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The Good Doctor
--- Chapter 21 ---
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The Good Doctor 21

At three o’clock in the morning Pete got a call from the hospital. He whispered. “Babe, I gotta go!” My hand fell from his warm body as he slid out of bed, dressed quickly and hurried to a cold car. I rolled over and went back to sleep……………..for twenty minutes anyway.

I can’t sleep without him. How did that happen? I tossed and turned and finally around four o’clock, I got up and showered. The house feels so empty when Pete is gone and Jase is still asleep. I could wake him up. I could tell him that it’s later, he wouldn’t know. No! I can’t do that! I sat at the kitchen table and finally laid my head on my crossed arms and fell asleep.

I open my eyes. Jase’s chin is resting on his hands and his black hair is all messed up. He’s staring at me.

“Whatcha doin, Dad? How come you’re sleepin in the kitchen?”

I yawned. “Waitin for you to get up.” I reach across the table and touch his nose with the tip of my finger.

He looks at me oddly “Me?”

I yawn, lean back and stretch and then stare for moment at my little boy. I’m totally tired. I hold out my arms to him and he scurries around the table and climbs onto my lap. God I love him! “Yep youuuuuuu.” I bury my face in the crook of his neck and he giggles. I lift my head and smell his hair, it moves like downy feathers across my face. He feels thin and warm in my arms. A little dynamo, the life force is glowing, incandescent.

I whisper in his ear. “Should we make breakfast, Kiddo?” We’re dressed in regulation breakfast making underwear, mine are blue boxers and Jase’s are bright red briefs. I don’t want to ever let him go.

“Yeah, Dad, let’s make breakfast.” He jumps down from my lap and runs to get the bread for toast. As he’s putting the bread into the toaster he asks me. “How come you call me Kiddo, Dad?”

I’m getting the eggs and heating the frying pan. “I dunno. Well………maybe it’s cause my dad used to call me Kiddo. Funny………..he doesn’t do that anymore but he used to, when I was a kid. Maybe that’s it, kid equals kiddo or………………I dunno, maybe not. Seems to me that it’s an Irish expression.”

“Did you like it when Grandpa called you Kiddo?”

I sprayed the bottom of the frying pan and started cracking eggs into it. “Yeah………I guess that I did, Jase. I guess that it made me feel closer to him in a way, although I don’t know why it would but yeah I think that it did. Why, don’t you like it when I call you Kiddo?”

He didn’t look at me but concentrated on the toaster. “Yeah, Dad, I like it a lot when you call me Kiddo.” His voice got softer. “It makes me feel good.” Little kids are so honest, it’s all right there on the surface.

We glanced at each other quickly and suddenly we both smiled. I walked over to Jase and kiss his forehead. My right hand gently cups the side of his head. “I love you more than anything you know.”

“I love you too, Dad! More than anything!”


“Rose, I still don’t see why you’re so down. You’ve been whining all morning, you’re getting me depressed.”

“Sweetie, I’ve got two fucking winding machines down! That means that a hundred people are sitting in my factory talking about the television shows that they watched last night.”

“So where’s your maintenance guys?”

“Who the fuck knows? Probably doin each other in the back seat of my car.”

“Get pictures!”

“Honey, the one thing that you don’t need is more inspiration. How are you coming with the commitment ceremony?”

“Well, I guess that I’m not really sure but pretty good I think.”

“Eric, you sound like you work for the government. Could you be a little more specific?”

“Well my mom is handling all the eating and entertaining stuff and Pete is……………..well, I dunno, he’s talking to my mom about all that stuff.”

“And you’re what? Standing around looking pretty?”

“No, Rose! I’m involved in the whole thing! Pete is bringing home catalogs tonight so that we can pick out invitations. You make it sound like I’m not involved, like I don’t care.” This woman pushes all the buttons! But I finally decide that I feel sorrier for her than I am pissed at her and she is a good customer.

“Are these the winding machines my dad sold you like right after the First World War?”

“The very ones, Sweetie! And, as I recall, your dad told me that they’d never break down.”

“Rose! I’m thinking that my dad probably figured that you be buying something updated before the century ended.” She started to speak but I cut her off. “Okay, okay, Rose. The thing is that Aaron, the guy that does some of my repair could probably fix those if you REALLY don’t have a maintenance guy.”

