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The Good Doctor
--- Chapter 35 ---
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The Good Doctor 35

Frankly I’m amazed at Pete’s father, the guy’s behaving like a normal person rather than big time doctor miracle worker like he’s pretty much always been in the past. He’s actually wearing jeans for Christ’s sake! Which by the way he probably shouldn’t be doing considering the way he’s kinda let himself………..well………..sag. But he did latch right onto Jase and has been treating him like he was his own grandson and that’s a really good thing. He’s even been walking him around on that pony and the thing is if you want to get on my good side pretty much all ya gotta do is be nice to my kid.

Now someone who for my money should always wear jeans is my boyfriend who’s hot butt I’m staring at as he leads me up into the hayloft which I’m pretty sure is as good as leading me astray………at least with any luck at all.

“Where are you taking me?” I’m not really good on ladders. Heights scare me and who the hell knows what’s living in these bales of hay? “Pete I can’t get much of a footing on this ladder.”

“I’m gonna show ya where I used to build my fort.” As he stepped onto the second level Pete reached back and held out his hand to me.

I was afraid to take his hand because the ladder just stopped at the second level and you had to kind swing up onto it with really anything to hold onto and the wooden floor was slippery with pieces of hay and dust. So I ended up crawling like an idiot with Pete pulling on the back of my pants.

“We’re not ever gonna actually live on a farm are we?”

He was laughing. “Are you always this coordinated?”

“I was designed for an urban environment. I’m really great on carpeting.” I finally got my feet under me just as he grabbed me and pulled me to him.

He whispered, “I know” and tilting his head he pushed his lips to mine and then let me suck his tongue into my mouth. Okay this was more like it. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled his crotch to mine grinding our denim-clad cocks together.

Pete’s shirt was a light flannel and I could feel the heat of his skin on my face when I laid it on his shoulder. We were just standing there holding each other and I was zoning out not wanting the moment to end.

Pete pulled back and holding my face with one hand pushed my hair off of my forehead with the other. He asked me, “You got any idea what you do to me?”

I reached down and rubbed where his hard cock was beginning to make those jeans look obscene. “I make you hot?”

He traced the outline of my ear with his lips and then worked his way down to my throat as I tilted my head back and to the side. He made a deep growling sound and lightly bit the skin on my neck.

“Pete! No marks! I don’t want to be sitting across the table from your parents with hickey’s that I didn’t have when I came here.”

He wrapped his arms around my waist and started walking me backwards towards some bales of hay. He bit my ear and rumbled, “Now what fun is that? Besides it’s not like they think this is a platonic relationship. I’m sure that they understand that we fuck.” Who is this man? Where is the doctor that I came with?

I was trying to pull my mouth away from his so that I could point out that though they may know that we fuck I didn’t think they figured that we’d be doing it in their hayloft while they were giving my son a pony ride but he wouldn’t stop kissing me and then before I knew it we were lying on those bales of hay. “Okay, okay what are you gonna use for lube?” The answer was spit and then he was inside of me and nothing else mattered as his hips continued their slow thrusting. His huge nuts slapped slowly against me as his tongue penetrated my mouth.

Climbing down that ladder I felt like a teenage girl who had just taken on the high school football team in her mother’s bedroom or at least how I imagined one would feel.

I was brushing hay dust off of my jeans. “Do we look like we just had sex?”

Pete grinned at me. “You do kinda have a glow about you.”

“Bite me, Doctor! Now come on! I don’t exactly want your parents to know.” I ran my fingers through my hair and tried to stand up straight. “Okay, so I look alright?”

Pete grabbed me and pulled me into this wooden cage like thing and started to kiss me mumbling that I looked just fine. “Holy fuck what is that?”

Pete turned his head quickly and then returned to kissing me. “My horse.”

How was this man hard again? I tried pulling my mouth off of his. “Pete, he’s coming over here!” This huge brown horse was walking over to us. “You sure that he’s not attracted to testosterone?”

“He won’t do anything, Eric, just relax.” Easy for him to say, his mother and father are just outside, he’s got his hand down the back of my pants and this monster horse is making nasty faces at me. “Eric, okay, here wait a minute, you get in front of me so that the horse can’t get you and keep an eye out for my mom and dad.”

