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The Good Doctor
--- Chapter 41 ---
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The Good Doctor 41

Mom managed to bring out about two hundred people for the wake and a hundred for the funeral most of whom came back to the house to eat. Way to go mom!

At the cemetery Jase took David’s hand and walked him the couple of hundred feet to see Janet’s grave. The two of them seemed to have forged a bond based on mutual sorrow and I really had a feeling that it would be a lasting one.

Back at the house Pete and I took turns making sure that David was never alone for any length of time with grownups he didn’t know. I couldn’t imagine what it’d be like to be totally without family and to be going through this alone, not even being able to call some family member even if they were far away and speak to them.

So when we’d see a bunch of my family descending on him like a pack of hungry wolfs we’d do a David hand off. Pete’d put his hand on the back of David’s neck and when it looked like it was gonna get intense he’d slide David over to me and say, “Eric, why don’t you take David and…..” or me saying, “Pete, show David that ……………..” Worked pretty well too.


I felt someone pushing on me, or rather I felt myself moving, it would take a couple more minutes before I was awake enough to realize that someone was trying to wake me up. Finally I turned my head and looked over at the dark mountain of blankets that was Pete and then to my left. I saw Jase but he didn’t really register and I dropped my head down into the pillow.

“Dad.” Jase was whispering.


“Wake up!”


“Wake up, Dad!”


“You’re not awake!”

“S’okay……I’m awake.”

“You’re not!” He shook me again and then fear began to surface.

“What’s up, Jase?” Waking up even more. “How come you’re up?”

“It’s David! He’s crying! He did last night too.”


“You’re not awake!”

“I am, Jase. Gimme my boxers.” I swung out of bed pulling them on and then sat there. “You can hear him from your room?”

Jase looked really worried. “No but when I went in to pee I could hear him.”

Their two bedrooms share a common bathroom.

I pulled him to me and hugged him. “It’ll be okay. You go back to bed. I’ll take care of it.” I yawned.

He glared at me. “You’re not goin back to sleep are ya?”

I smiled at him although I’m sure that he could barely see it with the faint light from the window. “No, Kiddo, I really am gonna take care of it but I do need you to go back to bed. Are you gonna be able to sleep?”

“You’re really gonna take care of it?”

“I promise but if you’re gonna have trouble sleeping get in bed with Pete.”

“If I go back in my room I’ll worry. I’ll get in with Pete.” I got up and held the covers up for him.

I walked down the dark hall and listened at David’s door. He was crying. I tapped lightly on the door and opened it. The small bedside lamp went on and I walked over to David’s bed and hunkered down next to it. He was starring at me with tears streaming down his face. I reached over and ran my hand over his hair and then turned off the lamp on the nightstand.

“Shove over.” I lifted the covers and knew that he was sleeping in pajama bottoms and a tee shirt.

He protested. “Eric, you’re just in your underwear!” I slid into the bed forcing him over.

“Believe me you’re catching a break that I’ve even got those on. But relax, I’m married and I’m not into kids. Turn on your side.” He rolled over onto his right side and I shoved my right arm under his head and wrapped my left around his chest as I spooned him.

He turned his head slight back towards me and started to speak. “Why……..?”

“Sometimes life sucks. Now go to sleep.” And he did.

Over the next week there were two more nights like that and then it was over actually it was more than over because now I was getting hugs from David. Once you’ve gotten comfortable with someone touching you it’s pretty hard to go back to being distant and besides I never gave David that chance. Every time I was close enough to him to touch him I did, usually pulling him into a hug and I also used that closeness as an excuse to pry into every corner of his life. Thanks for the training, Mom!

“Sooooo………..ya got a boyfriend yet?” I figured that I might as well ask a question that I really wanted to know the answers to.

“Eric!” He blushed and dropped his head. “No.”

I rubbed the back of his neck. “Ya make it sound like that could never happen.”

He shrugged. “I’m not cool.” His finger traced a pattern in the carpet and then he smiled. “I’m kinda geeky.”

