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Protecting David-The Brothers
--- Chapter 6---
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Protecting David-The Brothers 6


We were in a badly lit corner of the fourth floor of the oldest library on campus, and a heavy autumn rain was coming out of the north across the lake and beating in waves against the windows.  Looking over the books and between the shelves we could see the only library employee on that floor sitting at her desk almost a hundred feet away.  Between she and us were row after row of books stacked eight feet high.  She was facing the other way.  As nearly as I could tell we were the only students on the floor.  I was looking for a book, hopefully a book that the whole world wasn’t yet familiar with, and which, I could write a stunning, insightful, essay.

Adam helped me look for about the first five minutes, but then he slid in behind me and started licking the back of my neck while he shoved his left hand down the back of my pants.

His voice was a hoarse whisper as he gently humped against me.  “I wanna fuck you.”

It was almost a month since we first met and everything in my world had changed.   Well, it was really me who had changed, but everything did feel different. For one thing, Adam and I were practically living together.  About half of my wardrobe had migrated to Adam’s closet while basically the same thing had happened with Caroline’s wardrobe migrating into my closet.  She and Max were basically living together, too.

The sex that had started out as fantastic - had only gotten better.   Now in the last week or so Adam had been pushing to have sex in different places around campus.  We had done it in public restrooms, empty classrooms, and in the woods out by the lake.  I had this feeling that it was Adam’s way of marking his territory and of making some public claim on my ass, but I never mentioned it.  For one thing, I thought it was pretty hot, too, although it did make me very nervous.  But as far as his making a claim on my ass…I was totally for it.

As for the romance…that was even better than the sex.  Just waking up in his arms was incredible, and who would hate having a handsome sexy guy telling you that he loves you like every five seconds.

For some reason, the minute this public sex begins to look like it might actually happen, I feel this need to resist it - like if I give in too soon I’m gonna look all slutty.  So I hissed at him in a kind of silent whisper, “She’ll fucking see us!  And they probably have cameras all over the fucking place!”

Adam’s answer was to shove a warm wet tongue into my ear and push my pants down over my butt…he’s a man of action.   When my hard dick popped out into the cool air of the open room I grabbed the steel shelving in front of me for the support that I knew I’d need.  Then I heard Adam spit on his fingers, and as he began to push into me, I watched the back of the librarian’s head and just thought, “Please lady!  Please don’t turn around!”

I was certainly learning how to take his dick, but that was maybe more about accepting the pain than doing much else.  Every time we do this I reach back and wrap my fingers around his cock and wonder how in the hell that thing is gonna get inside of me, but it always does.

This being a public place we were both too excited for it to last long - and it was probably only a minute and a half before Adam was shooting into my ass, and I in turn, was shooting into his cupped hand.

We eventually got ourselves straightened out, and then waited a few minutes so that any sign that we had just been fucking would have had a chance to dissipate from our faces.  We walked casually to the elevator which was just fifteen feet from the librarian’s desk, and as we punched the button for the ground floor the woman looked up at us and smiled in a twinkling eye sort of way, and in that moment I was absolutely positive that she knew exactly what we’d been doing.

We went from there to dinner.  The dining room was packed with students who were thrilled to have the day over with, and Adam was sitting across from me grinning so broadly I thought he might tear a muscle in his face.  His bright blue eyes were gleaming.  He looked around to see if anyone was close enough to overhear, and then he leaned across the table and said, “I need to kiss you!  I mean I really really need to kiss you!”  He’s always affectionate, but right after he’s gotten laid it reaches its peak.

I groaned softly.  We couldn’t get enough of this.  Honestly, we’d be fucking on the table top at that moment if we could have gotten away with it, and by the end of the day the need to be kissing him is like an ache.

I brushed my knee against his and grinned back at him.

He leaned forward again and said, “Oh shit! I almost forgot!  A guy gave me a web site that we gotta look at at seven o’clock!  He says that it’s fucking amazing.  Some kind of gay-bi live porn thing.”


We got home at almost exactly seven o’clock and Adam turned on his laptop and typed in the url his friend had given him.

The scene was in color, but it wasn’t bright color - it was almost sepia tones.  The room was empty except for a mattress.  Then suddenly the body of a naked boy appeared, but only from the chest down.  His body was slim and muscular and his cock was fairly large and almost hard.  He hurried towards the camera with his dick swinging back and forth like a pendulum and started making adjustments.  Then a third hand appeared, obviously belonging to another boy.  The second boy pulled the camera away and made his own adjustments.

