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The Good Doctor
--- Chapter 26 ---
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The Good Doctor 26

If you have a blond haired boyfriend with a good body and tight Levi’s the addition of an armload of puppies almost creates sensory overload. Pete was sitting on Mrs. Maxwell’s sofa with two licking machines in his arms while Jase was in the middle of the room getting close to a happiness explosion as four pudgy taupe grey Weimaraner puppies were trying to get him onto the carpet so that they could play with him while he held his arms up in the air and turned slowly in a circle.

I was sitting next to Pete on the sofa when another puppy waddled over to me and sat looking up at me with his blue eyes. His pink tongue made a quick appearance followed by a yawn, then he just laid down on my shoes and fell asleep.

I looked at Pete and then pointed at my shoes. “I like him.”

He looked over at Mrs. Maxwell. “Loraine what are the parents like? With Jase we don’t want a puppy that’s going to turn into an overly aggressive dog.”

Loraine was rocking in and old-fashioned wooden rocker. She bore the weirdest resemblance to The Wicked Witch of the East or is West, anyway the one with the monkeys. “Even tempered and very healthy………..on both sides. And they’re a little smaller than your typical Weimaraner, a little lighter weight.”

Pete looked down at my feet and then up at me. “He’s asleep.”

“That’s what I like about him, laid back, cool, besides he smiled at me. I get the feeling that he needs us.” I guess that he can’t figure that I’m any nuttier than I was before.

For a moment Pete got that “How the fuck do I deal with this?” look on his face and then said. “Smiled?”

“Kinda, in a doggie way.” Why did I do this? I’m not even sure that I like dogs. Okay, I guess that I did it for Jase. A boy should have a dog or something. I don’t want Jase growing up to be one of those kids who only remembers that they were never allowed to have anything when they were a kid. And a mammal sure beats the fuck out of the alternatives.

Jase was trying to walk over to the sofa while dragging a herd of jumping, tumbling puppies behind him. He was kinda in puppy overload and climbed up on the sofa. He looked back and forth from Pete to me. In a way he was a puppy himself.

“Can we have more than one, Dad?”

I smiled at him. “What do you think?”

He decided to try an end run and turned to Pete. “Shouldn’t we get more than one, Pete?”

Pete pulled Jase against his side in a kind of hug and said. “Jase, I’m thinking that one is maybe all that we can handle. They do get to be big dogs.”

I bend down and picked up my puppy and then held it in my lap and looked at Pete and Jase. “I like this one, Jase.”

He slid over and petted the puppy. “Why this one, Dad?”

“He told me that he wants to be your puppy.”

Jase wants to believe. “No he didn’t! He did? Dad, are you lying? Dogs can’t talk!”
He turns to Pete. “He’s lying right?” Pete just smiles.

I pick the dog up and put him on Jase’s lap. He takes one quick lick of Jase’s chin and then goes back to sleep. He’s an armful for Jase but still I’m thinking love at first sight…….well almost first sight.

I look up at Pete and he looks at me with those sky blue eyes. He overwhelms me at the oddest times, times when I should be thinking of something totally different and then he looks at me and it’s like WHAMO. It’s like a tidal wave of maleness……of him that washes over me and its love and sex and intimacy all rolled into one, the essence of him.

I swallow, blink and then ask him. “You think this guy’ll be okay?”

Pete smiles at me and his mouth opens slightly and in my head I know what those lips taste like. “I think that he’ll be just fine.” He reaches over brushes Jase’s hair back and asks him. “Whadya think, Jase? What would you name him?”

Jase doesn’t hesitate. “I’m gonna call him Charlie.” He looks up at us. “I been thinking about it and I like that name.” Oh God, two Charlie’s in my life. Well at least the other one doesn’t live with us.


Puppies are expensive! First there’s the puppy himself. That’ll be $600, thank you. Then there’s the puppy cage, the puppy leashes, the puppy medicine, the puppy grooming tools, the puppy bed, the puppy food, the puppy treats and on and on and on. But the greatest price of all has yet to be paid. Introducing the puppy to Mom.

In a kind of sick way I’m looking forward to bringing those two together. Actually I think that my Mom needs to have a puppy somewhere in her life. Every other living thing in her life she pretty much controls but puppies are different, unless of course they like Italian food. Okay, so they’re not so different in terms of rewards and punishments but they are much hairier and they poop on the lawn.

We pull into the driveway and begin to unload the station wagon. As we’re pulling the dog cage, with dog inside, out and onto the pavement my mother pokes her head out of the door between the garage and the house. She has an apron on and is carrying a spoon. She hurries to the car and then moves more slowly.

I smile at her. “We got Jase a dog.” She’s a riot of mixed emotions.

“A dog. You got Jase a dog.” She stands well back with one hand on her throat and the other clutching her wooden spoon in the defensive position. Her behavior is always altered around Pete. There’s something about his being a doctor that inhibits her, like he was a cop or something. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Pete carrying a huge bag of puppy chow and in the other arm some of our other purchases. He was half way to the door to the house when Jase pulled on his arm and stopped him. Pete bent down and they held a quick conversation.