I laughed. “I hadn’t noticed that. Whadya gotta do to be geeky, be cute and have a great body…………cause you are and you do.” He leaned into me and laughed nervously.

“Yeah right!”

“So how about a best friend?” They usually provide a lot of the same services as a boyfriend but are more socially acceptable.

“There’s a couple of guys at school that I talk to but we’re not that close.”


I figure that if a fourteen year old beats off four times a day and uses four Kleenex tissues to clean up each time that’s sixteen tissues a day or 480 a month. And that’s not counting what Pete and I use. I made a note to buy two four packs of the large boxes.

It was obvious that we needed to go shopping and not only for Kleenex. When David moved in he had a fair amount of personal stuff and the clothing that he had was all impeccably taken care of but there wasn’t much of it. Now, God knows that I couldn’t give a shit less about clothes but even I remember that for a high school kid it was a big deal. Plus we decided that David oughta be able to pick out drapes and stuff for his room, stuff that would make it actually his room.

About twenty minutes from us is a large shopping center and it has an Abercrombie & Fitch in it and the internet assured me that that was the cool place to buy clothes for a teenager. Knowing that I know nothing about clothing and also knowing that Pete is inclined to buy everything he wears, and I do mean everything, from Brooks Brothers, okay, maybe with the exception of a pair or two of jeans slipped in there somewhere but because of all that I decided to call the store manager at A&F and ask for help.

I said to him, “The thing is that I’ve got this fourteen year old kid and I’d like the name of a salesperson that can relate to him and also help him pick out some things that will actually look good on him and not just sell him a lot of useless crap.”

He laughed. “You know that nobody has ever asked me for that? But it’s a good idea. We’ve got a young guy here that just started with us that comes from your area, he’s only sixteen but he’s got great taste in clothes and also some common sense. What’s the last name?”


“Just ask for Sam, I’ll let him know that you’re coming and fill him in on the situation.”

David and Jase were sitting in the back seat of Pete’s car as all four of us headed to the shopping center. David spoke his voice hesitant. “Eric……..I really don’t need clothes……..well anymore clothes than I already have.” It took a week to get him to stop calling me Mr. Cortland and then the crying at night thing happened which brought us to a new level of comfort with each other.

Pete looks at him in the rearview mirror smiles and says, “David, it won’t hurt to look and everybody can always use a few more things. Whadya say, Jase, how about you? You need some clothes too?” He laughed and looked at me. “Your dad always needs clothes.”

I turned and looked back at David. “A computer! You need a fu………., you need a functioning computer!”

Pete laughed. “Nice save, Eric.”

Jase glared at me and I laughed. “Yes one for you too! But boy are there gonna be parental controls on THAT puppy!” Jase had been begging for a computer for a long time.

David laughed and poked Jase’s arm. Weirdly it was like Jase was acting like the older brother a lot of the time because it seemed like he was the one who was always comforting David. That was slowly beginning to change. It was good to see David beginning to laugh. There hadn’t been much of that since his mom had died.

As we were walking to A&F I decided that this wasn’t gonna work. We looked like a kid being escorted by his whole family to buy clothes. That’s dumb.

I pulled on Pete’s arm. “Babe, why don’t you take Jase to the computer store and I’ll drop David for clothes and then we can come back when he’s done.”

He gave me an odd look. “Huh?”

“We look like the Clampetts bringing Jethro to get new jeans. Let’s cut the kid some slack. I figured I’d just go in and get David started with Sam and then leave em alone.”

Pete laughed. “I never thought of it but you’re right.”

Pete turned to David and put his hand on his shoulder. “David, don’t be afraid to pick things out. You need new clothes. Okay?”

David shuffled around for a while but finally said okay.

David and I walked into the store and then stopped for a moment to look around. A tall gorgeous young guy with dark brown almost black hair and warm brown eyes approached us and said tentatively, “Are you Mr. Cortland and David?”

