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The Good Doctor
--- Chapter 28 ---
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The Good Doctor 28

When you wake up and the room is a little on the cool side but your boyfriend has molded himself to your back and wrapped his right arm around your chest……….well……..that’s just heaven. And you just leave your eyes closed and bury the side of your head deeper into his upper arm and move your butt a little just to feel his dick react. Not that you necessarily want to do anything with that dick but it is comforting to be able to get a reaction.

Pete’s face is pressed to the back of my head and I can feel the warmth of his breath. He’s a complex man, a doctor, someone who’s educated, literate and articulate and here he lies with his semi-erect cock pressed against my butt and inside my butt there’s no doubt bits of his semen wondering, “Where the fuck’s the uterus?” I laugh out loud and Pete stirs.

He mumbles. “Wha?”

“Nothing, Babe. Go back to sleep.” Why is it that telling someone to go back to sleep never works? I guess because if they’re awake enough to hear you say it they’re probably too awake to go back to sleep.

Pete pushes his cock against my butt. He doesn’t want sex, necessarily; it’s just a reflex action. Why is that so comforting? I can feel the beating of his heart and the rise and fall of his breathing and I realize for the thousandth time that I couldn’t live without him.

Pete slides his hand slowly down my body until his hand is wrapped around my cock. He holds it gently but gentle or rough my cock responds. The poor thing seems to spend most of its life hard and being pushed pulled or beaten into service. Instinctively I push my butt back against him and as he begins to wake up he throws his leg over mine and hunches into me again.

He mumbles, his voice slurred with sleep. “No time, Babe. Work……lotta patients today.”

I decide to test his resolve and slowly turn over underneath him finally ending up with his cock pressed to mine and my face buried in the crook of his neck. I turn my head and push my lips to his. He giggles. “Nnnnnnnn…………ohhh.” He kisses back and then kisses my neck. “Not fair! His voice is buried in my neck. I wrap my arms around him and feel his strong back. I love the weight of him on top of me it makes me feel safe.

He’s kissing my neck and waking up, staying in the warmth until the very last possible moment. Then suddenly he does a push up and hovers above me the muscles standing out in his arms and his chest a solid mass of muscle. I pull his head down and kiss him again knowing that I’ve lost the battle.

Twisting off of the bed he walks naked into the bathroom. Damn he’s got a pretty butt! I roll over onto my stomach with my arm over the side of the bed and my hand on the floor. I can hear sounds coming from Jase’s room but they’re not “We’re about to invade!” sounds but more like playing with the puppy in bed sounds.

I drag myself outta bed and walk into the shower. Pete is washing his hair and I wrap my arms around him and lay my head against his back. It’s too fucking early, too early to be up, too early for Pete to be going to work, too early to be starting another day.

He pulls my hand away from his chest and puts a bar of soap in it. There’s a smile in his voice, there’s always a smile in his voice, he says, “Do my back, Sweetheart.” I’d like to lick him clean.

I want to be helpful and I scrub his back thoroughly paying particular attention to his butt.

He laughs. “You try and go any deeper and you’re gonna need a license to practice medicine.”

“How come you’ve got this rock hard butt?” I ran a soapy hand through the crack of his butt.

“Weight training…………..the lunges I think. But probably more a question of genes more than anything else, besides your butt is prettier than mine.”

“To you maybe but I can’t see it and it’s hard to play with it.” I licked at his nipple. “Hard for me to play with it anyway, you’re real good at it.”

Pete pulls my head up and shoves his tongue into my mouth. He closes his eyes when he kisses.

The water from the shower is pouring over us and he pins me to the ceramic tile wall as he presses harder against me sucking and releasing my tongue and then biting my shoulder lightly as he buries his face in my neck. I can hear his breath in my ear and feel the frustration in him that there’s no time to complete this.

He kisses me again and then pushes off the wall. “No time!” He rinses off quickly wraps the towel around his waist and shaves fast. Just as I’m finishing drying off and getting ready to shave he comes back into the bathroom and gives me a quick peck on the cheek and then he’s off, his shirt isn’t buttoned all the way, his tie is slung around his neck and he’s carrying his jacket and briefcase. He’s late.