“Why? We can use all the help we can get with this monster!” I really did mean the horse. That was when I felt my zipper being pulled down. “You’ve gotta be fucking kidding!” Oooh shit! He’s not kidding! Pete! Get fucking lube!” He reached up and grabbed two fingerfulls of something slick out of a metal can. And then his cock was easing into my already open butt and it was as welcome as it was before. I felt like I was being split in half but in a good way and when he came I could feel his cock pulsing within me.

“You fucked me with UDDER BALM?”

I was wrapped in his arms and he was nibbling on my neck. “You said it felt good.” Well he had me there.

“You felt good. You always feel good. But udder balm, isn’t that something that they use on cows?”

“Eric, stop thinking about it. Concentrate on the fact that it felt good.”

“Wait a minute.” I tried to pull away. “I don’t hear anything.”

“What were you expecting to hear?”

I broke away from him and headed for the door. “Jase! I don’t hear, Jase!”

“Eric, wait! They’ve gone over to the other building. They’re showing Jase the chickens and ducks.”

I yelled from the doorway. “Are you sure?”

Pete caught up with me and put his arms around me. “Yes, Eric, I’m sure. You think that I’d be standing here if there was any doubt.”

I was shaking inside. “No, no I don’t.” I pulled away and paced for a moment. “Pete we gotta go over there. I know that you know but I can’t stop shaking.” It’s one of my many greatest fears, Jase disappearing, how many times have I woken up in the middle of the night because of that dream. “What if he’s not? What if he wandered off and they can’t find him?”

Pete put his arm around my shoulders. “It’s okay. I know that it terrifying.” He pulled out his cell phone and said, “Hang on a second.” He punched a button and in seconds was talking to his mom.

“Mom! Just checking to see that Jase is okay.” He listened for a while and then laughed. “That’s good. Hey, Eric and I will be coming over there in a little while. Right. See you then.”

Pete pulled me to him and held me. His voice was a reassuring whisper. “Jase is fine. There’s baby ducks and he’s having a ball but let’s go over there so that you can see for yourself.”

I looked up at him and I knew that there were tears in the corners of my eyes. “I feel like a fool.”

Pete held my face in his hands and said, “You’re not a fool, Eric. You’re a father.” He looked around and then said, “Come over here for a second.”

He led me over to a wooden bench and made me sit while he took my pulse and then opened my shirt and pressed his hand to my chest and held it there for a while.
“ Eric, lay down on the bench for just a minute.”

“Pete, how could that happen? How could I not know where my kid was?”

Pete kneeled down next to the bench and put his hand on my arm. “It’s my fault, Eric, I distracted you, I’m really sorry but I really did know where he was and I should have told you, that was my fault too.”

I looked at Pete with tears in my eyes. “It’s not your fault that I didn’t think about him. I feel like a total piece of shit! I’m in a barn getting fucked and I don’t even know where my kid is. That’s bad. That’s really really bad.”

Pete looked worried which somehow went along perfectly with the fact that I felt like shit. He turned my head to face him and he wiped the tears away with his thumbs.

His voice was the quiet doctors voice. “Eric, listen to me. I think that you’re having a panic attack and I’d like to give you something to help make it pass. I don’t think that you want Jase to see you while you’re this upset. Okay?”

I just nodded yes and then he pulled me up and we walked to the house. He put me in a chair in his old bedroom and went to get his bag.

“What are ya gonna do?”

“I’m gonna give you a shot.”

I must have flinched because he smiled. “Suck it up, Eric.” Then casually, “It’s just two mg of Valium. This’ll make things better for a while and tonight or tomorrow we can talk some more about this.”

“Am I nuts?”

He smiled. “Yes but you were before today.”

“You sure that you know what your doing?”

Pete rolled his eye and smiled. “Nope, I just had a couple milligrams of this stuff left and thought this’d be a good way to get rid of it.”

