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The Good Doctor
--- Chapter 34 ---
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The Good Doctor 34

Pete and Jase were lying on their stomachs on the floor in front of the television. They were talking quietly and sometimes Pete would laugh and sometimes Jase would laugh and sometimes Jase would laugh and touch Pete’s shoulder with his finger like he was making a point. Actually it was more adult than most of the conversations that I have at work.

Pete was wearing grey sweatpants and a white tee shirt. I knew that he wasn’t wearing underwear because I could see his cock running down his left leg and forming an outline in the cloth. I was also noticing how the gray fabric contoured itself to his butt. He’s got a narrow waist and really muscular butt. I think about his butt a lot.

Jase was kicking his legs up and down in the way that little boys do when they’re lying there watching TV. Pete was asking him about his day and Jase was asking Pete about his day. I know that he loves Jase and even if I wasn’t there he’d be doing the same thing. It’s one of the ways that he connects with Jase and Jase eats it up. If Pete’s has had a bad day he’ll tell Jase that he’s had a bad day and sometimes if something bad has happened he’ll tell Jase that something happened that made him sad. He never tells Jase stuff that will make Jase sad though and he never names names. I hate that! I wanna know who’s doing what to who and don’t leave out any details. But Pete is like that, he never crosses the line, probably a good thing in a doctor.

Pete rolls onto his side props his head up on his hand and smiles at me. “We got anything for dinner?”

“It’s warming in the microwave as we speak. Chicken cacciatore. There’s even a salad so that our little friend here gets his veggies.”

Jase came over and leaned on my knee. “Am I your little friend, Dad?”

“You sure are fella.” I held out my hand and touched the top of his head. “But not so little anymore, you’re getting bigger.”

Jase touched the top of his head and looked at me. “Taller, Dad?”

I patted his stomach and laughed. “And fatter too.”

He giggled. “I’m not gettin fatter, Dad. Grandma says that I’m gonna look just like you.”

Pete had knee walked over to the sofa and wrapped his arms around Jase from behind and whispered in his ear while his sparkling blue eyes rose to meet mine. “And that’s a good thing, Jase, cause your Dad’s a handsome guy.” I give em ten bucks a month to say stuff like that.

I pull Jase to me and bury my face in his neck. I love the smell of him, the clean little boy smell and I could happily hold him for the rest of the evening but he’d go nuts and think that I’m even weirder than I am. When I was a kid I never realized that parents felt this way about kids. In an Italian family you’re never far from a hug when you’re a kid, of course you’re never far from getting yelled at either. You just had to learn to filter.

I ruffle Jase’s hair and say, “I look like grandpa and you look like me. That seems fair doesn’t it?” Pete is sitting on the floor cross-legged and since he hasn’t shaved since this morning he’s beginning to show a five o’clock shadow. It makes him look really hot and my mind wanders to the thought of his cock flopping around in those loose sweat pants.

Pete kneels in front of the sofa and put his arm on my leg and says, “My mom wants us to come to dinner on Saturday. I told her that I thought that that’d be okay.”

I smile at him. “Yeah, that’d be great!” A lie. I groan hugely inside.

In the past Italian families like ours used to hang out with other Italian families. I can kinda remember the tail end of this from when I was a kid but my grandfather had been the first one in our family to move out of an urban Italian neighborhood and move to a small town that was not fundamentally Catholic and had very few Italians living in it.

Then when his daughter, my mom, married a non-Italian who happened to have a good head for business but who needed money Grandpa who never wasted a dime knew that he had a chance to make a good investment and loaned my dad the money to start his company. But there always seems to be this little voice in the back of my mind just like it was in the back of my Grandpa’s mind that somehow we really didn’t belong. When we go to Pete’s house there’s some of this running around in the back of my brain. It’s probably less than my grandpa would have felt and Jase doesn’t seem to feel it at all.

Pete’s family on the other hand always belonged. Following in his father’s footsteps Pete went to Harvard then interned at Massachusetts General until returning to his hometown to practice. His dad would have loved him to stay in Boston and become a world famous cardiologist like he is but he accepted Pete’s decision to become a family practice doctor in a small town. Pete has told me and I’m sure that he’s told his dad that he wants to practice medicine where the rubber meets the road and that, according to him, is family practice. But frankly when it comes to belonging it wouldn’t have mattered if he lived in a tent in the back yard of the family home and sold unmarked jars of honey to passing cars. He still would have belonged.

Pete’s eyes hold mine and he smiles slightly and says, “It’ll be okay.”

Jase tears his eyes from the TV and twists in my arms. “Dad, I gotta pee.”

I keep holding onto him but say, “S’okay, go ahead.”

