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Protecting David-The Brothers
--- Chapter 3---
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Protecting David-The Brothers 3

Caroline and Max were headed back to her dorm room, probably to fuck again and I walked out into the warm September night alone and started walking with the flow of people back towards my dorm.  I just couldn’t believe that I was missing this chance to really meet this guy but there was absolutely no sign of him.  I had walked about a hundred feet when I turned back and looked back at the building again.  It was still brightly lit and people in silhouette were milling about and everything looked weird in the yellow light from street lights.

Of course I should have asked Caroline who he was but that would have felt too weird because then she’d be thinking that I was after him and he’s probably straight anyway.  The alternative would have been to ask someone else or just to hang around until the guy got changed and then hope that I could somehow get past the introduction phase but that felt like stalking.

 I should have asked someone but I was really too shy to do something like that.  I couldn’t imagine myself asking someone where the hot guy was.

The other thing is that what if he wasn’t really playing eye tag with me?  What if it was entirely innocent on his part?  I mean were both students and a person can certainly look at another student and smile without it being a federal case.  Or what would be even worse is if he knew that I was gay and he was just fucking with me.  I couldn’t take that.

I walked back to my dorm wishing that I had brought my car.  My car was cool.  It was really the coolest thing I had ever owned.  Well, I did have a horse that was cool but that wasn’t the same and besides horses would only be considered cool in Colorado.  Every place east of there they were just weird.  My family had lots of cool stuff but that wasn’t really the same as if it belonging to me, not like my car.

At the dorm I laid out everything that I’d need for tomorrow, text books, spiral binders and pens, my Ipod, breath mints, handy wipes, calculator, Kleenex and aspirin and loaded it all into my backpack.

Then I took another shower, beat off again and then got into a clean pair of boxers and got into bed to read.  Somehow Larry had come up with a list of books that I needed to read for the classes I was taking.  When I asked him how he got it he just said, “Connections.”  My fear was that when I went to class all the professors were gonna be thinking that I was the kid of the guy who had strong-armed them into turning over a book list.  Actually from the book list it seemed like Larry could have saved going to all that trouble because it seemed like I pretty much had to read everything ever written by all Englishmen prior to 1750 and by all Americans after that.

A little after eleven o’clock I was thinking about turning off the light and calling it quits when Max slipped into the room.  He looked tired.

He said, “You’re still up.  I thought maybe maybe you’d already gone to sleep.”

I held up my book.  “Reading.  Dead English guys.”  He laughed.

“You got any idea what you’re gonna major in.”

I laughed and shook my head.  “Nope.  That’s why I decided on English.  I figure I gotta know it no matter what I end up doing.”

He sat down on his bed and then just fell over sideways.  He kicked off his shoes and pulled his legs up on the bed and put his hands under the side of his face.  He yawned and said, “I need to take a shower.”  It occurred to me that if he expressed any interest in the idea that I’d be only too happy to lick him clean.

He yawned and said, “You could always end up doing what your dad does.  What’s he do for a living?”  This had to come up eventually.

“I got two of em.  Dads that is.”

He propped his head up on his hand.  “No shit!  Are they…well, gay?  I mean I dunno how else you’d have two.  Unless you mean a dad and a step dad.”

“No, they’re gay.  Alex is…well…I guess you could say a business guy and Larry is a lawyer.”

He grinned.  “I never met a guy with two dads.  That’s gotta be either really great or totally horrible.”

I smiled at him.  “No, it’s good.  They’re both good guys.  I guess in some ways it’s better.  I can’t really think of any ways that it’s worse.  Although I guess it would be good to have a mom.  I mean I did have a mom…obviously.  But she and my real dad died when I was little.  I remember her and my dad….but it’s been so long.”

“The two guys adopted you?”

I nodded yes.  “I’ve got twin brothers too.  They’re just fourteen.  They’re adopted too.”
I figured that he was only one or two questions away from what I was doing before I was adopted so I decided to change the subject.

“How about you?   What’s your dad do for a living?”

