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The Good Doctor
--- Chapter 17 ---
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The Good Doctor 17

The best part of going to the country with Pete is the fact that it’s the time that he always wears jeans. Okay, so I don’t have a noble reason but really, if you could see Pete in old worn Levi’s you’d know what I mean. He’s not normally a guy who wears jeans and so the jeans that he does have are pretty worn, not torn or anything but worn. There’s something about looking at Pete’s big cock crammed into a pair of old jeans that comforts me.

Pete’s family farm is about ten miles out of town on an old blacktop road and the house is on a small hill with the barns and out buildings well behind it. The house was originally just a midwestern nondescript farmhouse but was redone by his mom into a kinda New England colonial, a very stylish house…………if you go for that look.

Pete’s mom is very stylish too in a kinda offbeat way. She’s a shrink, a psychologist and well………I guess that I’ve never met one who I didn’t think needed one……… least to some degree. Not that she’s crazy or not nice, just that she’s a little loopy. Pete says that she brilliant and that she’s helped a lot of people and that’s not the kind of thing that he would ever be wrong about. Course you gotta bear in mind that my mom has conditioned me to view mothers in a certain light.

The thing about the first time I met Pete’s mom that sticks most in my mind was the perfume that she was wearing. It stuck in my mind like one of those tunes that just keeps repeating and driving you nuts all day. Finally I asked Pete what that smell was and he said that she always wore the same perfume, Bellodgia. Not that I know much about perfume but I looked for it at the drugstore and didn’t see it. Geez it smelled great! Pete later told me that she found it in Europe but that now she buys it on the net. I had to laugh, not that she bought perfume in Europe but I was trying to imagine my mom doing the same thing. No fucking way would that ever happen! Strange, now that I think about it Pete’s mom doesn’t look like her perfume smells. Weird, huh?

Seeing Pete sitting on a bale of hay in those jeans he looked like the photo on porn DVD package, at least until Jase jumped him from behind and pulled him over into the hay.

I got ambushed at about the same time by Pete’s mom. “Eric!!” That perfume! An arm with a gold bangled wrist and red lacquered nails draped itself over my shoulder. “It’s wonderful to see you!” I never know what to do. Should I kiss her? Should we shake hands? An adult would know what to do.

“Hi, Irene! Thanks for having us over.” God, those eyes, that’s where Pete got em.

We both turned to watch Pete and Jase playing in the hay. Jase had him down and was straddling Pete’s chest and dropping loose hay on his head.

I turned to look at Irene, she was smiling as she watched Pete and Jase and then she turned to me and spoke with intensity. “I KNEW that this was what he was really like.” Huh? “For so long……..he just wasn’t alive. But I always KNEW that this was the man that was inside his head. This was what he was like when he was little.” She shrugged at the old memory. “He wouldn’t talk to me about it……….just went silent. You’d think, with what I do, that………well, that I’d be able to break through to him but it didn’t work out that way.”

It’s hard to imagine Pete having a problem dealing with the world. “You mean like the whole gay thing?” Yeah well, duh!

She had a way of throwing her shoulders forward and then squaring them before answering a question. She looked at me and blinked twice. “He didn’t think that we’d be able to handle it. Ha!” Her face was sooo mobile and it accentuated her feelings. “Well, finally, after he got some years and some accomplishments under his belt…….well, that changed.”

I didn’t know what to say. What should I say? “He loves you.” I shoved my hands into my pockets. “I think that he’s happy. He says that he’s happy.” I know, I know that that’s dumb and I shoulda said more but that’s all that I could think of!

She looked at me with a serious expression and those flexibile eyebrows shot up, then suddenly she burst into loud explosive laughter. “Happy???? Just Happy??? Ohhhh God…….he’s freakin ecstatic!” She turned me physically toward the part of the barn where Pete and Jase were playing. “Look at them! You’re a father, how does it feel to see YOUR son that happy?” Well she did have a point there.

Pete came stumbling out of the hayloft and I could see right away that his cock had shifted and looked heavenly in those old jeans. I gotta stop thinking about his dick.

