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The Good Doctor
--- Chapter 38 ---
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The Good Doctor 38

It’s Sunday night and for Jase that means British comedies. Don’t ask me how a six year old gets hooked on Mollie Sugden it just happens. Personally I’m a Judi Dench fan but Jase likes his humor a little more slapstick. Pete is lying there with him and even managing to look interested as Jase explains the plot to him of “Are You Being Served”. Since the program is on six times over a weekend in our area Jase is at the point where he’s seen these episodes so many times that he can speak the lines along with the actors.

At nine o’clock they both get up and Jase runs over and throws himself at me on the sofa. Pete stands and stretches and his sweatshirt rides up revealing his hard abs and his faded jeans reveal his lack of underwear. I ignore that for the moment and wrap my arms around Jase and roll over onto my side with him shrieking in my arms.

“So grandma didn’t beat ya or anything while we were gone?”

He shook his head no. “Grandma cooked.”

“She didn’t try to cook you did she?”

“Dad! No!”

I kiss his nose. “Sometimes she gets carried away.”

He fought a yawn and rested the side of his head on my arm. I rolled off of the sofa with Jase in my arms signaling Pete with my eyes and we head for Jase’s bedroom.

“I don’t wanna go to bed, Dad.”

“How come?”

He yawns and says, “I’m not tired. I wanna watch tv.”

Five minutes later a pajama clad little boy is lying in between Alan’s giant emerald green paws and fading fast. Pete and I both kiss him and ease out of the room walk back into the living room and lie down on the sofa. We’re lying on our sides with our legs intertwined, our crotches pressed together and our lips just inches apart.

I run my tongue lightly over Pete’s lips and then ask him, “So what were you guys talking about?”

He gets an odd look on his face. “We were talking about what he wanted to be when he grows up.”

I smile and kiss his chin. “Still with the doctor thing?”

“He talks about it.” Pete gets this defensive look on his face. “Honest, Eric, I didn’t try and talk him into this. Anyway he’s only six.”

I snuggle even closer to him and I can feel myself getting hard. “Well he’s gotta be something might as well be a doctor.”

“I just don’t want you to think that I’m pushing it.” God those eyes are blue!

I grin at him. “You really think that I’d be upset if he turned out like you? Besides you can’t begin to imagine how thrilled my mother would be.”

I move my hand down to his rock hard ass and hold him in place while I push my crotch even harder into his. “You think that your dad would be willing to do the pony thing again?”

I see the flash of bad memories cross his face for a second. “Sure he’d love to. How come?”

“You think your dad would be willing to talk to a six year old about being a doctor, you know kinda encourage him?”

Pete was beginning to grin broadly. “He sure as hell would in this case!”

I shove my arm under him so that I can wrap my arms around him. His knee is between my legs and he presses it up slightly so that it’s in firm contact with my balls. I kiss him and press my tongue into his mouth for a moment.

I whisper into his mouth. “I promise not to freak out this time. But, Pete, the other thing is that if he changes his mind and he may, we gotta not give him any grief over it. It’s gotta be what he wants.”

He looked deep into my eyes and said, “I’d die before I let anything hurt him.”

Changing the mood I sat up and said, “Let’s take a shower.”

He gave me a quizzical look.

I climbed over him and taking his hand pulled him up. “Follow me my little sex machine.” The bulge in those faded Levi’s had grown to dramatic proportions.

He was rolling his eyes and feigning reluctance but he let me pull him to the bedroom where his dick almost put my eye out when I peeled those jeans down.

I turned him towards the bathroom and pushed, which by the way is like me pushing against a mountain cause he’s like almost a foot taller and fifty pounds heavier than me.

“Go in and turn on the shower and I’ll be there in a minute.”

He gave me one of those “What the fuck is he doing now?” looks but he went in and got into the shower while I stripped down quickly and pulled the infamous transparent bathing suit out of my top drawer got it wet in the bathroom sink and pulled in on. Well, it wasn’t really transparent but now that I looked at it I could see what he was saying. It was almost like a photographic negative where stuff was highlighted that normally wouldn’t be, but still……was it that big of a deal?

I got into the shower with him and said, “This is what you were so upset about?”

He looked me up and down and grinned. “Eric, you don’t see it?”

“Well I see it a little, I was just looking in the mirror and stuff kinda gets highlighted but geez it’s not like I’m naked or anything.”

He gave me a look and then said, “Wait a minute.” He jumped out of the shower and a second later came back with a round shaving mirror.

“Stand under the shower and get that wet.” He stood there with the mirror facing me.

