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The Good Doctor
--- Chapter 20 ---
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The Good Doctor 20

“Eric! You’re not nailing in nails! You’ve got to pound and push, pound and push. You’re trying to gently stretch the meat while making it thinner.” She lightly slapped the back of my head, not hard, she didn’t try to hurt me, it was an Italian attention getter. No, I would never do that to Jase!

“Okay, Ma! I got it……….pound and push, pound and push!” Pound and fucking push! Pound and fucking push!

She looks at me up and down. “You know, Eric, you need to buy smaller pants. Why is it that your pants are always just barely hanging on your hips? It looks so sloppy.”

“It’s a casual look, Mom.” She glares at me.

“We just want to get the meat thin enough and big enough that we can roll our filling in it.” It’s like watching magic. Her hands and fingers are moving like lightning. She chops parsley and throws it in with the Italian breadcrumbs and chopped eggs, pours the olive oil in and mixes quickly with her fingertips. Then she scoops some out and rolls it up in the veal and pins it with toothpicks.

“Now we brown the meat in the pan.” She grabs her big fork and suddenly the meat is in the pan browning. I guess. Why am I doing this? Never come home early! This never happens when I’m running late.

“Now, Eric…………..”

Something occurs to me. “Mom, I gotta check on Jase.” I rinse my hands off quickly in the sink.

“Why? Eric, Jason is fine!” She’s pointing that fork at me. It’s like two fucking feet long.

“Mom, he was feeling a little off this morning.”

She is talking to me and without missing a beat forking her braciolla into her red sauce. “What? He’s fine! He didn’t say anything! He’s in watch television. But he has been quiet.” Her pot of water on the back burner comes to the boil and she begins dropping in her crab ravioli. “Sick? You really think that he’s sick?” She drops a knifefull of chopped garlic into the frying pan on the front burner and then, using her tongs, takes broccoli from the other pot of boiling water and drops it in with the garlic and olive oil, there’s an explosion of steam and sizzle.

Okay so this is cruel. Jase isn’t sick, I just had to get out of that kitchen. “Well, who knows, Mom, maybe he’s fine now but I gotta check.” Yeah because you’re such a great dad! Not much of a son but a great dad.

Mom is shaking her fork. “Well we’re gonna eat!” Like that would matter if he actually was sick. Mom doesn’t like things interfering with food.

I trot into the family room and scoop up Jase. I’m holding him on my lap and I feel his forehead with one hand and kiss him. He looks at me and says. “Huh?”

I whisper to him frantically. “I’m hiding from Grandma don’t rat me out!” He giggles and squirms, now we’ve got a secret and he leans back against my chest.

Jase is watching tv and picking his nose. Well at least he’s learning something. “Grandma’s gonna find you.”

“I know. I was just telling her that you didn’t feel so hot this morning.”

“Huh? I felt good, Dad.” He twists his head and looks up at me.

“Oh, you did? You looked like you might have felt like you were catching a cold……………..or something………..this morning……………early.” I kissed the side of his head again. “You coughed. I remember.”

Mom suddenly appears in the doorway. “Dinner is ready. Where’s, Pete?”

Jase and I look up. “He’s always late, Mom. Last minute patients, stuff like that. We usually just go ahead. He’ll catch up.” I tighten my grip on Jase and then role backward on the sofa with Jase wrapped in my arms and blowing raspberries on his neck. He screams!

My mother is gesturing wildly with her hands but seems reluctant to leave the doorway, like she doesn’t want to get caught up in all these shenanigans.

“Don’t hurt him, Eric!” Geez, does she actually think that I would?

I roll forward so that we’re sitting upright, Jase is breathless. “Do it again, Dad!!”

Mom is insistent. “I put salads out and the crab ravioli is almost ready!” She turns her head and looks back into the kitchen. “The cream sauce needs to reduce a little more.”

I stand up with Jase’s arms tight around my neck and his legs around my waist. I carry him into the kitchen pull him off and lower him to his chair.

