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The Good Doctor
--- Chapter 27 ---
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The Good Doctor 27

There are some things that happen to you that you understand instantly, even when they’ve never happened to you before and they happen in a dark hallway.

I knew that what was squishing up between my toes was dog shit and I knew who it belonged to.

I hissed under my breath. “God damn, mother fucking son of…………………… Then came an awareness of another presence. “Oh hi, Jase. Good morning.”

Jase had a paper towel in his hand. “Charlie had an accident.”

“Go get another handful of those, Jase.” He turned and rushed to the kitchen and was back in a flash. He looked so little in his briefs and tee shirt.

I wiped the crap off of my feet as best I could and then hopped back to the bathroom past Pete shaving at the mirror.

I put my foot in the shower and washed it off with the detachable showerhead. Pete looked in at me.

I told him. “Charlie had an accident.” I looked down and the perpetrator was sitting there staring up at us with innocent eyes. His tail was moving at mach one.

He mumbled. “It’s not the worst thing in the world.” Jase was standing next to Charlie and was watching me with a worried look on his face. After scrubbing my foot with soap and water and then drying it off I looked at Jase.

“What’s the matter?”

He took a step toward me. “Don’t send him back. I’ll watch him and see that he doesn’t do it again.” He was just short of crying. There’s no defense against this, when I see Jase about to cry it brings out every protective parental instinct.

Pete shoved his head back through the door and gave me a warning look.

I reached out and pulled Jase to me. I wrapped my arms around him lifting him off of the floor. He wrapped his legs around my waist and buried his face in my chest.

“I would never send him back, Jase. He’s a member of the family.” I kissed the side of his head. “He’s your dog and he’s just a puppy. It’s not his fault because we haven’t taught him what he’s supposed to do.” I pulled his head off of my chest and looked into his eyes.

I kissed him again and said. “Don’t worry, Sweetheart. I’ll take care of everything.”


“Well, Rose you’re the dog person! Whatdya have now, like a hundred?”

“Eric, I have three. Three small dogs.”

“You sure? Only three? God, it seemed like a lot more than that. I remember looking down at the floor in her house and just seeing all this brown fur moving. Anyway what should I be doing as far as walking Charlie?”

“Well, Eric you can do the usual feed him and walk him thing but as far as I’m concerned that’s a pain in the butt. Knowing you you probably didn’t notice it but in my back yard, actually attached to the laundry room door, is this long slab of concrete with cyclone fencing around it. The second that dog’s done eating or first thing in the morning and the last thing at night you put the little critter out on that slab and let him do his thing. I keep a garbage can out there and every couple of days I pooper scoop and toss it in the garbage can. Now there’s a job that you were made for.”

This sounded too easy. “And that works?” I didn’t miss Rose’s little jibe but she doing me a favor so I decide to be nice.

“I got the idea from the breeder. It’s what they do.”

“I could do that. Our laundry room is right next to the garage but it’s also got its own door to the back yard. How big does this thing have to be?”

“Well, you got a Weimaraner right?”


“Well that’s gonna be a good size dog in about six months. I would go with maybe six by twenty. And make sure that whoever does it puts down good drainage cause you’re gonna be rinsing this thing off a lot.”

“So what’s this thing gonna cost me?” I coulda sent this dog to college instead of buying him.

“Two three grand. Eric, what the fuck to you care? Did they raise the price of jeans? You don’t spend money on anything and now you got a handsome stud doctor splitting expenses.”

She was right, which, of course, I found irritating. “Rose, it costs me a small fortune to live plus I gotta start thinking about saving for Jase’s college.”

She laughed. “Yeah, like your mother hasn’t figured all that out. She probably finished paying for his college the day he was born.” Mom does like to think ahead.

“I know, Rose and actually I’ve been putting money away for it too.” Not that I’m looking forward to it. I like Jase being a little boy. I try to imagine an adult Jase with a wife and three kids and decide that I’d rather not think about it. “Anyway that’s not for a long long time.”

