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Protecting David-The Brothers
--- Chapter 5---
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Protecting David-The Brothers 5

Adam pushed himself all the way up onto the bed and leaned back against the wall and then pulled me up against his chest and between his legs.  I knew that he was strong but I was still surprised at just how strong he was.  When I settled my weight down against him, our hardons were pressed together, his quite a bit bigger than mine.  My hands were on his muscular chest holding my body a bit away from his, but our faces were only inches apart.

I glanced downward towards his dick, rubbing mine against his and said, “So how big is that thing?”

He groaned and grinned.  “Honest to God, I’ve never measured it.”

He pulled my face to his and kissed me again, and this time he sucked my tongue into his mouth, he smelled like hamburgers, mint and something else that I finally decided was just horny boy. 

He ran his hands up my back and then pulled me forward and kissed me again.  He sighed and said softly, “I’ve been wondering if I’d ever meet anyone.  You know, somebody that I could really love, not just a walking cock to suck…but that too of course.”

He kissed my chin and said, “But okay, here’s the thing.  This isn’t just sex for me.  I mean, believe me, I’m as horny as you are and I’ve waited seventeen…almost eighteen years for this and just for the record it’s not like I haven’t had the chance to screw women.”

I laced my fingers into his and then pulled his hands to my chest.  I said, “So how come you never fucked any of those girls?  You know, just for show…or to get off  or…whatever.”

“Cause I’m a responsible guy.  At least my dick head father taught me that much. That’s why I think maybe we oughta at least……” 

This was not going well.  I knew that if I gave Adam the chance he was gonna “what if” my sex life to death, so, faster than he could react, I rolled off of him, pulled my tee shirt off over my head, toed my sneakers off and pushed my shorts off over my hips without even opening my belt. I wasn’t wearing underwear, and in like five seconds I was standing there naked with my hardon pointing up at my chin.  Adam was staring at me literally with his mouth hanging open. 

All of a sudden I felt stupid.  I mean what if this wasn’t what he expected at all? 

Suddenly he swung his legs back over the side of the bed and then slowly reached out and grabbed my hips.  His hands are huge, at least compared to mine, and while his thumbs were at the front of my hips his fingers were totally wrapped around my ass cheeks and the tip of one of them was touching my asshole.  But he didn’t seem to be concentrating on my butt - he was staring at my cock with a hungry look, and then he leaned forward and pulled the first couple of inches of it into his mouth.

My legs would have buckled if he hadn’t been holding on so tightly to my butt.  It felt like my toes were being sucked back into my feet, and that basically I was being turned inside out - in the best possible way.   With my mouth open in what could have been a scream my body dropped down over his and I supported myself by wrapping one arm around his head while the other arm was clinging to his back.

After a couple of minutes of gasping for breath my body seemed to get at least a little used to it and for the first time I really started to pay attention to his finger that was touching my asshole.

After another minute he pulled his head off of my dick and stared up at me with a wild look in his eyes.  He grinned at me and said, “I fucking love your cock!”

At that moment his finger moved across my asshole again and my sphincter muscle seemed to jump.  He stared up at me and said, “You like that?”

I gulped and said, “Oh yeah!”

He moved his finger back over it and I moaned.  I grabbed his head again to brace myself and said, “That is so good.”

He said, “We’ll get back to that.”  He leaned back and unzipped his shorts and then pushed his shorts and underwear down and off of his legs.  His cock bounced back up after his shorts were off and pointed up towards his chin.

His cock was beautiful.  It looked heavy.  I reached out and gently wrapped my fingers around it.  It was very very hard and thick and almost hot.  I was holding my breath and had to remember to breathe.  His cock didn’t feel like any other body part that I had ever had anything to do with, certainly not like my own dick.  It was so hard and the skin felt like warm velvet and the whole thing seemed to pulse. 

