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Protecting David-The Brothers
--- Chapter 7---
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                                 Protecting David-The Brothers 7


When I woke up the next morning, I felt different than I had ever felt in my life…and it wasn’t great.  It wasn’t yet horrible, that hadn’t registered yet, but not good.  For one thing, my mouth felt really odd, like maybe something had died in it and the rest of my head felt like it had been used to beat to death whatever it was that had died in my mouth.

Adam was lying next to me like he mostly always is but instead of me being wrapped up in his arms like I usually am, he was just lying there on his stomach breathing loudly through his mouth.  His breath smelled of stale alcohol and that reminded me of the shots.

We had followed Adam’s wrestler buddies to Leo’s apartment off campus.  Leo is a junior and according to Adam his dad has got some sort of manufacturing company and gives Leo whatever he wants and for his junior year that was a kickass apartment off campus.  It was a nice apartment – two big bedrooms each with a bathroom and a big kitchen and living room.

When we got there the first thing that we started doing was drinking shots of vodka.  I don’t really drink much, and I almost threw up during the first one but after that they got easier.

Adam and I had never talked about drinking.  We certainly had a beer from time to time around the dorm but he had never said anything about it one way or another and he didn’t seem particularly interested in doing the shots, but it obviously was all about me bonding with his friends.  And we really did have a great time.  They were all funny and smart and pretty hot too and while they hadn’t all grown up together they had known each other from wrestling and had lots of stories to tell.



When I tried to sit up and roll my legs off of the bed I stopped about halfway up as the nausea hit me and I thought, “I’m not gonna live through this.  There’s just no fucking way.”  Curiously, as weird as my life had been, I’ve had very little experience with alcohol, so this was new.

I eased myself back down, and tried to get myself under control.  Then, when the room seemed to settle down, I tried it again.  Just as my feet were about to hit the floor they settled on something warm and soft but with a firm core.  I knew that it was a human body and jerked my feet away.

Michael was curled up next to the bed dressed in only his white boxer-briefs and looking very cold and very unconscious.  His arms were hugging his body tightly and his head was tucked in.   I had jerked my foot back, but now extended my big toe and pushed gently on his shoulder.  Nothing…but he was warm so at least he wasn’t dead.

I was about to step over him when I remembered his face from last night.  Adam and I had gone to bed in the spare bedroom and we were having sex.  I was lying on my back with my legs pinned to the sides of Adam’s body and he was beating me off just after he had cum.  Even though we were both drunk, or maybe because of it, it had been an incredibly intense session.   I still wasn’t totally used to Adam’s cock and whenever we fucked I was always just on the edge between pain and pleasure.   One of those moments when you think that you can’t stand it for even one more second except that you don’t ever want it to end.  At that moment someone took my right hand and held it and when I looked to the hand Michael was staring back into my eyes but all he said was, “Oh my fucking God!  Oh my fucking God!”  over and over again.  Then I came.

I stopped for a moment and thought about it.  It was all pretty hazy to me but there didn’t seem to be any bad feelings about whatever had happened, and I settled my foot down on the other side of Michael and slowly, unsteadily, lifted myself up and out of bed.

The room was cold and the light inside the room was gray just like it appeared to be outside.  Clearly summer was over.   The temperature had been dipping down to just above freezing at night and the days had been cold.  Halloween was in two weeks.

On my feet, the room lurched out of control and my stomach felt about as bad as it had ever felt.  I stopped moving for a moment until things settled down.  The door to the bedroom was standing open and clothing seemed to be scattered everywhere.  I was naked and I grabbed my khaki pants that were crumpled up in a ball and pulled them on.  In the living room David was asleep on the sofa wearing only his orange Polo shirt and one white sock.  His cock was hard and pointing up towards his head.  He looked peaceful.

The door to the main bedroom was open and I could make out what looked like two bodies, one under the sheets and one on top.  Leo and Tyler.  Tyler was on top and was totally dressed except for shoes.

I made a hard slow right turn into the kitchen and grabbed the counter just in time to stop the world from spinning out of control.  Coffee.

When I was a little boy I used to help my mom make coffee.  Well, that only amounted to spooning coffee into the coffee maker but still I think it counts.  Then during the bad years I never had any coffee to make because Charlene drank Coke in the morning and then when Alex and Larry adopted me I never had to do anything.  But once I got to college I remembered and started making coffee again.

As I was spooning coffee in, I heard someone behind me and then Adam groaned as he wrapped his arms around me and rested his chin on my shoulder.  He was naked.

He mumbled, “I wondered where you were.”

I mumbled back, “Coffee.”

He said, “I’m never gonna drink again.”  Then.  “Are you gonna try to make any classes?”

I leaned back so that my weight was against him.  “I gotta.  It makes me crazy to miss classes.”

“You’ve already missed one this morning.”

“I know but I gotta get my ass in gear.  Did you see Michael?”

