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The Good Doctor
--- Chapter 31 ---
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The Good Doctor 31

Jase’s hand was on my shoulder to steady himself as he lifted one foot and slid it into a clean pair of Hanes, bright red, little boy underwear.

“How come I gotta wear underwear?”

“Cause your grandma will kill you if you don’t.”

“But what’s the reason?”

“If you poop in your pants it won’t go right through and stain your outside pants.”

He giggles. “Dad, I’m not gonna poop in my pants!’

“Famous last words.”

“What does that mean?”

“Just that a lotta guys didn’t think that it could happen and then. Surprise!”

“Dad, nobody poops in their pants!”

“Wait till you get into college and start dri…………..well, just wait.”

“What’s the real reason? Dad, you always do this! You should just tell me to begin with.”

I sigh long and hard. “Oookayyy! Women……specifically your grandmother but women in general want you to wear them and Jase you’ll find out that what they want has a tremendous bearing on everything that you do in life.” He’s glaring at me like I’m lying. “Okay, the other thing is that when guys pee they just kinda shake the final drops of pee off of their dicks and then shove them back in their underwear. Sometimes there’s a few drops of pee left and they gotta go somewhere and they end up soaking into your underwear. Now gimme your other foot!” His little hand takes a firmer grip on my neck and he lifts his other foot.

“Why do they call them dicks?”

“You can call yours anything you want, penis, cock, dick, whatever.”

He seems to be thinking. “I’m not sure what I want to call it.”

I hold out his tee shirt with the black Bat Man logo. “Gimme your arms.” When his head pops through I say, “How about dick? That’s what I call mine…..most of the time.”

“I’m not sure.”

“Well just don’t call it something weird like Roger or Henry or some fu…… something like that.”

“You were gonna swear.”

“No I wasn’t!”

“Yeah your were but I won’t tell.”

“You’re a sport.”

“I could call it Sport.”

I hesitate. “That’s more of a dogs name. Charlie would have been okay but you’ve already used it.”

“I could call it Charlie and call Charlie Sport.”

“Too confusing. You’d end up sticking your head out the door to call Charlie and your dick would show up.” He laughed that little boy laugh that they should be able to bottle and sell by the case.

“I could call it peepee.”

“That works for a five year old but it’s gonna get old.”

He sighs. “Okay, I guess that I’ll call it dick. Maybe I should ask grandma?”

“What??? Jason, don’t ever ask your grandmother anything about your dick and for gods sake don’t call it a dick in front of her. Call it a penis. Women are nuts about this. Actually they’re nuts about everything. You gotta be careful. You call it a penis in front of your grandmother and when you’re at the doctors.”

“Pete’s my doctor. What does he call his?”

“Oh, yeah, well you don’t have to call it a penis in front of Pete but just in front of other doctors.”

“I don’t have other doctors.”

“Well if you ever do.”

“What does Pete call his?”

“I dunno! Cock maybe.”

“What does he call it when he goes to the doctor?”

“Shirley!!!! He calls it Shirley!!!!”

“Don’t yell. I won’t tell anyone.”

“Good. Especially not grandma.”

“Grandma never yells at me.”

“She’s saving it up.”

“She says that I’m a good boy.”

“Just wait.”

“She’s mad at you though.”

“What’s new?”

“She says that you’re lazy.”

I groan and add, “And sleepy and dopey.”

“I’m gonna ask Pete if he calls his penis Shirley.”

“Yeah? Lemme know when so that I can videotape it.”

I straighten his tee shirt around his skinny body and then wrap my arms around him and hug him to me burying my face in his neck. I mumble, “I love you……….even if you do wanna call your dick Charlie.”

He giggles. “I love you too, Dad. Whadya getting me for my birthday?”


As I’m opening the door to the restaurant I feel the slight pressure of Pete’s hand in the small of my back. When he does that, when he touches me like that when we’re out some place it triggers something primal in me and I just want to turn and bury my face in his chest.

This is a stolen night out. My mother is watching Jase but we had to tell her that Pete was working late at the clinic and then we had to go shopping to get Jase a birthday present, which is true. She thinks that going to a restaurant is somehow treasonous, treason that is directed at her that is. As far as she’s concerned nobody should eat out when they have access to her cooking. Well, she has a point there if you ignore the side benefit of being able to have some time alone with your boyfriend.

The studly, slightly older than college kid, waiter takes us to a quiet booth in a corner. It’s a quiet spot, a place that we can snuggle into, the bar is on the other side of the building and the families with children are forty feet away. We slide across leather seats and the light from the candle on the table throws a warm glow across Pete’s face. Two tables away to the left is a straight couple that are older and appear to be totally bored with each other and to the right is a straight couple that look like they’re afraid of being seen together.