I pull on a pair of boxers and walk into the kitchen. Jase is just letting Charlie back in from his morning poop and Charlie is gallumping around apparently thrilled with the way things worked out.

I pour a cup of coffee and slump against the counter as Jase comes over and looks up at me he’s wearing nothing but a pair of little boy jeans.

“How come Pete was late, Dad? He almost didn’t have time to say good bye.”

“He’s gotta lotta work to do today, Kiddo. What’s with the jeans?”

“I thought I’d wear em.”


“I don’t got underwear on.”

“Oh?” I look down and pull back the waistband of his jeans. Naked little boy butt.

“Jase, you’ve gotta wear underwear!”

“How come, Dad? You don’t always wear underwear.”

“Sure I do.” A lie.

“No, Dad, I’ve seen you put your pants on sometimes when you don’t have underwear on.”

“What are you the CIA?”

“What’s that?”

“The point is Jase is that you gotta wear underwear. For one thing your grandma is picking you up today and believe me she can tell from a mile away whether or not your wearing underwear.”

“Did she catch you not wearing underwear, Dad?”

“Ye…………that’s not the point, Jase, the point here is that little boys have gotta wear underwear. You’ll catch a cold without it.”

“You mean like the last time I was sick?”


“I was wearing underwear then.”

“Are you gonna be a lawyer when you grow up?”

“I’m gonna be doctor when I grow up, like Pete.”

“Well there ya go! Pete wears underwear.”

“He does?”

“You’ve seen it…………..every morning when we make breakfast.”

“Oh yeah.”

“So if you wanna be a doctor you’ve gotta wear underwear. I’m pretty sure that they check.”


“You want breakfast?”

“I’ll make the toast!”

“Put on underwear first.”


Charlie knocked on the doorjamb of my office. That’s Charlie the warehouse manager not Charlie the dog.

“Come on in, Charlie. What’s up?”

Charlie walks over and sits next to my desk with his forearms on his knees and his hands together. “Boss, we got our first shipment of them cobalt heat transfer units.” He looks around to see if he can be overheard. “They’re fucking huge!” I get the impression that he’d never say fuck in front of his beloved, Jane, who now that Charlie has come into the office is sitting at her desk trying to look demure. Why is it that whenever anyone says anything is huge I think of cock. I’m fucking sick!

“Well…………I know that they’re big. What’d we get, two?”

Charlie looks at me and nods yes. “Huge!”

“Well………they’re what…………like three feet high and maybe two feet across?”

“Boss, we need more space. Remember they’re gonna be sending us a lot more of them and we gotta keep space between them because they’re fragile. They don’t look at it but they are and you bump two of em together and you got six grand worth of garbage.”

“Charlie, you mean like you want me to build an addition?”

“I think you got to, Boss.” It’s not necessarily the worst thing.

“How big?”

“I say go straight back, maybe a hundred feet. We’ve got the land.”

That’s almost ten thousand square feet or about…………..what…………a quarter million bucks, maybe a half million. “We need that much?”

“Well not just for them but we could really increase our sales to a lot of companies if you could stock more for them.” He’s right about that.

“I gotta think about that, Charlie. Maybe talk to my dad.” I tap my pencil against my teeth. “You can make do for a while? There’s gotta be someplace to stash these things.”

“Yeah, Boss, we’ll find a spot for now, we just gotta be careful.”


When I walked into the house I could hear Jase and Charlie tearing around and my mother yelling.

“Jason, you stop playing with that dog! You’re gonna knock something over and your fathers gonna be mad!” Well there’s her problem, it’s just not a credible threat.

I wrap my arms around her and give her a hug. She shrugs it off but I know that it counts.

“Whatcha makin, Ma?” Her hands are deftly rolling out dough for ravioli.

“Your son and that dog are making me crazy! What? You just figured that you try and kill me by getting that dog?”

“Is that crab?” I grab a junk of it and eat it. She slaps my hand.

“Eric, it’s for the ravioli! You want ravioli with nothing in it?”