He grinned.  “We got a hardware store.  I worked in it most of my life.  We all did and my dad is probably pissed now that he’s gotta get somebody else.”

He laughed and waved his hand.  “Cancel that.  He isn’t pissed.  He’s really happy that I’m here but it does mean that he’s gotta hire somebody else.  In the mean time, until they get someone, he and the other people at the store gotta do a little bit more.”

I said, “What are you majoring in?”

“Mechanical Engineering.  At least I think so.  I guess that might change to architecture but probably not.”

“Did Caroline work at the store too?”

He laughed loudly.  “Fuck no!  In a way it’s the fault of the store that her parents hate me.”  He pulled his pillow under his head.  “The story is that her dad ordered something from my dad at the store, you know, like a million years ago and it was something that my dad couldn’t sell to anyone but him and then he like refused to take it and my dad lost a bunch of money.”

“Wow.  So do your parents hate Caroline or just her parents hate you?”

“Just her parents hate me.  You know, it turned into a kinda family feud.  It’s all really stupid but in a small town it’s petty much all people got to do.”

“But we told em all that first chance we get we’re getting married and they better just suck it up.” He yawned again.  “But we think that they’re hoping that we somehow get tired of each other.”  He shook his head.  “’Not gonna happen.”

He rolled on his back unbuckled his belt kicked his shorts off and then pulled his tee  shirt off over his head.  “I smell like a fuckin goat!  I gotta shower.  I don’t have a class until ten o’clock tomorrow but I told a guy I’d go running with him.”

When he rolled out of bed in his boxer shorts I caught a fleeting image of a testicle.  I turned off my light and pulled my blanket up to my chin and listen to the sound of the water as Max showered.

When he came out of the shower the only light on in the room was coming from the screen saver on his computer.  It was a bouncing ball that kept changing color.

Max turned off the bathroom light and on the way to his bed stopped at mine and knelt down next to me.  His face was lit softly from the glow of his computer.

He said softly, “Chris…are you still awake?”

I said, “Yeah.”

“Before those guys adopted you…were you in an orphanage?  I mean do they still have those?”  I started into his eyes and tried to decide if I could trust him.

I said, “I’m not really sure whether they got em or not.  But I wasn’t in one.  I was living on the street.”

Max whispered, “But you were just little, weren’t you?”

This is so hard for me and I knew that my voice sounded like a little kids.  “I guess when it started I was seven.  They adopted me when I was ten but there was also some times when I lived with my sister.  That didn’t work out cause of her boyfriends, well, most of them.  They didn’t like having me around.  I don’t really think of her as my sister anymore.  Anyway not like a real sister and she’s been gone.”

“But where did you live?”

“Anywhere.  Abandoned buildings, under bridges, wrecked cars, anywhere to get outta the rain or the snow.”   The look on Max’s face was the look that I hated more than anything, pity.  And now that I was stupid enough to tell him this shit I had to stop him from telling anyone else.

He said softly, “But you were just seven!”

“Max…please don’t tell anyone this.  It’s really embarrassing and I’m not that kid anymore.”

“It wasn’t your fault!  There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“Please, Max.  Just don’t tell anyone.  The only reason I told you is because I figured I can trust you.”

He didn’t say anything for a moment and then said, “Don’t worry, Chris.  I won’t tell anyone, ever.”

The next morning I was actually awake before Max stubbed his toe and said, “Mothefucker!!”  but if I hadn’t been that would have done it.

If I had opened by eyes twenty seconds sooner I would have been treated to Max pulling a pair of briefs up over his handsome ass but even as it was it was still worth it.

I sat up and said, “You gonna live?”

He gave me a goofy grin pulled on a pair of gym shorts and said, “I been trying not to make any noise but Adam and I are running this morning and he’s supposed to be here any minute.”  He looked down at his shorts and said, “I got running shorts somewhere but damned if I can find them.”

My need to pee was forcing me to walk to the bathroom in my briefs with Max standing there, not that he’d care but I felt a little strange about it.  I swung my legs over the side of the bed and just as I stood up someone knocked on the door and Max reached over and pulled it open.

