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Protecting David-The Brothers
--- Chapter 25---
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                                       Protecting David-The Brothers 25


Just outside of our bedroom door was the pool and I woke up the next morning to the sound of splashing and yelling.  The twins were in the pool.  Last night they said that they were going to swim in the ocean this morning, but everyone forgets just how cold it can get in Florida in the winter and I suspected they didn’t last long at the beach.  The pool on the other hand is heated and is protected from the wind by walls and densely planted bushes.

Nick mumbled something, wrapped his arm around me and pulled me back against his chest and I was almost able to fall back asleep.  The racket the twins were making had faded to a background noise that seemed to hold me just above the threshold of sleep.  This was typical of them.  They wanted us up and playing with them, but knew better than to ask so they were trying to be just annoying enough to get us up.

Nick was totally unconscious so they were having no effect on him and they were just far enough away that I didn’t quite need to get up and yell at them.  But then after a half an hour they were knocking on the French doors of our bedroom.

I groaned, got out of bed naked and pulled open the drapes covering the doors just a few inches.  Aiden was there dressed in nothing but board shorts with water dripping off his lanky frame.

I mouthed the words, “Go away!”

Aiden said, “What?”

I glared at him.  “Go away!”


I opened the door and said, “Nick is trying to sleep!  Can’t you guys just go jerk each other off or something?”  Okay, maybe that sounds mean, but they do this all the time.

Andrew appeared behind his brother, rested his chin on Aiden’s shoulder, smiled and said, “We already did that.  But now we need to go shopping.”

I was afraid all this conversation was going to wake Nick up so I looked around to see if there were gardeners or security guys hanging around, then modestly cupped my junk with my hand, stepped outside and closed the door.

“What can you guys possibly need to go shopping for?”

Aiden said, “Stuff.”  Then he looked down at what I was covering with my hand and said, “What are you afraid off, that will see your dick?  We already seen it.”

“I know you’ve seen it, but this place is crawling with security guys and gardeners and they haven’t seen it.  Besides, you already got stuff.  You got more stuff than you know what to do with.”

Aiden said, “C’mon, Chris!  We never get anything.  The dads said that next month they’d start giving us our regular allowances again, but we need some new clothes for school.  And stuff.  And you’re the only one with a credit card that works.”

I said, “Oh fer cryin out loud!  You’re just bored.”

Aiden said, “Okay, maybe we don’t really need stuff, but there are some clothes we could use and besides, it’s not like you’re doing anything except getting boffed by Nick.  So why can’t we at least spend some time together shopping?  We never get to see you!”  Okay, that was hard to argue with because I really was ignoring them because of Nick and I knew it wasn’t fair.

I stared at them for a moment, sighed, and then said softly,  “Okay…you’re right.  After Nick gets up and we’ve had some breakfast, we’ll hit the stores.  Anything you want…within reason.”

Andrew said, “We just don’t want you to forget us.”

I thought about it and laughed and then they laughed, too.  “Believe me, I could never forget you guys, not in a million years.”


We ended up all having breakfast together at the house.  It was the second breakfast for the twins, but considering how constantly in motion they are it couldn’t have hurt, and besides, Nick surprised me while we were sitting there eating.

He said, “So why don’t you guys see if you can talk your dads into letting you stay with us for a few weeks this summer?”

They instantly got quiet, looked at each other, then Aiden leaned forward and said, “We could do that?”

Nick laughed and shook his head in disbelief.  “Of course!  You’re Chris’s brothers for God’s sake!  Why couldn’t you?”  He looked at me for an instant and then smiled.  “Chris loves you, you know, and I, well, I like you, too.  Besides, that doesn’t matter, you’re family and that’s the most important thing.”

“We wouldn’t make you mad?”

Nick laughed.  “Probably you will, but that’s the price you pay for family.  Actually, you’ll probably drive Chris and me out of our minds, but we’ll deal with it.  Just remember, it’s a two-way street, we care about you, but you also gotta care about us and the means not getting in trouble.  We expect you to stop and think before you do shit.”