Jase was right behind him and looked like one happy little boy. He ran up to me and threw himself at me. I pulled him up into my arms and he leaned over sideways and backwards and talked to Irene. “I saw chickens! And little baby chickens!” He turned back to me and grabbed my neck to pull himself up. “I got eggs, Dad! Pete put em in the car so we won’t forget em.” His little boy breath was warm and sweet on my face.




I was stating the obvious. “Your mom likes you.” Pete was leaning back against the headboard of our bed and I was between his legs leaning back against his chest. His arms were wrapped around my chest and my head was tilted to the left while he was kissing the side of my neck. I could feel his exhausted cock pressing against the small of my back. “She told me. Well, that sounds odd. What I mean is that she likes you as an adult human, not just her son.” I’m feeling so content and well……so fucked…… a good way that is.

Pete’s voice is deep and throaty, a rumbling whisper. “I love your skin. God, you’ve got the most incredible skin!”

My brain was concentrating on three points: Pete’s lips on my neck, Pete’s arms around my chest and Pete’s cock pressing against my back. This is so weird! A few months ago I was so alone, well except for Jase which, of course, is a huge exception and now I’m so totally with someone. I feel so complete, so content.

“I like your mom……..she’s so different from mine.” Pete’s right hand slid down my stomach and cupped my cock and balls. His fingers begin exploring my balls, probing gently, rolling them. “You’re checking for testicular cancer aren’t you?”

He laughs. “No! Okay……………maybe like one tenth of my mind was on that but mostly I just love your balls. They’re huge!” I do have nice balls.

“It feels really good when you hold my balls.” My head rolls back against Pete’s shoulder. “Actually I think that it makes me feel safe. That’s gotta be like some deep genetic or psychological thing.” I do feel safe with him.

Pete was nibbling on my ear lobe. “It could just be a horny thing too.”

This is just too good! There’s no fucking way that my luck justifies having my life be this good. He’s probably gonna get hit by a truck or something. Now that would be in keeping with my luck. A big whumpin ass Peterbilt semi loaded with raw steel and careening out control at eighty miles an hour. Thwap!! That would be my fucking luck!

“I love you sooo fucking much!” Pete’s chin was resting in the crook of my neck and his voice was soft.

“I love you too, Pete……………… do drive carefully don’t you?”

“Sure I do………whadya mean?

“Well, you’re a doctor and you guys are always concentrating on your patients and germs and shit like that and you’re probably not watching where you’re going when you drive.”

The hot bod that I was lying against shifted. “Eric, I drive very carefully.”

“Well, you know what I mean. Doctors are always a bit vague about things other than fixing people up.” The hot bod inhaled deeply.

“Vague?” He put his hand under my chin. “Eric, when have I ever been vague?” I really didn’t mean to irritate him.

I turned my head in his hand and kissed it. “It’s just that I don’t deserve you…….and……well……I guess that I’m afraid you’ll be taken away from me.”

Pete’s body relaxed back against the headboard. “So that’s it!”

“What’s it?”

“This whole discussion. This is all about self worth.”

“It’s my mother….at least I think that it is…..she probably did this.”

“Couldn’t a been you?” I could hear the smile in his voice.

I twisted my head and looked up at him. “Nope, I’m perfect.” I smiled up at him. “At least you seemed to think so fifteen minutes ago.”

Pete scrunched down in bed and pulled the covers up over us. “Well, you got me there.”




Jase rolled over on his stomach and then walked on his hands and knees over to the sofa where Pete and I were lying. My sofa is 117” long and so we can both pretty much lay out straight on it. Like tonight Pete is at one end reading some medical stuff and I’m at the other end watching television. We keep in touch with each other with our feet and legs, which are intertwined.

Jase puts his elbows on Pete’s stomach and is rewarded with a grunt. He puts his magazine down and swings Jase up so that he’s sitting on his hips. Jase leans forward with his hands on Pete’s chest and talks right into his face. Where does this kid come from? I never had guts like that. Of course the Spider Man pajamas take away a little of the impact.

“The thing is Pete, I been watchin this program about a hospital and sick people and all and last night this boy was hurt cause he didn’t have on his seat belt and he was drivin his dad’s car really fast.” The big disadvantage of this sofa is that I have to look at the back of Jase’s head and his back blocks my view of Pete so I can’t cue him on stuff about Jase. With my left toe I gently rub the inside of his right leg in the hope that he gets it that this could be dangerous territory. For one thing Jase is NOT supposed to be watching that shit!