I heard someone say, “Hey, you ready to….”  The voice stopped in midsentence and I looked up to see the hot guy from the gym staring at me in my Calvin Klein briefs.  It felt like my heart had stopped.

Max didn’t seem to notice anything and started to say, “Hey, Adam, c’mon in.  This is my roommate, Chris.”

Adam was standing there in black Adidas running shorts and a black tee shirt with his mouth hanging open.  I was frozen half into a standing position.

Suddenly Adams mouth closed and his blue eyes darted around like he was expecting to be arrested but that only lasted for a millisecond and then he turned and on the way back out the door said, “I’ll wait for you downstairs.  I gotta warm up.”

I ducked into the bathroom saying, “Man I gotta pee!”  My heart felt like it was going to explode and I could feel myself turning bright red.

Max called through the bathroom door, “I’m gonna go then, Chris.”

That was probably not the best way to start the first day of classes.  Of course there was no doubt in my mind that this Adam guy was gonna tell Max that I was a faggot that had been staring at his dick the night before, basically doing everything but eye fucking him while he was trying to make some time with two blond chicks.  And, of course, I understood that that would basically end my career as a student and probably in the next twenty-four hours I would have to call my dads and tell them that I had to come home.  I wondered if adoptions could be reversed.  I was pretty sure that they could, especially when you had as much money as my dads did.  At least I still had my ten thousand, taped to the bottom of my dresser drawer.  I knew too that I theoretically had like zillions of dollars in trust funds someplace but I never really thought of that money as mine or even real.  I was always getting these letters and forms from lawyers and I signed long complicated tax forms that other people made out for me but I always just took that stuff to Alex. 

He’d say, “Don’t worry about it, Chris.  Just sign where they tell you and send it to Connie.”  Everything got sent to Connie.  We actually had a basket in Alex’s office at home that said, “Connie” on it.  Somebody came and got it every day and I guess, sent it to Connie.  Anyway, once Adam spread the word about me everything would end.

I was sitting staring at the far wall of the lecture hall and thinking about the end of life while the professor went on and on about the laws of thermodynamics or some shit.  Behind the professor and off to the left was a door that led out to the hallway and while I was staring at it that Adam guy’s head appeared in the window in the center of the door.  For an instant I figured that I was simply going crazy but then I realized that he was looking around to see what was happening in the room.  It only lasted for a second and then he was gone.  It almost seemed like I was being hunted.  I mean logically I knew that wasn’t true and I even knew that none of it really mattered, not really, but I felt like I had been caught doing something wrong.

My last class got out at three-thirty and instead of going back to the dorm I got in my car and drove out near the freeway and went to a shopping center.  There were still a few things that I needed to pick up and there was a big department store there and I figured that there was no way that I’d run into anyone I knew.  I just needed to be alone so that I could begin to process it all.

I ducked around a big display so that I didn’t have to walk past a woman in a red dress trying to spray people with perfume samples and headed towards the back of the store where I could see stuff that told me that was the men’s department.  I walked past where all the suits were displayed.  There was an old guy there with gray hair and a goatee.  He was just standing by the aisle with his hands behind his back.  I went through the shirt department and then saw a sign that made my heart beat faster.  “CLEARANCE – 70% off already reduced prices!”

In the distance I heard the old guy say to someone, “You’re first day and you’re late?  Conroy was here looking for you!”

Then a younger male voice, “I called him!  My last class ran long and you can’t just walk out.”

Just as I had unearthed a blue Ralph Lauren sweater, size small, and a pair of Nautica khaki pants that actually looked like they might be small enough.  The sweater had been marked down from $80 to $16.99 and the pants from $60 to $19.99.  Suddenly a loud woman’s voice said to me, “Sir, would you like to try that on?”  But she kinda said it like she wouldn’t have minded if I just left.  I always feel like sales people think I’m just a kid and that I’m wasting there time.

She had big poufy blond hair really huge breasts and bright red lipstick.  She scared the crap outta me.

