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Protecting David-The Brothers
--- Chapter 9---
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                                  Protecting David-The Brothers 9

My grandfathers are wonderful people and even from the very beginning when I first met them and I was scared of everybody and everything, I always felt comfortable with them.  David has this way about him that makes everyone relax and Mark is just this big protective bear.  But the thing is they’re also exciting.  Maybe it’s just everything that surrounds them.  David is the only person that I’ve ever known, that I was related to anyway, that was on television.  It wasn’t like an interview or anything, just some reporter guy who was badgering him to try and get him to answer a question, but still, I think it counts.

And Mark, well Mark is just awesome.  Even if, like the twins think, he did something to CC he’s still awesome.  That might even make him more awesome, but I still don’t think he did anything.  But one totally cool thing he did was to take me and the twins on this huge fucking Navy ship.  It was some sort of Marine landing thing and we got to it by helicopter.  We spent the whole day going all over the ship and we even got to eat lunch with the Marines.  I mean, how fucking cool is that?

So when I got out of my car at the airport I was stoked at seeing them again.  Despite the occasional snow flurries, it was almost like there was electricity in the air and when I walked into the aviation building my nerves were tingling.

There was a guy waiting for me just inside the door and before I could even think about him, he shoved his hand out and said, “Chris Bending?  I’m Jason.”  He was wearing a blue blazer over a white shirt but no tie.

I nodded and before I even asked him, he said, “They’re about five minutes out and we’re supposed to meet them out on the apron.”

We walked through the building to a dark blue SUV parked on the tarmac.  As we were driving near the runway, first a small prop plane landed, then a white jet with oval windows and dark blue stripes came roaring down.  There was a little puff of smoke as its wheels touched, then moments later there was a loud roar as the engines thrust reversers were activated.

I usually get planes confused with one another, but both my dad’s plane and my grandpa’s plane have those big oval windows, so when I see those I know it’s them.  And if they were looking out the window they probably saw us, or at least saw the SUV.

We had no sooner parked on the concrete apron near the end of the runway than the plane had turned at the far end of the runway and was now heading back to us pretty quickly.  When it got near us it made a one hundred and eighty degree turn and shut down its engines.

As soon as the engines stopped, the stairs swung down.  The guy standing in the doorway was the huge security guy that David usually has with him.  He looked around like he was expecting something terrible to happen.  I knew that I wasn’t supposed to do anything until somebody signaled me.  Through the planes windows I could see David and Mark moving around and then suddenly David appeared in the doorway and waved for me to come.

I thanked the guy for driving me and ran through the snow flurries for the plane.  The security guy had moved out of the way, and David hugged me and kissed me on the side of the head.

“Baby, we are so glad to see you.”  He pulled me into the warm plane.  “C’mon and sit down and we’ll get outta here.”

Mark grabbed me halfway back into the plane and hugged me.  “So are you all homesick?  I bet you miss your brothers, too.”

I groaned and slid into a seat at a table.  “They don’t gimme a chance to miss em.  They IM me like twenty times a day.”

Mark laughed and said, “Well your dad tells me that they’re bouncing off the walls waiting for you to get back.”  That sounded so much like them.  When the twins get stirred up about something they do literally bounce, like little kids. And if you’re the object of their attention it can seem like they are bouncing off the walls.  For one thing they never sit down and it becomes a constant motion thing.  And since there’s two of them and they look almost exactly the same, it’s like you can never get away from them because while one is talking the other one is thinking about what to say next.  My dads just seem to laugh it off, but if you can’t do that they’ll drive you crazy.

While we were talking the plane was being sealed up and now we were moving.  The big security guy and a lady flight attendant sat down at the front of the plane.  The engines were at a quiet roar but then moments later we made the turn onto the active runway and the engines came up to full throttle.  Seconds later we were pushed back in our seats as the plane went shooting down the runway.  Then in no time at all the nose tilted and we rocketed up at what always seems to me like an impossible angle.

