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The Good Doctor
--- Chapter 30 ---
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The Good Doctor 30

“Dad, you’re cheating!”

“Whadya mean?” Someone’s gotta teach him about cheating.

“My guy shot your GI Joe and now you’re using him again. He’s supposed to be dead. You can’t just have him keep fighting.”

“He was just wounded, Jase!”

“Dad! That’s not how you play the game! You’re cheating!”

“They can just be wounded, Jase!”

“Okay then my Batman was just wounded and I’m bringing him back in!”

“That’s not fair, Jase. GI Joe killed Batman with a neutron bomb. Batman can’t come back from that!”

Jase has taken about all he’s gonna take and gets up runs over to the sofa and puts his hands on Pete’s leg. “Pete, he’s cheating again!”

Pete lowers his copy of the AMA Journal and says, “Eric! Play nice with the other boys and girls!”

Okay it’s payback time. I grab Jase and tickle him until he’s screaming like only a little kid can and trying to claw his way away from me. DAAAAAD STOOOP!!!!! Charlie decides that this is the perfect time to bark and jump but I’m unstoppable and have Jase down and yelling until Pete decides to get in on the action and jumps me from behind


After they’re done attacking me Pete drops Jase off at his friend Henry’s house three blocks away and then came back and showered, pulled on a tee shirt and a pair of very old and very faded jeans. I mean that these jeans are so old that they’re the palest of blues and don’t even feel like denim anymore. And he didn’t wear underwear. He’s out in the yard now weed-whacking and I’m watching him. I know, it’s kinda pervy. That fabric is so old and worn that it clings perfectly to his concave butt cheeks and creeps deliciously up that perfect ass and cups his cock and balls happily in the front.

I strip off the jeans and tee shirt that I’ve been wearing and pull on pair of thin gray gym shorts and of course no underwear. I check it out in the mirror and while it’s not tight it clings as it drapes over my butt. Pete likes my butt. I comb my hair with my fingers.

I walk out into the yard barefoot and wearing only the gym shorts. The weed whacker was blasting and Pete and I smiled a “Hi” at each other. I take a little fork thingy from the garage and start weeding around the low evergreens that surround the house. I can hear that Pete isn’t moving anymore and that weed whacker isn’t chopping anything but I don’t turn around and look. I’m on my hands and knees with my back arched and my butt sticking up and occasionally I sit up and stretch my muscles.

The weed whacker is moving again but it’s moving towards me and eventually the engine is killed. Pete hunkers down right behind me, so close that I can feel the heat from his body.

His voice is soft and quiet. “Uh………….I think I’ll take a break.”


“Maybe get a cup of coffee.”

“Uh huh.”

“Ahhhhh, you want a cup?”


“Ah, I was gonna drink it inside.”


“So you wanna come inside?”

“Oh, yeah sure.”

I walk ahead of Pete on our way into the house and I can feel his eyes on my ass. Once we’re in the kitchen I can feel his hands on my ass and his lips on the back of my shoulders.

His hands are hot and his voice is warm and compelling. “God I love your body!”

I pull his hands off of my butt and wrap them around my waist as he continues to make a meal out of the back of my neck. I laugh. “You’re supposed to love me for my mind.”

He laughes. “Your mind scares that crap outta me.” He begins to slowly hump me as he holds me. “But I really understand your butt.”

“Really?” He pushes his hand down the front of my shorts and wraps his thumb and forefinger around my cock and balls. I gasp and involuntarily push back against his cock.


“You know how bad I need your cock in my butt?”

“I do. You love my cock.” Somehow I love it that he knows that. That he’s so sure.

“You know that it’s like this insane screaming need and that if I don’t get it in me I’m gonna go outta my fucking mind?”

“Ahh……well…….I figured that it was something like that.”

“Do you know that when I’m at work I fantasize about your hot hard naked body climbing all over me and your big hands massaging my shoulders while you hump slowly against my butt and eventually your dripping rock hard cock is pushing into me and then filling me with your hot cum?” We’re getting somewhere; it feels like there’s a Rhino behind me nudging me.