He giggles and squirms. “Dad, I gotta pee in the bathroom!”

I look at him quizzically. “Ya don’t wanna pee here?”

Jase groans in disgust at how dumb his dad can be as he slides from my arms to the floor and then hurries off to tend to his problem.

Pete looks up at me again and then pulls me gently off of the sofa and into his arms. His voice is filled with love and concern. He whispers. “Don’t be nervous about my parents.” I rest my chin on his shoulder and sigh as his arms tighten around me.

I turn my head slightly and kiss the side of his face. “I’m gonna get a bumper sticker that says, “I love my doctor.”


I stagger into the kitchen after a day of being yelled at by assholes while fighting with the assholes who are suppose to be helping me deal with the other assholes and I’m beat. I drop my briefcase next to the kitchen table and lay my arms on the table and lay my head on my arms.

My mother comes bustling in from the living room with a cloth in her hand and a cloud of lemon Pledge following her. She sits down at the table and then, after a moment, she scoots her chair over so that she’s even closer to me. She hasn’t said anything but I’m getting the feeling that I’m being stalked.

She reaches out and gently touches my arm with her fingertips. “Had a bad day, Sweetheart? Hmm? What you need is a nice cold beer! Lemme get it.” She’s up in a flash and burrowing into the refrigerator. Her head is still in there but she calls to me. “You want regular beer or ale? I got you both. It’s that good ale that you like.”

What the fuck has she done?

I yell to her. “Ma? Jase is okay isn’t he?”

Her head pops out of the fridge for a second and she’s all smiles. “He’s fine, Sweetheart! He’s in his room watching his little TV.” She ducks back into the fridge and rummages around.

“Ma, you didn’t kill Dad did ya?”

She comes out of the refrigerator giggling and with armloads of covered dishes and a bottle of Goose Island Ale. She ignores the question but pours the ale and brings it over to me.

“You just sip your ale, Sweetheart and I’m gonna make you something to nibble on.”

What the fuck has she done?

“Mom, while you’re doin that I’m gonna change clothes.” I take my ale and head for our bedroom.

She calls after me. “Put on something comfortable…………..those jeans you like.” Oh God!

I slip into my room and strip down to my boxers and then stick my head into Jase’s room where he’s sitting watching this little TV that my dad gave him and wearing headphones. I tap him on the shoulder and he jumps a little but then takes off the earphones stands up on his bed and throws himself at me like he doesn’t have a fear in the world that he’ll be caught. I catch him and hug him to me while I walk back into my bedroom with him hanging onto my neck and his legs wrapped around my waist.

“How was your day, Kiddo?” I take a sip of my ale.

“Good, Dad, we had exercises today and I was best.” The school that he goes to calls gym class exercise class which I think is stupid but there ya go. He pulls my hand with the glass of ale to him and I let him try a sip. He makes what my Grandma used to call a “moose” a face, that wasn’t actually the word but with her accent that’s what it sounded like.

I smile at him. “Don’t like the taste?”

“It tastes kinda funny, Dad. I dunno whether I like it or not.”

“When you get older it’ll taste better. It’s a bitter taste but that starts tasting good.”

I get up and grab my jeans off of the chair and pull em on and then slip on a sweatshirt. Normally I’d take a shower first but I gotta figure out what Ma did with the body of whoever it was that she murdered.

“Jase, what’s Grandma been doin?”

He goes for another sip of the ale. “We went shopping and then she cooked stuff.”

“Did she ask you any questions?”

He nods vigorously. “Grandma always asks me questions.”

I pull Jase onto my lap and ask, “What’d Grandma ask you today?”

“She asked me if I got enough underwear?”

“Anything else?”

“She asked me if you know how to wash clothes? But I told her I didn’t know cause I never saw you do it.”

“Nothing else?”

Jase laid his head back against my chest and rolled it around.

“She asked about Pete’s mom. She asked why we were goin to Pete’s mom’s house for dinner.” Bingo!

Jase pulled his feet up and crossed his legs in a way that would make a Chiropractor cringe and said, “I like Pete’s mom. Do ya think that Pete’s mom will let me ride a pony?”

I kissed his neck and he squirmed but I held him tight. “Sure, Jase. Jase, you can do anything there that you want. Pete’ll let you do anything as long as it isn’t dangerous.”

“It’s his mom and dad’s house.”

“Well, yeah but it’s still gonna be okay, it’s kinda his house too and if you wanna ride the pony just tell Pete.”

“You mean like this is kinda my house too?” He holds my sweatshirt and uses it to rub something out of his eye. It’s like I’m a fixture.

