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--- Chapter 4 ---
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Slave 4

Sicilia and Italy were well behind us now and ahead of us was the longest part of the voyage as we sailed southeast towards Alexandria. We meant to stay well away from both Greece and Creta and head as directly as possible for Alexandria.

The cabin boy was about twelve years old and was dressed only in a loincloth. His hair was black and in a complete tangle, his skin heavily browned by the sun. He looked down as he presented Bara’s lunch to me. It was a steaming fish stew in a copper bowl. I took it from the boy and watched him run back to the ladder that would take him below decks. What was his life like? I didn’t know. Perhaps being used by the crew and the marines, perhaps not. Bara was changing my view of slaves and it was creating no small confusion in my mind. My father had often lectured me on his firmly held opinion that slaves must be treated well and with the care that one might take with any valuable possession. But I had no illusions and knew that here, alone on the sea, Marco and his men and maybe the rest of the crew would be using young slaves for sex.

For the slaves it was usually a very good thing. In the eyes of a slave, Marco and his men were incredibly wealthy and the coins that they would slip to them during a long voyage could be enough, over time, to buy ones freedom. It was a fair exchange, a few denarii for ones youth, which, of course, is beyond price but only if one is free.

I loved Bara, more than I had ever loved anyone and yet he was a slave and I thought of him as being as good as anyone. If this was true how could it be otherwise for the cabin boy or anyone else? I didn’t know.

He was sitting up looking eager. My minds eye flashed for a moment upon Julia and the marriage that would go forward upon our return. Her dowry was two hundred talents of silver, my father was no fool but then, for that matter, neither was hers. Her father owned huge tracks of land throughout Italy and much, much more. I wondered what assets my father most had his eyes on, probably the warehouses and wharfage in Brundisi. This was not something that upset me. It was my father’s right, in fact his responsibility, to arrange an advantageous marriage. My mother was looking for a house for us across the Via Sacra on the Carinae. That suited me too. Being within easy walking distance from my parents was always a little unnerving. Not that they ever just dropped in, they never did anything without carefully considering it but a little distance wouldn’t hurt.

I sat the bowl on a blanket on Bara’s lap. “Eat! While I look at your wound.” He grinned up at me his blue eyes flashing. We both knew that he never needed to be told to eat.

I slowly unwrapped the linen bandage and then rinsed off the honey with seawater. The wound appeared clean and smaller now and there was no sign of infection. I repacked the wound with honey and wrapped it again with fresh linen. I said a silent prayer to Minerva for having retained the knowledge about wounds that I had picked up over the years.


I opened the flap of canvas that served as a door to Marco and his men’s quarters. Marco seemed a bit surprised but then turned and walked toward me adjusting his tunic but I could see in the background the face of the boy who had brought Bara’s lunch earlier. One of Marco’s men had just finished using him and withdrew from the boy slowly as another of the men rolled on top of him and slowly entered him, the boy looked at me with hooded eyes and a slight smile on his face.

“Master?” Marco was huge and his bulging muscles were covered with a light sheen of sweat.

I nodded toward the boy. “You’re not hurting him I trust.”

Marco glanced over his shoulder. “Laras? Don’t worry, we’re old friends and though he may be only fourteen he’s got a good head for business. And besides, he’s doing something that he loves.” He laughed. “He loves a stiff Roman cock in his cunnus.” He looked back to me. “Surely that isn’t what you came about.” There was something about the thought of Laras being used by a half a dozen men, being filled with their seed that hung in my mind.

“No. Check with the captain but it seems to me with the following winds we’ve had it should take no more than another week to arrive at Alexandria. When we do we’ll stay at anchor and I want you to take some men and fetch our agent. I also want you to bring a physician to look at Bara. I want to make sure that he’ll be well.”

“Your man there is Marcus Corvonius isn’t he?” I nodded yes. “Won’t he be expecting you to come in person, surely he’ll be expecting to entertain you?”