“Holy shit!” It wasn’t that the suit just needed to be wet it needed to be drenched. Damn! I’d wanna fuck me too! Somehow this was even worse than transparent! What’s more, nobody could wear this without looking like they wanted to get fucked because from behind it was even worse. No wonder all those guys at the gym were always watching.”

Pete was standing there with a hardon and a smug look, both of which I liked.

I looked up at him and said, “Okay! Don’t look so smug. You win.”

He dashed out and put the mirror away but was back in seconds. He looked me up and down.

He bent his head down and growled darkly in my ear. “Face the wall!” Oh my!

I put my hands on the tile wall and spread my legs a little but he pulled my hands even higher and held both of my wrists in one hand. He used his other hand to move the back of the skimpy bathing suit down just under my butt so that my cock and balls were still in the suit and the back of the waist band was under my butt.

He whispered in my ear again. “You really have been a bad boy the last few days haven’t you?”

I mumbled, “Yes.” Actually I had worked really hard at it. I thought about how big his hands were and pushed my butt back a little. My cock felt like it was gonna go off like a hydrogen bomb. This was gonna be great and quick!

His hands gripped my wrist more tightly as his other hand came down on my ass.

Whack! “Unnngg!” Oh fuck! I shot into my bathing suit.

Whack! “Unnngg!” Oh fuck!

Whack! “Unnngg!” Oh fuck!

When he stopped he said, “Don’t move.” Actually I couldn’t with my hands being held.

He grabbed a bar of soap and used the lather to lube my ass. He moved the back of the suit a little further down and began to slowly push his cock into me. My cock, which had exploded after the first whack was still hard and was now throbbing again but I couldn’t get to it because he had my hands.

When he was half way in he began to withdraw and I wanted to scream, “Don’t stop” but it wouldn’t have matter because it was only a moment and he was pushing back into me.

He was steadily fucking me and it felt fucking unbelievable but I begged him, “Pete, my cock! Just lemme get to my cock!” My cock was still trapped in my suit, which it was straining against and that only made it worse.

He growled, “You’re not gonna cum yet!” I didn’t mention that that bridge had already been crossed and that I was working on the second one.

He bit the back of my neck and held it. It didn’t really hurt but it sent shivers up and down my spine as slammed into me and then slowly dragged that big dick back almost all the way out before repeating the process. His cock is so thick that it’s pretty meaningless whether or not he’s aiming for my prostate cause it gets battered anyway and it was beginning to look like his declaration that I wasn’t gonna cum might end up being academic because I was beginning to feel the very beginnings of familiar stirrings.

He beat me to it and after three more hard slams I felt his cock expand and then beginning to jerk rhythmically. I was just short of getting off again myself and this halt left me insane.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m done.”

“What about me?”

“I’m not done with you!”

He pushed me towards the bathroom wall and said, “Spread em!”

I leaned forward against the tile wall as he stripped off the bathing suit and dried me with a towel.

He looked in the suit. “You came, ya little fuck!”

I smiled. “It wasn’t something that I had any control over! Can’t blame me for that.”

He smiled and bent forward and kissed me. “I guess not.”

He grabbed my arm and pulled me to our bed. I climbed on and lay on my back while he crawled between my legs and kneeled there sitting back on his feet.

While sex in the shower was about domination sex in the bedroom was all about love.

He bent forward and kissed me and never broke that kiss while he pulled me up onto his lap as he stayed kneeling. With my chest tight to his he brought his now hard dick to my ass and put just the head in while he wrapped me tightly in his arms and kissed me. He squirted some lube onto his stomach where my hard dick was pressed and then began to slowly thrust his cock up into me.

The only time he broke this kiss was to whisper the simple, “I love you.”

I tried to tell him that I loved him too but he covered my mouth with his again and then just whispered, “Shhhhh. I know, Baby, I know. Everything’s fine. I love you.”

And then it just got hypnotic and it felt like I was floating and my only reality was the steady gentle thrusting of his cock, the movement of my cock against his stomach and Pete gently murmuring, “I love you.”

It was like I could feel my orgasm coming from a hundred miles away and I just pressed my face to Pete’s shoulder hung onto him and waited for it to hit. When it finally reached me I shuddered and could feel the warm wetness between our bodies and then I remember him laying me gently back on the bed and disappearing for a moment and then coming back with a warm wet cloth and cleaning me before he slid in behind me with his knee between my legs and his broad upper torso engulfing me. I slept deeply, burrowed in the secure warmth of him.

The next morning Pete was up before me so that he could stop by and see his patients in the hospital before he went in to the clinic. I was standing brushing my teeth when he came in wearing his boxer briefs and a tee shirt with a dress shirt already pulled onto one arm.