Adam had a pained look on his face like he had given me some sort of rare crystal vase to hold and he was worried that I would drop it.  I gently pried his dick up off of his body.  It was one of those hardons that you’d never be able to piss with because you could never get it to point straight out much less down towards the toilet.   I examined it.  It seemed really big and really really heavy.  It also seemed to get thicker as you went from the head to the base.

I dipped my head and touched the tip of my tongue to the head of it.   Adam sighed and I could feel his muscles tense.  I looked into his eyes and said, “Want me to stop?”

He opened his mouth and then closed it again, but finally said, “God no!”

I wrapped my other hand around his dick and still had plenty left over.  I took the head of his cock into my mouth.  It tasted warm, hard and very male, and basically had a very clean taste to it.  There was the faint familiar smell of soap to it too, but beyond that it didn’t taste like anything and yet at the same time everything.  I pulled it out of my mouth and started licking it, but Adam started to writhe around and make weird noises and I was pretty sure he’d cum if I did too much so I decided to try and put it back in my mouth without moving it around too much..

I had gotten the first inch and a half of it in my mouth and was wondering how in God’s name I was ever gonna get this thing up my butt when Adam pulled my head off of it, laughed and said,  “Okay, okay!  I get the picture!  We’re definitely having sex.  I’ll take it from here…okay?”   I could see it in his eyes, he hated not being in control.  “Now get on your back.”

I started to turn and lie down as I said, “Okay but don’t……”

He pushed me down onto my back and kissed me hard - it seemed more to shut me up than anything else.  After the kiss I tried to say something again and he kissed me again, then he smiled and finally said, “I like being in charge.  I’m good at it.”  His black hair had fallen over his forehead and his blue eyes were dark and shining.  His hands are big and they were on my shoulders holding me in place.  I loved it.

I pulled my legs up and then dropped them on either side of his and now my knees were pressed to the outside of his thighs and I said, “That’s fine with me.”  Above me his body was all muscles and hard cock.  Having my legs apart and having someone inside of them felt strange.  For a second it made be feel really vulnerable, but when I looked up into Adam’s eyes I knew that it would be okay.

Then, as an afterthought, he reached past me to a small drawer in a table near the head of the bed and came back with a bottle of lube.

He held out the bottle and said, “Beat off lube.”  Then he looked down into my eyes and said, “You sure this is what you want?”  By this time I could feel something deep inside of me beginning to thrust like something had been triggered that I had no control over.

I said, “I swear to God, Adam, I’m gonna fuck myself if you don’t do it!”

He laughed and said, “A little horny, huh?  Okay, I get the picture.”  Then he said, “I don’t have a condom but then I can’t imagine why we’d need one…but we could wait if you’re worried.”  I groaned.

He put his hands under my legs and pushed them up and told me to hold them.  He grabbed a pillow and shoved it under my butt, and then he tried positioning his dick against my asshole, but he was having trouble pushing his dick that far down, and finally he had to lift me up so that I was kind of sitting on his legs which somehow seemed to work.

I couldn’t believe the pain when he first started to move into me and every time I grimaced he’d freak out, but finally with backing off multiple times and then inching slowly forward we got about an inch and a half of his cock in me.  I guess because his cock gets bigger as you move to the base, it had just wedged itself inside of my butt but didn’t seem to want to go any further.  Well at least not without a lot of pain.

Adam had his eyes shut and his body was rigid, he told me not to move, not to do anything.  I tried to examine how I felt.  The pain had stopped and now I just had this big dick stretching my butt.  It didn’t feel horrible anymore, and in fact it was beginning to feel the way that I had always dreamed that it would feel.  I also had this amazing sense of belonging to Adam, this sense that I was now his in some very profound way.  I mean, I was letting him stick this huge thing inside of me.

I said softly, “I’m okay now.  Go ahead.”

His teeth were clenched and his eyes were still closed.  The fullness I was feeling was beginning to recede and I felt like I somehow had room to maneuver - and I really wanted to feel that tightness again, so I squeezed his dick with my butt muscles.  His reaction was instantaneous.

