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Protecting David-The Brothers
--- Chapter 4---
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Protecting David-The Brothers 4


“So whadya want me to do now?” We were at the gym and Adam was lying on a slant board with his head down and his feet locked in up at the top of it.  The board was at about a forty-five degree angle.  He was wearing a black tank top and black gym shorts and he looked, well, at the very least, good enough to eat.

“Well, when I sit up you toss me that ball and then I toss it back.  It’s a way to work my abs.”  Adam had given me a ball that was about the size of a basket ball but heavier.

Adam said, “Then we’ll change positions and I’ll toss to you.”

“I’m not gonna be able to do this as good as you.”  So far today I hadn’t done anything as good as he’d done.  Free weights and ten Nautilus machines and he was better than me at all of them.  But then he did have an amazing body.  On the plus side he never treated me like I wasn’t as good as he was and while he was doing some stunningly hard stuff he kept talking to me and trying to play down what he was doing.

He said, “You’re doing great!  Whadya talking about?  It’s just that I do this stuff all the time because of the wrestling.”

“How did you get into wrestling?”  I tossed him the ball and he grunted as he caught it.

He grunted again tossed it back and said, “My brother.”

“He was a wrestler too?”

He shook his head and caught the ball.  “The one thing,” He came back up and tossed me the ball, “he couldn’t do.”

“So you became a wrestler because he couldn’t do it?”

He grinned at me and caught the ball.  On the way up he said, “Sounds kinda sick doesn’t it?”

I said, “No.  Well, maybe a little but I got brothers too and they do everything well.  It’s disgusting.”  I tossed him the ball again.  “Is he a nice guy?”

“He probably thinks so.”  He grabbed the top of the slant board and stopped. 
“He’s very…I dunno….condescending I guess.  Like when I wasn’t as good as he was at something he’d be all, “Well, don’t worry about it, Sport, we never thought you could do it anyway.”  Not that he’d ever put it just that crudely but that was the general message.  And he’s quite a bit older than me, my dad’s old and my dad is always always always working, so Cory was always trying to be like dad.  It made me wanna puke.”

“Is your brother as good looking as you are?”  Why did I say that? 

He grinned at me and the corners of his mouth got all twisted and cute.  He tilted his head slightly and said, “You really think I’m good looking?”

I could feel myself beginning to blush.  “Well…yeah…you know…but yeah.”

He grinned another quirky little grin and said softly, “I think that you’re the good looking one.”

He must be on drugs.  “You think I’m good looking?  I’m too small!”

He climbed off of the slant board.  “You’re not that small!  And your body is perfectly proportioned.  And you’re handsome.  And…and, we better go shower and change.”

As we walked I said, “What’s your dad do that keeps him so busy?”

Adam wiped his face with his towel.  “A lawyer in Milwaukee.  He’s a partner in a big law firm.  What about your dad?”  This question had to come.

“I got two dads.  Alex is a business guy and Larry is a lawyer too.”

He stopped walking and turned to me.  “You’ve got gay dads?”

I nodded. 

He said softly, “That must be cool.”  Then after we started walking again he said, “Do they ever…you know…around you?”

I figured he meant sex and I laughed.  “Just kissing, lots of kissing.”  He seemed to like that and smiled.


When we were undressing and getting into our gym clothes earlier we both seemed to naturally turn away from each other, to give each other personal space but that didn’t seem to happen this time.

We were standing next to each other and pulled our sweaty clothes off at about the same time.  I couldn’t really see much without deliberately looking except for a well muscled arm and somehow ogling seemed wrong.  I did get a flash of swinging penis though.  Now we had to walk to the shower…naked.

Adam turned his head and looked into my eyes and a heartbeat later he smiled and said, “You go first.”

“Why me?”

He grinned.  “I wanna check out your ass without looking all pervy.”

I grinned back at him.  “That’s it?  That’s all you want?”

He whispered, “At the moment, that more than anything.”

“Hey, that’s easy.”  I took one step whipped my towel around my waist so that he couldn’t see much and walked to the shower.  When I looked back he was standing there staring at me but then hurried to catch up.

He whispered, “The towel is fucking cheating!”

I grinned at him and said, “Cheating?  What, they teach you that in Pervert Law 101?”

“Hey, I’m only a Pre-Perv Law student!  I was hoping to write a thesis on your ass.  I figured that might get me into Graduate Perv Law.”

The shower room was huge with showers along the walls.  We seemed to naturally take showers on opposite walls.  There were a few other guys in there but not close to us. I faced the wall while I washed my hair and then knowing, and well, hoping that Adam was watching I built up a heavy lather with the soap and paid a lot of attention to my butt.