Once the plane leveled off, the flight attendant lady brought us menus.  David and Mark just split a bagel and had coffee, but I was starving and had two huge waffles and sausages. 

Mark looked at the amount of food I was eating and then at David.  He shook his head and said to David, “He’s just like you, he’ll never gain weight.”  David just laughed.

We spent the rest of the flight talking about my classes and what they thought I should be taking.  David said that I really needed to take some business classes even if that wasn’t going to be my main focus.

He said, “Eventually you’re going to be managing to one degree or another, your own money which will be substantial.  Even if other people do it for you it doesn’t hurt to have some understanding of what’s actually happening.”

I guess I was skeptical.  “You really think I could do that?”

“Absolutely.  It’s just arithmetic and team work.  Your dad and I can show you.  It’s not something you have to do all at once, you can learn at your own pace.”

“Team work?”

“Yeah.  It’s having people who know specific things give you information.  My company has some of the best people in the world and they handle your money now, but I’d like you to take a small amount of money and learn to manage it yourself and to do it by putting together the opinions of people you know and trust.  Believe me the university that you’re at has some fine people in it, people who can help.  We’ll teach you how to use what they know.”


At the airport there were two black SUV’s.  Alex and Larry were leaning against one watching as our plane pulled near and then stopped.  In front of them and looking like they were reading to burst were the twins.

As soon as the engines on the Gulfstream stopped, the twins came running for the plane.  The steps were down and they were halfway up before the dads had even stepped away from the SUV. 

The problem that they ran into was at the top of the stairs in the form of David’s huge security guy.  He was like a cork in a bottle and I could hear the twins pleading, “C’mon Hans, let us by….pleeaaase!”

Then he laughed, something I had never ever even come close to hearing him do, and he said, “No running!”

Then the twin tsunami overwhelmed us.  David and Mark were kissed and hugged about five times each and generally conned by the level of supercharged young male charm the twins could produce when they wanted to.  It was like being in a room where the sound had just been ramped up to earsplitting and with flashbulbs going off at the same time.  When the twins were enthusiastic about anything they could make a room vibrate.

By the time the twins were dragging me down the steps of the plane, I’d be willing to bet that David and Mark hadn’t even gotten their seat belts unbuckled.  We ran right into the dads.

As he wrapped his arms around me, Larry yelled at the twins, “You’re gonna pull his arms outta the sockets!”

Larry pulled my face into his chest and kissed the side of my head.  “You get the feeling that they’re glad to see you?”

Alex put his hand on the back of my neck and kissed me.  Both of the dads smelled of the sandalwood soap that they kept in their shower.

Alex said, “They have been driving us crazy for the last week.”  I could feel my dads bodies under their shirts, smell their warm skin.  It reminded me of how they used to take me and throw me into their bed with them when I was little and they had found me crying out in the hallway too afraid and confused to move.  How warm the sheets would always be and how everything smelled of them and how I’d be able to sleep then, knowing that it was safe.

The twins dragged me into the back seat of the SUV.  They were both talking a mile-a-minute like they usually do.  I always wondered if they thought that anyone could understand them when they talked over each other like that.  Maybe it just doesn’t register.

When the adults finally got into the cars, which took like forever, we drove over to where Alex’s office building is because he wanted to show the new addition that they’re building to David and Mark.

It was basically just a lot of steel beams going up, but everybody seemed to really think it was great, which, I know that it probably was because it had been taking up a lot of my dads time.  Alex is putting some insurance company in it that he bought.  Ever since I turned sixteen I’ve spent my summers working here doing just about everything imaginable, but mostly just like emptying waste baskets and making coffee and stuff like that.  Because my name isn’t the same as my dads nobody really even knew that we were related.  A couple of times he even asked me what people were thinking about some rule that he wanted them to go by, and I told him.  When you’re a teenager and you’re emptying trash cans people keep right on talking.