He swabbed my arm and then injected the Valium. Actually I can deal with injections as long as I don’t have to look at it being done. I looked at his face while he did it; he looked like he was concentrating. Afterwards he had me move over to his bed and lie down while he knelt on the floor next to my head. I closed my eyes but could feel his fingers moving over my hair.

He whispered softly as he stroked my hair. “You do know that I love you I hope.”

“I love you too. I’m not gonna pass out am I?”

“Nope, you’re just gonna begin to feel more relaxed. It’ll just be a couple of minutes because it was an injection and then we’ll go get Jase.”

“I don’t want him to know about this.”

Pete kissed the side of my head. “S’okay, I’m not allowed to tell.”

“I mean that I don’t want him to know that I forgot about him.”

Pete dropped his head for a moment. “Eric, you didn’t forget about him.”

“Fuck! I’m really somebody he can rely on! What a joke! If this was the city he’d already be tied up in the back of a dirty old van.”

“Eric, we’ll talk about this tonight after Jase goes to bed. But if you think that I’m gonna agree with you that you’re a bad father you’re outta your mind.”

I sighed and sat up. “Let’s go get Jase.”

Jase came running up to me and threw himself at me from three feet away. I scooped him up and he wrapped his arms and legs around me as he told me about all of the animals that he had seen. Pete’s mom and dad stood in the background looking for the entire world like proud grandparents.

“And the chickens, Dad! They actually lay eggs like the ones we buy! I got to take them outta the nests and put em in a basket! The chickens were trying to bite my hands sometimes but it didn’t hurt and they just lay another egg the next day so that they forget about the one that I took and we got a whole basketful that we can take home and cook for breakfast. This is sooooo cool!” Okay at least he wasn’t dead.

Dinner was a bar b que and was pretty relaxing once I got a couple of beers in me. I’m sure they mix really well with the Valium! Finally at some point Pete got us loaded up and he drove us home. Jase was talking a mile a minute one second and sound asleep the next. Pete carried him into the house and put him to bed.

I clawed my way outta my clothes and dropped into bed. I just wanted this day behind me but it ended up being Pete behind me and he wrapped his arms around me and pressed his face into my hair. Thank god he didn’t want to talk.

He whispered. “You okay?” Oh God!

I whispered back. “Yeah.”

“My mom was worried. I was worried.”

I turned in his arms to face him. “Was I that obvious? Oh fuck! You’re mom must think that I’m a total asshole.”

“Eric, she likes you.”


I could hear the smile in his voice. “Well for one thing she’s a woman and she thinks that you’re a fantastic looking guy.”

I grunted.

This always aggravated me. “I’m not saying that that’s true but if it is it’s something that I had nothing to do with.”

“They also like the way that you treat Jase.”

“Yeah great! It was fucking luck that he wasn’t kidnapped today!”

I never knew anyone could move that fast and in an instant I was lying on my back and Pete was straddling my waist and pinning my arms back above my head.

He was practically yelling and there was a hard edge to his voice. “Sometimes you make me so fucking mad that I just wanna slap the shit outta you! Will you just fucking quit it? You’re the best fucking father that I know and I see one hell of a lot more of them than you do! Jase was NEVER in danger today and by the way thanks for your confidence in me!” He took a deep breath. “Or when you say that Jase has two dads………… that just bullshit? Cause if it’s not bullshit then you gotta let me carry part of the load! I knew that he was safe! He was with his fucking grandparents for chrisake! And before you fucking say it that’s how they think of him cause I told them that I think of him as my son and if they wanted to be grandparents this was their only shot!”

He shook his head and I could feel his tears landing on my chest and I realized what an asshole I had been.


His voice was shaking. “Eric, you know how fucking much you scared me today?”

“I scared you?”

“I fucked up and should have told you that I knew where they were………….and I got carried away………….with you. Then I was so afraid that you were gonna leave me because………..I don’t know………..just because.”

All that I could think of was that Pete doesn’t cry. I lightly put my hands on his arms and I could feel his muscles bulging with tension and then I moved them to the back of his head and pulled it down to my chest as the tension in his body slowly ebbed away and his body stretched out and covered mine while his face was pressed into my neck.

I whispered. “I’ll never leave you and I’ll never let you go.”


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