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The Good Doctor
--- Chapter 36 ---
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The Good Doctor 36

Pete and I never fight; we’ve never even exchanged a harsh word until last night and even that wasn’t much of one, after all it takes two to fight. The thing is that he was right and I was determined to make everything okay.

He was up before me and was taking a shower. I stumbled into the bright white of the bathroom slid the shower door open and stepped in. He was bent forward with one leg lifted up washing it and looked up at me with those brilliant blue eyes and then dropped his gaze like he was a little embarrassed.

His voice was soft and his eyes, when they returned to mine, were cautious. “You okay?”

The water cascading over him had turned his blond hair to dark bronze and ran in sheets off of his body. The powerful muscles in his shoulders and neck looked knotted. I put my hands under his jaw and slowly lifted his face to mine and kissed him. As he stood his arms slowly came up around me as his tongue pushed into my mouth. When we finally broke the kiss I said, “Better than okay……and you were right about what you said last night. It’s gonna be different now.”

He pulled his head back and frowned at me. “You’re sure that’s how you feel? You’re not just doing it to shut me up.”

“I’ve never been surer of anything.” I really wanted him now. It’s odd but the only thing leftover from yesterday was the memory of the sex we had. I wanted him to fuck me and fuck me hard right here on the floor of the shower but Jase has this habit of wandering in to watch us shave so I had to cool it. He saw guys showering together all the time at the gym and so it never seemed to bother him that Pete and I did but neither of us wanted to push that.

He smiled at me and kissed me back lightly at first, his hands resting on my waist the water pouring down over us. And then things just seemed to intensify but then kisses have a way of doing that. For my part I wanted him more than I ever had and wanted to shove my tongue about a foot down his throat and he was matching me passion for passion. Then he was pressing me against the wall as his tongue burrowed into my mouth and his strong hands held me to the white tile wall.

I knew that we had to break this up before we got into trouble and I tried turning my head away from those hot greedy lips but he wouldn’t let me. I the thing is that he had the strength to pretty much do what he wanted.

“Pete. Unngh………Peeeeete…….we gotta get ready!” He shook his head no and kept me pinned to the wall our two erections smashed together between us. “Babe we gotta!”

“Will you have lunch with me today?” Okay at least I could catch my breath.

I gasped out. “Babe, we’ve got inventory!”

He grinned. “Not the right answer!” And he began grinding his cock against mine while he took possession of my mouth again.

“Okay, I’ll try………..I’ll try.” I was already trying to think of someplace we could go after lunch for a quick fuck.

His hands gently held my face and he lightly bit my chin. “Eric, I’m not waiting until tonight to see you! Fuck inventory! I’m picking you up at noon!” Damn! I love it when he’s like this!

We both knew that Jase would be waiting for our morning “breakfast in your underwear” ritual and we finished up as quickly as possible both of us aware of the fact that if we didn’t keep a few feet distance between us we’d end up on the floor fucking.

In the kitchen Jase was at his usual post by the toaster wearing bright red little boy boxers. Pete was at the stove working on eggs wearing white boxer briefs that had my tongue hanging out. Me? Blue boxers. The trouble with boxers and the trouble that I was having is that they don’t do anything but aggravate an erection. And I’m generally willing to sit down and answer any questions that Jase comes up with but at the moment I wanted to avoid the “Daddy, what’s that big thing?” question. Okay, so it’s not all that big but when you’re a little kid……..well you get the idea. So I did the safe thing and sat down at the table and watched as Pete finished up the eggs and brought them over and Jase did the same with the toast.

The white fabric of Pete’s boxer briefs was bulging and his cock was clearly outlined. I looked up into his blue eyes and they stared back at me with smoldering lust that left me leaking precum into the afore mentioned boxers. It was almost like there was this weird mind meld thing happening cause I was pretty sure that I could read, “I’m gonna fuck you!” written across his forehead and it reminded me that I could still feel the slightly sore warmth generated by yesterdays double fuck.

I looked down at my food and desperately said, “Come on, Jase, eat up.”

Jase who was already shoveling it in looked at me like I was nuts. “I am eating, Dad.”

“Oh…….yeah and you’re doing a great job. You’re a good boy.”

He smiled at me swallowed and said, “That’s what grandma says.”
Gee, I forgot about her.


Pete and I were supposed to have lunch at this lace-curtain kinda place that I’d never normally go to on a bet. He was late so I kept sipping on water with a lemon wedge in it and looking nervously at the door. Finally I got bored and reread the menu and then suddenly he appeared and slid into the booth looking nervous.

I looked at him and smiled. “You okay?”

“You’re gonna be mad.”

“You hit my car when you pulled into the parking lot?”