The door from the garage opens and Pete’s blond head peeks in first. “Am I in time for dinner?” My pulse quickens and I want to run over to him. “I had a last minute patient. Well, two actually but one was in and out in sixty seconds.” He turns and sets his briefcase down, the muscles move under his shirt and I remember how he looked this morning cooking his breakfast in his white boxer briefs, how they were perfectly molded to his body.

“No, Babe we just sat down.”

Jase goes running over to him and Pete kneels down and gives him a hug and speaks quietly to him, asking him about his day, reconnecting.

Pete walks over to my mom and bends down and hugs her. “Helen, whatever your cooking smells fantastic.” She giggles! Oh, Lord!

Great! Now she’s all girlish! Her son she treats like an ex-con!

She gushes. “Oh, oh, sit, Pete. There’s salad with pecans and feta cheese and just a light lemon vinaigrette and then crab ravioli in cream sauce with a hint of garlic.” She’s putting out plates like a veteran waitress, which in a way she is. “After that there’s Braciolla in red sauce with pasta on the side and broccoli boiled and then sautéed in olive oil and garlic.” There’s no denying the woman can cook. This is actually fairly typical; Jase and I have probably become jaded. A Big Mac is exotic to us now.

Mom drapes her hand on Pete’s shoulder. Oh please! “And for desert we’ve got chocolate Gelato! Homemade, my mother’s receipt.” She’s finally found a son that she can be proud of, handsome, intelligent, a doctor. Now if she can only have me rubbed out and get Pete to adopt Jase, her life will be perfect.

After dinner I scoop Jase up and plop down with him onto the sofa in the family room. Pete stays in the kitchen talking to my mother about the commitment ceremony. Finally I hear her leave.

What is it with little kids when a television set is on? It’s like everything else disappears. Jase’s eyes haven’t left the set and yet he’s rolled over on my lap so that his stomach is lying across my lap and the side of his head is lying on the open palm of my right hand. I feel like furniture.

Pete kneels down behind the sofa and wraps his arms around my shoulders and nuzzles my neck.

I nod towards Jase. “What is this? How can kids do this to their bodies?”

Pete kissed my neck. “They can do that until they’re about ten and then things begin to change, slowly at first.” The little finger of his right hand slid inside my shirt and massaged my left nipple.

He spoke softly directly into my ear; his breath was warm and soft, his voice deep and throaty. “Have a good day?” Kiss. “You look nice.” Kiss and nuzzle. “You smell really great!” He feels so comfortable.

The thing is that Pete is a fantastic lover. For one thing he’s like the horniest person on the planet but beyond that he works soooooo hard at being a great lover. I’ve never worked as hard at anything as Pete does at being a great boyfriend. And the thing is, maybe the most important thing, is that it isn’t just the sex, the sex is just the finale, the natural result of everything else that he’s doing all the time. By the time he gets out of the house in the morning I’ve been touched and caressed over every part of my body. I’ve been told how much he loves me, how handsome I am, how wonderful I smell, how nice my skin is, what a great ass I’ve got, how much he WANTS to fuck me, how wonderful he’s gonna feel when he DOES fuck me, how wonderful I’M gonna feel when he fucks me, how wonderful HE feels while he is fucking me, how there was never ever a better fuck than this one, how wonderful it was now that it’s over and how fantastic it’s gonna be the next time.

And on top of all that, he actually means it! It’s this whole way that he envelopes people, embraces them and protects them. He does it with everyone, it’s why everyone is so drawn to him. Plus………..there’s this huge part of me that is convinced that eventually he’s gonna see what a jerk I am and slip out quietly in the dead of night. I know, I know………..I’ve got all these self-perception issues.

Jase doesn’t move a muscle but asks. “Dad, how come a snake can make its mouth open up enough so that it can eat a rabbit like that?” HOLY FUCK!

