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--- Chapter 1 ---
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This is a story that is set in the Roman empire of approximately 60BC. The customs of the times were very different from ours and would not be tolerated now but they were what they were and this story is written with that in mind.

Slave 1

Bara was the cheapest slave that I ever bought, primarily because the dealer didn’t think that he would live through the day. I’ve never seen a slave beaten as totally as Bara had been, he appeared to be just a huge pile of bloody and bruised flesh. He had been left in the cart that had hauled him to the dealer from the countryside because I’m sure they thought he was going to die, so why bother.

I had gone to the market to buy a kitchen slave to replace an elderly slave that had been with our family for many years and who was growing increasingly ill. Because of the the swollen state of his flesh it was difficult to tell Bara’s age but making allowances for his condition he appeared to be in his late teens or early twenties. I thought that the woman in the cart with him might be good for our uses and normally would have paid little attention to Bara except that he was making a strange sound.

I turned to the dealer. “What about this one Marcus?”

“He’s from the countryside, a catomite, got caught buggering his masters son. That’s why the beating. You need a bodyguard or field slave? He was originally trained as a bodyguard. That’s what they told me when they brought him in.” He looked quickly at the woman in the cart. “I’ll make you a good price for the two of them.” He smiled.

“Ha! It wouldn’t be a good price if he doesn’t live out the day and that seems likely.”

The dealer half shrugged. “I couldn’t argue with that logic Terentius, he may well not live out the day, on the other hand he’s young and as you can see, strong as an ox.” We knelt down in front of the boy and Marcus lifted his face which now seemed totally limp.

Marcus shook the boys head. “Are you going to live boy?” The boy was no longer making any sound or for that matter giving any indication of life. “Pity. He’s a good looking boy.”

Marcus and I stood up. “Give me my asking price for the woman and I’ll throw the boy in. The rest is in the hands of the gods.” An idea was beginning to form in my mind.

“You have a deal Marcus.”

When we got home I had the slaves carry the boy into the room adjoining mine and while I noticed that this caused some looks, I ignored them. “Get me my medicines! Hurry!” An old slave had taught me many interesting uses for herbs and medicines when I was very young and curious about everything. I turned to Neto the door slave.

“Neto, strip him and then bring heated water.” The boy was no longer conscious and was dead weight making any moving of him even more difficult. I washed the wounds as Neto held him on his side and then we rinsed out his hair which was thick with blood. Finally Neto gently lowered Bara onto his back again.

“You go Neto, I’ll take care of him.” He was looking at me like I was insane.

“Master, are you sure you don’t want me to………….?”

“No Neto, go, go, go!” I was waving him away and he disappeared quickly.

Bara was no longer bleeding and I examined his stomach and chest for signs of internal damage. He was extremely muscular and it was my guess that that had probably saved him, as it was he had probably been kicked repeatedly as well as whipped. The flesh of his stomach and groin was soft and pliant with no indication of hardness that would indicate an internal problem. His penis was large and well formed and it didn’t look like it had been damaged. His testicles on the other hand were bruised and his thighs and legs had been whipped, the wounds were no longer bleeding.

We had done all that was possible, it was up to the gods now. I covered Bara with a light blanket and walked back to my own room.


The next day in the early afternoon Neto came to my study.

“Master, you asked to be told when the boy was waking.”

I looked up from the scroll I had been reading. “Yes, thank you Neto. Has he spoken yet?”

“No Master, he’s not completely awake yet, he’s just beginning to come around.”

I stood up. “Bring food and water Neto, I’ll go look at him now.”

The boy was moving his head back and forth, his lips moving and sometimes grimacing with pain. I placed my hand on his forehead but he didn’t feel hot. Neto brought a damp cloth and bathed his face. The bruising didn’t seem as bad today as it had yesterday and the color throughout his body seemed more normal. I placed my hand over Bara’s heart. It was beating strongly.

Neto asked me to come to Bara’s room about an hour later. The boy was standing, although swaying a bit, dressed only in his loincloth with his head bowed.

Neto bowed his head and said. “The boy seems better master.”

“Go back to your duties Neto.” I walked around the boy looking at his wounds, he was considerably taller than me and obviously much stronger.

“I’m told that you have been trained as a bodyguard Bara, is that true?” I lifted his left arm until it was parallel with the floor and then bent it at the elbow. He grimaced slightly. He was trembling.

The boy kept his head bowed. “Yes master.”

I did the same thing with his right arm that I did with his left. “And why Bara were you working in the fields instead of attending your master as a bodyguard?”

Bara glanced up quickly with a frightened look on his face and then just as quickly lowered his head again. I noticed that he had blue eyes, beautifully set off by his blue-black hair. I smiled but he didn’t see that.