“No, not that.”

“Jase is okay?”

“Yeah sure.”

I shrugged. “Then I’m good. Whadya do?”

“Bought you a tuxedo.”

“Why? What the hell would I do with one of…………………oh shit……..tell me.”

Pete reached over and took my hand. “Eric, it’s only one dinner, an hour, have a Martini eat a steak and it’s over.”


“Boston.” I groaned, “We get there Friday night. We fuck like bunnies all night. Saturday morning we fuck. You have dinner Saturday night and then we’re outta there.”


“Eric, my friends, my colleagues, all know that I’m gay, that’s not a problem. The problem is that they’ve always tried to fix me up. You’d be surprised how many gay doctors there are.” This had my attention.

“Tell em you’re married!” We definitely didn’t need Pete meeting any handsome young doctors.

He looked at me sadly with those big blue pleading eyes. “The hotel is great and there’s a huge fantastic outside pool with a bar and restaurant. You could lay there read a book and get plastered.”

“I would rather ride your fucking horse!”

He smiled. “Is that a euphemism?”

I smiled and sighed. “Okay………..I guess that I owe ya since you tolerated my little freak out. And you are good sex. I am gonna get sex aren’t I?”

“You bet!”

“And Jase?”

“I already talked to your mom.”

“Well I guess that I’m fucked then.”

He smiled. “I promise you will be.”


This was Saturday morning. We had gotten in the night before and true to his word Pete fucked me silly and woke me this morning kneeling between my legs with his cock pointing at the ceiling.

I was still half asleep but I lifted my head and stared at his dick. “Well, you’re a man of your word.”

He grinned at me and then reached forward and slowly inserted his lube-covered finger into my ass. “Does it hurt? You’re kinda swollen.” The truth was that it didn’t hurt, actually just the opposite. There’s something about the morning after a night of incredibly hot sex that just makes me want it more. Maybe it really is the swelling or the irritation that’s been visited on my battered prostate but one fuck definitely leads to another.

I pushed my ass towards him forcing his finger to move more deeply into me. This was probably the moment that the moaning began too, at this point my back seemed to be arching all on its own as my head was pushing itself back into the pillow.

Pete placed the head of his cock right on target and then leaned over me began kissing me softly. His voice had a smile in it. “I’m taking that moaning as a yes.”

I wrapped my legs tightly around his waist and locked my ankles together and looked up into his eyes. I saw what’s always there when we’re doing this, love, concern, lust and just a hint of domination. He knew that I needed this, needed him and it turned him on knowing that he had control. Course he wouldn’t have been much of a doctor if he didn’t like being in charge. Me……I just wanted to be bred by the man who loved me and who I loved.

His upper body didn’t seem to move at all but his hips pivoted slowly forward and the big dick began its trip to my guts. It felt like a too small condom was being forced over a too large cock, it was wonderful, the feeling of being taken, being possessed. Of course the only thing that makes that possible, that gives me the freedom to feel that way is the trust that I have in this stud, that and the whole love thing. Pete would never hurt me, that’s something that I’m sure of and that lets me play with this whole being taken idea.

His hips continued their slowly pivoting forward and back movement as that huge cock began slowly plowing into me while it rearranging my insides and then trying to slowly suck them out of me and at the end of each trip the satisfying slap of those big hairy balls against my ass. And with each trip the tempo slowly increased. I tried to grab my cock but he took my hands and held them above my head as the moans turned to whimpers and my body was beginning to shake.

He dropped his head next to mine and almost shouted in my ear. “You’re fucking mine, Eric! Your ass is mine and I dumpin another load of cum in it!” He started to grunt and yelled, “Right fucking now!” And I could feel his cock unloading in my ass and my own cock shoot between us. Damn! I love it when he’s like this!

Pete leaned over the bed and kissed me, his voice was soft and his blue eyes filled with love. “So what are you gonna do till this evening?” His hand held my face gently.

I mumbled. “The pool. I’m not fucking shopping and that pretty much leaves the pool.”

“So you did bring a suit.”

I nodded yes barely opening my eyes. “The one I use at the gym.”

“We get a break around 12:30. Maybe I’ll meet you at the pool for a sandwich.”

I partially opened my eyes and smiled at him and pulled his head down. “Okay. Mmmmm. More kisses.”

The whole pool complex was fantastic. It was behind the hotel and had a beautiful freestanding restaurant with a covered patio dining area. Between the restaurant and the enormous hotel was a huge pool with several smaller pools connected to it for kids or people who just didn’t want serious swimming.

I laid on a lounge out next to the pool and soaked up some sun. I was pretty much surrounded by what I took to be doctor’s wife’s and wondered casually if they were feeling as well fucked as I was, I had a feeling by the looks on their faces that they weren’t.