He gasped and said, “Oh fucking shit!  Suddenly he dropped down to my chest and buried his face in my neck.  I could feel his body jerking and his cock pulsing in my ass as he came, and I could even feel the stream of his cum hitting the walls of my insides.  It seemed to go on forever and I was amazed at how hard he came and how hard the streams of cum were inside of me.  I held on tight to his shoulders as he grunted into my neck and filled my ass with cum.

As he was cumming, he also had begun to thrust again and maybe because of all the extra lube in my ass or maybe because his dick got a bit smaller after he had begun to cum, but, whatever it was, I could feel his cock move all the way into my ass until his pubes were pressed against me.  I gasped as it happened, but then as he held me like that with his dick totally inside me - his cum beginning to seep out of my ass and drip down to the small of my back -  I knew that this was what I had been waiting for.  It was like some chemical reaction from his cum that rolled over me like a hot fog and left me feeling more contented than I could ever remember feeling.  This just felt so perfect and so right, like it was what was supposed to be happening but never before had.

We fucked three more times because his dick never seemed to go down, and by three o’clock in the morning we were lying facing each other about as close as two humans can get.  I was lying on my right side and he was on his left but his right leg was sticking out from his body like the letter L and was pushed through my legs.  It seemed like every square inch of my cum-slick, sweat-slick, lube-slick body was pressed to every square inch of his.  His leg that was pushed through mine was up against my balls and my asshole, and I felt completely open.  We both felt as slippery as eels.  His arms were totally around me and my face was buried into that spot where his neck meets his shoulder.  The room had to smell like we had sprayed aerosol cum around it.

We were both exhausted, but he was kissing me lightly and whispering in my ear.  Every word was so clear because he was talking right into my ear.  It was like I could actually feel the texture of each word and I could feel his warm breath on my ear.  It was like when you take a dry autumn leaf and crush it in your hands and it crackles with the crisp clear dry snapping sound of fall.

His voice was very soft.  He said, “So…we’re boy friends, right?   I mean like just us.  We’re just us…together, nobody else.”  I wanted to scream that I loved him, but I didn’t want to scare him away.  Since the moment that I met Adam, I had never considered anyone else - now well for a millisecond I did, but I couldn’t imagine that anyone else could ever be this perfect.  I couldn’t even get the thought into my head.

I nodded my head against his and said, “Just us.”

He exhaled and said, “Good.  You don’t have to go back to your room.  Just stay here tonight.  Okay?”

I nodded but said, “I gotta shower and change clothes.  I gotta get my notebooks for class.”

He groaned in a deep way that vibrated through me and made my asshole twitch.  “Just stay here.”  He lifted his head for a second and then said, “It’s just three.  Stay till six.  That’ll still give you time.”  He pulled his head back a bit, and then kissed me and pushed his tongue into my mouth.  I sucked it in and held it.  My face felt sore from all of the kissing but in a really terrific way.

Adam reached over me and pulled at something and finally jerked the blanket free.  The blankets and sheets had gotten kicked all over the place.  He pulled it over us and said, “Just sleep Chris.  There’s lots of time.”

Walking back to my dorm at 6:15 the world felt new and everything seemed to have a shimmering golden cast to it.  Every thought that came into my head, everything that I had to do that day was painted against a background of Adam.  He was like the air I was breathing.

I slipped into my room and listened to Max snoring lightly as he slept.  I lay down on my bed and pulled my blanket over me.  I was so unbelievably tired, yet I didn’t want to sleep.  The world had become a better place and I didn’t want to miss a second of it.

An hour later Max started moving around, then got up, and with a morning hardon pushing out the front of his boxers he stumbled into the bathroom.  I listened while he pissed his hardon away.

On the way back to his bed he stopped next to mine.  I could just make out his face in the morning light as he watched me for a moment and then began to smile.  He hunkered down next to my bed and said softly, “Adam?”

I nodded my head against my pillow and grinned.  “Yep.”

He laughed softly and said, “Good man.”

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