I made my voice stern. “No lies Bara! The truth.”

“I………the master’s son………..we were…….together. He had been after me for days, begging me to do it, I kept saying no and tried to avoid him but finally he caught up with me in the stable. He said that if I didn’t do it he would tell his father that I did.” Bara was shaking badly now and beginning to sob. “I didn’t want to do it! I knew that………..this could happen………..he made me lie down in the straw and then…….he made me hard with his mouth. Once I was hard he lowered himself down on me. I penetrated him.”

“Two questions and remember, the truth. How many times did this happen Bara and did you enjoy it.”

“Twice master. The master saw us on the second day and then the beatings began and yes master, I did enjoy it.”

I gently removed Bara’s loin cloth and pushing his penis aside I held his balls, the bruising didn’t seem as bad. “Does this hurt?”

“No master.”

“What is your age Bara?”

“I’m nineteen master.” Five years younger than I.

I pushed Bara gently back towards the bed. “Sit Bara.” I put my hand under his chin and gently lifted his face. “No one will beat you here.” Even sitting, Bara’s face came almost to my chin. He was a huge man but perfectly formed, not the overmuscled monster look of the gladiators. His shoulders were massive but tapered quickly to a relatively small waist and his buttocks were small and rock hard. The muscles in his legs were quite large but not disproportionately so.

Still holding Bara’s chin I said. “You will be my bodyguard and my body slave………and perhaps more but and this is important, the rest of the world is only to know that you are my bodyguard. Do you understand?” He nodded yes. “This room adjoins my own. It will be your room if all goes well. But first you must fully recover.” I gently pushed him back on the bed. “With my thumbs I wiped the tears from his face. I am the master of this house Bara, you have nothing to fear, be calm and rest, let your wounds heal.”

I stepped out of the room for a moment and called. “Daro! Daro!” He is the slave that runs my household, managing the other slaves and keeping the books. He’s been with my family for many years and with twenty other slaves to oversee he has his hands full.

He came as quickly as his age would permit and his breathing was heavy. “Yes master?”

“Daro, “ I pointed at Bara, “he’s to be my bodyguard, of a sort, and body slave, make sure that he has proper clothing to be seen with me in the city.” I started to turn away and then remembered something. “Daro have the accounts come yet from Ostia?” My family owns, among other things, a small fleet of ships that anchor there.

“No master but we expect them at any time.”


In a week’s time Bara had all but fully recovered and, dressed in his new tunic, accompanied me to the forum on several occasions. Given the state of the city it was nice to have him with me, not that I relied on him alone to keep me safe, during our excursions through the city we were followed by my regular bodyguards, great hulking men, trained to kill without hesitation. If they wondered about Bara, they gave no indication.

Once Bara started to accompany me on these excursions his mood brightened and his personality, at least when we weren’t in public became that of a nineteen year old young man again.

As autumn approaches Rome from the north the first indication of its advance is the changing quality of the light. The dry dusty white light of the summer is slowly replaced with the cooler, lower light of autumn. The nights were becoming cool enough to make a bed more comfortable with two.

That night Bara was helping me get ready for bed, as I slid naked under a light blanket I said to him. “Get undressed Bara and get into bed with me.” He opened his mouth but I rolled over on my side facing away from him. I felt him get into bed and after a while I reached over and took his right hand and pulled him over on his side so that my back was against him. I pulled his right arm over my side and held it to my chest. “That’s better. I feel safe with you Bara.” He was large enough that he could completely envelope me with his body. It felt wonderful and it wasn’t long before I could feel his erect sex pressing against my ass but I decided that that must wait for another day or two.

I said to Bara, my voice becoming heavy with sleep. “Just like this Bara. This is how I want to sleep every night.”


In the morning I woke to Bara staring at me, his head propped up on his hand. “Good morning master.”

“Morning Bara.” I reached back to pull him to me. His erect penis was poking me in the small of my back. I turned over and face him. “Do you wake every morning like this?” I gently wrapped my hand around his sex.

He was beginning to get a slightly worried look on his face. “Usually master. I mean it seems that way.”

“Good. How big is it?”

“I don’t know master.” He smiled

I looked up at Bara with a twisted smile. “It’s very nice Bara. Let’s see if it works.”

I sat up and picked up a small glass vial on a shelve next to the sleeping couch. I poured oil on Bara’s penis and spread it by stroking up and down with my hand. He made a little sound in the back of his throat.

I swung my left leg over Bara’s waist and then positioned his sex behind me. Then while I stared into his eyes I slowly lowered myself. Bara’s erect penis was two thirds the size of my forearm and even though I just had the head inside, the feeling of being stretched was incredible.