“Yep, it is your house. But I wouldn’t let you drive the car or anything cause you’re just a little boy but Pete’s a grown man so his mom and dad’ll let him do just about anything.”

Jase twisted around until he was facing me and ended up pushing me backwards on the bed while he sat on my stomach and then leaned forward and planted his elbows on my chest and rested his chin in his hands. I wasn’t sure where this was headed but I knew that it was a “let’s get dad’s undivided attention” move. I pulled a pillow over and propped my head up on it. I put my hands on Jase’s arms.

“What’s up, Kiddo?”

Jase looked up at the ceiling while he bounced up and down on my stomach. “Jase, don’t bounce.” Finally he laid his head down on my chest and I was pretty sure we were getting to the point.


“That’s me!”

“Is it true that a boy has to kiss a girl if she wants him to?” The beginning of the end!

“Who wants you to kiss em?”

He mumbles into my sweatshirt. “Kathy Ryan.” I kiss the top of his head.

“You don’t wanna kiss her?”

“All the guys’ll make fun of me.”

I hold Jase to my chest while I sit up and wiggle over and lean against the headboard. I wanna make sure that he understands. “Jase, you don’t ever have to do anything like that that you don’t wanna do. Understand?” I lift him off of my chest so that I can see his face. “And I don’t mean just with Kathy, I mean with anyone………ever. That’s not something that other people get to decide for you, that’s something that only you get to decide.”

I hold his face gently in my hands. “You know how I sometimes tell you that something that you wanna do isn’t something that you get to decide?” He nods. “Well this is something that you always get to decide no matter who is asking you.”

“So what should I tell her?”

“Just tell her no, Jase. You don’t have to be mean but it’s really really important that with stuff like this that you only do stuff that you really want to do.” God, if he only knew how much more there is to it!”

He smiles at me. “I’ll tell her but she’s gonna be mad.”

I put my hands on his waist. “That’s just tough, Kiddo, it’s not up to her.” Now come on let’s go put Grandma outta her misery.”


I was lying naked on our bed spread-eagled on my stomach. The lamp on the nightstand was throwing a soft dim warm light onto the sheets that were crumbled up where my hands had been digging into them. I felt content and well………

A moment later Pete was using a warm wet washcloth to clean the lube off of my butt. When he finished that he rolled me over and did the same thing to my cock and balls, his own dick was still pretty hard.

I took his hand and pulled him down on top of me. He settled in with his hips and legs between my legs and supporting his upper body on his elbows. He looked into my eyes and then kissed me slowly with his tongue pushing its way into my mouth.
I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his waist fully aware of where this path could lead us.

Pete leaned over me and then lay down on top of me while he shoved his arms underneath me and wrapped me up. He was nibbling on the side of my neck as his now totally hard cock began to slowly enter me again. I reached back and held his huge balls in my hand as he moved forward.

He looked down at me with those clear blue eyes and asked, “Feel good, Babe?” I sighed and nodded yes.

He kissed my chin and then my mouth as the rhythm of his fucking picked up. I tilted my head back into the mattress as he was getting to the point where I wanted to scream from the pleasure. I ran my hands up his thighs that were planted in an almost vee formation so that he’d have total control. I slipped my hand under him again and felt his balls and where I was stretched around his cock.

He whispered throatily in my ear, “This the way you like it, Babe? I doin it the way you want?” I answered him by tightening around his cock hard enough to cause him to gasp.

Pete’s balls were swinging steadily but I grabbed them and held them as he fucked me and all that I could think of was those two big guys getting ready to pump their load into me.

Pete sat up and putting his hands under my knees pushed them back against my chest. I held them there as he began making long deep strokes into me and then reached forward and started slowly jerking my hard cock. I grasped his thighs and held on as my orgasm built and besides it felt like I was being turned inside out in the best possible way. Pete looked like he was just finishing running a world-class mile and orgasms were only a few gasping breaths away.


After cleaning me up again I laid my head on Pete’s chest while I ran my fingers through his chest hair.

“Did, Jase ask you about the pony?”

Pete’s fingers were tracing the outline of my ear. “Yep. It’s no problem. Why did he think it would be? He seemed really worried about it.”

“Beats me. Sometimes he gets a little insecure, maybe it’s that. Plus he really hasn’t gotten to know your mom all that well. He’ll be okay.”

“He told me what you told him about Kathy Ryan and the whole kissing thing.” He kissed the top of my head. “That was a good thing to tell him. I told him that it meant touching too. I’m pretty sure that he gets it.”

I sighed. “This is gonna go from kissing to dating to fucking to going off to college to getting married to moving away. It’s the beginning of the end.”

Pete ran his fingers through my hair and laughed. “I’m glad you’re taking this well.”


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