“What kinda sauce?” I break off a piece of the crusty bread that’s lying there and chew on it. Suddenly a little boy comes barreling into my legs while a puppy skids to a halt. Jase opens his mouth and I tear off a hunk of bread and drop it in. Out of the corner of my eye I see my mother glaring at me and throwing up her hands. Once Jase has got the bread in his mouth I pick him up and kiss him while he chews.

“You were a good boy today?” He nods yes.

“Wanna do me a favor?”

“A favor? Sure, Dad.” I kiss him on his neck.

“Grandma’s cooking a really special dinner and she needs you to be extra quiet. So what I’d like you to do is take Charlie and sit and watch tv for a while. Okay, Buddy?”

He nods a vigorous yes.

I run my fingers through his hair and pull his head to mine for a moment of perfect parental bliss. “Good boy!” I set him down and he takes Charlie and walks into the family room.

My mother is working hard on her crab ravioli and doesn’t indicate in any way that she’s even heard my exchange with Jase but I can feel the change in the room.

She’s doling out spoonfuls of crab filling onto the rolled out dough. “Your grandfather used to do that with you. I always wanted your father to show his feelings more but it’s not in him, not that way anyways. You remember your grandpa doing that?”

“You mean kissing me?”

“Yeah! Like you do with Jason.” Yeah I do remember. God I loved that man!

“Dad showed affection……….just kinda in a different way. Well……….I mean you can’t compare him to grandpa. One was Italian and the other English, different worlds.”

“Hey, Ma. What do you think dad would feel about me putting an addition on the warehouse?”

She’s using her ravioli cutter and pulling away the excess dough. “An addition? Business is that good?”

“Yeah………it’s good but maybe it could be better. I gotta think about it, you know really think it through. Then I’ll talk to dad.” And she’ll talk to him as soon as she gets home. I pulled off my tie. Who the fuck invented those things?

I walk into my bedroom and strip off, hanging up my suit and tossing my underwear and shirt into the hamper I pull on a pair of khaki shorts and a red tee shirt. Jase comes in and climbs on the bed. He’s jumping and banging on me. A dad toy.

He wraps his arms around my neck and pulls me backward on the bed. “You’re not wearing underwear, Dad are ya?”

I reach behind and grab him and hold him in my arms like you hold a little baby and I rock him and sing.

“Rock a bye baby on the tree top
Lalalala the cradle will rock.”

Jase giggles at me. “Dad, I’m not a baby anymore and anyway you forgot the words.”

Kids know so much.


By the time Pete got home Jase had already been put to bed. Pete dropped his briefcase and threw his jacket across a chair. He trudged into the kitchen.

“Did you eat?”

“I had some popcorn about three o’clock. One of the nurses had some.”

I pushed him into one of the kitchen chairs and poured him some wine. “Drink, it’ll make things better. I’m warming some crab ravioli in cream sauce in the microwave. It’s fantastic!”

“I’m not sure about eating. I’m really tired.”

“Just one, Pete. You need something on your stomach and mom outdid herself.” I put one of his plate and he tastes it.

“Holy crap!” He thinks that’s swearing.

“Good huh?” I pile more on his plate and tear off a piece of bread so that he has something to sop up the garlic cream sauce. Fuck his breath. I love watching him eat which is weird because the only two people that I like to watch eating are he and Jase. I guess that it’s a love thing, probably an Italian thing too.

“The garlic is so delicate you can still completely get the taste of the crab. Damn that woman can cook!”

I sit quietly and watch him wolf down the food. The important thing now is to get food into him and some wine so that he can relax and shed the problems of the day.

I prop up my head on my hand and watch him eat. Finally he finishes and looks intently at me. He wipes his mouth slowly and crumples up the paper napkin.

He half stands and bends over the table towards me. He holds the back of my head and kisses me. I smile at him but let him do the talking.

“Before you, before we met, there was no one to come home to, nobody cared whether I had a good day or a bad one, nobody thought about feeding me.”

I slumped on the table but smiled up at him and spoke slowly. “So that’s a good thing, right?”

He reached over and took my hand. “That’s a very good thing.”


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