“Oh yeah? Well do you know that as much as I love your ass and love sticking my dick into it…………..that I love you more?” Pete turned me around and kissed me quickly and hard and I think bit me a little. He backed me up against the wall of the kitchen and bent down and kissed me again but even harder. His hands are really large and he’s incredibly fucking strong. “You’re more than the worlds most beautiful ass to me.” His head came down again and he kissed and nibbled on the side of my neck. He held my face in his hands until his tongue like a foot into my throat and then he dropped them down to my butt where he proceeded to use his fingers to open me up.

“Oh fuck! Keep doing that.”

“I thought that you wanted my cock in your ass?”

“I do but just do this for a little while longer.”

He pushed me harder against the wall and then reached down and grabbed my legs behind my knees and lifted me up and wrapped my legs around his waist. My shorts were hanging off of my left foot. Obviously he had a better idea.

“Whadya say I just lower you onto my cock?” His hands were under my butt and his fingers were playing with my asshole.


“Spit!” He lifted his left hand spit on it and then smeared it on my butt.

“You ready?” My arms are around his neck, which feels like it’s made of steel.

“Fuck yes!” This is like a fucking movie. I’m mean that I’ve seen guys get fucked this way in porn films but never dreamed that it’d be hap…….HOOOLLLLY FUCK THAT HURTS!

“Pete not so fast!” He stops and gets this “Sorry I fucked up look on his face.” “Did that cock get bigger overnight?”

“Sorry……….we usually have regular lube. You okay?” Shit he’s handsome!

Actually I was fucking ecstatic once I got past the telephone pole up my butt part. I was hanging on tight while he slowly started pumping up into me and kinda picked me up and let me down all at the same time. Apart from having his huge cock up my butt there was the added pleasure of being moved up and down against his stomach that was rubbing my balls and the underside of my cock and frankly if I thought about it I could have shot just from that. The only thing that was bothering me was that I was sweating and I just knew that I was going to leave some sort of stain on the wall and well shit mom is like Sherlock Holmes when it comes to that stuff.


“Eric! What’s this stain on the wall?” She was rubbing furiously at it with a dishrag.

“Ah………that was an accident. I think that Jase did it.” I know it’s a lie! She won’t yell at him……at least not yet, of course she won’t forget it either. It’s just one of the many things that I’m sure she’s saving up to hit the kid with when he reaches puberty.

I’ve always gotten that feeling that all women suspect that we guys beatoff or secretly do some sex thing whenever we want to and they deeply resent it and constantly suspect us of it. Somehow I’m sure that this is at the root of a lot of problems.

Mom gave me an “I’m sure that you’re lying but I can’t prove it” look and then walked away from the stain.

“We’re planning to paint the kitchen anyways.” A lie………but also a successful diversion.

She looks up. “Paint? So what color you gonna paint?” Her hands are on her hips. “You’re not gonna do some weird color are you? Like purple or anything!”

Yeah mom that’s what I was gonna do, deep purple with gold trim! “I was thinking beige, maybe eggshell. Something clean.” Like I care! As far as I’m concerned you could drop a hand grenade into a gallon of any color Wal-mart latex and I’d be happy.

She ignores what I just said because she’s having more fun nailing me to the cross. “Cause if you’re gonna do one of your weird colors you might as well burn the house down because that’s what it’ll be worth. Nothing!” The wildest color in the whole house is seagreen in the bathroom. “Beige………………..beige would be nice.” She give me the look. “You’re not gonna do this yourself I hope. Cause, Eric, as you should know, you can’t paint.” She’s waving her dishtowel at me.

This all stems from a birdhouse that my dad and I made when I was eight. He told me that I could paint it any color that I wanted to and I painted it red because I like red and that’s what I found in the garage.

“No, Mom! I was gonna use that Italian guy…………..ah……Pilozzi. You think I could get him?”

“Oh, Pilozzi!” Her hand and dishtowel are clutched to her heart. “That man’s an artist! He did my living room!” She rushes over to me. “You don’t remember?” Somehow this gets to me, triggers some old memory that should have been blasted out of my head years ago but wasn’t. I do remember Pilozzi painting the living room. Mom and I watched and she made cookies for me and for all the painters.

I hit the play button on the CD player and Rosemary Clooney is singing:
“ Lately, I find myself out gazing at stars
Hearing guitars, like someone in love.”