Then I felt a presence next to me and opened my eyes. A young waiter was staring at me as he hunkered down next to the chaise lounge. His name tag said, “Jimmy”.

I smiled at him and said, “Hi Jimmy. Whassup?”

He gave me kind of a lopsided grin and said, “Hi Mr. Cortland. I………..I was just watching you and well……… looked so……………hot I mean, you know, warm. I was just wondering if you wanted something cool to drink.”

This place has got the best damn service! “Thanks, Jimmy.” I rolled over onto my stomach, lifted my hips to let my cock settle and the settled slowly into the chaise lounge. I glanced sideways at Jimmy. “I think I’m okay. I’m just gonna get a little sun on this side.”

Suddenly Jimmy said, “Oh God! Mr. Cortland, there’ s something I gotta take care of I’ll see ya in a little bit………okay?”

I waved my hand. “Sure, Jimmy. See ya later.”

At about 11:30 I decided if I was gonna get some swimming in I better do it and I walked over dove into the pool.

At about twelve-thirty when I saw Pete walking down the stairs from the hotel in his dark blue suit looking handsomer then anyone has a right to I started walking up the steps out of the pool. Fuck was I glad to see him! How much sun bathing can a sane person do?

About when I was half way outta the pool Pete stopped with a shocked look on his face and trotted over to the pool.

He hissed at me. “Eric, what the fuck are you doing?”

His tone confused me. “I saw you. I was coming to meet you. What’s the attitude about?”

He sighed and glanced over towards the lifeguard who was staring at us. “People are fucking looking!”

“That son-of-a-bitch! Said he was gonna show me a good way to swim! He fucking pinched me! I told to him get his fucking hands off of me or he was goin to the hospital. Look!” I twist my body around and pulled up the edge of the suit. “I think the bastard left a mark!”

“Eric! Don’t turn like that!”

“Like what? What the fuck are you talking about? He fucking bruised me!”

“Don’t turn like that! Eric, that’s obscene! That suit…………..and especially you in it………it’s obscene!”

“My mother bought me this suit! It’s just a Speedo! Everybody wears em!”

“You’re mother’s insane!”

“Where did you hear that first? I been fucking telling you that for a year! It’s just sinking in now? Besides, this is the suit that I wear at the gym.”

Pete looked at me incredulously. “You wear that?”

“It’s the only one I’ve got!”

“I’m surprised nobody’s followed you home! That suit has got to go!”

I said suspiciously. “Does this mean that I don’t get lunch?”

Pete dropped his head took a deep breath and laughed. Thank god that whole bitchy thing was over! “Yes, Eric, you get lunch. Ahhhh but wait a second. Don’t get outta the water. He ran over and stole a towel from a woman who was now screaming at him. Fucking great!

He tossed me the towel. “Wrap that around you.” He grinned lopsidedly. “I don’t want you catching cold.” Well this whole, “I don’t want anyone looking at my boyfriend,” thing was interesting.

I wrapped the towel around my waist and tucked the end into my swimsuit. Pete looked at me and groaned. “It’s almost worse. Come one, Babe, let’s see if we can get a tail…………I mean a table.”

He raised his hand and signaled for a waiter who practically ran over to us. Pete said, “Table for two on the patio.”

The waiter looked at me and smiled. “No problemo!” He seemed like a nice kid.

Pete suddenly barked. “Just get the damn table!”

The waiter jumped and held up both hands. “Okay, okay.” He smiled at me. Probably a kid working his way through college.

We finally got seated at a table and things quieted down although we seemed to be getting really good service.

I looked at Pete and smiled. “So can I have a beer or are you gonna kill the waiter that brings it?”

He had his thumbnail jammed between two teeth. “That bad, huh?”

“Pete, I get this feeling that I should be feeling guilty about something but I’m not really sure about what.”

He put his elbows on the table and sighed. “You shouldn’t be feeling guilty about anything, Eric. It’s just that………..”

I smiled and interrupted him. “It’s just that you want them to know that I’m yours?” I was beginning to figure this out.

He gave me a goofy grin. “Something like that.”

I smiled at him. “If anything I’m the one who should be worried…………..but if it bothers you…….”

I slipped the knot on the towel and let it fall from my waist. “It’s easy to fix, Doctor.” I got up and walked slowly around the table never breaking contact with Pete’s eyes and then slowly straddled his lap and kissed him hard running my fingers through his hair. I heard a plate drop somewhere but never stopped the kiss forcing my tongue into his mouth and letting the warmth of him make me hard while I slowly thrust my hips forward. I reluctantly pulled my lips from his, stood up and walked back to my chair and sat down. “If they don’t fucking know now they never will.”