I reach out and pry Mom’s hand off of her throat and pull her gently to the cage. “His name’s Charlie, Mom.”

“Eric, what are you gonna do with him?” She points at Charlie with her spoon. He stares at her with his blue eyes and tilts his head like somehow he’s understanding what she’s saying. “Eric, he’s a dog!” She fake shivers. “They make such a mess.”

“Mom, he’s a puppy………….and Jase loves him.” I know that she means well. I know that she’s only thinking of what will be best for her family. Frankly I don’t think that life is meant to be lived all that neatly. It seems to me that life is inherently messy, things like eating, drinking, vomiting, taking a dump, orgasms, giving birth, little boy’s runny noses, French kissing, rimming, oral sex and much much more. I’ve never understood beautiful Metropolitan Home type houses. I always wonder if those people have kids or if they ever fuck. I’m not sure that I could get a hardon in a bed with a $5000 bedspread. Hey, if it was up to me the dog could eat off of my plate……….as long as he didn’t eat too much. It’s taken a long time to pull Pete down to my level and still, every once in a while, I catch him vacuuming when there’s no earthly need for it.

I don’t want to give the impression that our house is a dump, because it’s not. From the ground up it’s a great house with even more room than we need and Mom seems genetically disposed to clean everything that she comes into contact with and so our house is a lot cleaner than we probably have a right to expect it to be.

She waves her spoon at me. “Well don’t expect me to clean up after him!” She starts to say something and then waves both arms in dismissal, turns and quickly walks back to the house. I kneel down open the door to the cage and lift Charlie out. He licks my face and wiggles. “The worst is over, Charlie.”

Jase comes running back outside. “Dad, I wanna play with Charlie.”

“Good! He needs to pee.” I reach into the car and pull out his leash. I hook him up and hand the leash to Jase. “Take him into the back yard. Walk your dog.”


Pete is lying on his stomach on the sofa, he’s still in his jeans but has pulled out his shirt and is watching the late news. I climb up behind and on top of him and lay my head on his broad back my crotch is pressed to his butt. I mumble into his back.

“I’m dogged out.” The two puppies, Charlie and Jase were both sleeping in Jase’s bed.

Pete turns his head awkwardly toward me. “Should Charlie be sleeping in his cage?”

“You don’t think I should let him sleep with Jase?” I shove my hands up under his shirt and he lifts up a bit and I pretty much wrap my arms around him, the palms of my hands are on his pecs.

He groans. “Mmmmm, that feels good.” He clenches his butt. He knows what I’m thinking.

“The thing is, I guess, that I don’t really know what’s best. My dog always slept with me. Geez I loved that dog! Anyway maybe we should get a book or look on the internet and see what the conventional wisdom is.”

Pete starts to turn over and I lift myself up so that he can. We end up lying on our sides facing each other. Pete smiles. “I wanted to be able to kiss you.” Which he does. In this light his eyes are a very dark blue and while neither of us has showered since this morning Pete just smells more intensely him, deeply masculine, sexy. I want to lick him.

He continues. “The thing is that this is all new. Charlie is just a puppy and as you pointed out so is Jase. I don’t really see any downside but it’d be dumb not to check.” That’s a doctor thing, civilians just guess.

He kisses the side of my neck and it sends shivers through me. I unbutton the top few buttons on his shirt and play with his chest hair and finally pull his shirt open and kiss his chest.

“I want to fuck you.”

He smiles at me and kisses me lightly. “I know.”

I shove my right hand under and around his head and pull him to me for a longer deeper kiss. “How did you know? I haven’t said anything.” I slide my knee between his legs.

He laughed. “Every time I turned around today you were looking at my butt. Aaaaannd, I dunno, I can just tell.” My left hand reached for his right and we started playing with each other’s fingers. His head was lying on my arm and our faces were only inches apart. Again I’m getting that urge to lick him.

I ask him. “You ever get………………..ahhhh……….like an urge to lick me?”

He laughed again and kissed my fingers. “All the time! Usually when I’m fucking you, then I feel it big time. I guess that I mostly morph that into a kiss but I have licked you. Why? Do you think it’s weird?”

“No! Cause like I feel that way, well not all the time but lots! I do it quite a bit.”

“I know. I feel it when you do. It makes me feel good, like you not only love me but like me and are attracted to me on some primitive level.”

I smiled, maybe a bit evilly. “How do you feel about biting?”

Pete nuzzled my neck and spoke softly almost directly into my ear. “Bite?” He laughed. “Maybe nibble.” He bit me very lightly on my shoulder. “Well, maybe if you fuck me from behind, you could bite the back of my neck. Just don’t get carried away. Actually that might be cool……………or rather hot.”

I slide over him, stand up and start pulling him up. I smile at him. “Come on, your keeping me up past my bedtime.”

I’m pulling Pete toward the bedroom and he grabs me and pulls me back against him. While he’s chewing on the side of my neck he’s also shoving his hands down the front of my jeans. I grunt as he gently squeezes my balls.

“Ohhhh, Doctor, I am gonna soooo fuck you!” He laughed and we walked to our bedroom with his cock pressed to my ass.

