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The Good Doctor
--- Chapter 32 ---
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The Good Doctor 32

Bad parents should go to Chucky Cheese when they die.

When my handsome intelligent young son said, “Dad is it okay if we have my birthday party at Chucky Cheese? They’ve got pizza!” I shoulda put the kid on Ebay!

Instead I said, “Sure, Jase, let’s go Saturday so that everybody can come. How many kids are there gonna be?” What an idiot!

He held up his little fingers and tried to look innocent and like a total jerk I fell for it.

“I think twelve dad.”

“Cool. They gonna give you presents?”

“I guess.” He gazed off into the distance in a sleepy way like little boys do. Shit I’m an asshole!

“On Saturday maybe we can get Pete to come. Is this his week to work at the clinic on Saturday?”

“I already asked him, Dad. He gave me a funny look and said that he was sure that he had to work but that he’d give me my present before I went.”

“Oh?” I pulled Jase to me in a straight guy hug. “Well we’ll have a good time, Jase. Maybe Pete can come over when he gets off work.”


I drop down into a chair at the kitchen table and bury my head in my arms. Death by pizza. Jase sees my dad in the family room watching the ball game and goes screaming in there to tell him about my near death experience except that he doesn’t view it that way. To him it was fun.

Pete walks behind me and massages my shoulders. “Eric, it wasn’t that bad. The kids had a great time.” He felt sorry for me and came anyway.

My mother walks past and says, “Pete, don’t baby him.”

She turns her attention to me and lightly slaps the back of my head. Oh great!

“Eric, if you ever talked to another parent or paid the slightest amount of attention to the world that your child lives in you would have known what you were in for. It’s your own fault.”

I mumble into my forearms. “Thanks mom.” Some things never change.

Pete hunkers down next to me. “How bout a drink, a beer, something stronger?”

My mother is slicing something and says. “If you baby him he’ll never change. It’s Jase’s birthday and he had a good time. End of discussion.” She’s right. Fuck I hate that!

I get up and walk into the family room wave a “Hi dad” and scoop Jase up onto my lap while I flop down on the sofa and watch the ball game. He feels like there are three or four people inside of his skin all moving around as he twists and turns to retrieve his sandwich on the coffee table.

I spoke softly and brushed his hair off of his forehead with my hand. “You had a good time, Kiddo?”

He nods yes vigorously and takes a bite of his sandwich. His eyes never leave the TV.

“Where’d you get the sandwich?”


“What is it?

“Roast beef.” I didn’t see sandwiches.

“Gimme a bite.” Jase holds the sandwich up with both hands and I take a bite.

He says. “Don’t eat it all, Dad.”

I talk while I’m chewing. “Jase, you just had like thirty pizzas.”

He giggles. “Dad, it wasn’t that many.” I coulda bought him a car for less.

Damn that’s a good sandwich. But I yell to my mother. “Ma, should Jase be having this much mustard?” This is a little like standing really close to the edge of a cliff just to kinda scare yourself.

She’s in the kitchen talking to Pete and when she hears me she throws her arms into the air and I can imagine what she’s saying. She comes to the family room with her hands on her hips.

“I would give him something bad?”

“I just asked Ma, don’t get all ninja on me.”

She throws up her hands and walks back towards Pete. “I don’t even know what he’s talking about!”

I kiss the side of Jase’s head and ask, “Did ya like the helicopter?”

“It’s cool, Dad.” It’s also sitting in the living room looking like it had been attacked with a Stinger missile. I wrap my arms around him and pull him back against my chest while I bury my face in his hair. His eyes never leave the TV.


Pete pulled me against him on the sofa and I tell him, “I’m a terrible father. My mothers right I should have been taking more of an interest in Jase’s school stuff and the other stuff going on in his life.”

Pete groaned. “Turn around Eric so that you’re facing me.” I twisted in his arms, with the side effect of rubbing our crotches together, until I was looking into his sapphire blue eyes.

He kissed me on the lips and I kissed back lightly. He spoke softly. “Eric, my dad went to every ball game that I ever played in. He never missed anything that I was in, he was in the audience every single time. Not an easy thing for a successful Cardiologist. But Eric, he never held me, he never told me that he loved me. I knew that he did, my mom told me so but I never would have gotten it from him.”

“Sweetheart there’s not a day that goes by that you don’t tell Jase how much you love him and it’s usually not just once but more like every two minutes. You hold him, you kiss him, and you play with him. What you’re giving him is irreplaceable and he’s thriving on it.”

I kiss him lightly and then bury my face in his neck and mumble, “You’re just saying that cause you like my butt.”

Pete kisses my forehead and says, “What I’ve said is the truth.” He pauses. “How come you never wear those gym shorts around the house?”

“What gym shorts?”

“The ones that you had on the other day. You remember………..the kitchen wall.”

I look into those eyes and run my fingers through his hair and pull his head to me and we kiss lightly, a conversational kiss. I lay my head on his arm and speak softly.
“ You liked those?”

“They were obscene!”

“You mean that in the good way, right?”

Pete nuzzles my neck and slowly licks his way up to my ear and all the while his left hand is working its way down to my butt. Pretty soon his fingers are gently probing places that like to be gently probed.

He sucks lightly on my earlobe and then goes exploring with his tongue. His tone is playful. “Know what I wanna do?” His voice is throaty and sends an electrical charge to the parts of my body being gently probed.