The lighting in the restaurant was dim but augmented by the candles on the tables that, somehow, in my mind gave this a kinda campfire feel. Go figure. Everyone looked………..well elegant and somehow out of place.

Pete started with the couple to his left. “Eric, this is Dorothy and Jim Thornton, Charlene and Bill Dobson and to your right Patti and Nate Sherman. Folks this is my partner, Eric Cortland.”

I waved a little hi to everyone, mumbled a “Nice to meet you all,” and sat down.

Jim Thornton looked like an arrogant jerk but I decided to keep that to myself even if he insisted on showing it. “Now all we have to do is get the attention of one of these damn waiters!” He twisted in his chair snapping his fingers at a guy carrying a tray full of dinners who looked at him like he was nuts.

A waiter glided up next to me and asked, “Mr. Cortland can I get something for you and your party?” The finger snapper slumped back into his chair and glared at me and then Pete kicked me! What the hell is that about?

I winced and said, “Hi Jimmy. Workin a split shift?”

He smiled at me and kinda ducked his head. “Yes sir, the hotel’s pretty packed.”

I nodded to my right and said, “Why don’tcha take these folks orders and bring me a double Martini.”

“You got it, Mr. Cortland.” He looked at Patti Sherman and said, “And for you ma’am?”

Patti Sherman was a really pretty red haired lady who hadn’t taken her eyes off of Pete since we sat down and she still didn’t. What she did do was say, “Ma’am will have a double VO on the rocks.” Jimmy was apparently no stranger to bitches and just kept going around the table.

I was going to start talking to Pete but he was talking about colonoscopies to the finger snapper who looked, in my opinion, like he needed one. So in desperation I turned to the bitchy red head. Her face turned slowly to mine and then she smiled and leaned over so that she was whispering in my ear and said, “Eat shit and die asshole!”

I knew that this was gonna happen! When we were eating lunch in that fucking lace-curtain restaurant I knew that this evening was gonna be like this. And I knew exactly what this witch was all about, the only question was how much of a disturbance I wanted to make.

Suddenly Jimmy was there passing out our drinks. I took a sip of mine, smiled at everyone and leaned over and whispered in Patti’s ear. “He’s got nine inches and you’re never getting your fucking hands on it.”

Across the table Charlene called to us in a coquettish voice. “Now what are you two whispering about?” Pete turned for a minute and smiled at us and then went back to the finger snapper.

Patti smiled brightly at Charlene and said in a breathless little girl voice, “We’re talking about boys.” Everyone chuckled indulgently.

Jimmy came by and asked us if we wanted to order another drink or if we were ready for our soup. I said, “Soup!” Everyone else said another drink. Jimmy whispered that he’d bring the soup.

Pete sat up and started talking to Charlene and Bill but at the same time he dropped his right hand down along the side of his chair and squeezed mine. I thought that we were being subtle but apparently everyone else saw it and we got an almost universal “Awwwwwww!”

Patti decided to make a more private comment and turned her head to my ear again and said, “I could take these fucking fingernails and gouge out your eyeballs!”

I smiled and winked at Charlene who went into a fit of giggles before I turned and whispered in Patti’s ear, “Try that, Sweetheart and I will punch you in the face so fucking hard you’ll slide all the way to the bar!”

Jimmy started giving everyone their soup just as Patti was forming her hand into a claw and getting ready to strike. Suddenly Jimmy moved awkwardly to his side and tipped Pattie’s screaming hot soup into her lap and stepped on her foot at the same time.

She shrieked and jump up trying to hold her dress away from her body while Jimmy was trying to wipe the mess off of her as she screamed curses at him. And then Nate was on his feet trying to comfort the bitch but she totally ignored the poor slob and turning to me she grabbed her drink and threw it in my face and screamed, “Prick!!! You lousy fucking prick!!!”

I jumped to my feet spun Jimmy away from the table and yelled back at them, “I’m dealing with this guy!”

Once we got on the other side of a pillar and outta sight of the table I slipped Jimmy a fifty and my business card. “Thanks, Jimmy but your boss is gonna go apeshit. You tell the fucker to call me at this number and I’ll explain that it wasn’t your fault.”

Jimmy looked relieved and then looked deep into my eyes and said, “Is there like any fucking way that……………?”

I slowly shook my head and squeezed the back of his neck. “Sorry, Kiddo but I’m like sooooo fucking in love with the blond dude.”

He sighed and turned away. He glanced back and said, “Ya know…… if it doesn’t work out………or something.”

I shook my head again and said softly, “Your guy is out there waiting for ya somewhere, Jimmy.”

He looked desperate. “But when?”

“When you least expect it.”


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