I take my mom in my arms and ignoring all her complaining, and it’s a lot, dance with her around the kitchen. She says that she hates it when I do this but I know better. Besides, it’s Rosemary Clooney! I know, I know all my favorite singers are dead. I find that strangely comforting. At least none of them are going to be indicted for anything that they haven’t already been nailed on.

“Eric this is silly!”

I sing along to the song, “Sometimes the things I do astound me, mostly whenever you’re around meeeee.” I think that I have a really good voice.


At the gym there was a new girl watching the kids. First I should say that Jase hates with a white-hot hatred, being confined to this room with the “babies” because he is after all a very mature five almost six year old.

Jessica seems to be a toucher and her small hand with the long nails is now resting on my forearm. The only people that I really want touching me are those that I live with and that doesn’t include Jessica although I’m getting the feeling that she might like it to.

“Mr. Cortland, Jase has been really wonderful. He’s such a little grownup!” Jase is standing behind her rolling his eyes in frustration.

I smile at Jessica. “I know that, he just loves the time that he spends with you guys here.” My “little grownup” has stomped back to a chair in the corner and is glaring at me and obviously deciding to have me committed at the earliest opportunity.

Jessica’s little hand, which is a lot stronger than it looks, tightens on my arm. “You’re such a sweet man and we love taking care of Jason.” Her blue eyes are staring sincerely into mine.

I feel like someone is stalking me and that they’re armed and dangerous. “Thanks, Jessica.” I call over to Jase. “Come on my little grownup!” Okay, that decides it! It’s the cheapest home that he can find and staffed with excons out on work release. He pushes past me and starts striding towards the locker room. I quickly say goodbye to the huntress and rush to catch up with my son.

I grab his shoulders and pull him back against me as a quartet of handball players brush past with all their equipment bags. What is it with that? One little ball and a small racket and they all carry bags you could put a body in.

Jase doesn’t look at me but he’s boiling. “Why did you do that?” The question spoken in clipped tones. I hunker down next to him and look into his eyes.

There’s a price to be paid for being a smartass. “Cause I’m a jerk.”

“You are a jerk! That was so mean!”

“I love you.”

“You always do stuff like that!”

“I won’t ever do it again and I love you.” I’m not really sure about the never doing it again part but I’m totally fucking sure about the I love you part.

Jase looks at me hard trying to decide if I can be trusted. “You’ll do it again.”

Well at least he’s smart and I have taught him something. “I don’t have any excuse, Jase. It’s just a dumbass thing that fathers do. But I do love you.”

I stand up and take his hand while we walk to the locker room. Like most little boys he’s forgiving. “Okay but don’t ever do it again.” His voice has softened and he’s almost forgiven me.

Later, after I’ve finished my laps Jase jumps into the pool and wraps his arms around my neck as I swim backwards. “So did you have a good time at Henry’s?”

“Charlie pooped in their yard. But yeah we had a pretty good time.” He blinks his eyes to get the water out. “Can I have a computer?” Oh great! A new avenue for danger to come into his life has just opened up.

“A computer?”

“Yeah Henry gets to use his dad’s computer.”

“Ah lemme talk to Henry’s dad. There’s stuff online that you don’t need to be seeing yet.”

“When do I get to see it?” When you’re thirty!

“Wanna play submarine?”


“Hold your nose shut and close your eyes.” I turn him around so that his back is against my chest and his hands are free to hold his nose and then I slowly submerge and drop to the bottom of the pool. I love to lay on the bottom of the pool but I know that would freak him out and give it about three seconds and then bring him back up.

He blinks frantically and gasps. “That was cool, Dad! Do it again!” So we end up playing submarine for like twenty minutes and then trudge off to the showers with our flipflops flipflopping on the wet tile floor.

Back at the car I grab Jase and swing him up so that his legs are around my waist and his face is even with mine. “So do you forgive me?”

He nods yes and then after thinking about it gives me a hug. His arms are clutched around my neck and his face is pressed to mine. “If you do it again don’t do it where somebody else will here you say it. Okay?” That takes away a lot of the fun!

I hug him back and pat his butt. “Okay, Jase. I love you.”

He pulls back and then takes my face in his hands and rubs our noses together. Just like the Eskimo’s do.


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