I glanced, hopefully innocently, in Adams direction and his dick seemed plumper than my earlier impression of it.  He also had somewhat of a glazed look which I took to be a good thing as I figured it spoke to his level of interest.

Adam’s body is all glistening defined muscles, actually pretty much like what I’ve seen of Max’s.  It must be a wrestling thing.  The water and soap washing down his back and ass only make it better.  His butt is so hard, so defined, that the soapy water looks like it’s flowing down between two perfectly muscled globes.  It worries me.  I don’t have this kind of luck. At least I don’t think I do.

Walking out of the gym, walking to my car in the warm evening with the sky still bright, Adam says, “Wanna get a burger?”

“Yeah, I do.”  I sigh because I know that I then have to say this.  “I’ve got to study tonight though, gotta hit the library.  I can’t believe how much work they’re giving out.”

“That’s cool.”  He smiles.  “I got the same problem.  I just wanna check out how you eat.  Make sure you don’t drop your food in your lap or anything.”

We get double cheeseburgers with bacon and large orders of fries and walk down to the lake.  People are out and about, students walking in groups and shouting and individuals walking quietly enjoying the great fall day.  We find a spot where some energetic soul has put a large log across two tree stumps.  We start to eat and watch people.

While we eat we talk about the people going by and about our classes and how rough it’s going to be.

In between bites Adam explains yesterday morning and why he acted the way that he did.

“I got so careful when I was in high school.  The thought of anyone knowing how I really felt about guys just freaked me out.  I mean I saw what happened to the few guys who got outted and I didn’t want any part of that.”

He looked at me and nodded his head once, hard with conviction, like he really wanted me to believe him.  “I’m better now.  I really am.  It’s just that sometimes the old panic hits me, like yesterday.  And I bolt.  But then Max and I were talking during our run and I asked him about you trying to figure out if you had said anything about me.”  He grinned and shook his head.  “I was trying to be all casual, you know, not let on to Max what I was really thinking.  Of course Max didn’t know anything but then even if he did he probably wouldn’t have told me.  That’s just how he is.  But then when the run was over and we were walking back to the dorms and I was ready to turn off to mine and let Max go on to yours, Max looks at me and says, “Chris seems like a good guy.  Caroline and I really like him.”  Then he looks down at the ground for a moment, like he’s thinking and then he looks up at me and says, “I think he’d probably be good for you.”  Then he walks away leaving me standing there like an idiot.”

“For a second, well, more like thirty seconds I wanted to run after him and tell him that it’s not true that none of that applies to me but then I realized that Max’s is giving me this gift, I guess a gift of honesty or something and a very Max-like thing to do.  And then I thought, “He’s right!  He’s right about you and he’s right in the general way that my friends should want what’s right for me.  And that I really should just grow up.”

I was staring at him, frankly amazed.  Finally I swallowed the bite I had taken of my cheeseburger and said, “Caroline knew that I was gay.  That’s how Max knew…I think but maybe not, maybe he figured it out himself.  But anyway, I can’t believe that you went through that.  My fucking heart would have stopped!”  I took another bite and then said, “And I would be good for you.”

He grinned and said, “I think you probably would be.  And anyway then I got to thinking about it and there already is an openly gay guy on the team.  Well, probably not out to the whole world but everyone on the team knows he’s gay and no one seems to care.  Of course, he’s a junior and could kill anyone else on the team with one hand…but still.”

Adam gestured at me with his cheeseburger.  “The thing is, I mean this is so stupid, I’ve never even had sex…with anyone!  You know, it’s like, if I’m gonna have all this pressure and quilt I oughta be having some of the fun.”

He sighed and wrapped up what was left of his meal and put it into the bag.  ‘Look I know you need to study.”


I looked at my watch then at the pile of books in front of me and then out the window of the library at the late setting sun.  I slouched down stretched out my legs and kept reading.  A few minutes later an older woman who looked like a professor sat down across from me.  A few minutes later and though I didn’t really look up I was aware of her leaving.  Then someone else sat down for a few minutes and then left, all without me looking up or even having their coming and going registering fully.  Then someone sat down to my right and stayed.

A half an hour later I looked up and then glanced to my right.  Adam was sitting there engrossed in a book.  I kicked him.

He sat up quickly and hissed, “Ow!  That’s my fucking ankle!”

I grinned.  “You’re stalking me.”

He was rubbing his ankle.  “You’re not gonna keep kicking me I hope!”

“You didn’t say you were coming here.”

“I got lonely and figured that there was no reason that we couldn’t study together.  I didn’t figure on the kick.”