The twins jumped out of the SUV and scrambled over building material until they were stopped by a chain link fence.  They both laced their fingers into the fence and started pulling themselves up until Larry yelled, “Boys!”  That meant, “I don’t care who did what, just stop what you’re doing,” and we heard it a lot around our house.  Well, at least the twins did.  It was almost always aimed at them, although sometimes when the twins were giving me grief I’d lose my temper and go apeshit at them and then I’m sure that the dads couldn’t figure out who did what to whom.

The twins came trotting back and whined, “Why can’t we go in?”

Alex said, “There’s nothing there to go into.  When they get further along you can come back and I’ll have the guys give you a tour.”  I wondered if that would happen.  Surely my dad would understand the chaos they might cause.  Like I’ve said before, they’re fearless and I could easily imagine them walking out onto a steel beam while everybody went crazy waiting for them to fall.  I can’t tell you how irritating it is that they’re usually as good as they think they are.  Their judgment is crap, but they’re like cats when it comes to anything physical.

Alex was pointing up to the top floor and said to David and Mark, “That’s where the offices for your trust will be.”  I knew they were talking about their charitable trust.  My dad was pretty much running it.

The rest of the day was spent being dragged around by the twins.  At fourteen sometimes the twins can seem like they’re twenty-five and sometimes they can seem like they’re seven.  In their bedroom I looked at the empty DVD case next to their television set.  I picked it up and looked at them sprawled on their beds.

“The Little Mermaid?”  They were both instantly on guard.

Aiden said, “So what?  We just wanted to see it again.  Just shut the fuck up, Chris, you like it, too!”

I said again incredulously, “The Little Fucking Mermaid?”  Then I started to laugh and they both jumped me.

I spent an hour with the adults and tried to be interested, but all I really had on my mind was Adam and when he’d call me.

I must have checked my phone a thousand times, and at one point as David walked past me to go into the kitchen he whispered, “He’ll call.”  I guess it was obvious to everyone else.

I followed David into the kitchen and said, “I’m used to talking to him all the time.”  Then, “But his family makes him crazy.  He doesn’t really say anything bad about them but I know they do.”

David poured himself a cup of coffee and leaned against the kitchen counter.  “Everybody’s family makes them nuts.”  He laughed.  “Well, except yours.”

“What if he doesn’t call?”

“He’ll call.  But if he doesn’t, believe me, you’ll still survive.  But still, he’ll call.”

And he did call.  It was late and he sounded worn out, but he called.

I said, “They’re driving you crazy aren’t they?”

He groaned and then laughed.  “Maybe a little.  You know, I can stand my dad being an asshole because that’s all he ever was, but having my brother join in just makes me nuts.”

“You mean they sit there and both go after you?”

He laughed.  “You mean like an inquisition?  No, my brother just gives me these drive-by shots.  It’s like he’s taken it on himself to be the person that points out my faults.  Then if I call him on it, he tells me that he’s trying to help me.  I can’t believe that I used to look up to that piece of shit.”

All that I could think to say was, “I love you, and it’ll be over soon.  I mean really, it’s just a few days and it’ll be like it was.”

We talked on with me lying on my bed in my boxers and occasionally taking my dick out and flipping it back and forth.  At least until Andrew opened my door and poked his head in. 

He shook his head and, as he pulled his head back out of my doorway, said to someone, “He’s playing with himself.”  I could hear Aiden giggling.


