruptness of that disclosure.

She looked up at him and asked, “Everything okay in Milwaukee?”

He nodded.  “Mr. Carmichael is already at the airport.  As far as the house goes, it’s quiet there, and in any event, it’s unlikely that anyone even knows who owns the Milwaukee house, because Mr. Kerry and Mr. Chauvet owned it in a trust, but we have people watching it just in case.”  As he talked, he looked to Mei and then to me to include us both in what he was saying.  Then he turned his full attention to me.

“I’d like to talk to you about the possibility of registering at UWM under an assumed name.”  Something must have shown in my eyes because he added quickly, “It’s not so weird as you might think, lots of high profile families do it and it goes a long way towards making you really safe.  If this Cory guy starts wondering where you might have gone it becomes really difficult for him to find you.”

He started to say something more, but Mei pushed us gently towards the plane.  “You boys discuss that on the flight!  Most important to get you away from here!”

The interior of the plane was beautiful and seemed to be totally lined in tones of soft beige leather.  I went over to the table and sat down facing the front of the plane while Jeff stopped at the cockpit and spoke to the crew.  Then he started to sit in a seat up at the very front of the plane where the security guys usually sit, but as soon as he sat down, he looked back at me and there must have been an odd look on my face because he looked at me and got up and walked back to me.

While the engines were coming up to power he hunkered down next to my seat and asked softly, "You okay?  You look a little freaked out."

I hadn't thought about it, well, not in those terms, but it was all so strange.  One minute I was living my normal life and the next I was on a plane for Florida on a trip that marked a huge change in my life without so much as ten minutes to try and come to terms with it.

I said, "Could you sit here with me?"

He slid into one of the seats opposite me and gave me a small, slightly twisted grin and tilted his head.  He lifted his eyebrows and said, "Kind of a fucked up day, right?"

I nodded my head and shivered a little from tension.  "Kinda."

"Nothing bad is gonna happen."

Without thinking of it I was chewing on my thumbnail.  "What if Nick doesn't…?"

He shook his head.  "He loves you.  I mean it's not my place to comment, but I've worked for him and with him for a couple of years and I can tell you…he does.  I was with him today for the most of the day and, well…he does, he just does." 

Once we were in the air I asked Jeff,  "Your brother is gay?"

He nodded and grinned.  "Younger brother.  He and his partner live in Chicago.  He's a teacher there."

Then he said, "I know you didn't have a chance to pack any clothes, so we've sent one of our people in Palm Beach to pick up a few things for you…underwear, toiletries, and a couple of pairs of cargo shorts and jeans.  I didn't know if you'd want to shop for yourself or have us pick up some other things, but I figured this would cover you for a couple of days."

"How did you know my sizes?"

He smiled.  "We keep track of all that stuff.  You never know when it'll come in handy.  If you've decided that you do want to move to Milwaukee I'll have our people in Madison move your things to the Milwaukee house."

"I gotta talk to Nick, but I'm pretty sure that I do."

"We've already retrieved your car, and if you decide to do it all your stuff will be waiting at the Milwaukee house."


My head was resting on the edge of the bed and I was staring down at a bright bar of early morning sunlight on the floor while Nick ran his hand down my back.  In the background was the ever-present sound of the ocean, which was only a hundred feet away.  When he got to my butt he got up on his knees and spread my butt cheeks apart.

The sunlight was mesmerizing me, but I was also paying attention to Nick's fingers.  I said softly, "What're you doing back there?"

I felt one of his fingers move gently into me.  He laughed softly.  "I'm pushing my cum back in."

I sighed and whispered, "It'll come out anyway."

He laughed and said quietly.  "I know, it doesn't make any sense."  I could feel him bend forward and then he lightly bit my butt.

I reached backward for his left hand and pulled him forward until his warm chest was pressed to my back as his weight settled down on me.  His dick, which was still slippery with lube, and was almost hard again, settled against my butt.  Whether he was aware of it or not, his hips were gently thrusting as his face pressed against mine.

He said, "We gotta eat."

I laughed into the pillow and spread my legs enough to allow his cock to begin sliding up and down my butt crack.

He turned his head slightly, bit my ear, and then whispered softly into it.  "Neither one of us is ever gonna be able to walk again."

"Walking is overrated."  I arched my back and his cock began sliding into me again.

It had been a wonderful, exhausting night - we hadn't gotten to bed until about one o'clock then we fucked on and off all night.  Every time Nick came inside of me it healed me a little more.  It was like the rightness of a key going into a lock and unlocking it, the perfection of the tumblers lining up exactly as they should be and then the lock clicking open.