I really didn’t mean to kick him that hard.  “I’m sorry.  Want me to rub it?”

He smiled at me.  “You really wanna rub it?”

I grinned and started reading my book again.  “Maybe later.”

About ten o’clock Adam yawned stretched and then folded his arms on the table and laid his head on them.  I felt the same way.  He looked so angelic with his eyes closed and his black hair looking so incredibly soft against his neck, almost like he was an angel that had fallen asleep in the university library.   His tee shirt had pulled up on his lower back and I could see his where his back went into his cargo shorts.  I had to stop myself from reaching out and touching him.

I said, “Wanna go get a Coke and call it a night?”

He sat up covered his face with his hands and yawned again and that got me to yawning.  He said, “Yeah.  I’m beat.”

It was dark outside and we walked back to the dorms in the warm late summer night.  A lot of people were still outside because the night was perfect, soft and warm. 

When we got to the spot where the sidewalk to Adam’s dorm veered off he stopped shoved his hands into his pockets and looked at me.   “Wanna see my room?”

I shoved my hands into my pockets too.  “What about your roommate?”

“I don’t have one.”  He grinned.  “My dad thought a roommate would lead me astray.”

I said, “I’d love to go astray.  I just never had anybody to go with me before.”

He said softly, “Well you’ve got me.”

Adam’s room was pretty similar to mine but there was just one bed and a lot more room.  The window looked out on parking lots and in the distance, the gym.  Adam turned on the desk lamp and it cast a warm glow over the desk but the rest of the room was still pretty dark.  Adam sat down on the bed and pulled me down next to him.  My right arm was touching his left.

He said softly, “Okay, so I’ve told you all kinds of shit about me.  I even told you that I’ve never had sex with anyone.  Which, now that I think about it, I probably shoulda just kept my mouth shut about.  Anyway, now you gotta tell me about you.”

I was thinking about what Adam had said about never having had sex.  He had this disarming way of just being totally honest without any kind of deviousness.  The thing is that I knew that I had to tell him about what happened when I was a kid.  It just wouldn’t be fair not to.

I said, “Oh God!  Adam, it’s all so fucking disturbing.  You really wanna hear it?’

He said, “Tell me how you got gay dads.”

So I told him, told him about my folks dying and Charlene fucking any kind of scum bag she could lure into the house, told him about running away and then coming back and then getting thrown out again and again, and about sneaking into her apartment at night when it was really cold or raining because there was no place else and about CC and getting beaten and about the couple of times that I was literally forced to take a guys nasty old cock in my mouth because I was beaten too bad to resist and about the running, the running through dark streets to get away from them all.  Then I told him about the twins and living under that bridge and then about Alex and Larry and not knowing what to do about the twins and being always afraid.  I didn’t tell him about everything that Alex went through because I didn’t figure that that was anything he needed to know.  The story seemed to go on forever and sometime during it he reached over and held my hand and he didn’t let go of it.

Adam looked mad and when someone looks mad I always automatically assume that the person that they’re mad at is me.  I gripped his hand really hard and said, “Please don’t be mad at me.”

He snorted and said, “Mad at you?  How the hell could anyone be mad at you?  It’s those other people I wanna kill!  Like that fucking CC!”

“CC is gone.”

“Gone?  The cops got him?”

“I dunno…maybe.  But anyway he’s gone.”   The twins think that Grandpa Mark did something to CC but that’s hard to believe.  I mean he’s just a sweet old guy and I can’t believe that he’d ever hurt anyone.  “My dads were watching him and one day he just disappeared.”

Adam said, “I hope the son-of-a-bitch is dead!”

I squeezed his hand tighter and said, “Can we just not talk about it?  It’s really hard for me to go through all this.”

Adam leaned a little bit forward and almost whispered, “The first time I saw you…you know…at the gym,” He leaned forward a little more and his warm breath was against my lips, “I just…I couldn’t believe it.”  His lips just touched mine, not a kiss really, just a touch.  I couldn’t move, could barely breathe at all.  “You were everything I ever wanted.”  I could feel him smile as much as see it in the dim light.  “And you kept looking at my dick.”

I laughed and kissed him, harder.  “I wasn’t looking at your dick.  I was figuring that one of those blond chicks was gonna cop a feel and I wanted to see it.”  I couldn’t believe his physical presence, the solidness of him and the heat.  It was almost like he had a magnetic field.

He laughed and groaned.  Then he slid his left hand behind my head and pulled me into a hard kiss that set off an explosion of warmth in my body that started at the back of my head and went shooting down my body and into my balls.  When he shoved his tongue into my mouth I knew that nothing was ever going to be the same.

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