“Well, Eric, the fact of the matter is that one of my guys is on his honeymoon, which by the way is ludicrous considering how long those two have been shacking up together and the other one is down with the flu. So if you think your guy can help send him on over. But for God’s sake do it fast!” I was writing out a note to Ellen and waved her in while I was still talking to Rose.

“Okay, calm down, Rose. Ellen is taking a note out to Aaron now. Give em like thirty minutes. You sure you don’t have those guys tied up in your office so that they can be used as sexual playthings?”

“Honey, I get palpations looking at the pictures in Time magazine! A sexual plaything would put me into cardiac care.”


I’m warming up Chicken Scarpariello in the microwave and beginning to sauté blocks of cold Polenta as my very tired doctor/boyfriend drags himself in through the door from the garage.

I smile at him and lift a questioning eyebrow. “Everything okay?”

Pete drops his briefcase and walks over to me and wraps his arms around me from behind and rests his chin on my shoulder. “Fuck I’m tired!” He never swears! Well, hardly ever. He glances towards the microwave. “Geez that smells good!”

I smile as he nuzzles my neck. “Just one minor creation from Helen Cortland’s World of Italian Cooking.”

This is always a little touchy but I gotta ask. “So everything go okay this morning, the emergency thingy?”

Somehow I can feel him closing his eyes tightly. He sighs very softly and I can feel his belt buckle pressing into my lower back as he tightens his arms gently around me. “Tough pregnancy, tough birth.” He kissed the side of my neck. “Where’s Jase?” Jase heals everyone. It’s funny because I do the same thing. Anytime my day was been total shit the person I need to connect with is Jase. It’s like he makes it okay.

“He’s with my mom. Actually they should be here any moment. This was her day to pick him up.” She’s different with Jase, different than she is with me, more tolerant. And amazingly she does understand that I want to raise Jase the way that I want to raise him and she seems to respect that, well, to a degree.

Pete turns me around and kisses me on the mouth and then moves his tongue in to play with mine. I pull back and then kiss his chin. Pete says. “Tonight…………I just want a quiet evening with you and Jase.” That’s the kinda night that we always have and I give him an odd look. He smiles lopsidedly. “I wanna lay on the sofa with my head in your lap.” His day must really have been a bitch but he’ll tell me about it when he ready. Anyway I like it when he’s like this, I love comforting him.

His right hand comes up and brushes my hair off of my forehead and he kisses me again.
“ God, I love you!” He’s like continually kissing me, like he can’t get enough of little ole me. His day really must have been a bitch.

He starts chewing the side of my neck and I’m on the verge of shooting into my blue boxers when I hear my mother’s car door slam. Fuck!

I pull away from Pete very reluctantly. “I love you too, Babe but the cops just pulled up.”

“Oooohhhh!” He groans and pulls me quickly back to him and kisses me. Damn he’s strong! “Later………I really need you.” I don’t think that he means sex necessarily but maybe.

Jase bursts into the house with a very tired looking grandmother right behind him. He barrels into Pete with his arms raised. “Up, Pete!” Pete scoops him up and for the first time since he got home he looks genuinely relaxed.

Jase has got his legs wrapped around Pete’s waist and he’s leaning back with no sense of fear that he might be allowed to fall.

Pete asks him. “So young man, how did you spend your day?”

“We went shopping, Pete!” My mother is leaning against the counter with her shopping bags lying dropped at her feet.

She waves a hand in my general direction. “Your son is gonna kill me! I told him, I said Jason, stay with Grandma! You think he did that? He was up, he was down, he was on the escalator, he was hiding.” She looked at me and shook her head. “He gets this from you! This is exactly what you did when you were his age.” She shrugs. “For that matter it’s practically what you do today.”

Mom shrugs greatly and pushes off from the counter. “I’m going home. I need the rest. Cooking for your father is a walk in the park compared to this.” She shakes her head slowly all the way out to her car.

I walk over to where Jase is being held in Pete’s arms and kiss him. “So you had a great time with Grandma?” He paid no attention whatever to what we adults were saying.

