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The Good Doctor
--- Chapter 25 ---
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The Good Doctor 25

“You’re sure that you’re okay, Dad?” When Jase is worried he speaks very quietly.

Jase’s head with his black hair was leaning back against Alan the bear’s emerald green stomach. I was kneeling on one side of Jase’s bed and Pete was on the other side.

I reached out and touched his hair. “I’m okay, Jase. It was just one of those freaky things that sometimes happens.” He looked skeptical. “Really, Kiddo, I’m okay. Ask the doc here.” Pete’s head was lying on his crossed arms on the edge of Jase’s bed as he watched Jase.

Pete sat up and reached over and took Jase’s hand. His voice was soft but confident. “Were you scared when your dad passed out, Jase?”

Jase nodded yes. “I thought that maybe he was dead like the people on the television and mommy.” Oh my God I never thought of that! I never thought that he was thinking that.

Pete leaned his elbows on Jase’s bed but never let go of his hand. “Jase, do you understand that this is over now and that your dad is okay?”

Jase looked from me to Pete and then barely whispered. “What if it happens again? What if it happens when you’re not around and he dies?”

I wanted to wrap him up in my arms, to hold him safe but I knew that that might only make this worse.

Pete bent his head and kissed Jase’s fingers. “That’s not gonna happen, Baby. That only happens to people who are really really sick and your dad isn’t sick. It happens to people who have bad hearts but your dad’s heart is really strong.” Pete let go of Jase’s hand and stood up. “I’ll be right back, Jase and I’ll prove to you that your dad is okay.”

Pete left the room and I leaned over the bed and kissed Jase. “Sweetheart, I’m okay! I’m not going to die!”

“Daddy, you looked like you were dead.” Oh crap! He used the “D” word this is serious.

Pete walked back into the room with a stethoscope in his hand. “Okay, Buddy, you and I are gonna check your dad out.” He looked at me. “Up on the bed, Eric.” Jase giggled as I climbed on the bed and sat there with my legs crossed.

Pete gently put the stethoscope on Jase and then sat on the bed next to me. He spoke to Jase. “Okay, Kiddo, now come over here and listen to my heart and then you can listen to your dad’s heart.”

Jase became really animated. “Wow! This is so cool!” Then to Pete. “What am I suppose to do?”

“Okay, Jase, I’m gonna put this over my heart so that you can listen to it.” Pete lifted his tee shirt and placed the stethoscope over his heart and Jase’s eyes got wide.

Pete said. “Do you hear the bumpa ta bumpa ta?”

Jase nodded yes. He was entranced and I remembered the first time that Pete let him do this.

He giggled. “Yeah! It sounds soooo weird!”

Pete lifted Jase’s pajama top and placed the stethoscope on his own heart. “Does your heart sound a little bit faster?”

Jase nodded enthusiastically. “I little bit. Cause I’m sick?”

“No, Jase, little boy’s hearts beat faster. When you were a little baby your heart was even faster than now but as you get older it slows down to about what my heart sounds like. Now listen to your dad’s.” Pete lifted my tee shirt and Jase listened to my heart.

Jase smiled. “It’s just like yours.”

“That’s because your dad is healthy, Jase. He’s not sick and you don’t have to worry that he’s going to pass out again.” Pete carefully removed the stethoscope from Jase’s neck and then kissed his forehead. “You gonna be okay?”

“Yeah, thanks, Pete.” He wrapped his arms around Pete’s neck and hugged him and then hugged me. “Goodnight, you guys.” Being hugged goodnight by a little boy can change your perspective on the world.


By the time I got out of the shower and dried off Pete was already in bed. I knee walked over the bed to Pete and looked down at the papers he was reading. “What’s neurocardiogenic? Never mind, I wouldn’t understand it anyway.”

Pete turned to me looking thoughtful. “Have you ever passed out before?”

I told him about camp. He closed his eyes for a second and then said. “I don’t think that that counts.”

