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The Good Doctor
--- Chapter 22 ---
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The Good Doctor 22

Pete’s hands were strong on my back, simultaneously kneading my muscles and working the soapsuds. His hands are large and strong and I have to fight the desire to give in to the sensations and veg out. After my back was clean, with lots of unnecessary but great feeling attention paid to my butt, I was turned around and my face was tilted up. He kissed me slowly, deeply and with a kind of need. I love the hot wet smell of his hair and the little gasping sound he makes as he breaks the kiss.

Pulling back from the kiss slowly he tilted his head slightly and said. “I love you.” His right hand is rubbing my back as he holds me. His eyes are shining and crystal blue.

I smiled back at him. “I love you too.” I’m somehow returning to that goofy in love stage with Pete, like we just met the other day or something. Last night was fantastic, for both of us. I mean that I really think that he got into it too and began to see how wild it can be to bottom. But the truth is that top or bottom didn’t matter because we ended up practically becoming one person and who’s dick was where didn’t really enter into it, so to speak, the more important thing was that we were one, or at least as close as you can get.

He holds my face and smiles at me, that slight smile that says that he understands me, that it’s okay, that whatever nutty thing I’m thinking is cool with him.

For a blond guy, strangely Pete always seems to have a vaguely tanned look to his body. That’s gotta be genetic because I know that he would never like, go to a tanning place.

Getting out of the shower he wraps a big white towel around his waist and the color of his skin against the whiteness of the towel really pops. We stand together in front of the mirror and shave, smiling idiotically and making goofy faces at each other in the mirror.

Suddenly Jase wanders in and pushes in between us putting his arms on the counter top and laying his head on them. He just woke up and he’s still half asleep. Pete reaches down and pulls Jase to him in a straight guy hug. Jase rolls sleepily against Pete’s hip and stares up at him. He crosses his eyes and then giggles sleepily.

Pete smiles down at him and says. “When I used to do that my mom always told me that “one of these days your eyes are gonna stay that way,” not that I believed her.”

To a five year old the world alternates from being a place of total safety to being one with monsters hiding in every dark space and this new piece of information is taken in and processed with caution.

Jase makes circles on the counter top with his finger while he asks. “Was your mom right? Did it ever happen that your eyes stayed that way?”

I glance at Pete in the mirror and he realizes the ground is shifting but he recovers nicely.

“Nope, Jase, it never happened. It never happened to me and it’s never gonna happen to you.” Pete glances at me quickly in the mirror and from the look on his face I see that he figures he shouldn’t push his luck and he ducks into the bedroom for a second and comes back wearing a pair of black boxer briefs. Eat you heart out Abercrombie!

He ruffled Jase’s hair. “You ready to do breakfast, Buddy?” Pete is pulling on a tee shirt over his head as he talks.

I love the way that these two guys get along. Jase is a really easygoing kid but he’s got a certain shyness around non-family people. It’s not that people scare him but more that he likes to be certain that you can be trusted before he commits himself. With Pete it was like at first sight and now it’s probably gone beyond that. Well, obviously it’s gone beyond that. It’s not that Jase considers him another dad, which is what I kinda expected to happen but rather that he thinks of Pete as a kinda dad-in-law. Jase still comes to me when serious hugs are needed or he’s made some of the usual kid mistakes.

To Jase the fact that Pete is a doctor also makes him a great source of information and for a five year old that’s a gold mine. Jase is just beginning to understand that Pete has actually looked inside of a human body and the questions are endless and often unexpected.

It never entered my mind that I might be turned on by someone being patient with kids but Pete’s attitude toward Jase has that affect on me. There’s something about a big strong successful guy taking an endless amount of time to make a little kid happy that is a turn on. I guess that it’s really just a reflection of his real nature and that basic niceness combined with his obvious hot guy looks that really works for me. You can tell a lot about grownups by the way that they treat little kids.

The kitchen is a hotbed of breakfast making. Jase is standing on his little step while he watches the toast and Pete is standing at the stove with a spatula in his hand. While waiting to flip the eggs he shifts his weight from one leg to the other and the boxer briefs he’s wearing slightly resist the move and form more tightly to the muscular curve of his butt. My heart skips a beat.

I walk over and stand behind Pete looking over his shoulder at the eggs. I can smell the eggs and I can smell him. Geez I love the way a man smells, a wonderful combination of sex and shaving cream. The remembered feeling of his arms around me as we lie naked in bed rushes through my brain. I casually put my hands on his back and my boxer-clad cock brushes his thigh. I didn’t plan that! I’m not some perv that brushes up against people in crowded elevators! Anyway, it felt electric and I know that Pete is smiling even if I can’t see it.