I held out my hand and the boy shook it. “You must be Sam.”

“Yes, Sir.” He turned to David and held out his hand. “And you must be David.”

I watched as Sam’s eyes seemed to get larger and David stared into them for a moment and then started to blush.

Mentally I added condoms and lube to my shopping list.


One of the things that I’m happy about the accident, not that there’s really much to be happy about the worst day of my life, but I am happy that my mom didn’t see it coming. She had just turned her head to look and me and then she smiled that warm smile of hers and then nothing. I guess that in a way I am lucky because that’s my last memory of her.

The next thing that I remember is being in the hospital with doctors and nurses running around like crazy and scaring the shit out of me and nobody telling me about my mom. I asked and asked and asked but nobody said anything about her just that everything was gonna be okay. I suppose that’s when it began to sink in.

Then Dr. O’Connor was there and he told me, and then the crying really began. When I think about it now he must have cancelled appointments so that he could stay with me cause he was there for hours just holding my hand. If I had been able to think of anything but the pain having him that close would have probably made me hard because he sure did most of the time.

When he was giving me my physical for school I got hard as soon as he put the stethoscope thing on my chest. Man I was so embarrassed and we hadn’t even gotten to the turn your head and cough part. By the time my underwear came down my dick felt like it coulda shattered if a breeze hit it.

He told me, “Forget about it, happens all the time.” Well I knew for sure that it happened to me all the time but I thought that it was just me.

Then I just blurted out the one thing that I most wanted to keep hidden. “I think I’m gay!” Man it was so fucking embarrassing because I didn’t just say it quietly I yelled it out and I’m pretty sure that even if someone was walking by on the other side of the door they would have heard it.

Dr. O’Connor, well, Pete, was so cool about it. He just said, “Turn your head and cough.” I started to shake when his warm hand examined my balls and checked for a hernia.

“What makes you think you’re gay?”

I could hear my voice get all squeaky. “Look what it’s done, Doctor!” I pointed at my dick.

“David, that happens to a lot of guys when they get a physical, especially guys your age.”

Somehow that didn’t make me feel better. “It happens whenever I think about guys.” He pulled up my underwear and told me to sit on the table. I figured he was gonna do that part where they stick a finger up your butt but he didn’t and I figured that must come later or maybe he wouldn’t do it at all cause he knew it’d turn me on too much.

Geez, for an old guy Pete is sure handsome. I just wanted to lay my head against his chest and feel those arms around me.

“David, it’s not uncommon for guys at your age to be attracted to both sexes. As you get older the odds are that that attraction will center more and more on females but even if it doesn’t it not the end of the world.” It wasn’t the end of the world, the end of the world was two months away but I didn’t know that then.

This wasn’t something that I wanted to talk about and yet on the other hand it was what I wanted to talk about most. “Doctor, it just keeps getting worse and even though I really try to be attracted to girls I just think more and more about guys.”

“Are they romantic thoughts or sexual thoughts?”

“Both! I think about,” I sighed, “all kinds of sex stuff but I think about kissing and stuff too.” Pete looked like he was thinking and biting the inside of his mouth like I sometimes do.

He put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Okay, we’ll keep an eye on how things go but don’t automatically figure that you’re gonna be gay.”

I was about to beg him not to tell my mom but he stopped with his hand on the door and said, “Don’t worry, this is just between us.”

The first time that I met Eric and Jase I was still in the hospital and I was pretty numb because I was beginning to figure out that I wasn’t gonna be allowed to go back to our apartment to live and that the way this situation usually ended was in a foster home. At the time I didn’t realize that Pete was working on the problem and then when I met Eric and Jase Eric just basically told me that he and Pete wanted me to come live with them.

It’s weird because I had always had a problem being around Pete. I mean for an old guy he’s still totally hot and solid, solid in a, you can depend on him, way.

Eric on the other hand is flat out the most handsome man that I ever saw. I tried to think of hot guys like from bands and things but as hot as most of those guys are Eric is like in a whole other class. The thing is that he doesn’t even seem to know how he looks and that makes it even hotter.