Off to one side of the live scene was a scrolling chat window.  When the boys appeared the people on the chat started writing encouragement, but the boys didn’t seem to be paying any attention.  Then with the two boys standing together in front of the camera, two more hands appeared and pushed between the boys at their hip level.  The hands shoved the boys apart and the face of a young woman of about twenty-five appeared.  She had blond hair, cut in a short style and a wicked grin on her face.  She touched the tip of her tongue to her teeth and started typing while the boys fell in behind her.  One of the boys was slowly stroking his dick while they both leaned over the girl as she typed.  She seemed to be talking but nothing could be heard.  Then she seemed to be yelling at the boys, and finally the sound popped on.

Her voice was soft but had an edge to it.  She said, “They want you guys to kiss!” 

A male voice came on and said, “We’ll kiss!  We fucking kiss all the time!”  It was a distinctive voice with a fading Texas accent and my entire body suddenly felt frozen.

The female’s voice came on and she shrieked, “I’ll suck you both while you’re kissing!  Do it!  They’ll fucking freak!”  She grabbed the camera and turned it up so that we could see the boys kiss and my heart stopped.

While the girl grabbed both of their cocks and held them together Aiden kissed Andrew in a long slow kiss that would have made my toes curl if it had been anyone on earth but them being the ones doing the kissing. 

My cell phone I had been holding just seemed to fall out of my hands and clattered to the floor.  I must have made a really strange sound because Adam almost pushed his chair over backwards.  He yelled, “What the fuck!” just as he caught himself from falling.

I yelled at the screen at the top of my voice, “STOP!!!!  STOP IT YOU LITTLE BASTARDS!!!!”

It wasn’t that I cared about them kissing, they did it all the time.  Partly, they did it to make everyone who didn’t know them crazy, but I knew that in a way, a mostly non-sexual way, they really meant it.  After all, they were twins and for a long time they were all each other had.  I didn’t even care that they were having sex with a woman who was probably ten years older than they were.  The fact that slapped me in the face was the fact that this was inevitably being recorded somewhere on earth by someone, and that it would eventually be used to embarrass my dads.

Adam had grabbed the edge of the desk to keep himself from going over, and I guess he figured that I was yelling at him because he yelled back, “I didn’t do anything!  What the fuck are you talking about?”

I jerked Adam’s computer around and started typing in the chat box, but nothing was happening.

I started pounding at the keys, and I knew I was snarling but couldn’t help myself.  “THIS THING DOESN’T WORK!!  IT DOESN’T FUCKING WORK!!!”

Adam was looking up into my eyes like he thought I was crazy, but then he seemed to get it that I wasn’t mad at him and he grabbed my hands and said, ‘Hang on!  Just hang the fuck on.  You gotta be signed in.  Jake gave me his login ID, just hang on for a second.”

It took less than thirty second to get signed in, and then Adam shoved his laptop at me and pushed back from the desk like he figured that maybe me and the laptop were both going to explode.

My hands were shaking with anger and frustration and the first things I typed were gibberish, but after I backspaced that out I typed, “Stop this you little fucks!!  Just fucking stop it!”

By that time the girl had managed to cram the heads of both of their cocks into her mouth, and it was almost a minute before they noticed what I had typed and by then it was just one of many things because everyone else who was watching them was typing, too.

Finally one of them noticed it and bent forward with his dick still in the girl’s mouth and typed, “Dude!  Don’t be a hater!”

In a panic I dropped to the floor and grabbed for my cell phone but only managed to kick it further away with my foot.  I was so frustrated that I was afraid I was going to start to cry, and then I’d be a big mess and not able to do anything.  Adam pulled me up and pushed me backwards onto his bed while he climbed under the desk and retrieved it.

I flipped it open and forced my fingers to be steady while I typed M97303.  The M973 was for Mei and the 03 was the level of importance.  The highest was 05, but weird things happened when you used that, so I settled for 03.   The callback took less than fifteen seconds.

Before Mei could even say anything I yelled, “Mei, the twins are in the room over the stable and they’re having sex with a woman and they’re broadcasting it on the internet!”