Nick looked at me and then lightly touched my face.  I wanted to climb onto his lap and shove my tongue into his mouth, but I pushed that thought away for a minute.

I said, “The dads’ll let you do it.  I’m sure they’ll be happy to get a break from the two of you.”


On the way to A&F Nick and I told the twins what I was thinking of doing with the property in Italy and the whole olive oil thing and that we had contacted this outfit in New York to come up with a name for the whole thing.  Then Aiden surprised me.

“Why don’t you name it for that little town that we go to all the time?”

“What little town?”

“Montechiaro.   That’s what they do, right, name stuff after towns?  I see shit like that all the time.  Besides, that’s where we met that chick.”  He was right, I saw that stuff all the time, too and it was yet another town where the two of them had almost been thrown in jail because of a girl.  In the end that didn’t happen though, mostly I guess cause my dad got involved, but also because the twins can be really charming and the local police chief, while insanely angry with them on the one hand, really fell for that charm on the other hand.  If you had ever heard the twins trying hard to stumble through Italian with a Texas accent…well, charming was the word for it.

The twins were in the seat behind me and Andrew shoved my shoulder and said, “You should put my face on the label!  The women would all buy it.”

Aiden grimaced and said, “Why, so they have something to puke to?”

“That doesn’t even make any sense, you jerk!  Why would you say that about me when we look the same and you’re basically sayin it about yourself, asswipe?”

Aiden shook his head.  “I don’t look like you, I look way better than you!”

Nick said, “Boys!  For Christ’s sake, will you two give each other a break?”

They mostly grew quiet, but Aiden muttered, “Well, I do.”

Andrew said, “Do we make any money off of this olive oil and stuff?”

I said, “Well, yeah, but it goes to your trust and besides, we’re a long way from making any money off of it.  We haven’t done anything yet and before anything happens we gotta run it past the dads.”  I sighed.  “So who knows.”

Andrew sighed and said, “That doesn’t sound like it’s gonna be money that we get to spend now.”

Nick said, “The important thing is to find someone who can run it, somebody Italian who understands the local problems, but who can also understand the bigger picture.  That’s the trick.”

I asked, “How do we get somebody like that?”

“There are companies that specialize in that.  Actually most of the high end search firms here also have international capabilities.”  He looked at me.  “You need to sit down and write Carlimenti an email and let him know what you’re thinking.”

I didn’t like the sound of that.  “Me?  I gotta write him?”

Nick laughed.  “You do understand that he works for you?”

“Somehow it doesn’t feel that way.”

“Well, believe me it feels that way to him, but okay, well, your dad should be landing in San Francisco tonight sometime, so give him a day to relax and then call him.  He’ll be thrilled with the idea, and frankly I wouldn’t be all that surprised if Mrs. Colby hadn’t already mentioned it to him and if that’s the case then he’s waiting for you to bring it up.  So just ask him.”

We went to West Palm Beach for Abercrombie’s and Urban Outfitters and then ended up on Worth Ave for Neiman Marcus and Saks.  The SUV was loaded and we left one security guy with it, just to keep an eye on it and Jeff came with us into the last store, Saks.

Saks had a few things, but not all that much to interest fourteen year old boys and we were there for ten minutes before walking out in search of lunch.



When Charlene stepped out of the ladies changing room at Saks she handed the dress she had just tried on to a tall guy with dark hair and the uneasy and slightly confused expression of a man who didn’t want to be there.

“Here’s another one Harry, hang onto it.  I can’t decide between this and the last two.”  She glanced up at him coyly.  “Maybe I should just take all of em.”

It took a long heartbeat for that to register with Harry, but then he stumbled all over himself trying to say yes faster than the words could possibly come out of his mouth.

“Oh honey!  Honey, I wantcha to have anything you want.”

She reached up and lightly touched his chest with the tips of her fingers.  “Well, I guess if you’re gonna be wantin me to go to those business meetings with ya then maybe I oughta get em.”