Somehow I can feel how closely Pete is listening to Jase.

Pete reached up and touched the side of Jase’s face and Jase continued.

“What I was wonderin is if boys get hurt like that a lot? I was also wonderin if boys like that always die……..cause that boy did, he died.” Jase in nodding his head to emphasize that he knows what he saw. In my mind I can see that look that Jase would have on his face. He’s looking for reassurance that the odds are on his side that none of that crap could happen to him and at the same time there is this incredible bravery about him, this kind of “Just tell me what’s gonna happen and I’ll deal with it.” bravery that seems always to be with him.

Pete uses his doctor voice but at the same time he keeps his hand on Jase’s shoulder or leg. “Sometimes that does happen, Jase. Sometimes boys aren’t careful like you are and sometimes they get hurt. Most of the time when those boys get to the hospital the doctors are able to fix em up but sometimes they’re hurt too bad and sometimes they die. But, Jase, that doesn’t happen very often, usually they get well.”

Jase knew what he had seen. “That boy didn’t, he died.”

“Sometimes that happens, Jase.” I decided that it was time for a fatherly intervention.

I sat up and straddled Pete’s legs directly behind Jase. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed the side of his neck.

“Wanna tell your dad why you were watching that program?”

“Dad! It was so neat! There was this guy that had a whole tree branch shoved up his nose! And they didn’t know what they were gonna do. They had to pull it out and there was blood all over the place.”

I tightened my arms around Jase and just rolled backwards taking him with me. He was screaming. We settle down with Jase lying on his back on the sofa cradled in my arms.
God I love him!

“We talked about this didn’t we?” He nods yes.

“Kiddo I just don’t want you to see all this bad stuff. That stuff isn’t gonna happen to you. I won’t let it.”

“It’s exciting, Dad.”

“But it makes you worry.”

“Sometimes…..maybe it does.”

“If your grandma knew that you were watching that stuff she’d kill me.” I touched my face to his chest and inhaled that little boy smell. I looked up at him and ran my fingers through his hair. “Time for bed?”




My mother set her grocery bags on the counter and turned to face me.

“So you met his mother.” Fuck! Two more minutes and I woulda been in the car on the way to work.

Jase walked in and holds his arms up so that my mother can hold him and then bend down and kiss him. He knows nothing of the danger.

“We did Grandma! We saw chickens and eggs and horses and all kinds a stuff!”

She smiles down at Jase. “You didn’t tell Grandma you were going.” She looks up and glares at me.

It’s like watching some kind of bizzaro version of Victory at Sea and mom is like an old English battleship, a dreadnaught plowing it’s way through the heavy swells of the cold North Sea, battle flags crackling in the near gale force winds while slowly her mighty sixteen inch guns turn towards me.

A huge blast of cordite smoke and a metaphorical 2000-pound solid steel projectile goes wooshing past my head.

Jase wanders back to me and leans against my left leg all relaxed confidence except that I can feel that his right hand is behind my back and that he’s holding tight to my belt.

“Ma! Don’t get all freaky on me! This was just a two hour romp in the country. Nobody renounced their citizenship.”

She walks over to me and holds my face in her hands. “Sweetheart! That’s wonderful! It’s good that you were able to take Jason out to the country for a day.”

Back at the counter she’s unpacking containers of food. “I’ve seen Mrs. O’Connor at the market she looks like she’s a wonderful person. Well…….maybe a little on the thin side. But she’s got a wonderful smile. She’s works with crazy people doesn’t’ she?”

“Mom! She works with people who have problems too, not just insane people.” What the fuck am I saying? “Mom, I don’t think that they use that term anymore. I’m sure that most of her patients just have personal problems that they’re working on, not that they’re crazy or mentally ill or anything like that.” I’m the one who’s nuts. Nuts for letting her maneuver me like this.

I walk up behind her and wrap my arms around her. “You’re okay with this? I need you not to be beating up on Pete’s mom. He’s crazy about you.”

She turns in my arms and puts her hand on the side of my face. “I love him too, Eric.” She turns back to her food containers. “Maybe if we can get a little decent food into her she won’t looks so……so……thinnnn.”


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