“I’m taking you into that bedroom and laying you out flat on your stomach and then I’m gonna spend an hour eating your butt.”

Who am I to deny my boyfriend a good time?

I’m naked and spread-eagle on our bed and my hands are clawing at the sheets as Pete slowly licks his way up the insides of my thighs. He’s pulled my cock back between my legs and now that it’s gotten hard it’s pushing against the mattress like it’s spring loaded. He veers away from my thighs long enough to lick the underside of my cock from the head to my balls which he sucks into his mouth one at a time. As each balls pops into his mouth the pleasure is just on the border of pain and is exquisite.

I feel his tongue lapping at my perineum and when I instinctively push my butt up and back he begins to nibble at it and it’s sending me into orbit. There’s something about my perineum that is a total hotspot for me and Pete figured this out a long time ago and now concentrates on it. He nibbles on it for thirty seconds or so and then licks it and sucks on it. I can feel the head of my dick sliding around in my precum and then Pete gently lifts it an inch off of the mattress and starts to suck gently on the head for a few seconds and then runs his tongue all the way up to my butt.

I feel his big hands spreading my butt and his tongue begins burrowing into my asshole as his hands move up and grab my butt just below my waist and pull me back against his face. I’m moaning into the mattress as my ass is being reamed out and I want that cock in me bad.

After about fifteen minutes of this treatment and my butt muscles feel relaxed enough to drive a Humvee up there and park it and I’m begging for Pete’s cock.

Finally he gets on his knees and moves into position. As soon as his cock touches my asshole I’m pushing back against it and we both gasp as it moves all the way into me as his balls settle down against mine.

Later after we clean up I roll onto my left side and Pete moves in against my back and pushes his right leg through my legs and wraps his arms around my chest.

With his right hand he smoothes my hair back and asks me, “You okay?”

I mumbled into his upper arm. “More than.”

I feel him settling to sleep. “Been thinking bout your butt all day.”

“Hmmm……… can do what you just did any time you want.”

I feel him lightly bite the back of my neck.


“Dad, Kathy Ryan told me something today.”

“Who’s Kathy Ryan?”

“She’s a girl.”

“I figured by the name.”

“She’s at school.”

“What’d she tell ya?”

“It was about you and Pete.” Uh oh.

“Yeah? What about me and Pete?”

“She said that kids aren’t supposed to have two dads.”

“What’d you tell her?” The bitch!

“I told her that I liked havin two dads.”

“So what’d the little bi………..what’d Kathy say to that?”

“She said that it was a bad thing. She said that there’s supposed to be a mom and a dad.”

For a moment the delicious option of just having Jase repeat this to my mom wanders through my mind but clearly a lot of innocent people would get hurt if we went that route. “Jase, lots of families only have a mom or only have a dad, or a grandma or…….well almost anyone. So Kathy is wrong about that. Lots of kids grow up just having whoever they have and they do just fine. Lots of time moms and dads get divorced and then there’s mostly only one of them running the family.”

Jase looks up at me and says, “Okay.” But I know that it’s not and I pick Jase up and carry him into the living room and lie down on the sofa with Jase on my chest.

“Jase, remember the other day when we were at the gym and I teased you and you got mad at me?”

Jase smiles. “You were being a jerk, Dad!”

“I was being a jerk and that’s pretty much what Kathy is being now. She’s saying something that she hopes will hurt your feeling or make you mad and that’s being a jerk and it’s not something that you should do to your friends.”

“So what should I do, Dad?”

“Well, Jase, before you do anything there’s something that you gotta know and remember and that’s that Pete and I love each other about as much as two people can and we’re never gonna not be together. And that Pete and I love you more than anybody has ever loved anybody and that we’re always gonna be here for you.”

“So what should I tell Kathy, Dad?”

“You just tell Kathy that even though everybody at school is talking about what a huge donkey butt she has you still wanna be her friend.”

Jase giggles. “She does have a big butt!”

We both hear Pete coming in through the garage and Jase peels off of me and runs to greet him. I twist my head in time to see Pete scoop him up and walk into the kitchen with him and then several minutes later Jase goes skipping into the family room to watch television. I close my eyes and wait for my boyfriend to come in and kiss my eyelids.

“Eric!!!” Oh fuck! “Eric!!!” What’d I do? Can’t anybody else on this planet fuck up just for once?

Pete’s handsome and tense face appears in the doorway. “Eric, can I see you in the bedroom!” I know that this isn’t about sex!

Pete’s turned on his heel and disappeared down the hall as I trudge after him.

He’s leaning against the bedroom wall with his arms folded.

He’s glaring at me but something tells me that he’s not at the one hundred percent boiling point.

“Eric you can not have that boy tell Kathy Ryan that she’s got a big butt! It’s not the way to handle this and her feelings will really be hurt. She and her mom and dad are my patients.”

I start edging closer to him. “Well if her mom is your patient you can tell where Kathy got that butt.”

“Eric that’s not the point and besides we’re working on that. It takes time.” I know that he wants to smile.

“I went to school with her mother and it took her about thirty years of shoveling Twinkies into her mouth.”

Pete pushes off of the wall and puts his arms around me pulling me close. This is more like it.

“Kathy Ryan is only part of the problem and you and I both know it. This is something that Jase is gonna have to learn to deal with.” He separates us enough to lightly kiss me. “We have to deal with this carefully.”


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