Rose was sounding smug. “It makes ya feel old doesn’t’ it?”

“No, Rose! I’m looking forward to Jase growing into a happy adult. I just don’t think that it should be pushed. He grows up when he grows up.”

She laughed that sick evil laugh that she has. “Well, Honey, at least your boyfriend is a doctor and he’ll probably be able to get you a really great rate at whatever home your mom decides to send you to.” I can actually see that happening.

“Rose, don’t you have an employee that you’re wanting to fire?”


“Eric, for God’s sake, pull up your pants! You look like at bum. Don’t you own a belt? I could pick you one up. Maybe tomorrow.” She was standing at the stove and mainly concentrating on her cooking. Her hands and spoon were fluttering from pot to pot.

“Mom, I’m wearing a belt. The jeans are a little big.” How many times have we had this conversation?

Pete had just walked in through the garage door and slid his briefcase into the closet and then walked up behind my mother and kissed her on the forehead. “Hi, Helen. Eric giving you a hard time?” Oh great now him too?

Without really looking up my mother waved her hand in dismissal. “He always looks like such a slob!”

I was opening my mouth to speak when Pete got behind me and wrapped his left arm around my chest, bit the back of my neck and groped my butt. Okay this is better.

Pete spoke to my mom. “It’s because he doesn’t have any hips. Maybe he could wear suspenders.” Oh yeah, like that’s gonna fucking happen! He slid his hand up under my tee shirt and rubbed my stomach and then kissed the back of my neck. Mom is oblivious to anything but food. I’m beginning to get a hardon and I’m not wearing underwear. Fortunately the tee shirt is Pete’s and I’m pretty sure that it hangs down far enough to cover my cock unless things really get outta hand. Geez I wanna just bend my head back and kiss him.

I grabbed Pete’s hand and pulled him to the laundry room. I look up at him and smile. He’s got lust glazed eyes but nothing gonna happen with mom in the house.

I open the door in the laundry room that leads to the outside. “Rose says that we should put a six by twenty concrete slab here for Charlie.” I explain my conversation with Rose.

He puts his hands on my waist and then buries his face in my neck and mumbles. “That sounds great. Wish we had something like that when I had my dog.” He pulls me closer and shoves his hands down the back of my pants and starts playing with my butt. “Damn you smell great!” Suddenly I hear the cooking sounds stop and I pull quickly away from him and spin him around to face the door again.

“So this would be like six feet wide and go out twenty feet and it would be surrounded by a cyclone fence so that we could let Charlie out any time we want without having to worry.” I love it when he grabs my ass. I love it that he wants it so bad.

My mom appears at the doorway. “So what? You’re gonna tear up the lawn for that dog?”

There’s a commotion in the kitchen and I hear little boy feet and padded puppy paws. Jase flings himself at Pete who catches him and lifts him up so that he’s holding him against his chest. Jase puts his hands on either side of Pete’s face like he wants to be really sure that he’s there, that he’s real. In my mind I can feel the stubble on Pete’s face and the warmth of his skin.

I look down at the other puppy, Charlie, who’s looking like somebody should be lifting him up too so I do and am rewarded by wild licking and squirming. Puppy breath, hmmmm, not unlike little boy breath. It’s almost impossible to believe that any creature can be as happy to have people paying attention to him as Charlie, every square inch of his body is vibrating.

My mother is staring out the laundry room door and finally looks back at us. She shrugs, a very Italian thing. “You’re gonna screw up your whole yard you know.”

“Mom, this is almost a half acre, I don’t think a six by twenty slab is gonna mean we have to put our lawn chairs on the roof.”

“Your father worked his fingers to the bone on that yard!”

“Mom, he sat in a chair under that tree drinking beer and yelling directions!”

She shrugged and countered with, “That was the year he hurt his hip.”

Jase senses a threat to Charlie and asks. “Grandma, don’t you like Charlie?”

