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The Good Doctor
--- Chapter 42 ---
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The Good Doctor 42


Sometimes life puts us into an awkward position. I was in one now. I was lying on our bed with my legs wrapped tightly around Pete’s waist with his cock lodged firmly in my ass and my own cum lying splattered across my chest. My breathing was labored and my head was dropped back against the pillow in exhaustion.

Pete bent forward and wrapping his arms around me pulled me up more or less into his lap with his cock still in my ass. I raised my arms until they were around his neck and then laid my cheek against his.

“You haven’t been writing yourself prescriptions for Viagra, have you?”

He grunted no and then began licking me like a dog from my collarbone to my ears. My dick responded with a lurch and a slow rise while his hips began to thrust gently upwards.

I gasped into his ear, “Oh fuck you’re good at this!”

He worked his way around to my mouth and shoved his tongue in. I sucked it in and groaned. I dropped my arms over his shoulders and felt the muscles in his back while his dick continued to thrust steadily up into me. Pete has a broad back that spreads out like the hood of a cobra from his waist.


I finally went and got a washcloth and towel and came back and cleaned us both up. I pitched the towel towards the hamper and lay down with my head on Pete’s chest and my left leg across his. I lifted my head and smiled at him. “Is this too soon after your orgasm to tell you that I’ve been thinking about something?”

He laughed. “Nope, I’m okay after, it’s before and during that’d be a problem.” He grinned. “I get distracted.”

“Okay.” I sat up and straddled his lap while I talked to him, his cock still feeling all puffy under my ass. He wrapped his hand around my dick and smiled up at me while I talked. “You’ve known David for three years, right?” He nodded yes and I continued. “So lemme ask ya something. Is there any circumstance where you’d like, send him back, you know, turn him over to the state or something?”

He got a worried look on his face and shook his head slowly. “No! I can’t imagine that. Why, are you having a problem with him?”

“No! Absolutely not! And I realize that we haven’t had him for very long but it’s just that I was thinking the same thing and I was thinking what a shitty thing it’s gotta be for a kid to be living somewhere and not being like a million percent sure that he wasn’t gonna get kicked out. And the thing is that since we’ve already gone this far it really doesn’t make any sense not to go all the way because neither one of us would ever not want him here so…why no….make know….permanent? So can we think about it?”


My only real friend at school is Justin Garber and Justin is the most totally straight human that I know and at fourteen has probably had more straight sex than most of the seniors in our school. Seeing him operate with girls is something that should be put in textbooks. Sometimes I think that the reason we get along so well is that he loves the idea that I’m not competition for the available females. Justin is very aware of exactly how many of those there are and of the overwhelming competition for them. I wonder for the thousandth time what he’ll be like in college after honing his skills for four years in high school.

“So what’s that new girls name, the brunette?”

He grins. “Leanna.”

“Are you………..,” I shake my head and smile, “well shit yes you are. What was I thinking?” He grins. To his credit and probably one of the reasons that Justin does as well as he does is the fact that he never talks about his conquests and he never puts women down. They’re simply the most important thing in his life and he loves them way too much to ever diss them.

Even though he’s got a pretty good body Justin wouldn’t even consider sports because they’re all male. He doesn’t want to be without women for the time it takes to play a game. He even likes talking to them, although he did admit once that it was more the sound of their voices than what they were actually saying. He’s a wonder and I understand what’s going on in his head probably even less than he understands what’s going on in mine.

He looks at me seriously and says, “So David don’t think I’m avoiding you if I don’t sit next to you in English. It’s just that Charlotte’s there.” Charlotte is the girl that Justin is prepping to take Leanna’s place as he works his way through the school. “But we can eat lunch together and you can fill me in on how it’s going with, you know, your new living arrangement. The clothes are cool. Who picked those out?” I see Justin look past me and I feel a warm presence.

“I did and he does look cool.” My mouth goes dry because Sam is standing there with his hand on the top of my locker door while he leans against the edge. His face is just inches from mine his warm brown eyes are staring into mine and he says slowly. “I knew that you’d look great in those………..and you do.” I suddenly notice one of the two pretty good looking jock type guys with Sam because he steps forward and rolls his eyes. Sam sees me look and says, “Oh. These two guys are friends of mine.” He nods towards them. “Jimmy and Cam.” I smile and nod a nervous unspoken hello. Then to his friends, “This is David.” Then realizing his omission he points at Justin saying with a questioning look, “And?”

Justin says, “Justin.” They all do that bump fist thing that I’ve never really understood.

Sam has gotten a weird questioning look on his face that somehow Justin recognizes instantly. Justin points his thumb over his shoulder and says nervously, “I gotta meet a girl.”