“Yes but that is exactly what I want to avoid. If I follow the usual protocols we’ll waste two weeks here. I want to be back at sea in less than two days and that includes the time needed to re-provision the ship. I’ll give you a letter to give to him but I want you to take some of your men and make sure that all of this happens quickly. Corvonius loves to entertain guests and I need to make all of this happen without distractions. If you show up on his doorstep with a few of your men I think he’ll get the message. In any event since he’s had no notice of my voyage Jupiter only knows where he is. He avoids his wife like the plague and you may have to haul him out of some whorehouse.”

Then as an afterthought. “Still, bear in mind that he’s been our agent for almost twenty years and is very important to us. His connections in Egypt are the best and it would be foolish to offend him unnecessarily. He’s grown quite wealthy in service to my father and that money has bought him great respect here.”

Marco grinned at me. “We’ll be delicate, treat em like the Pharaoh’s pet cat.” As a gladiator Marco had killed or maimed many men during his career and even after that, working for my father, protecting him, he was never worried about using violence. That was his asset, that along with his brain. All of Marco’s men were more than capable of killing when needed but Marco had learned to look at the bigger picture, to understand that a blade in the heart was not always the best way.

He put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed it. “Don’t worry about Bara. That boy is strong, he’ll do just fine.”

“I know……………I mean I hope that you’re right. I’ve done all that I can and he seems to be doing well.”


As I lowered myself down onto Bara’s erect phallus I sighed and then reached back to feel his balls. They were like two very large eggs and I lifted them in their silken sack and then led them slide one by one out of my fingers. Bara looked at me and moaned. I lifted myself again and felt my body clinging to the sides of his penis as it was pulled slightly out of me. The length of it was so great that there was no fear of it losing it’s place and I studied Bara’s face. His head was thrown back and the muscles in his neck stood out.

I wanted him to fill me with his seed, wanted those huge balls to empty their full load into me but not just yet. I reached back and felt the impossible width of it as I moved myself slowly up and down its length. I could feel his phallus deep within me touching every part of me possessing me. I thought of Laras and the way that he had been used by Marco and his men, being taken over and over again. I thought of his hooded eyes and that slight smile.

I leaned forward to kiss him and gasped as his erect penis found some new part of me.
“ Oh, Jupiter!” His eyes opened and I leaned in to his waiting lips his huge arms wrapped around me and those massive hands roughly massaged my shoulders.

He pulled me down tight to his chest and held me as he thrust again and again into me and then slowly he rolled over taking me with him his penis still deep inside of me. When he was fully turned I was now lying on the bed and he was above and still thrusting into me but now those huge balls were swinging free and slapping against me rhythmically.

Bara’s hands were on either side of and above my head, his arms felt like they were made of iron, his breath on my face a blast of hot air every other second.

“Bara, be careful of your wound!”

He seemed beyond hearing but then said. “Yes, Master.”

Then he reached with both hands beneath me and lifted me off of the bed, my legs were around his waist and he held my body in his hands and began to thrust me down onto his penis as he thrust up into me. It was if I had no weight and the only reality was his enormous phallus slamming into my body. He was using me now, breeding me and the sound of his balls slapping into me increased its tempo and filled the room.

Then he threw back his head and growled and then gasped. I could feel myself being filled with his boiling seed. It pumped into me until there was no space left for it and as he pulled back for a split second I could feel it gushing out of me and felt it covering both of us and the he moved back into me and I could hear the thick liquid sound of it and felt even more flowing past his penis pouring out onto our bodies.

I looked down at my own penis just in time to see it erupting without being touched and then was stunned as the feeling hit me just as my own seed splashed up onto my chest and started to run down the side of my body.

Bara slowly lowered me to the bed and then draped his weight lightly over me being careful to support his body with his knees and arms. He slowly withdrew his penis and it seemed to take forever as that huge member was slowly dragged from my body leaving behind a gaping hole.

I felt his lips cover mine as I drifted into a deep sleep.

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