When I was lying in that hospital bed and Eric was telling me that he wanted me to live with them he took hold of my hand and it was like somebody had plugged me into a wall outlet. He kept talking to me wanting me to agree and in my head I was screaming “Yes!” but nothing was coming out of my mouth.

Then when I did move in with them and I was still feeling like sick-horrible about my mom and bawling like a kid Eric must have heard it and got in bed with me.
He must have figured that I thought he wanted sex because he told me that he was happily married but it never entered my mind, I mean why would a guy that hot wanna have sex with me? Anyway when he pushed me on my side and wrapped his arms around me my cock was so hard it felt like if the blanket even touched it it would break off.

Oh yeah, there’s this whole thing about the way that Eric smells. It’s this very faint clean aroma that is incredibly powerful. When he was holding me I noticed this scent and then realized that it was the background smell that I had noticed all week. It was an intensely masculine smell that wasn’t at all offensive and at the same time was like nothing I had ever smelled before. It went directly to my dick. For awhile I thought that it was just me and then one evening when Pete got home from work I noticed that he hugged and kissed Eric and then buried his face in Eric’s neck and inhaled deeply. Damn, I knew exactly what he was smelling. It gave he a hardon just realizing what was happening in Pete’s head because of that scent. And it isn’t just men, when we finally went out shopping together I saw women who would be drooling over Eric and then if he got really close to them they got this weird look on their faces and they looked like they wanted to bite him or something. He didn’t see any of it, he’s totally oblivious to the affect that he has on people and man I’m not even talking about seeing him in just his underwear!

Jase! Geez, Jase has become really important to me. First of all Jase can sometimes seem like the six year old that he is and other times it’s like he’s thirty. But whatever age Jase is he’s like the kindest human being on the planet. He’s been so nice to me that there’s no way to describe it and do it justice. LOL And he looks exactly like Eric! With that wonderful concerned quality that Jase has and the drop dead looks that he’s getting from Eric that boy is gonna wipe out a whole high school full of girls in about eight years.

Well between Pete and Eric both pushing me to get new clothes and Jase telling me how great I’d look I was pretty much looking forward to this shopping trip. I really couldn’t believe that they were gonna buy me a computer too and actually I figured that that probably wouldn’t happen. A lotta times my mom would tell me we were gonna get something really cool and then something would come up, the car would need fixing or something else would break and that stuff always came first.

I couldn’t believe how good-looking Sam was. He was tall probably six feet and had really broad shoulders and even though he was wearing a pretty loose shirt you could still tell that his chest was really well developed. His eyes were dark brown and seemed to be really gentle but they also had a way of almost twinkling like stars or something. When he smiled his whole face lit up and those eyes did their thing while the corners of his eyes got all crinkly and his teeth seemed really white and straight.

He was about six inches taller than me and when he looked down into my eyes there seemed to be something there and his mouth opened slightly and then closed as his tongue came out and touched his top lip.

Suddenly I realized that Sam was holding his hand out to me and that my mouth was hanging open, so I closed my mouth and shook his hand. I looked over at Eric who was standing there with a small smile on his face.


I didn’t leave them entirely alone. I put my hand an David’s shoulder and said, “I’m goin for a walk but I’ll be back when you’re done. Try everything on even the shirts.” Then turning to Sam. “Take everything that you think he needs or that looks good on him and put it in a pile and we’ll look it over when I get back.”

I walked into the mall and sat watching them through the windows as the boys worked together. After an hour David would try on a shirt and Sam would stand close to him and adjust the color or straighten how it laid on his shoulders. They began talking less and smiling goofy silent smiles more. After a while I was joined by Pete and Jase, Pete sat next to me and said, “What’s up?”

“I think they’re almost done.”

“How’s he doing?”

“Preeeetttty good.”

He looked at me oddly. “So he got everything picked out?”

“Yeah that too.”


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