Sam gets a smile on his face that could melt tungsten and says, “Cool.”

Jimmy has glanced at his watch and steps forward saying, “Great to meet you guys but we gotta go.” He looks at Sam who’s still looking at me and putting his face next to Sam’s says clearly, “WE GOTTA GO!”

As the two guys are dragging Sam away the Cam guy is muttering. “You oughta be put in a fucking cage when you get horny!”

When I look back to Justin he’s looking straight into my eyes and smiling. He says, “Well, at least now we really have something to talk about at lunch.”

I was trying to chew the Salisbury Steak, at least I think that’s what it is, maybe you’d just call it a beef patty with gravy. Frankly after eating Eric’s mom’s food everything else just didn’t cut it.

“Justin, he’s not my boyfriend! We just bought some clothes from him. He works at Abercrombie and he’s being nice to a customer.”

He rolled his eyes. “Davey boy you are as good as laid! I mean shit……there’s lots of stuff that I don’t know about but this is something I’m totally familiar with. Didn’t you see the look in his eyes and hey, you could do a lot worse the guy’s really hot looking.” I must have given him a look because he said, “Yeah right, like you’d be giving me that look if you weren’t interested. You have condoms, right?”

“Condoms!” Eric had put condoms in my top dresser drawer. I glanced around nervously to see if anyone could hear. “I don’t need condoms!”

Justin leaned across the table and got in my face. “Look shithead you’re not doing it without a condom! Don’t be an idiot!”

“I’m not! We’ll use a condom!” What the hell was I saying? “I mean there’s no need for a condom, there’s nothing that needs to have a condom on it that I’m ever likely to get near.”

He grinned in self-satisfaction. “You do look kinda hot in those clothes… least for a guy.” He sighed. “If he’s even a third as good as me you’re gonna love it and he looks like the kinda guy that’d take care of ya and you kinda need that. He also looks like he’d be hung.”

I buried my face in my hands. “I don’t care! What makes you say that anyway?”


“That he’d be hung. How can you know that?”

“The bulge idiot!” He sighed and grinned at me. “My little boy getting plowed for the very first time. It almost brings a tear to my eye.”

“Justin, nothing is gonna happen!”

He leaned towards me. “David you don’t have to do a thing. Make him work for it,” he giggled, “your balls are totally in his court, so to speak. God knows I have to work for it. But don’t be a tease! He came across as a pretty decent guy and he’s a year ahead of us so he’s a pretty good catch………for a gay guy.”


Eric picks me up at school three days a week and his mom two days. This was Eric’s day and he had already picked up Jase who was unhappily locked into the back seat. I waved to Jase and slid into the front seat.

Eric handed me a gym bag. “Jase and I thought that we’d take ya to the gym with us. I’ll teach ya to swim. Do you already know how?” I was struck by a wave of pure panic. It wasn’t that I was afraid of being naked and getting a hardon in the gym, I mean I took gym class every day. It was seeing Eric naked. Normally I’d just think about something really disgusting……………….the thing is that I wasn’t sure that that’d work with a naked Eric in front of me. It was bad enough when he was fully clothed.

“Ahhhh………..I don’t but Eric……….I don’t think…………”

He smiled at me and squeezed my knee. “Don’t worry. I know what you’re thinking but you’ll see, it won’t happen.”

Eric is facing away from me as he pulls that black Speedo up, mainly cause I’m facing the corner in case I get a hardon, which miraculously doesn’t seem to be happening. But it’s like my hearing has become really acute and I can hear that tight suit being pulled up his thighs and the snap as he lets go of the waistband.
I finally turn to look and just as the sight of Eric’s hard butt being caressed by the smooth soft material of the Speedo is being burned into my brain a really buff body building guy has walked down the main row of lockers, he does a double take on Eric but doesn’t stop walking and doesn’t turn into his row but just walks straight into the wall. “Holy shit!” I gasp because I never heard a human body make that sound before! The guy staggers for a moment and then falls over but he’s built like a tank and none of that seems to seriously hurt him.

Eric runs over to help him oblivious to the fact that he’s the cause of it all. The guy waves him off with a panicky sick look and Jase looks at me and rolls his eyes. This is old news to him.

Eric led the way to the pool and I’m holding Jase’s hand as we walk behind him. Jase grabbed my hand somehow sensing that I’m a little out of it and now watching Eric’s hard butt moving in that tight black Speedo his muscles moving like a panther’s as he moves confidently through the jungle has gotten my full attention and I’m beginning to get hard. I try to imagine myself licking roadkill which is my sure fire hardon killer but it’s not working. I do the only thing that I can think of and run ahead and jump into the pool.