He looked at me in the mirror and smiled before kissing me behind my ear as his hand on my stomach pulled me back against him. He pushed his other arm into a shirtsleeve and pulled his shirt up and straightened it.

“Jase just put your toast down.” He ran his hand into the back of my boxers and rubbed my butt gently. He looked at me in the mirror. “Not sore is it?” Fuck! His touching me like that felt so erotic I could have cum just from that. But he touches me all the time so why is this different?

I started to speak and then realized that the toothbrush and foam made that dumb. I spit and rinsed and was weirdly aware of Pete looking at my butt, which, since he sees it every day and fucks it every day, was weird.

I turned around and put my hands on his waist and lifted my head to kiss him.

“I’m good.” I smiled at him. “Believe me it would take more than three whacks to make me sore.” What the hell had changed?

Pete bent his head and rested his chin on my shoulder and then wrapping his arms around me rocked me gently. He pulled back and smiled at me with an “I don’t wanna go” look on his face and then pushed me gently against the wall as he kissed me intensely. When he broke the kiss he sighed and said, “God, I just wanna stay with you today!”

I laid my forehead on his chest and laughed. “If you stay we’re gonna have to get a pump in here to deal with the cum.” I kissed again. “Go. Make somebody well.”

Jase was waiting faithfully at the table playing with my toast.

“Dad, where ya been? Your toast is all cold and yukky!”

I pulled him onto my lap. “The trick with cold yukky toast is not to put butter on it, just jam cause the butter won’t melt but the jam tastes great.”

“How cold are the eggs?”

“Pretty cold.”

“Nuke those will ya?”

“How long?” He climbed down off of my lap and took the plate of eggs over to the microwave.

“Hit the button and count to five.” He used his fingers to count.

He brought the plate back and put it in front of me.

“Those okay, Dad.”

“Yummy!” I pulled him back up onto my lap.

“You’ll eat anything.”

“Pretty much.” I ate a huge hunk of toast with blackberry jam and took a swig of coffee.

I gave him a blackberry accentuated kiss on the side of his neck.

“Dad, ewwww! I’m gonna be sticky!”

I licked it off.

“Now I got spit on my neck!”

“Someday you’ll think that that’s a great idea.”

“That’s disgusting! Who’d want spit on their neck?”

I wrapped him tightly in my arms and whispered in his ear, “Depends on how it got there.”


I parked my car near the loading docks of the warehouse and talked to the guys about finishing the inventory before I headed up to my office. They all had weird smiles on their faces that I pretty much chalked up to insanity until I got to the offices.

Jane and Ellen were both looking at me with small knowing smiles. What the fuck was that about? When I walked into my office I understood. There was a huge floral display sitting on my desk. I didn’t have to look at the note but I did. “XXXXXX, P”

The four and half percent of me that was still bi wished it had been a gun rack for an imaginary pickup truck but the rest of me was thrilled if confused.

Why did he do this? I was a great fuck but was I this good? Is he taking drugs?

I was meeting Rose for lunch but the questions lingered. We met at the usual greasy spoon where Rose had already intimidated everyone and we didn’t have to break anyone in.

“My friend Maddie told me how you single handedly destroyed the medical conference.” She was wearing a dark blue silk suit that looked like a Joan Crawford hand me down.

“I didn’t ruin anything, Rose! Nobody even knew that I was there! Anyway, who the fuck is Maddie? I thought all your friends had died.”

‘There are a couple lingering, Eric! Maddie is Maddie Schwartzenberg and her hubby is a dermatologist. They were sitting two tables over when you had your little punch out.”

“First of all, Rose I didn’t punch anyone, although, if anyone ever deserved it it was that slut Patti! She’s been hitting on Pete for years! And she said some terrible things to me.”

Rose took a sip of coffee leaving a huge crescent moon shaped lipstick stain on the cup. “She was also on the patio when you walked out there naked.”

“I was not naked! Shit! Hasn’t anyone ever heard of a Speedo? They’re Australian and swimmers all over the world wear em. Maybe the last time you went swimming they wore canvas suits but times have changed! Besides, nobody was paying any attention.”

“I heard that you were having an affair with the waiter and that he was hanging all over you giving you big puppy eyes.”

“Not true! The only guy in my life is Pete.” I leaned forward. “The crazy thing is…………well………….it’s like it’s moving to a whole new level. Is that supposed to happen?”

Rose leaned forward and put her elbows on the table. “So what kinda level we talking here?”

“Well it’s like we just never stop touching and then there’s this whole “I love you” thing. He says it all the time! And my God the sex! It’s like fucking constant! You know it’s like he just wants to make love to me and protect me. Weird.”

“I can see why Patti wanted to slap the shit outta you!”


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