“Yeah, Dad! We did all kinds a stuff!”

“Did Grandma have a good time?”

Jase nods. “She said that she has the best time with me! We had treats!”

“Did Grandma get tired? You know sometimes you wear her out.”

Jase shook his head slowly. “Nope, Grandma’s strong! She beat me to the toy store! We had a race.”

I looked at Pete and slowly raised an eyebrow. “I rest my case, she’s psycho.”

Pete kissed Jase’s forehead and lowered him to the floor. “Inconclusive! People often exaggerate. Aaaaaannndd, in you mom’s mind maybe it seemed like it was the way that she described it.” Jase had taken off for the family and the TV so Pete pulled me to him and kissed me again. “She loves you. Like me.” I lean my head against his chest, his pecs are solid, like the rest of him, he’s a solid guy. I want to fuck him, I’ve been thinking about it all day but I don’t tell him that. I know that it’s not really his favorite thing but I’m certain that if I can just get him to relax with it a little more than previously we can make this work.


Jase was lying flat on his stomach with his head propped up in his hands soaking up electrons in front of the television. He might as well be on another planet, he’s probably being turned into something from another planet by all those electrons but he seems to like it.

Pete is also lying on his stomach but he’s on the sofa and his head is in my lap. He’s changed clothes and is in jeans and a tee shirt. Pete’s right arm is around my back and his left hand is on my knee. He’s watching television in kind of an off again on again way and often he’s twisting his head around to talk to me. Every time that he turns his head his blond hair feathers out against my pants. His jeans are old, faded and soft and are kinda riding up his butt. Most of the time when he comes home from work he hops in the shower and then just slips into these old jeans, no underwear. Coooomandoooo! The sight of it and my thinking about it are making me hard and I figure that at any moment he’s gonna become aware of that but it never seems to happen. With my left hand I’m lightly rubbing his back and like always I’m surprised by how much muscle is there.

“I get to touch you.” Did I actually say that?

“Huh?” He twists his head around and gives me a questioning look.

I feel stupid. “Ahhhhh, you get to touch me too!” How did I get into this? “I mean it just hit me that we kinda physically belong to each other. Like we can touch each other any time that we want to, it’s not like you can do that with a stranger……….usually. I already knew that but I guess that somehow I hadn’t really spelled it out in my mind. I don’t think that I really meant to say it though. It just kinda came out.” He’s probably wondering where is car keys are. God I’m an idiot!

I lower my voice to the point where I’m positive that Jase won’t hear me. “It’s like at night when you hold my balls while we’re going to sleep. I like that. I like it that you feel that you can do that, that because we’re a couple and you’ve got that right, it makes me feel…………” I sigh. “Am I making any fucking sense?”

There’s a smile in his voice. “Yep, I think so.” His left hand slides up my leg until his fingers wrap around my hardon. Oh my!

At about eight-thirty Jase has gone from lying with his head propped on his hands to lying there spread-eagle with his head turned to the side. He’s out cold. Little boy tired.

Pete and I get up and carry Jase to his bedroom. Nothing really wakes him up when he’s like this, even if he starts talking he’s still asleep. We take off his pants and sweat shirt and put him to bed in just his underwear. He’s flopping around like we’re undressing a rag doll. It won’t kill him not to wear his pajamas for one night, although my mother would probably disagree.

In our room I flip the lock on the door and we undress. The first player to make an appearance is my hardon, which has been waiting in the wings all evening. The thing about a hardon is that it’s either there or not and its meaning is very clear.

Pete has been watching me and smiling ever since we started undressing.

He walks over to me and wraps my dick in his fingers. He’s still smiling and his cock is poking me in the abdomen. “I do know what you want to do with that you know.” His face is brushing mine our breath is intermingling.

“Yeah?” He kisses me and jerks my cock a little.

He whispers. “Wait here for second.” He walks over to the bed and pulls back the covers. His body is glowing from the soft light thrown by the bedside lamps. His back is a V of muscle, his legs and butt strong and lean. Without looking back at me he lies down on the bed on his stomach his face turned to the right, his right leg slightly bent his eyes shut and a small smile on his face. Finally he opens one eye and says. “Now would be a good time.”

Oooooh my!


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