For a split second she didn’t say anything, although I swear I could hear her heart beating, but then she exhaled heavily and said, “Oh my god!  I kill them!”  After that, everything else was her screaming in Mandarin at someone else.  Mei knew only too well that the twins were capable of doing exactly what I told her.  On the plus side, their lives were about to become a living hell, not that it would matter.  The twins were doing what it was in their nature to do.  They were totally confident and they would pretty much try anything.  But they weren’t mean.  They would never do anything that would hurt someone that they liked and certainly nothing that would hurt our dads.  Their problem was that they tended not to think things through.  After all they were only fourteen.  And yes, we had all considered what hell they might be up to by the time they were twenty.

I snapped my phone shut rolled over on the bed and curled into Adam’s lap and said, “Hold me.”

A few minutes later Adam asked softly, “Those are your brothers?”

I nodded ‘yes’ against his chest.

He laughed a little.  “They are fucking hot!”

“I know.  They do too.  That’s part of the problem.”

“Are they gay, or bi?”

“I don’t think so.  I mean I’m sure they’ve tried it all, but I’m also pretty sure that they’re like ninety percent straight.”

“So what will your dads do?”

“Make sure that there’s someone with them all the time.  They hate that.  They’re all about freedom and doing whatever they want and….they’ll just hate it.  But it will force them to behave.  They’ll watch what they do for awhile, and then they’ll beg and beg and beg and make all kinds of promises and eventually my dads will relent in the hope that they’ve matured.  They can be really really charming.”  I shook my head against his chest.  “Then they’ll do it again.”

The whole twins’ thing had kind of taken the steam out of my libido, so Adam just put on some music and we pretty much just cuddled for the next couple of hours, and then about nine o’clock with me on my back, he slid between my legs and draped my legs across his thighs while he kissed me.  It wasn’t about sex so much as it was about just being nice to each other, reassuring each other that we were still in love.

That’s when someone pounded on our door.  It was not just a knock, but loud pounding.  But this was a dormitory and nobody ever seemed to just knock, everyone pounded, but somehow this felt different and Adam’s body went rigid between my legs and he whispered, “I forgot to lock it.”

Suddenly the door pushed open a few inches and a head popped in, a nice looking male head with Irish Setter red hair.  The guy looked at us on the bed and then yelled back at the hallway, “They’re fucking here!”

The door burst open then, and suddenly the room seemed to be overloaded with men.   Two guys climbed on top of us, and then slid to either side of Adam and held him while the redheaded guy climbed over me, pushed me forward and slid down behind me with his legs on either side of me. 

Every horrible thing that had ever happened to gay people immediately flashed through my brain and I think my body was preparing itself for death, but then I realized that Adam was laughing.  He looked really embarrassed, but he was laughing.

The guy with his crotch pressed to my lower back wrapped his arms around me and whispered in my ear, “It’s okay, it’s okay.  Calm down.  Believe it or not, we’re his friends.”

Then the fourth guy who seemed bigger than the other three, and who seemed to be in charge, knelt down on the floor by Adam’s head and said, “We gave you a fucking month!”

Then he looked at me, grinned and said, “We knew he had a boyfriend…but not because he fucking told us.  So we figured we’d give him a month to get used to the sex and settle down cause we figured that then he’d bring you around like a normal human being and tell us that chicks didn’t do it for him, and that this was the way he was going.”   He shook his head and laughed, and then swatted Adam hard on the butt.  Adam didn’t know what to say, and I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t have either.

The guy reached out and touched my right leg which was still draped over Adam’s thigh and which there was no way that we could move with all the people on top of us.

The guy said to Adam, “This may be the problem, Adam.  You don’t take your clothes off, and it makes it so much harder to do!”

Finally Adam twisted his head and looked at the guy.  He still looked embarrassed, but now he also looked relieved.  He sighed and said, “I shoulda told you guys, Leo.  I wanted to be sure.”

Leo said, “So you’re sure?”

Adam nodded and looked up at me and said, “The redheaded guy grinning stupidly behind you is Michael Bard.  The guy on my left is Tyler Lutz and on the right is David Bauer.”  He nodded towards the guy kneeling on the floor and said, “That’s Leo Dunbar.”  He nodded towards me.  “This is Chris Bending…my boyfriend.”  And then with emphasis, “Someone you guys will like a lot!”

The guy behind me was resting his chin on my shoulder and said to Adam, “So can we watch you guys fuck?”  I started to laugh and Adam just glared at him.

Michael kiddingly pleaded, “Awe come on!  You saw me fucking my girlfriend!”

From the floor, Leo said, “That’s because you were doing it in the middle of the fucking party!”

Michael started to say something that started with the word “but,” but then seemed to change his mind and said, “One of the reasons we came here was to make sure you’d come to a party.”

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