I threw my head back. “Oh Bara! Oh……that is so…. big!”

He reached forward and wrapped his hand around my erect penis. I was harder than I ever remember being. “Just wait Bara, just wait.” I place my hand over his.

I bent forward and placed my hands on his massive shoulders. He was about half inside of me. Bracing myself I lifted myself a couple of inches off of his penis and then let myself sink back down. I had now taken almost all of Bara’s penis and I didn’t really think that I could take the rest. I reached behind myself and felt Bara’s enormous balls and about three inches of penis yet to come.

I braced myself with my legs so that I was more in a squatting position than sitting. There was a light sheen of sweat beginning to appear on my body. “Bara, you can begin to thrust now but very, very, slowly.”

His enormous hands were holding my thighs as he began to thrust into me with incredible delicacy for such a large man. Slowly, I began to stretch and I was eventually able to take all of Bara’s huge sex. Soon we had a rhythm established, I, lifting myself up and Bara, withdrawing and then both of us coming together again. I felt totally possessed by this boy and looking down at him with his eyes closed in concentration I could imagine myself having feelings for him.

Bara looked up at me with an almost frantic look on his face. “Master, I’m almost there!”

I started to stroke myself quickly and was very soon ready to explode. Bara’s head was thrown back and his face slightly turned while he continued to slam into me. Then suddenly it was there and I was shooting my sperm onto Bara’s chest. He opened his eyes, bit his lower lip and began to shoot his sperm into me, his large hands firmly gripping my thighs.

Afterwards I slumped forward my face next to Bara’s. I turned my face to him and then looking into his eyes, kissed him. He looked startled at first but then smiled a smile that made me realize what he must have looked like as a young boy. I ran my fingers through his black hair and whispered to him. “Thank you Bara.”


“Master, could I get you more wine?” I was reclining on a couch in the garden reading over the accounts that arrived from Ostia. Bara was smiling down at me. I put down the scroll that I was reading.

I smiled up at him. “No Bara, I’ve had enough. How are your new clothes? Does everything fit properly?”

Bara knelt down next to my couch. “Oh yes master! They’re wonderful!” Then blushing slightly. “They’re the nicest things that I’ve ever had.”

Later in the day Bara and I made a quick trip to the forum where I had some business to attend to and we walked slowly home. Under my gentle questioning Bara told me about his childhood, much of it almost too painful to listen to, the beatings, the unexpected separation from people he had come to love. He told me that he thought that his father had been Greek and his mother Egyptian but that he might be wrong because his father had been sold when he was a very little boy and then a few years later he was sold to the man who had just almost killed him.

I couldn’t help but marvel at how Bara was still able to be a smiling, happy, nineteen year old despite all that had happen. If one tenth of what had happened to Bara in his life had happened to me I don’t think that I’d ever smile again.

“Bara, why don’t we go home and eat and then later you can help me bathe. The evenings are getting to be a little cool and a hot bath will feel good.”

Bara did all but dance around me. “Yes master, that would be good. That would be very good. And the evenings are certainly getting cooler.”


It was just becoming dark when Bara and I slipped into the steaming hot water of the bath. The small room that contained it was lit only by one small oil lamp and the glow it cast caused the steam to become almost incandescent. As always the heat of the water was a shock and neither of us was able to move for the first few minutes.

I leaned my head back against the wall of the bath, luxuriating in the warmth. Soon I felt Bara’s leg brush mine. “Are you comfortable Master?”

I could see the dark mass that was his head resting on top of the water. I moved closer to him. “Did you enjoy the forum today Bara?”

“Oh yes Master! It’s hard to believe the amount of activity. The buying, the selling, the speeches.” He was silent for a moment and then spoke very quietly. “You looked so………..important. I was so proud to be with you.”

I wrapped my legs around Bara’s waist pushing his erect penis back up against his stomach and wrapped my arms around his neck. “I was happy to be with you too Bara, happier than you know.” He wrapped his powerful arms lightly around my back. I kissed him slowly, lightly and then more deeply. He made a little sound, a sound of need.

The steam was rising from the surface of the bath and turning a silvery blue color that drifted in wavering clouds steadily upward. I moved away from Bara and then taking his hand pulled him out of the bath onto the wooden surface surrounding it. We looked like two bodies aflame while the steam rose explosively from us as Bara moved between my legs and lifting my knees, slowly entered me. Bara’s arms were wrapped around me and his head was pressed to mine as his huge sex moved further and further into me, finally becoming the center of my world. While not a huge gladiators body, Bara’s was still much larger than mine and I felt totally surround by him, enclosed in his human warmth, safe and loved as he took possession of me with his sex and his tongue.

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