I smiled at him. “I think that it’s my prostate. Those little devils cause all kinds of problems.”

Pete turned slowly onto his back and grinned up at me. “I suppose that you’d like to have that checked………….just in case there’s a problem.”

I laid half on him and kissed his neck. “You can never be too careful.” Then a thought occurred to me. “I am okay aren’t I? I mean I know that the dog and pony show that you put on for Jase was to convince him but I am okay, right?”

Pete had a doctor look on his face. “Yeah, you are. Normally I would want you to come in for some tests but you have no real history of fainting and God only knows that I really really know how tense you were about this whole thing.”

That was a total relief! “Thank God! I was beginning to make myself nuts again.”

Pete looked seriously at me. “There is one thing that we probably better check.”

“You said that I was okay! What now?”

Pete rolled me over onto my back and buried his face in my neck. His whisper was deep and throaty. “Can’t forget to check that prostate. Wouldn’t want that baby to quit working.” He reached over to the nightstand for lube and then I felt his fingers massaging in the cool familiar fluid.

“Ooohhhhhh yeah! Ohhh doctor! Oh you’re so good at this. Ohhh! If I was on the football team I’d want you to check my prostate too.” His knees were pushing up my legs and I pulled his cock down and positioned it.

Then in his normal concerned boyfriend voice. “You okay? Ready?”

The thing is, one of the many reasons that I love Pete is that he actually cares if I’m ready.

The lamp on Pete’s nightstand is on and it throws just enough light to illuminate the left side of his body as he begins to move into me. His hands are holding my legs and the muscles in his upper body are tensed and standing out boldly. He opens his mouth and makes a silent “Ohhh” as he pushes slowly into me. I reach up and gently play with his nipples and he gasps and then laughs.

He gives me a strained grin. “Careful with those, this could end sooner than either of us wants.” Finally he’s all the way in and he leans forward and kisses me. This is perfect heaven, being fucked and kissed by the man you love.

Every woman that I’ve ever discussed fucking with, not that there’ve been many and also excluding Rose, seems to feel that fucking is or should be an expression of love. I’m not sure that I necessarily agree. For instance with Pete, I love him and love being fucked by him but I don’t think that the two things are automatically connected, it’s more that sometimes they coincide. Kissing, if it’s done right, seems to me to be the more intimate thing. Like when he walks by me in the kitchen or someplace and just leans in and kisses the side of my neck and says, “I love you.” It’s like he didn’t have to do that but he went out of his way to do it and those are the moments that I keep thinking about.

Pete developed a rhythm of four or five short punchy strokes followed by a couple of almost all the way out and all the way back in strokes and with his strength he was able to control exactly what his cock was hitting. Geez, I felt so freakin open that I could give fucking birth and decided it was time to add to his fun. I clamped down hard on his cock or at least as hard as I could and his head flew back and he gasped. “Annnnggg!”

He leaned forward again and took my head in his hands but never stopped slow rhythmic fucking. Geez he’s got huge hands. He kissed me slowly with quite a bit of tongue work.

His breath is on my face and his voice is a whisper. “I meant all that stuff today.” A drop of sweat fell from his face onto my lips. I licked it up. I wanted to lick his face but he already thinks that I’m nuts.

I pull his head down to me and kiss him again. “I know. Me too. Ohh fuck I’m gonna cum.” I haven’t even touched my cock……….much.

Pete leans back, says, “Go for it!” and starts slamming hard into me.


I come back from the bathroom with a damp towel and clean Pete up. He likes this and so do I. There’s something interesting about handling and cleaning the now soft cock that minutes before was the center of my world. Odd, it doesn’t look dangerous now.

When I’m done I slip on my underwear and toss him his.

He lifts a questioning eyebrow. I tell him. “We’re gonna have company tonight.”

He pulls on his underwear. “You think?”