She a bit taken aback by this. “Oh no, Jase, I love puppies but they’re so messy. Wouldn’t you like something neat like……………… a turtle. Turtles are wonderful animals! They stay in glass aquariums!” Oh my god! This woman knows nothing about little boys! Warm and furry always wins.

Jase wraps his right arm around Pete’s neck so that he can lean out and talk to my mother. Pete’s no fool, he’s staying out of it. And neither is Mom, she waves her hands in dismissal and returns to her cooking.


Finally mom has gone home, dinner is over and we get to be a family. Jase has plopped down in front of the television and Charlie is sleeping next to him. Pete is curled up at the other end of our enormous sofa reading a medical journal. He’s wearing reading glasses that make him look incredibly sexy. He’s also wearing dark blue sweat pants, a kinda beatup old white polo shirt and white socks.

I have no one to play with so I decide to attack Jase. Pete is absorbed in his journal as I slither off of the sofa onto the floor and crawl on my belly until I’m within inches of the back of Jase’s head. “AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHH!’ I scream into his ear as I grab him and start rolling him over on the carpeting. He jumps a foot in sheer terror and then begins screaming and squirming trying to free himself from my grip and Charlie is going ballistic, running around and barking at the top of his young lungs.

This is what fathers are for…………scaring the crap out of their kids.

I carry him screaming over to the sofa where a manically barking Charlie has already picked the high ground of Pete’s lap to be standing on and drop him along side of him. This is really were you need a patient boyfriend but I guess that being a doctor Pete has learned how to stay calm and he does now too. He actually seems to enjoy it!

He cuddles Jase and Charlie until they both calm down and their breathing returns to normal.

Jase yells at me. “Dad, you’re not suppose to scare kids!”

I smile at him. “Jase, that can’t be right. Are you sure about that?”

Jase spoke from the comfort of Pete’s arms, his head lying back against Pete’s chest. “I’m SURE, Dad! Besides, you scared Charlie too.”

I knee walked over to them and rested my arms on Pete’s knees. I kissed Jase. “I’m sorry kiddo, I probably shouldn’t have scared you.”

“You gotta kiss Charlie too.”

I look at Charlie and say. “Okay but no tongues.”


I throw my towel over the towel rack and walk naked into our bedroom. Pete’s lying on his back with a pillow under his head. Like he usually is, he’s reading. I had no idea how much doctors have to read.

I crawl onto the bed and lay my head on his stomach with my left hand over his legs. I don’t touch his cock, even though it’s mighty inviting, because I know that he has to concentrate on what he’s reading. This is life and death shit, for someone anyway. Without stopping he rests his left hand on the back of my neck and massages the skin with his thumb. It’s a peaceful moment and I feel loved.

After ten minutes Pete sets down his article and pulls me up so that I’m lying directly on top of him. He kisses me hard and shoves his tongue into my mouth. I pull my knees up and straddle Pete’s hips. His hands are on my back caressing it and then they move down to my butt and the tips of his fingers pass lightly over my asshole. His left hand grabs his cock and he moves it against my butt. I put spit on my fingers and reach back and lube myself.

He looks at my eyes and smiles. “No lube?”

I grin grimly back at him. “I can do it………………but go slow.”

Pete positions his cock and his hips push slightly forward as I push very slowly backward. It’s not what I’m used to but it’s not like impossible either and as he pops through I let go of the breath I was holding. I look down at him and his mouth is open in a gasp.

Pete says. “Holy cow that’s, oh, fucking incredible!”

He’s moving freely inside of my now, opening me up and I can’t help but think about how this must look, his thick cock up my ass and those huge nuts swinging. This hot man breeding little ole me. Like a cow in a field or a bitch dog in a vacant lot. Those big cum filled balls waiting to dump their load into me. I love Pete but I’m not thinking about love now, I’m thinking about sex, about his brain crazed with lust and him using my body as a place to dump his seed. Love will come later, minutes from now when he’s done with my ass and in need of my mind and my love, intimacy will be here soon but now, this moment is for physical need for breeding.


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