Later, after we were done, I said softly, "I'm worried about Michael."

He groaned softly and slid off my back until he was lying on his side facing me.  His right hand slid up my back until is rested on the back of my neck, then he kissed my forehead and said, "Tell me."

"Well…it's just that I’ve basically lied to him.  I mean he's my friend and all but I’ve let him believe stuff about me that isn't true, and now I've taken off without telling him anything."

He gave me a weird look and said, "Don't take this the wrong way, but…."

I knew where he was going and laughed.  "No!  For one thing he's straight and for another, as you may have noticed, I'm totally in love with you."

He grinned and said, "No urges?"

I shook my head.  "Only where you're concerned."

"Then tell him.  From what I know about him he's still on more or less friendly terms with Adam, but he doesn't sound like a guy who'd double cross you."

"He wouldn't.  He thinks Cory is kinda scary too and I'm sure he'd never talk.  Plus if I fund that business he'll be involved with that.  I told the lawyer I wanted him to get a commission for bringing the deal in.  That's what my dad does, right?"

"Yep."  He grinned.  "You've been paying attention."

I nodded.  "Always."  Then I reached down and squeezed his cock which had begun to go soft. 

In one smooth move of warm slippery bodies he slid between my legs and rolled me over onto my back without ever breaking eye contact.  His arms slipped under my knees and as he bent to kiss me his cock began to push slowly into me again.  I don't really know how to describe that feeling as he moves into me, but it changes everything and I suck his tongue as far into my mouth as it'll go.  A perfect moment of trust and pleasure.

My dad complains that the house in Palm Beach has turned into a hotel and that's kind of true.  I remember as a little kid that we'd go there and you'd never see anyone other than family members, but now it's used more for a place to put up high net worth clients for either my dads or my grandfathers businesses and the staff reflects that.  Now there are full time cooks and lots of other help, and even though my dad had bumped all the clients out for our trip here, with all the help around it kinda made me nervous.  So, in the end, and kind of ironically, we ended up going for lunch to my dad’s hotel in Palm Beach because it actually made me feel less conspicuous. Jeff and another security guy drove us there.

When we pulled up in front of the hotel, a tall, incredibly handsome older guy with jet black hair combed straight back and  impeccably dressed in a dark blue suit walked towards our car.  He had two younger men with him, but they hung back deferentially.

Nick leaned towards me and whispered.  "Victor Chegas, he's your dad's manager, half Greek and half Spanish, speaks like ten languages.  A good guy."

We got out of the car a moment before he reached us and Nick held out his hand to him.  They shook and the man said, "Nick, it's so good to see you again."  There was a slight accent, but it was hard to place.  Then he turned to me.

"Mr. Bending, how delightful it is to have you here!  How is your father?"

"Good…he's good.  He's not with us."

Victor nodded.  "Yes, I know, he's off to Asia."  Then he nodded his head in a way that almost seemed like it wanted to say more than that.  "We are at your disposal during your stay here, and if there's the slightest thing we can do, please call me personally."  And then almost as if it were a magic trick, a business card seemed to appear in his hand and he pressed it into mine.  "If you need anything at all, day or night."

Then he added. "I know your brothers of course."  That surprised me.

"You know them?"

He smiled.  "Oh yes, I…"  His expression changed slightly, but instead of continuing to talk about them, he changed the subject.

"I have our best booth reserved for you on the patio."

Nick broke in.  "How's business, Victor?"

Victor sighed slightly, held out a manicured hand and flipped it back and forth.  "The hotel is mostly full so I’m a happy man, and, of course, the apartments are always full."  The hotel occupied the first eight floors of the building, but there were another eight floors that were luxury apartments that were rented on a long term basis, mostly to foreign clients at very high rates.  They had the added benefit of being able to use the facilities of the hotel.  It was a business my dad loved and he had repeated it all over the world.

After we were in our booth Victor said something sharply in what sounded like Italian to one of the waiters and things began appearing on our table very fast, water, wine, baskets of incredible looking breads.  And then, finally we were alone.

The patio restaurant of the hotel was right on the ocean with a great enclosed terrace with these awesome booths that kind of let you see what's going on without really being all that visible. There were flowers everywhere.

We had a great lunch and Nick kept pointing out people and claiming they were movie stars like Brad Pitt or somebody, but it was pretty obvious that they weren't, and when he finally pointed at an eighty year old woman and tried to tell me it was Salena Gomez I started laughing.

"You are so full of shit!  You're just making this crap up."