He nodded ‘yes’ against my shoulder.  “Everybody was fucked up last night.  Did I imagine it or was Michael watching us fuck?

I nodded.  “I just remember him watching me cum but I don’t know how long he’d been there.”

He sighed.  “I figured it might happen.  It was kind of a thing we did.  I’ve seen them all fucking…but only once.  We always said anymore than once was just sick.  Did it freak you out?”

I laughed.  “No.  I mean it’s a little weird but it was actually kind of sweet how concerned Michael was.”

“He’s like that.  You’ll really like him.  They’re all great guys but Michael is a total sweetheart.”

Adam’s stomach made a terrible sound and he gasped, “Oh fuck, I feel like shit.”




All day long I was swearing to myself that I’d never drink again but it was one of those things where you knew, no matter how bad you felt then, that it’d probably happen again.

After spending the day trying to remember where all the toilets were just in case my stomach decided to get rid of its contents, finally, at two o’clock, I had a half an hour before my next class and for the first time that day I felt like maybe I ought to eat something or for that matter could eat something.

I had just sat down and was staring at my bowl of beef and barley soup that didn’t smell all that great and looked a little anemic when someone slid into the chair across from me.

When I looked up Michael was smiling back at me but he also had a bit of a sheepish look on his face.

He leaned forward and stared at me with those green eyes.  He looked worried.  “Chris, I hope you’re not pissed at me.”

My brain was only working at about fifty percent so I said, “Huh?”  Then when I had a second to think, I figured he was talking about getting drunk.  “Michael, I drank that shit myself.  You didn’t pour it down my throat.”

Then it was his turn.  “Huh?”

“I just never drank very much.  We have it at home but my dads don’t drink much.”

He shook his head and leaned even farther over the table.  “No, not the fucking drinking, the fucking fucking.  I just….I got to thinking maybe you were freaked out about me seeing…you know, me being there.”   He shook his head again.  “It’s just something we kinda do…or did…or whatever.  We’ve all seen each other but fucking wrestlers don’t take that shit seriously.” He grinned.  “Once you’ve wrestled a dude with a hardon the mystery is pretty much gone.”

I leaned back in my chair and laughed.  “Oh that!  Fuck no, I don’t care.  I mean you’re not gonna be in bed with us every night are you?”

He laughed and seemed to relax and then sighed.  “No…the one time is pretty much it, unless something happens at one of our parties.”  I must have had a clueless look on my face because he added, “We have parties, big ones.  Lots of times with the Rugby guys.  For some reason we get along with them.”  He laughed.  “They’re fucking nuts, too.”

He smiled and this time his green eyes really lit up.  He held up his right hand and said, “You shot on the back of my hand.”  He laughed and shook his head like he couldn’t believe he was talking about this.  “I wiped it on Adam’s shoulder.  I figured he was responsible for it anyway.”

I grinned at him.  “Don’t worry.  I’ve got two brothers, twins, that love to show me their hardons.”

He smiled and said, “No shit?  Twins?  That’d be cool.”

I shook my head.  “Believe me, they’re a real piece of work.  They’re only fourteen but sometimes it seems like they’re thirty.  Well, at least physically.  Mentally, they’re like two and that’s only on a good day.”

Michael rested his chin on his hand.  “I wish I had brothers.  I got a sister and she’s okay I guess, but brothers would be cool.”  His eyes darkened a bit and he looked down, then he looked up and said, “I used to have my dad to talk to but he died a couple of years ago.”

I started to say that I was sorry that his dad had died but he held up his hand.  “It’s okay.  Well, it’s not really okay,, but it happened and it can’t be changed.  You just go on, you know?”

I nodded.  “I know.  My parents died when I was a kid.  At first I couldn’t believe it.  It was like it just had to be some huge mistake.  Like when you’re a kid you sometimes get things fucked up and things end up being different than you thought.  I kept thinking that my mom and dad were coming back.  That the whole thing was just something that I didn’t really understand.  Like maybe I had missed something.  I kept trying to remember if my mom had told me they were going away for a while, but I just didn’t remember it.  I mean I knew they were dead, at least that’s what people told me.  It’s just that at the same time I thought that it couldn’t be that way.”

Michael was staring at me with his mouth slightly open and his eyes wide.  Then he swallowed and said, “Holy fuck!  I thought the same thing!  I mean I wasn’t a little kid but I just had this feeling that, like you said, that somehow I had missed him telling me that he was going.  I almost drove my mother crazy with stupid questions.  It was like for the whole first year after he died, it was like I was nuts.”

I said, “I just had my sister Charlene.  She was a real bitch.  She’d tell me shit like, “They never really liked you anyway, so why do you care?”  Shit like that.  I used to get into these screaming fights with her.  She had this guy she was fucking and they’d gang up on me and they’d both be telling me shit like that and making fun of me when I got mad.  Trying to get me to the point where I’d start to cry.  Finally I ran away.  Well, for awhile.”