Seeking safer ground I walk over to Jase and wrap my arms around him while he waits for the toast. I whisper in his ear. “Remember you gotta push mine down again.” This has almost become a joke. I like my toast really well done, well burnt actually, so Jase makes toast for Pete and himself and then does mine, he’s gotta push it down twice. He thinks that I’m crazy and that my toast is disgusting. Toast is like underwear, you like what you like.

My breath is in his ear and he giggles and twists away. “I know, Dad! I already pushed it down again!” I pull him back and blow a loud and disgusting raspberry on the side of his neck and he screams. He feels good in my arms and I hold him tight even after he stops struggling and then brush his hair with my hands, grooming him, something primitive there. Pete is watching us with a smile on his face.


I’m having lunch with my mother, she just called to let me know. I’m not meeting her for lunch at a restaurant because she doesn’t much do that, instead she’s bringing lunch to me at work. What’s she up to? Oh damn! I gotta clean my office!

So out comes the Lemon Pledge and I take everything off of my desk and then polish the top. There’s no hope of actually making the room look clean, at least not up to my mother’s standards, so this is the best that I can do. Jane and Ellen are sitting at their desks bolt upright looking at me through my office windows like I’m disemboweling a cow on my desk. For chrisake it’s not like I’ve never done this before! I clean my office all the time! And for that matter shouldn’t they be doing this, or someone, someone other than me? In a jiffy it’s all back to normal just as mom walks through the front door.

Mom is dressed in a housedress that’s covered with a wool coat; she’s carrying shopping bags and wearing sensible shoes. My mom walks like Queen Elizabeth, that is like she’s not really used to high heels. I mean that there are women who wear high heels like they came out of the womb wearing them but QE2 doesn’t and neither does mom. Of course QE2 isn’t usually seen carrying shopping bags but there ya go.

Mom stops and chats briefly with Jane and Ellen and I stand up and wait for her. Why? Why the fuck am I standing? This is like a royal visit, only with food. She turns to my office squares her shoulders and walks over. She stops at the door, tilts her head and smiles.

“You cleaned!”

“Hi, Mom. Cleaned? Ahhhhhhh I straightened a little, you know things get messy.”

She sets one of her shopping bags on my desk and reaches over and straightens my tie. “I can smell the Pledge.” She glances quickly around the office and then seems to force her eyes away from whatever bit of disorder it is that I missed and smiles at me again.

“It looks nice.” Her eyes soften. “You look so handsome. Seeing you here………..where your father worked.” She shrugs. “You just look so handsome.”

That kinda takes me aback. I didn’t think of that. She must have brought dad his lunch a thousand times. This must be bringing back lots of memories. It flashes through my mind how I used to feel when she would bring me here when I was a little boy. How big everything looked, how important this place felt. I used to run from the door to my dad’s office and throw myself at him and he always scooped me up and threw me into the air. He smelled of Old Spice.

I get all goofy feeling and grab a chair and pull it over to the desk. “Sit, Mom, sit. You okay?”

She doesn’t sit but starts unpacking her shopping bag. “Sit down, Eric. I brought a nice lunch.” She lays out place mats. Place mats! “I know that you’re usually running over to the burger place and eating that greasy food. You need a good lunch!” She pulls her head out of the shopping bag and stares at me. “Pete’s a doctor, you think that he eats like that?” Something occurs to me.

“Mom, you haven’t been bringing Pete lunch have you?” She stops in mid unpack and then looks at me like there’s an Italian lunch in Pete’s future.

She scoffs. “No, no!” She starts laying out plastic containers and asks innocently. “Does he always go out for lunch?” Oh God!

I come up with a serviceable lie. “He usually eats lunch with the doctors at the hospital. You know, he has to check on his patients and then…………then he, you know, he just eats with the other doctors.” Not a word of that is true, at least I don’t think so.

“Oh, I see.” She smiles and her hands flutter to the containers of food. She doesn’t believe a word of it but she’s keeping her plans to herself. She’s looking around the top of the desk like she’s trying to figure out the best way to lay this spread out. She likes to have her food presented well. Probably just as well that she doesn’t usually see how I do it.

We’ve got steamed green beans with almonds that have been chilled and then tossed with a Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing, Salmon with Lemon Basil Butter sauce and stuffed Zucchini. Mom quickly dishes it all out onto plastic coated paper plates. I guess that she figured real plates would have been overdoing it. She pulls a long Italian bread out of the bag and twists it deftly into pieces like she’s killing chickens, one quick twist, on to the next. I’ve seen her do this a million times and I’m always a little surprised at how strong her hands are and how quick.

We both sit down to dig in. Mom ignores her plate and picks up a piece of bread with the tips of two fingernails and then slowly pulls it apart with two others. Funny, as much as mom likes to cook she really doesn’t eat very much but then this lunch isn’t about eating. I don’t know what it is about but I do know that it’s not about eating.

