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The Good Doctor
--- Chapter 29 ---
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The Good Doctor 29

I hate cell phones, well actually I hate phones of all kinds but cell phones in particular. There’s no place to hide because you carry the damn things with you.

Pete is talking on his. He just pulled his beautiful hard cock out of my mouth because some chronic whiner was able to get him on his cell phone.

He looks at me. “Sorry, Eric but I gotta go.” He pulls on underwear and pants slips on shoes without socks and grabs his shirt and he’s on his way.

My mother is talking to me. “I’m not saying that it’s your fault, Eric but let’s call a spade a spade. You don’t care how I feel about the way that you dress. It’s not your fault it’s mine. Somewhere back in my life I did something……….something to” she waved her arms around, ”someone I can’t even remember who and God is punishing me.”

“I’m sure that it’ll be okay, Mom.”

I wonder how my dad is gonna feel about putting an addition on to the warehouse? We’ve never had any debt thanks to his working his ass off for all those years. Of course this would be a mortgage it’s not like I’d be borrowing money to run the business. I gotta talk to him.

“I have to hear from Eleanor, a woman that I’ve known my whole life, a woman who KNOWS how much I love my son. She’s the one who has to tell me that he’s cutting the lawn dressed like some street person.”

“I’m sure that it’ll be okay, Mom.”

I’ll take Jase and go see him. He’d get a kick outta the puppy too. Maybe we can make it like a father and son and grandson bonding thing. I don’t see him enough. I’m such a fucking asshole. I can’t even go over once a week and see my old man. Is Jase gonna be like that?

“You’ve got those nice tan cotton slacks hanging in your closet, those Docker things. I see men wearing those all the time with a nice Polo shirt. Of course they also comb their hair and God knows that would be asking too much. You should actually get your hair cut. Men are wearing their hair shorter today, Eric! Do you even have a barber? Do you know what a barber is?”

“Jase!” In the family room I see his head swivel in my direction. “Get the puppy, Jase we gotta go see Grandpa.”

Jase looks excited at the prospect of a road trip with the puppy and takes off to round him up.

“Eric! Eric! Are you paying any attention at all? Why are you going to see your father? You can’t take that dog into my house and you can’t go anyplace dressed like that!”

Jase and the puppy come tumbling into the kitchen. I kiss my mom and start herding son and dog to the car.

Jase stops at the car and looks up at me. “Grandma’s mad at you, Dad.”

“No she’s not, Jase.” I scoop the puppy up and put him in the back seat as Jase is getting himself situated. “She was yelling, Dad.” Now with a strapped in, totally captive little boy Charlie seizes the opportunity to lick Jase relentlessly and Jase is fighting him off as I climb into the drivers seat.

“Oh……..just something about cutting the grass, Jase but I think that it looks okay. I just cut it yesterday.”


My dad was sitting in his chair when Jase threw himself into his arms. Dad tossed him up into the air and then caught him and hugged him. It’s amazing how strong my dad’s upper body still is and how kinda failing the rest of him seems to be. Charlie was standing with his paws on the arm of my dad’s chair wanting someone to pick him up too.

My dad hugged Jase and then finally turned him around so that he was sitting on his lap. His voice is still as deep as always. “You got a puppy, Jase!”

“Yeah, Grandpa! This one.” He pointed at Charlie’s nose and got his finger licked for his effort.

“What kinda dog is that, Jase?”

“He’s a Weee………..a Weee something.” Jase looked up at me.

“He’s a Weimaraner, Dad.”

My Dad stroked Charlie’s head. “He’s a good looking dog. Blue eyes!” He laughed.

He looked up at me. “Your mother tells me that you’re thinking about adding on to the warehouse.”

I sat on an ottoman near my dad’s chair. Charlie seized the opportunity and came shooting over and tried to climb into my lap. “That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. Whadya think?”

“Two questions. Do you need it? Can you support it?”

I spent ten minutes filling my dad in on the need for additional space and the possible increase that it could mean in business. He listened intently and then said, “Wish that I had done it twenty years ago. It woulda cost like nothing.” He waved his hand. “That doesn’t matter now though. Eric, what I’d like to do is have an architect friend of mine come over and do some drawings and then let’s see what kinda prices we get. I can help with part of the cost but some of it you’re gonna have to get a mortgage for and before you do anything you’ve gotta be sure that your customers are gonna respond like you think that they will.”

“Son, what you oughta do is invite some of the better customers over to the house. Maybe a cook out or something, get some drinks into em. Once you’ve fed em and got some alcohol into em you’ll be getting a better feel for what they would be willing to do. People will do anything for a free meal.”

“Dad, I didn’t mean for you to put in more money.” Great he probably thinks that’s what I came here for. “I just want your input, your perspective.”