I said, “Ahhhh, okay.”

She sighed and said, “Well the fitting rooms are right over her. Let me get you someone.”

I really didn’t need anyone but she was already moving by then so I trotted along behind her.

She was headed towards the guy with the goatee and said loudly, “Harry!  Customer.”

Harry took one look at me and said, “I gotta go cover suits.  Adam’ll take care of him.”  He turned and said loudly, “Adam!  Customer.”

My heart leaped into my throat when the young guy turned and it was Max’s Adam, the guy that I had spent the day trying not to run into.  For a second he didn’t look too happy to see me either.  Just as the old guy with the goatee started to turn and walk away Adam half turned and said, “Harry, wouldn’t it…….?”  But he never finished it and instead turned to me and said, “Ahhh, the changing rooms are right over here.”  He twisted his body and pointed to the back of the department.  This was it, if he was pissed at me maybe we could talk about it. 

While we were walking I said, “You’re Max’s friend from this morning, right?”

As we walked into the changing rooms he laughed and said, “Max almost killed me this morning.  Five miles and I’m kinda outta shape.”  He unlocked a changing room.

He gestured towards the room.  “I’ll be right here if you need help.”   That sounded odd and he quickly said, “I mean if you need anything else.  You could even have those pants altered…if you wanted.”

I shrugged.  “It’s a twenty-nine waist.  Sometimes that works.”  I walk into the changing room and closed the door but Adam didn’t really leave, it seemed like he was standing right there.  I thought that he’d go back out front while I changed but he didn’t look like he was going to do that.

I got undressed and when I was pulling on the khaki’s through the closed door Adam said, “Max said you were at the gym the other night.  I think I remember seeing you.”

I pulled open the door and said, “You were with two girls.”  I was holding the pants up.  “Will these pants shrink?  They might be okay if they’ll shrink.”

He walked behind me and put his hands inside the waist band and pulled on it.  I could feel his warm hands against my lower back and the top of my butt.  “They’ll shrink a little, maybe an inch.  The one girl I knew from Milwaukee and the other was her friend.”

I said, “Do you work here all the time?”

He pinched the waist band and then ran his fingers down the seam and said, “We could take these in.”  He was pinching the seam, tugging on it.  “I just started.  But I worked here last year too, just didn’t work the summer.”  Even though he was standing right against me I could feel the heat radiating off of his body.

“I only work two nights a week, Monday and Friday.  My dad pays for everything else, tuition and stuff but I gotta work for my spending money.”  He chuckled.  “He thinks it’ll make me understand the value of money.”

He said softly, “You work out?  You’ve got a pretty good body.”

I said, “Just, you know, back home.  I wouldn’t know where to workout here.  Well I guess the gym.  I guess they did give us something about that.”

He said, “I’m gonna let go of your waist band so you better hang onto the pants.”  Then.  “Max says you’re from Colorado.”  I wondered if Adam asked about me or if Max volunteered the information.

He walked around in front of me and said, “They’re probably not worth it.  I mean maybe they’d shrink like you need em to and maybe not and you wouldn’t want to alter them until you know.

He stepped forward and slowly lifted the sweater and ran his warm fingers between the waistband and my stomach.  His blue eyes stared down at his fingers as he did it. My stomach muscles tensed.  His breath against my face smelled of Spearmint gum.  “After you’ve washed them a few times you could bring em back and we could take em in.”  I couldn’t tell if he was being all professional or if he was copping a feel.

“Yeah, a little west of Denver.  But my grandpa went to school here and everybody thought it’d be good.  You live in Milwaukee?”

He didn’t take his hands away and he moved behind me with his fingers moving around the waist band as he moved.  As the sensation of his fingers touching my skin as they moved from the front of me to the back my butt muscles tightened up.

He said, “We live out in the suburbs.”  Then.  “So whadya think about the pants?”

“Maybe I should just take the sweater.”

He nodded.  “I could show you the gym.  Get you set up.  It’s like I spend my whole life there anyway.”

“Would you do that?”

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