Once in the bedroom Pete sat on the edge of the bed and pulled me to him by the waistband of my jeans. I whipped off my tee shirt as Pete opened my pants and gently held my cock in his hands. He looked up at me and then dove down on it taking my cock all at once. I gasped and my hands went to his shoulders for support. Finally I fell forward and pushed him back on the bed as I straddled his head driving my cock down deep into his mouth. While never letting go of my cock he pushed my jeans off of my butt and then reached behind me and wrapped his hands around my nuts and pulled them backwards.

“No, Pete! Pete! No, you’re gonna make me cum!” He pulled off of my dick and then licked his way up past my abs and then sucked on my left nipple. I slid down his body until we were face to face and then we met in the middle in a kiss.

I sat up and then climbed between his legs and started pulling at his pants. He lifted his hips and pushed his pants and briefs down and I pulled them off. When I looked up at him he was lying on his back with his head up to watch me and the muscles and tendons in his neck bulging. He looked……………not quite worried, maybe concerned.

I laughed. “Will you fucking relax! This isn’t supposed to be an ordeal. I’m not gonna hurt you.” My dick was pointing at the ceiling.

Pete dropped his head back onto the bed and finally breathed. “I know! Just remember that I’m not as good at this as you are and besides, your dick is really thick. His dick was hard and lying on his stomach. I reached over grabbed the lube and then scooted forward until my knees were under Pete’s legs and on either side of his butt.

I squeezed some lube onto my fingers and then bent forward and took the head of his dick in my mouth. How the hell do I ever get this thing in my ass? And he’s worried about taking mine? His head came up and he made the “Annggghh!” sound. I started to apply the lube to his butt and he made the sound again.

I gently slid my finger into his butt, moving in slightly and then out quickly so that the muscles have time to adjust. After a minute or two I can keep one finger inside of him and then I begin working on the second. I can feel the change in Pete, he’s decided that this isn’t gonna kill him. I look up at him and grin.

“I think that I found your prostate.”

Pete strains to lift his head and whispers. “Fuck me!” Okay, you talked me into it.

I squirt some lube on my hand and coat my cock and then apply even more to Pete. I bend my dick down and just place the head of my cock at his butt hole.

“Okay, Babe, I’m right there, you set the pace.” Pete pushes toward me and slowly, haltingly pushes himself onto my cock. This is where I can potentially get into trouble. If I actually allow myself to really think about what I’m doing I’m gonna blow my load before I’m even all the way in. His sphincter is like a tight rubber band moving slowly down the length of my cock. My hands are on his legs and his hands are between my legs and his butt so that I can’t go too fast.

I begin slowly fucking him, long slow steady strokes not all the way in and not all the way out. I watch Pete’s face and it’s gone from relaxed to somewhere between “Get that fucking thing outta me!” to “I wanna have your baby.” His head lifts up and he gets this “Oh fuck!” look on his face and then drops it back on the bed and turns it from one side to the other. I slight sheen of sweat has appeared on his forehead. I’m not as big as Pete but I’m agile and I lift my butt up so that I’m fucking down when I want to or I can aim right for his prostate. I kinda alternate.

He grunts when I shove it all the way in but I hold it there and with my hands on his shoulders I lean forward and kiss him hard on the mouth. He just gasps, “Ohhh!”. I put my arms around his neck and pull him up so that he’s straddling me while I continue to fuck up into him and now he’s meeting me stroke for stroke. His cock is between us making a river of precum and I grab hold of it and using the precum start to slowly beat him off. We kiss in the most passionate way that I can ever remember. It’s like neither one of us wants to break that kiss and I’m still slowly beating him off but I also know that I’m gonna shoot any second so I jerk him faster and shove my tongue even farther down his throat.

I choke out. “I gonna cum in your ass!”

He kisses me hard. “Oh fuck! Fuck me!”

And then he’s shooting this firehouse stream of semen three four five shots up between us and then it’s running down my chest into our crotches. I slam into him and start shooting and it feels like it’s turning me inside out and I hold his head and shove my tongue deep into his mouth while I’m pumping my load of semen into his ass.


I’m laying half on top of him and the room smells like twenty guys have shot off. If I weren’t hanging on to him I’d slide off because of all the semen.

I kiss him and whisper. “Well, that worked out well.”

His eyes are hooded but there are occasional flashes of bright blue. He kisses me on the side of my head. “We’re a mess.”

I wrap my arms around Pete’s head and stare into his eyes. “You know, you’re more fun than just about anybody!”

Pete laughs and then runs his right hand over his chest and scoops up as much cum as he can and then reached back and rubs it into my butt. He likes my butt.

“You do bring out the best in me……….literally. But now the trick is for us to get up off of the bed without coating everything in cum.”

I stand up and start pulling him up by the hand. “Fuck it! Let’s shower.” I pull him off the bed toward the bathroom but he stops and then pulls me back to him and wraps his arms totally around me. He kisses the side of my neck and then licks over to my mouth and then kisses me. I bury my head in the crook of his neck and just let his warmth wash over me. He makes me feel safer than I’ve ever felt.

He breaks the kiss and then runs the fingers of both of his hands through my hair and stares into my eyes. “Yeah………..let’s shower.”


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