Michael said, “Your sister told you that?  She sounds horrible!”

“She was.  She’s gone.  Well, I guess she’s gone.  At least I don’t see her anymore.  So it’s not like I gotta deal with that.”

“Well who…..?”

“I’m adopted.  Two guys.  I got two gay dads.”

“Holy fuck!”




Adam and I were lying in bed facing each other.  Our lips were almost touching, but not quite.  The sex was over and we were both pretty tired so we were just hanging out and being close to each other.

He whispered, “You told Michael all that stuff?”

I nodded, “Yeah.  He went through some bad shit when his dad died so he kinda understood.”

Adam ran a hand up my arm and touched my hair.  “His mom is having a terrible time.”  He probably didn’t say anything and I’m just telling you so you’ve got some background, but his dad didn’t leave anything but bills.  He told me that his mom might lose the house.  He said it kind of joking, you know, but I felt like he really meant it, too.”

I propped my head up on my hand.  “He didn’t say anything.”

Adam said, “He wouldn’t.  He’d be afraid it’d upset you, and maybe he’s a little embarrassed about it.  I mean, I can’t imagine why he’d be embarrassed but I think maybe he is.”

“He’s complex.  Everything looks easy for him but it’s really hard work.  He works two jobs to be here, and he’s still gonna be loaded with debt when he graduates.  I never understood how he did it all.  I mean it’s hard enough to just be here and do the work but then to have all that other shit.  And then somehow he still manages to find time for wrestling.”

“You really think he meant it when he said that about his mom?”

“I think so.  I even thought about trying to talk to somebody at the college, somebody who might be able to help, but it’d piss him off.  Michael’s smart and I’m sure he’s doing everything that can be done.”

I said, “Didn’t he say he was a business major?”

Adam nodded.  “Great grades too.”

I leaned in and kissed Adam lightly.  “Maybe things’ll get better.”

Adam said, “I hope.  If his mom loses their house, he’s gonna be a wreck.”

“I don’t think that’ll happen.  I just got a feeling.”

Adam laughed and then lightly bit my chin and at the same time pushed his leg through mine.  He whispered, “You’re having a psychic vision?”

I laughed and then kissed that fantastic spot where his shoulder met his neck.  It made him squirm and he wrapped his arms around me.

I whispered in his ear, “I dunno.  It’s just a dumb feeling.”

Later, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to sleep until I did something.  I slid out of bed as carefully as possible so not to wake Adam and turned on my computer.  It took me a few minutes on the internet to find an address for Michael’s mom.  Thank god they lived in a small town and there was only one family named Bard.

I copied and pasted everything that was there into an email to Alex and then wrote out everything that I knew about Michael and the little bit that I knew about his mom.  My dad does a lot of charity stuff but this didn’t even seem like it was that.  It was really just a case of a woman who needed a little help with her mortgage.  Besides, I knew for a fact that my dad did this sort of thing all the time.  So at two-thirty in the morning I crossed my fingers and hit send.

I figured that there was like a million to one chance that my dad would say no and maybe more of a chance that it would take him so long to decide that it would be too late when he did decide to help.  I thought about that for an hour and finally decided that he wasn’t like that.  He would help and he’d do it right away.

Then I spent another hour wondering if he’d be mad at me for wanting to spend his money.  This was totally illogical, but it was one of my favorite worries and I returned to it often. My dads had never tried to stop me from spending.  I guess mainly because I never did spend anything.  Well, not much anyway.

When I first started school after Alex and Larry adopted me, Alex gave me a Visa card so that I could pay for my lunches at school.  I didn’t use it for a month.  I would just take a few slices of bread from the kitchen and wrap them up and put them in my backpack.

Finally, I guess after he got the first credit card bill, Alex pulled me into his office at home.

He smiled and said, “You’re embarrassing me.”

My chest tightened and I wanted to apologize but instead I just said, “Huh?”

He put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed it.  “Relax, Chris!  I’m mostly kidding.”

I said, “Mostly kidding?”,

He laughed.  “I want you to use that credit card.  I want you to eat lunch like everyone else.  Don’t you wanna buy anything?  Teenagers always want to buy something!”

“I don’t want to cost you anything.”

He pulled me against him and hugged me.  “You haven’t cost me anything, Chris.  Besides, you’re my kid and I want you to have a normal life.”  He laughed.  “Or as close as we can get.  So go out and spend some money!  Buy clothes!  Buy music!  Buy something.  Connie has been waiting for the bills to come in and she’s beginning to think I didn’t give you the card.”

So now I did buy stuff but still nowhere near what he wants me to spend.  Plus there’s all that money in the trust fund he set up for me.  He could use that money.  I mean he just keeps putting money in there!  He’d get mad if I told him that though.  I worry a lot about my dads getting mad.  I know it’s stupid because they never do, but I still worry about it.

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