I had been dreaming about Adam. It started out with me and him working out at the gym and him getting into an argument with some girl about a car, which made no sense at all, but it ended up with us fucking.
The closer it got to morning the better the dream seemed to get. I was just so horny, and when I woke up I found myself in the middle of a twin sandwich. That didn't really surprise me because it had happened many times before. The twins always just went for whatever it was they needed. Actually, it was something about them that I really admired. If they were lonely or scared or just when they missed me, this was how we'd end up. I was lying on my left side and Andrew was in front of me with his butt pressed into my crotch and his back against my chest. Oh, by the way, I could tell it was him because he's got a little mole on his right shoulder, but even without the mole I could probably still tell. They kinda had a slightly different aura. Yeah, I guess that sounds stupid, but I could always tell which twin it was. My face was buried in his dark blonde hair, which smelled like Axe and my boxer covered cock was pressed up against the crack of his butt.  I’m sure we were all hard.  At least I knew that I was, and I could feel Aiden’s rock hard dick, which felt like it was the size of a beer bottle, pressed into my butt.  I didn’t check Andrew, but I didn’t have to, we all seemed to spend all of our time in the mornings with hardons.  The thing is that hardons in the morning are just a fact of life.  Even the dads have that problem, although they seem to have better control over it than we do.
Aiden had his left arm under my neck and his right arm in between me and Andrew, and he was holding me almost tight enough to stop my breathing.
I know it must sound weird, brothers sleeping together with hardons and everything, but for us it was normal. I've seen the twins naked pretty much every day of my life and they've seen me naked, too. I've walked in on them when they were beating off more times than I could count. They didn't care and, in fact, I really think that they liked it. Anyway, they liked to tease me and as soon as they were old enough to understand that they could, they used sex to aggravate me. They were always humping me or groping me, at least as long as my dads weren’t around.  When the dads were there they were on their best behavior.  I know that this kinda makes the twins sound gay, but it’s really not that.  It’s just that they’re horny all the time and so it’s kinda like how a dog humps your leg.  He’s just horny and trying to get off.
Once when we went to see Alex at his office and we got on an elevator on the ground floor, we kept getting pushed to the back of the elevator because all these executives kept getting on and we were going to the top floor.  Eventually, I was pushed against the back wall with the twins standing right in front of me.  Pretty soon they had their hands behind their backs and were groping me until I got hard and then I was too embarrassed to get off the elevator.  I had to ride it all the way down and back up again until my cock went down.  It was so typical of them.
I finally couldn't stand it anymore and tried to pull Aiden's arm out from between Andrew and me while I also tried pushing him backwards with my butt. All I really got for my trouble was a groan. 
Finally, I poked him hard with my elbow.
That got him.  “Ow!  Quit it!  That hurt you little shit!”
“Get your dick outta my ass!”
He was rubbing the spot where I poked him.  “You wish!  My dick isn’t in your ass.  Stop poking me!”
“You got a hardon and you’re humping my butt!”
“I’m not humping your butt!  You keep pushing back against me with your butt.  I guess that’s normally the signal for your boyfriend to fuck you again, but I’m not him.”
Then Andrew lifted his head and said, “Will you two shut up!”
Aiden said, “Oh yeah? Why don’t you shut up?”
Andrew said, “I’m tryin to get back to sleep, asswipe!”
Aiden mumbled to me, “He’s such a fucking retard.”
With that Andrew lifted his head off the pillow again and said, “Everybody go back to fucking sleep!”  And surprisingly we did.
I woke up again a few hours later, and before I opened my eyes I could feel what they were doing.  The twins beat off together constantly.  It started when they were about eleven and now it seemed like the major thing they did.  I’m sure if I wasn’t around they’d beat each other off, but they also liked to just lie next to each other and do it.
I could hear their breathing and feel the movement of the bed.  I groaned into the pillow.  “Will you two give your dicks a rest?”
Andrew said evilly, “Open your mouth, we got a surprise for you.”  This had been threatened before, but I knew they didn’t mean it.  Anyway, just to be sure, I jumped up quickly and followed my hard dick into the bathroom.
What with the dreams about Adam fucking me and them humping me all night I knew this wasn’t gonna take long.  I leaned against the cool tile and imagined Adams arms holding me as he pushed into me.  It only took about thirty seconds to shoot and I just kept going until I shot again.
When I got outta the shower I wrapped a towel around my waist and walked back into the bedroom.  The twins had some Kleenex and were cleaning up, but Aiden ran a finger through some cum he had missed and held it out to me. 
“Want a taste?  It’s really primo.”
I said what I usually say.  “Shut up, you sick fuck!”  It was a well rehearsed exchange.  Then he did what he always did, he licked his own finger.


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