We both order wine and then stare lovingly into each other’s eyes. “I told Jase today that you call your cock Shirley. He might ask you about that.”

He slowly raises his hand to his face and squeezes the bridge of his nose between his middle finger and his thumb and then says slowly, “That must have been quite a conversation.”

“Well it started out with him trying to decide what he should call his cock and……..well…… we considered Charlie for a while but decided that that wouldn’t work because of the puppy but then we got off track into this whole weird line of questioning that finally led to him asking what you call your cock and I told him that you just call it cock when you’re by yourself but when you go to your doctor you call it Shirley. I think that he knew that I was kidding but you never know and he might ask.”

Pete leans back in his seat and smiles. The top two buttons on his light blue oxford shirt are open and I can see the top of his chest hair. “Did he say what he wants for his birthday?”

I still feel the need to justify my conversation with Jase about names for your cock so I temporarily ignore his question. “Wellllll, that’s one of those things that kids need to know, what to call their penis when they’re not calling it a penis. And frankly doctors are no help. If a doctor looks at my cock why doesn’t he call it a cock or a dick? Nobody calls their dick a penis.”

Pete laughed and took a sip of wine. “We don’t want things to deteriorate. You let people start using sexual slang and it’s a slippery slope. Next thing you know they’re dancing around the examining room naked and asking you to show them yours.”

The waiter came and we ordered, steak for Pete and pork chops for me. My mother would fall on her sword.

Pete’s eyes aren’t as blue in this candlelight but its warmth is very kind to his skin and it glows from it. His hair is browner in this light and, as always, I want to touch it, to feel the feathery softness moving through my fingers. I think of the way that his lips would feel pressed to mine, the heat of his body and I start getting hard. It happens so fast that I laugh out loud.

His voice is soft and maybe it’s my imagination or maybe it’s the wine but it seems to be throaty and sexual. “What are you laughing about, Babe?”

I take another sip of wine and glance down at the table and then up at him. Suddenly I feel shy. “You make me horny.”

His fingers reach out across the table and brush against mine. He smiles but it’s a serious one……..kinda. “That’s a big part of what I’m supposed to do. I’m glad that it’s working.”

“Oh it’s working alright. Wanna fuck in the backseat of the car?”

He grinned wickedly. “Ask me later……………but don’t forget either.” That would be soooooo fucking cool!

The waiter appears again and places our salads and as he does Pete gets up and says that he’ll be right back. I sip my wine and nibble at my salad and in a few minutes Pete is back.

“Everything okay?” This happens constantly, patients calling him, him calling them.

He smiles and digs into his salad. “Yep.”

I discover an olive in my salad spear it and pop it into my mouth. Finally, something Italian! “Jase wants a remote controlled helicopter for his birthday. Got any clue where we can get one?’

Pete smiles at me. “As long as it’s not a real one we can probably order it from Hammacher Schlemmer. I’ll call tomorrow they can send it Fedex.”

“What I want for my birthday you won’t have to send for.”

Pete laughs. “We have Matt Damon living in the basement?”

I do have this major thing for Matt. “No, Sweetheart, I’ve given up on ever getting Matt’s attention so I’ve decided to get serious with you.”

Pete smiles. “Good to know that you’re finally coming down to earth on this Damon thing. It’s a little embarrassing to be having your boyfriend writing movie stars and begging to have their babies.”

When we walked out of the restaurant it was dark and I started to walk to where we had parked the car but Pete grabbed my arm.

“No it’s over here.”

I point to where we left the car. “We left it over by the sign.”

“I moved it.”

I was confused. “Why? Where’d you put it?”

Pete wrapped his arm around my neck and pulled me to him as we walked away from the light at the entrance to the restaurant. “It’s a surprise.” His right hand drops to my butt and squeezes. Damn, I fucking love that!

After a hundred feet we practically walk into the car. I mean I could see it before we got to it but I had to be looking for it. I lean back against it and lift my arms and wrap them around Pete’s neck. He begins nibbling on my neck.

I groan as I tilt my head to give him room. “You already had a steak.”

He mumbles with increasing passion. “I have a taste for a little Italian.” I can feel his hard cock pressing against my hip.

I pull his head down and speak softly against his face. “I guess that’s me. We gonna fuck in the back seat?”

He kisses me deeply and his hands go to my belt. “You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

“Uh huh.”

He pulls my shirt out of my pants and runs his warm hands up my back. “How bout the hood of the car?”