He laughed. “Eric, I could make this a loan and you could pay me interest but I don’t need the income and when I die you’d just inherit the paper and have to pay some frigging tax on it.” He smiled at me while stroking Jase’s hair. “Besides your mother’s been squirreling money away ever since we got married and her dad left her a bundle. It goes to you and then to Jase so what’s the big deal. That’s the way things work.”

I surprised myself by being serious. “I don’t want to think about it, Dad.” I can see the question forming Jase’s mind.

“Grandpa are you gonna die?”

I try to beat my dad to answer that question but before I get the words formed he says, “Sure I am, Jase, everybody dies.”

Geez, why’d he have say that? Jase has a weird look on his face. He looks at me and then at my dad and says, “I don’t want you to die, Grandpa.”

I’m on my feet and talking fast. “Well, Dad, we gotta get going, come on Jase Grandma’s waiting and she’s gonna be mad if we don’t get home, where’s the puppy?”

My dad is confused. “What are you doing, Eric? You just got here.”

“Dad,” I looked at Jase, “ouyae an’tcae alktae about ieingdae.” Lord, if he only knew the problems this causes.

My dad looks at me and shakes his head. “Have you been drinking kid?”

I give up. “Dad……….I haven’t been drinking.”

I lift Jase off of my Dad’s lap and tell him, “Jase would you go get me a coke outta the refrigerator?” I set him down and he and the puppy scamper off.

“Dad………..the thing is that I know that everyone dies but Jase…………..well you got no idea how stuff like this can upset him and how many questions it can generate.”

He smiles indulgently at me. “Eric, kids know more than you think and beside,” He waves his hand in dismissal, “he’s already forgotten it.”

Jase comes walking back into the room holding the can as high as he can because Charlie thinks that it’s for him and is intent on getting it. “Here’s your coke, Dad.” He buries his head in my stomach and pushes against me. He’s tired.

I put my hand on the back of his head and rub his neck. I look up at my dad. “Jase is got a birthday coming up.” I look down at Jase. “Tell Grandpa how old you’re gonna be.” This oughta divert attention at least until later.

Jase holds up three fingers. “I’m gonna be six, Grandpa!” Jase is leaning back against me like I’m a wall. “And I’m gonna have a birthday party.”

Finally I make my excuses and Jase and I run by the office. I turn Jase over to Jane to play with while I call a few customers and invite them over to the house tonight for a cookout. Some of them complain about the short notice but dad is right people will do anything for a free meal. I call my mom at the house and see if she’d mind throwing together a little cookout.

“Cookout? Eric, what am I, a cowboy? I don’t make cookouts. I’ll make a nice meal that people can eat in a civilized way, maybe a buffet.” Thank god she loves to cook.

I’m exhausted……………..and horny. Pete and I didn’t have sex this morning because he went racing off to the clinic again and I’ve been thinking about cock all day.

Pete looked at me with his thumb cocked to the driveway. “Eric, what are all the cars doing here?”

“Ahhhhh I asked em to come over. They’re all customers and my dad said to get them over for a drink and to see if they’d want us to warehouse stuff for them.” I looked at the cute confused look that he had on his face and then glanced down at the packed crotch only just being contained by his khaki slacks.

I pulled a confused Pete into the bathroom and closed and locked the door. He asked me, “Eric, what’s the matter?”

“I need cock!”


I opened his belt unzipped his pants and dug out his cock before he had a chance to stop me. “I don’t care! I’ve been talking to maniacs all day and now I need cock!”

“Eric!! They’ll hear us!!!’

“Not unless you scream when you cum.” I was stroking his rising cock. For all his resistance some part of him liked the idea. I think that it was the part that I had in my hand.

“Eric!! You’re fucking nu……………………unnngggghhhhh!!”

I took as much of his dick into my mouth as I could. He’s really thick. I wrapped my right hand around his balls and squeezed lightly. My left hand was beating off the part that I couldn’t fit in my mouth. I wanted cum, his cum. I wanted to feel it hitting the back of my throat and to taste it on my tongue and to swallow that part of him, to make it part of me.

Rose took a cigarette out of her purse and held it between two long red lacquered nails as she searched for a lighter. She looked up in frustration and then seemed to realize that she couldn’t smoke in here anyway. She looked at me and then at Pete and then she smiled that smutty little smile that is her normal look as she slowly crossed her legs. She knew.

I glanced quickly at Pete. Oh God! He’s got that, “I just murdered someone in the other room.” look on his face.

“Rose! What brings you here?”

She opens her purse and throws the cigarette into it. “Eric! You asked me to come over!” She looks up at Pete smiles and says, “Don’t tell me that all of the fun is over.”


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