Harry caught the eye of a sales lady who was standing deferentially ten feet away and said, “We’ll take these.”

As the sales lady took the dresses, she draped them carefully over her arm and headed to the cash register while Harry turned back to Charlene and said,  “Baby, whatya say we get….”  The words froze in his mouth when he saw the expression on Charlene’s face and he found himself taking a defensive step backwards.  Charlene’s eyes were staring with a fixed, bloodcurdling hatred past him at a group of five young men walking towards the door.

“Baby, what the hell’s the matter?”

She didn’t answer, but instead grabbed his arm with amazing strength and physically spun him around.  Her voice was spitting with urgency.  “You see those men, those men leaving?  You see em?  You follow em, Harry!  You follow em and tell me where they go.”  She pushed him.  “Get goin Harry, you follow em, specially that little one!  You come back and tell me where they gone.”

“But, Honey…”

“There’s no time, Harry!  Go now, fast!  You get a license plate number or somethin!   You hear me?  Hurry, fore they get away!  Don’t you let em get away without you findin somethin out!”

As a confused Harry trotted after the departing figures the sales lady came back to Charlene with a concerned look on her face.  “Maam, are you alright?  Is there some problem?”

Charlene looked at her for a long moment and then said coldly, “Why don’t you just mind your own business?  Harry’ll be back in a minute and pay for this stuff, you just wrap it up.”

While the sales lady scurried away Charlene wrapped her arms around herself, hugged herself hard and muttered softly, “I knew they’d come here, ever body rich comes to Palm Beach, ever body.”

Five minutes later, a frazzled looking, hard breathing Harry stumbled back through the ladies department and confronted Charlene.

“They’re gone.  What the hell is all this about, Charlene?”

Charlene’s shoulders sagged.  “You didn’t get anything?”

Harry pulled out a twenty-dollar bill and read what he had written on it.  “I got the license plate, but that big guy started staring at me and there was another one driving their SUV.  Those guys are security, Charlene.  That’s not just normal guys, they were looking for trouble.”

Charlene grabbed the twenty-dollar bill.  “You got that cop that buys his cars from you?  You gotta get him to check on this plate.  I don’t think he’ll get much, but you gotta do it.”

“Why Charlene, what the hell is goin on?”

Quickly her expression changed and she laughed.  “Oh it’s nothing to worry about, Harry!  For goodness sake what do you take me for?  That’s my brother, well, the shorter one.”

“Well, why not just go up and say hello?”

She straightened her back and tilted her head, then reached out and lightly touched his arm.  “I just don’t want him to know that I saw him, not yet anyway.”  She sighed.  “The fact is that I haven’t seen him for years.  He hurt my feelings terribly and well, we just haven’t spoken.”

Harry moved closed to her and said softly, “What did he do to you, Honey?”

“Nothin, nothin I wanna talk about.  Just that I did so much for that boy after our parents died and he did nothing but betray me time and again.  Anyway, somehow he got a couple of homo’s to adopt him.  He had a history of…well, quite frankly…it’s hard for me to say this, but he just threw himself at men, you know, for money.  I suppose that’s what they wanted him for.  I tried to talk to him, to make him see some sense, but they sent this woman after me.  Anyway, I don’t wanna talk about that!  But I do wanna find out where he lives so that I can someday confront him and let him know exactly how much he hurt me.  That’s all,” she smiled. “just a girl thing.”

Harry said, “Well, they must have money if they’re paying for security people.”

“Oh,”  she said, “they have money.  They got all the money in the world.”

“Baby, you don’t need goin hat in hand to them if that’s what you’re thinkin.  I got all the money you gotta worry about.”

She smiled and flashed her eyes.  “Harry, I don’t care about money!  To me money has always been the least important thing in the world.   I care about what’s inside of people.  He just hurt my feelins is all and some day I’ll tell him just how much, but I don’t care about his money.  Any little whore can make a few dollars.”

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