I climb up onto the bed and drop into Pete’s arms. “He’s just five…………..well, almost six. His mom dying had to be what, scary? More like terrifying and now the thought, no matter how incorrect, that his dad might die. Yeah he’ll be in here.”

“You don’t think that I convinced him?”

I smiled up at him. “Kids tell you what they think that you want to hear. He may believe it to some degree maybe even like ninety percent but I’m betting that he’s still worried.”

Pete kissed the side of my head. “So how do we convince him?”

I snuggled more deeply against him. “Just act like it’s not a big deal. In the end he’s going to attach the same amount of significance to it that we do. That and make him feel safe.” I twisted in his arms until my face was pressed against his chest and my cock was pressed against his thigh. I look up at him and kiss his chin. “Did I tell you that I love you today?”

“This morning.”

I twist away from him moving to my side of the bed and then pull him up behind me and he wraps his arms around me. I talk into his upper left arm, which is what my head is resting on.

“I didn’t tell you in the shower we took before the ceremony?” His right arm is over my body and is lightly holding my chest. I cover his hand with mine.

“Probably. I was too nervous for much of anything to register.”

“Me too………….well obviously.” I yawn, I’m exhausted and I’m drifting off. I kiss his arm. “Love you.”

“Love you too. Sleep tight baby.”


I woke up about five in the morning when my hand brushed against warm flannel. I whispered. “Jase?”

I could barely see him. “I woke up, Dad.”

I lifted my arm and he moved in next to me and I put my hand on the back of his head and pressed it to my chest. “You okay, Buddy?” His fingers were drumming on my chest softly. I covered his hand with mine to stop the drumming and kissed the top of his head.

“Yeah.” It was a sleepy reply because he was all warm and comfy and safe and falling back asleep. I was falling back asleep for the same reasons.


Jase looked up from his eggs. “Dad, can I have a puppy?”

Why not? “Sure, Jase.”

Two heads snap in my direction and they both say the same thing but differently. “Sure???”

I look up and Jase has a wildly enthusiastic look in his eyes and Pete has a weird look in his.

“Ahhhhh what I meant Jase is that sure Pete and I will discuss it and let you know.”

“Dad you already said yes.”


“You did say yes, Dad.”

“Pete and I will discuss it. That’s the best you’re getting, Kiddo.” He feels gypped; with the right lawyer he coulda won this.

Pete asks me. “Did you have a dog when you were a kid?”

I laugh. “With my mother? She would have wrapped it in plastic to keep stray bits of fur from landing on her furniture.” I pause for a sip of coffee and a long look at his eyes. What is he thinking? “How about you?”

Pete smiles and ducks his head and when he looks up he’s got this incredibly sexy vaguely shy look on his face. “Yeah I had a Weimaraner.”

Jase knows an opportunity when it comes walking by. “Did you like your puppy?”

Pete reaches over and rubs Jase’s hair and then gets up and takes his coffee cup to the dishwasher, he’s wearing white knit boxers that are………….just incredible. Damn he’s got a great ass. “Oh yeah, Jase, I loved him, he was like my best friend.”

Jase goes in for the kill. “I want a puppy too! He can be my friend like Pete’s dog.” It’s almost overkill.

Okay so who wants to be known as the puppy hater? I look at Pete and with Jase looking the other way I raise an eyebrow. He caves.

He looks at Jase. “You’re sure that you want one?”

“Yes!!! That was a given.

“And you promise that you’ll help take care of him?” This question is a waste of breath and everyone in the room knows it.

“I willlll! I promise!” Could there be any other answer.

Pete hunkers down next to Jase and there’s an excitement in his voice that goes way beyond Jase getting a puppy. “I know of a really great place to get puppies! The breeder that I got my dog from is still raising them. Maybe we could drive out there on Saturday.” He looks at me. “Whadya think?”

I smile at him. “I think that we oughta try and get one of those Weimaraner dogs.”


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