I laugh quietly. “Ohhh, that’s nasty! I love it!”

He backs me up against the car with kisses and then lifts me gently and sets me on the hood of the car. He’s opening my pants and I ask him, “How you gonna do this?”

He chuckles. “I only know one way.”

“No I mean you want me to take my pants off?”

He half lifts me and I have climb onto the hood of the car with my legs hanging off. “That might be a little risky. Why don’t we just do this.” He peels my pants and underwear off of my butt and puts my feet on his shoulder as I lay back.

“Wait lube!”

He reaches into his pocket and I can hear something that sounds like K-Y being squirted onto his fingers and then the cool sticky gel is being spread gently around my hole and up into me. “Do I ever forget lube?”

“Yes big guy, you do.”

Suddenly the door of the restaurant opens and we can hear a group of half drunk people leaving, laughing and yelling at one another and we both freeze. My heart feels like it’s going to jump outta my chest.

Pete just says, “Easy, easy.” And then while the diners amble off to their car I feel the head of his cock pushing into me slowly.

I gasp and then hold my breath until the head is in and then luxuriate in the feeling of being filled as his big cock works its way up into me. Pete leans over and kisses me.

“I love you.” His right hand reaches forward and begins stroking my cock. In this place in this position there’s not much I can do besides enjoying the sensations vibrating through my body as his humongous cock spreads me open.

He whispers. “Don’t shoot. Tell me when you’re ready cause I want it.” I can feel his heavy balls slapping against my ass and I reach back to feel their heavy warmth. When I feel myself starting to get close I begin clamping down on Pete’s cock and in moments his breathing is ragged and I know that I have him on the edge. One more thrust and I can feel his cock spurting thick loads of his creamy cum up my ass.

I gasp. “Babe, I’m almost there!” He withdraws his softening cock gently and then takes me in his mouth just in time to catch my load as it sprays out of my cock.


I step outta the car at the stripmall and adjust my pants and shirt. I feel like I look like I’ve just been fucked. I brush off the seat of my pants and turn to Pete. “I look okay? I mean not like we just did it?”

He smiles at me. “How do you feel?”

“A little slutty but mostly in love.” I grin at him.

“I aim to please.” His voice takes on this concerned tone that I know is the real Pete. “I didn’t hurt you did I?”

I stop walking towards the supermarket, we need eggs milk and a treat to be decided, and turn to Pete. “No I feel fine, sexually but not just sexually………actually that’s the least of it in a way. Satisfied is the wrong word, although I am, it’s more like complete.” I turn and step towards him and run my knuckles over his chest. “When you’re in me it’s about more than getting off………’s like this perfect thing, like the way things are supposed to be.” Okay, so I sound stupid but I know what I mean.

Pete was getting undressed and had just taken off his shirt and pants. He looks so hot with his hairy blond bare chest contrasting against those pale blue boxers that he’s wearing. There was a soft knock on the bedroom door. I looked at Pete and mouthed the name Jase. I opened the door and he’s standing there in blue Superman pajamas with Charlie sitting by his side.

I pulled my pants all the way off and then hunkered down in front of Jase. “What’s the matter, Kiddo?”

Jase had a worried look on his face. “I was watching television.” Pete slid into bed with his boxers still on.

Pete leaned over in the bed and asked Jase, “Did you see something bad?”

Jase put his hand on my arm and nodded slowly. “Some kids got hurt.” He put the back of his fingers to his eyes. “I was watching the news and they showed how some boys got blowed up. I’m never gonna watch the news again.” Works for me.

Pete pulled one of the pillows to the middle of the bed and then patted the mattress while he looked at Jase and then me. “Jase, why don’t you come in with your dad and me for a while?” It’s unusual when Alan’s giant emerald green paws aren’t comforting enough.

Jase looked at me and I scooped him up and deposited him with a kiss in the middle of the bed. Charlie was trying his best to scamper up into the bed so I lifted him up and put him at the foot of the bed near Jase. He stayed there for about a tenth of a second before running up and lying down next to Jase.

I climbed in myself and pulled the covers up and then leaned over and ran my fingers through Jase’s hair. I kiss his forehead because I know that he’s on the verge of crying and I also know that he hates that. “Jase, you’ve got Pete on your right, me on your left and Charlie lying on your legs, nothings gonna happen. You’re safe here.”

“I’m not supposed to watch that stuff.”

I snuggle down next to him and rub his chest with my hand. “No you’re not but we’ll talk about that tomorrow.”

“Did you buy my birthday present?”


“There’s not much time.”

“Go to sleep.”


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