But it turns out to be okay and Jase is right behind me and Eric right behind him we horse around for ten minutes and have a great time. Finally Eric remembers what we came for and decides that Jase and I have to learn to swim. Jase giggles like this is an inside joke. Eric shows me the swimming stroke by taking off for the other end of the pool. He swims like an otter all smooth muscles moving like there’s no effort at all.

When he gets back to Jase and me he says, “Whadya think? Can you do that stroke?” I nod yes but when I try I sink like a rock. Eric finally gets me to lie across his outstretched arms while I practice the stroke. Apparently I’m also practicing getting an erection but I decide that there’s no need to mention that.

Eric is steadily giving me advice on my stroke and then he tells me to go for it with all my strength as he pulls his hands out from under me and I actually swim to the other side of the pool. I stand up sputtering at the other side of the pool and yell, “I did it!” I’m shocked and really proud of myself.

Eric swims over and yells, “That was fantastic!” He wipes the water off of his face and then says, “Okay now we’ll swim back, when you start out just pretend that I’m holding you up like before.” It takes two tries but I finally do it.

Jase grins at me and says, “I still can’t do it! I think maybe I’m still too small.”

Eric looks at us. “Okay, why don’t you guys sit for a while so I can do my laps and not worry about either of you drowning? You can keep count too.” He takes off and starts do these long smooth strokes that seem to carry him to the end of the pool with zero effort and then he does some kind of flip thingy and pushes off from the end and swims back. Watching Eric swim is like magic and I find myself settling back into the deck chair as his body seems to become one with the water like it’s his element or something.

Finally from the pool he looks up and Jase yells, “Fifteen!” and Eric walks to the edge of the pool to the steps.

When he started climbing those stairs to get out of the pool I totally froze, maybe my heart even stopped. It was like one of those commercials that you see for really expensive cologne or something where it’s all in black and white and this real handsome European looking guy with black hair is moving slowly out of the water and smoothing his hair back with his hands as the glistening water cascades down his perfect body and with each step all his stuff in that tight black Speedo shifts slowly form side to side. Oh God!

“David! Are you okay?” Eric puts his hand on my forehead and he’s got this really worried look on his face. “You feelin okay?”

I grin lamely at him. “I’m okay……..really.”



Mom is like a kid feeding machine and we no sooner get back from the gym then she’s got the boys sitting at the kitchen table and is shoveling food into them. Well actually mom probably doesn’t consider Bruschetta food but rather something that leads to food.

She also figures that David has got a deficit of motherly love and she’s working hard at correcting that. In a way my mom and Jase have already adopted David. I’d actually like to talk to my mom about my thoughts about adopting David but with mom things tend to get blown out of all proportion and it’s probably best if I wait. Actually it’s probably best if I talk Pete into talking to my mom cause she doesn’t get all Italian mom with him as she does with me.

She corners me as I’m coming out my bedroom and backhands my chest. Why is it that women never think that that hurts? I mean just cause we don’t have breasts doesn’t mean you can just pound on us.

“Ma will you quit doin that! It hurts!” She rolls her eyes. That’s where Jase is getting that!

“What? It was a tap! And anyways it’s besides the point. When are you gonna get that boy some therapy?”


“Who else would I be talking about?”

“You really think he needs it?”

She tosses her head back and glares at me. “If you saw your mother get killed you’d need therapy.”

I almost bit my tongue off. “Oh.” But she has a point. Why didn’t I think of this? “You’re probably right.” God I hate admitting that! “Lemme talk to Pete. After all he is David’s doctor and he’d know who to go to. Wait a minute he did say something about that and said that his mom would be willing to do it for free. I forgot about that. What makes you think that he needs one?”

She rolls her eyes. Geez! “Eric all you have to do is talk to the boy to understand that he hasn’t really dealt with it.” I wonder how much of this is coming from some article in The Ladies Home Journal?

“Okay. I promise that I’ll talk to him tonight. There’s some other stuff about David that we need to talk about anyway.” I shouldn’t have said that and mentally I’m snapping at the words trying to get them back. I feel like a trapped rat. I man would just let that go by but women are like pit bulls.

“What?” Again the backhand to the chest!

“Owe! Will you quit that?”

“Whadya need to talk about?”

I sigh. “It’s just that I was thinking that since we’ve gone this far with having David live with us and everything that……well….. I mean I would hate it not being sure that I wasn’t gonna get kicked out or whatever………..and so I was just thinking that maybe we could adopt him. I mean he is a good kid and we all really like him.”

You gotta be ready for anything with this woman but I wasn’t ready for this. She pulled my head down and kissed me on the cheek. Her voice was soft and she looked like she was going to cry. “That’s just what your grandpa woulda done. You are so like him.”


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