He reached across the table and took hold of one of my fingers.  "While you were getting dressed I checked on Michael, well, to the extent that I can through the company.  His supervisor thinks a lot of him and I told them I wanted to be kept aware of what was happening with him."

"Thanks.  I'm gonna send him an email and kinda give him more information.  You know, give him a rough idea of what happened with Cory so he won't think I just took off."

"So, do you feel better?"

I sighed and nodded.  "Yeah.  The weird thing is that I almost feel homeless, but the plus side of all that is that we'll be together."

He said, "You're not homeless!"  Then he laughed.  "When you think about it, you've got more homes than you know what to do with.  But the most important thing is that we, and I do mean we, live in Milwaukee and Denver.  And I'm not even counting your dad's houses and apartments.

I said, "Oh shit!  That reminds me, I still need a name for an olive oil company."

"Olive oil?"

"My grandpa gave me and the twins the Italian property and Mrs. Colby suggested that instead of selling the oil locally that we brand it and sell it here in the States - really all over the world.  And I’ve been trying to come up with a name.  I’ve also got a hunch that this may be some sort of test.  Like my dads are wondering what we'll come up with."

Nick smiled, pulled out his phone and said, "Well, that's something I can help with."  He browsed through his phone directory for a moment and then placed a call.  After talking casually to someone for a moment, he said, "I need a name for a brand of Italian olive oil, the best in the world.  And it's gotta work all over the world.  Can you get people on it?  Good, good.  Call me when you've got a list."  Then he hung up.

He grinned at me.  "Ad agency, New York.  They'll put people on it and let us know."

"It's that simple?"

He said, "Often, but not always."

Then I remembered.  "How did Victor know my brothers?"

Nick laughed and then sighed.  "I shouldn't be the one to tell you this, so don't repeat it, but last year after you went to school, your dads brought them here for like a weekend."  He turned all the way around in the booth and pointed down at a spot on the beach.  "That's the spot they caught them swimming naked with the seventeen year old daughter of some ambassador. Some of the patrons of the hotel complained to management and hotel security called the cops.  When Victor found out it was the sons of the guy who owns the company he works for, he quashed it all, but I'm pretty sure he won't forget them."

It was such a ‘twins’ thing to do and it both made me angry at them and made me miss them at the same time.  To my surprise, Nick picked up on that right away.

He said softly, "You miss them."

I nodded.  "God knows why, they make me crazy."

He looked like he was trying to decide something in his mind and finally said, "I talked to Larry this morning and they miss you, too.  Then they found out about Cory somehow and freaked out about that."  He sighed heavily and said, "I can't believe I'm actually suggesting this, but how would you feel about them flying down here tonight?"

It was one of those times when your mouth says one thing, but your face says another.  "No!  This is our time."

He reached over and took my hand.  "Starting next week, every day is going to be our time.  The thing is that when they found out about Cory they tried to get on a plane.  Security stopped them and it's okay now, but I think it'd really help if they could be with us, well, with you.  But I'll tell you right now, they're not sleeping with us."

Anyway, that's why we were at the airport at eleven o'clock that night meeting the plane the twins were on.  As it turned out, it looked like the exact same plane that had flown us to Florida and I could see the twins through the windows up and moving around while the plane was still taxiing.  I could also see their security guy trying to get them to sit down.  Good luck with that.

They were dressed almost identically in tan cargo shorts, tee shirts and baseball caps, and they exploded out of the plane the second the stairs were down and ran towards us.  Wisely, Jeff just stayed back and let it happen, although when they were yelling at me about not telling them about Cory I could see him getting edgy.  Finally Nick stepped forward, yelled back at them, and they shut up and stared at their shoes.

He was shaking his finger at them and wearing his banking executive face.  "There will be none of that shit like happened the last time, you will be swimming only in the pool and you go nowhere without me and Chris!  Understood?"

The twins know nothing if not how to beat a strategic retreat, and they really know how to be cute, so there was a lot of foot shuffling and downcast looks, which Nick totally fell for, so I spoke up.

"Oh please!  You guy are such jerks.  Just fucking behave yourselves and stop pretending you're altar boys!  Remember me? I know you!"

Aiden looked up plaintively and said, "We promise!  It's just that…we were worried about you!"  I knew that was true, and while I also knew that to some extent they were working me, it didn't make it any less true.

That made me feel bad and I said softly, "I know."  Then I stepped forward and wrapped my arms around them.  Through their tee shirts their bodies were all fourteen year old skinniness and rangy muscle.  I kissed them both on the side of their faces.  "If you found him and hurt him you'd just end up in jail.  There's no point to that.  Mei was on top it and stopped him, and Jeff is gonna see that it doesn't happen again."




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