My mother becomes animated. “Jane! She looks so happy! Actually………………I don’t think that I ever saw her look happy before.”

“She’s getting la…………..,” I bite it back. “She’s getting lots of attention.” I wave my fork in the air. “Her and Charlie, they’re a thing. I told you that, didn’t I?”

So of course she turned around in her chair to look at Jane and of course they saw her look. “Ma! Don’t look!” She always does this!

She held her hands up. “What? I can’t look?” Then she turned back around and waved at Jane. Oh Lord! “Mommmmmm!”

She leans forward conspiratorially and whispers. “She’s a little old. I mean, well, at her age…………she’s lucky she found someone.”

I cram a hunk of salmon loaded with lemon basil butter sauce on it into my mouth. How does she make this stuff? “No desert?” What does she want?

Her face lights up. “Ricotta Lemon Cake with blueberries.” She’s probably sold me.

I gesture at her with my fork. “So, Mom, what’s the reason for this spread? You’ve never brought me lunch before.”

She looks hurt. “Of course I have, many times!”

“No, Mom. You’ve made me lunch a few times and you had dad bring me some stuff once but this is the first time that you done this.”

“Are you sure? It seems to me that I remember bringing you lunch. You know, for a young man, your memory isn’t very good.”

“Mom……………what’s up?”

She was carefully cutting her salmon and looking down at it. She spoke very softly, almost like she was talking to herself. “I……………..I want you to be sure………….about Pete……………..before you go through with this ceremony.”

My mouth opened to speak but nothing came out. She looked at me with a pleading look in her eyes. “You can’t undo this! Well, you can but it would be a mess and I keep thinking about how you were when you were little, how you’d start something and then get tired of it and pretty soon that thing was gone and you’d be on to something else.”


“Your marriage didn’t even last!”

“Mom, she died!”

“Eeeven soooo!”

In my brain there’s a little man kicking me in the side of my head.

“Okay……………………..maybe I don’t say it…………..or……….or even show it, at least when other people are around but I…………I……… him.” I reach over and touch the top of her hand with my finger and she finally looks me straight in the eye. “I really do………like you love Dad………and……and I know that we haven’t been together all that long but I also know that this isn’t going to change. He’s my whole world……………well along with Jase…………and of course you and dad.”

She smiles and starts eating again. “Well as long as you’re sure. You know me, I wouldn’t want to interfere.” Not, “Gee I’m sorry that my dynamite went off unexpectedly like that,” just, “Oh…..well, okay then.” Take me now, God!


I’m lying on the sofa in the family room and Jase is sitting on my chest. He’s in “I love you, Dad,” mode. Kisses, lots of kisses. I’m never quite sure what brings this on and I’m not even sure that it represents a totally positive thing inasmuch as it may be springing from some fear of not being loved or maybe not being loved enough but then I’m probably over thinking the whole thing. Kisses from your son should probably be taken at face value.

Pete walks into the room and sits on the floor near my head and leans back against the sofa. It didn’t take us long to break him of all those tidy habits that his folks took decades to instill in him.

Jase grips my chest with his knees and leans over grabbing Pete’s head and pulling it backwards. He kisses him kinda lopsidedly. “I love you, Pete!”

Pete ruffles Jase’s hair. “I love you too, Buddy.” Jase looks happy, everybody loves him. He lays his head on my chest and decides that this would be the perfect place from which to watch television.

I drop my right hand until it lightly rests on the nape of Pete’s neck. My thumb makes a couple of small circles and Pete’s head tilts back and he turns to look at me. God he’s gorgeous! Those eyes are insanely seductive. How the fuck did I ever get this man?

I lift my head and kiss the top of Jase’s. I whisper. “It’s getting to be like time for little boys to be in bed.”

Jase rises up and looks at me. “Bed?”

“Yep, that’s what I’m thinking.” He doesn’t look like he’s particularly interested in fighting the idea.


I step out of the shower with Pete close behind me. He wraps his arms around me from behind but he has to lift his cock to make that possible. It’s now pressed between us and riding in the crack of my butt. His hands are holding my pecs while he nibbles lightly on the back of my neck.

“Mmmmmm, I gotta dry off.” Pete’s tongue is in my ear and it’s almost better than an orgasm.

“I kinda like you wet.” What a nasty boy!

I dry off quickly and as best as I can and then climb onto our bed and lay there on my back naked waiting for Pete.

Pete walks out of the bathroom and stands naked at the foot of the bed. He smiles evilly at me and then grabs my ankles, holding them tightly in his hands he spreads them and starts climbing onto the bed steadily pushing my knees higher. Penis erectus acomin after me!


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