I lunge for the remote control and switch to Brazilian soccer. “JASON! We’ve had this discussion like a million times! No murders, no dead bodies, no animals eating other animals…………… nasty stuff!” He looks at me like I’m nuts.

“Daaaaaad! That’s what actually happens! That’s what snakes eat.”

“Jase, I don’t care if they eat Gerber’s baby food! I don’t wanna see it!” I roll him over so that he’s looking up at me. “Look, I know that you got this whole little boy gross is good thing happening but why can’t you do like all other little kids and hide it from me. You’re not suppose to let you father see every thing you do.” I hear Pete groan quietly, an editorial.

I glance back quickly at Pete and he smiles at me and shakes his head slightly. I look back at Jase. “Sweetheart, it’s not that I don’t wanna know what you’re up to it’s just that some of this stuff is…….well, disgusting is probably the wrong word but maybe we could call it……unpleasant.” If he knew the crap that I have to wade through every day at work with that bunch of nutcases maybe he’d understand why I’d like to avoid seeing it at home. But I don’t tell him that, he doesn’t need to worry about shit like that, not yet anyway.




Pete was scrubbing my back, then my lower back and then, oops, digital penetration.

“You checking my prostate back there?”

Pete put his chin on my shoulder, kissed the side of my neck and said. “It’s something you can’t be too careful about.”

Oh god this feels sooooo good! “So do I pass the exam?”

“This,” Oh fuck he’s rubbing it! “has got to be the healthiest prostate in the county. Which, as it happens belongs to the handsomest guy in the county.” Just because he says it doesn’t mean that I believe it. With Pete you gotta figure on a certain amount of poetic license. You also gotta bear in mind where he’s wanting to go with this whole thing which if he thought about it he’d know that it was a done deal and none of this was necessary.

“It’s firm but not hard, it’s very smooth and well formed, a Rolls Royce of prostates.”

I reach behind me and between us and bent his rock hard cock down until it’s positioned properly and then let nature take its course.

His right hand is flat against my stomach and his left is on my hip while he moves into me. “Oh fuck! Ohhhhh, that’s so fucking good!”




Cool sheets a hot man and a clear conscience, okay so I’ve only got two of those things. Actually I should have a clear conscience too but then I always feel guilty about something.

My head is lying on Pete’s upper left arm and his right arm is wrapped around me, he’s warm against my back and I think that he’s just licked the back of my neck.

“Your mom has come up with some great ideas.” I can just imagine. I want to sleep.

“Mmmmmm.” I pull his arm tighter to my chest. His right leg is just pushed through mine and his cock is pressed against my butt.

“She wants us to check out some invitations.”

I knew that I was gonna end up having to pick something out. I really don’t care about the invitations, for that matter I only care about the commitment ceremony because Pete does. I love him and what other people think or know about us means zippo to me. But and it’s a huge but, is that Pete cares and if he cares then it’s a major thing to me.

I twist my head around a little. “Do they come to us or do we go to them?”

His breath is warm on my ear. “The lady from the stationery store is gonna drop off a catalog at the clinic and then we can go over it.”

“I have no taste! I hope that you know what these are suppose to look like.” Yeah, like he didn’t know that I have no taste. On the other hand I don’t want him to think that I’m detached from the whole thing. “It’s just that if you leave it up to me I’ll ruin it. We’ll end up with bright yellow paper and tomato red printing and it’ll have a drawing of a guy in coveralls and a straw hat screaming, “Y’all Come!” I was beginning to get panicky.

Pete pulled me tighter and kissed the side of my neck again. “It’s okay, Eric, calm down, this is gonna be a real easy thing. You’ll see, picking out the invitations is nothing, twenty minutes tops. Just relax, Baby.”

I twisted in his arms are bodies rubbing together as I turned to face him. I wrapped my arms tight around his neck and kissed him, one of those really deep, whose tongue belongs to who kisses. I spoke softly. “Don’t let me drive you crazy. I have a way of doing that.”


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