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The Good Doctor
--- Chapter 44 ---
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The Good Doctor 44


I stared at her carmine red lips and new hairdo as Rose slid into the opposite side of the booth. Why is it women don’t realize that when they get older that that sluty red doesn’t help things? But I didn’t say that, I was tactful.

“New hairdo, Rose?”

She patted the sides of her head and said, “Mr. Andre said that he just had an inspiration.”

I bit down on a carrot stick. “He still growing his own inspiration?”

She frowned and started toying dangerously with a fork. “Eric that was never proven! You know that that stuff grows wild all over here. And you shouldn’t talk!
I remember when you were in high school……… damn near drove your poor mother crazy with that stuff.”

“Rose, that was one hit at Harry Franke’s graduation party and I hurled on his shoes!”

“Well your mother called me and asked if I thought she should put you in detox.”

“I was living with my mother, I was in detox.”

Her long deep red fingernails slowly extracted a cigarette from its pack and her other hand flipped open a slim gold lighter. She lit the cigarette and blew a stream of milky blue smoke towards the window. “Your mother told me about you guys wanting to adopt David. Have you talked to him yet?”

“Not yet. I was thinking, for a while anyway, that Pete, Jase and I should all sit him down and ask him but the more I think about it it’d be like when some poor slob proposes to his girlfriend on television. Like what’s she suppose to say in front of the whole damn world, “Marry you? I think you’re a jerk!” I mean I just wanna be sure that David gets to make a real decision and not something that we’ve forced on him.”

“So how’s he doing?”

“Great! Well he was a little reserved for a while but considering all that’s happened to him I guess that’s to be expected. We had a good talk the other day and he seems to be warming up. He and Jase are total buddies.”

I watched that smoke coming out of her. “You know you’re probably killing me with those damn cigarettes! It’d be just my luck that you’ll live to be a million and I’ll die at twenty-nine just because of your lousy habit!”

“Don’t whine, Eric!” She waved her hand. “Oh never mind go ahead and whine. You buy a dog ya gotta expect it to bark. What’s the latest on David and his boyfriend?”

“Rose, how the hell do you know about that?” The poor kids life might as well be on TV.

“Your mother! You think I’ve got spies in the high school?” She laughed. “Well actually I do but it was Helen who told me. We think it’s sweet.”

I smiled. “It is sweet.” I sighed. “You’re first kiss, the first time a hot body is pressed to yours, you’re first fu………… It is sweet. Gee, Rose, can you still remember yours?” Why didn’t it surprise me that my mother knew?

“Sure I can!”

“You’re kidding! You can really remember it?” Damn that’s gotta be stirring up brain cells that haven’t seen an electron in a while.

“I remember is was Eddie Ba…………”

“Rose! Gimme a break here I got enough shit seared into my brain! The thought of you getting it on in the back of a buckboard wagon is more than I can deal with!” Her reflexes aren’t what they used to be and I got my hand out of the way before the fork came down nicked the formica table top and went clattering to the floor. She took a long nervous drag on her cigarette and blew the smoke in my face. She touched her hair and smiled.

She took a deep breath and gave me a plastic smile, a slight tic had formed in the corner of her mouth. “Sorry! I’ve decided not to kill you yet cause I need a favor and since you owe me like a million of em well……………the thing is that land that Helen owns out by the interstate……… think she’d sell some of that?”

“Grandpa’s land? I dunno. She gets all weird about shit like that.” My grandpa loved buying land and since he was never really rich most of it was out in the middle of nowhere but he’d always plant a vegetable garden. He had like ten of em but with a big Italian family with enough cousins to start your own army, it took a lot of gardens. I was one of many who got stuck with the job of weeding em. The thing is that now there not in the middle of nowhere. “You’re friends with her why not just ask?”

“Cause you’re right, she is touchy about anything that he owned. Okay but just kinda broach the subject with her. I need more space and I was thinking about building a new factory and moving the whole shootin match into it.”

I laughed. “Planning for the future, Rose? I woulda thought……………”

She glared at me with the butter knife clutched in her hand. “Finish that sentence and I’m gonna really hurt you!”


I wiped the cum off of my chest with a damp towel and went back into the bedroom. Pete was sitting cross-legged on top of the sheet reading a copy of the AMA journal. The soft light from the nightstand made his skin seem to glow and I laid down next to him on my stomach lifted my naked butt a little and then rested my head on my fore arms. I glanced up at his handsome face and after a few minutes I lifted my head and licked his bicep. He made a little groaning sound. I rolled slightly onto my side and watched as his pretty cock got hard again and pointed up at the magazine.

He lowered the magazine and stared at me. “You can’t be horny again. You got off twice less than twenty minutes ago.” I rubbed my face against his arm. He sighed and reached over and ran his hand over my butt.

I closed my teeth lightly on the skin of his arm released it and then licked it. “You taste really good, you’ve got like your own flavor.” He breathed deeply straightened his legs and slid down next to me. The magazine fell to the floor.

He put his right hand on my right shoulder and slid his leg over and between mine. He buried his face in my neck inhaled deeply and murmured, “You’re gonna gimme a fucking heart attack.” That would literally be it.

I sighed and said softly, “We don’t hafta do anything, I mean you fucked me twice and it’s almost like I can still feel you in me.” I could feel his dick beginning to hump my thigh and his fingers began to play with my butt.

He gasped quietly, “Oh God you’re still lubed!” I felt a drop of his precum running down the side of my thigh.

I rolled slowly onto my left side and slid back under his right leg then reached back and positioned his cock. I moved back against it and it slowly moved into me. Pete groaned softly his left arm was under my neck and his right hand on my hip. My breath caught and I just gasped, “Oh!”

Ten minutes later I wiped us both off pitched the towel in the general direction of the hamper and lay down with my head on his chest. “So you’ll talk to David?”

He raised his head. “You little shit! That’s what that was about?”

I smiled at him. “No dufus I was horny! But I do think you should talk to David.”

He ran his fingers through my hair and then kissed the top of my head. “Oh.” He sighed. “Geez, ya know you really are like one big orgasm waiting to happen.” After a minute. “You really think it should be just me?”

“Well ideally no it’d be both of us but I don’t want him feeling overwhelmed. I do want him to know that I’m totally in favor of it though. The thing is that he never really had a dad and I think that a couple of adult males might be intimidating to him. But you’re his doctor and he’s used to you being friendly but kinda clinical and I think you could really lay this out in an unemotional way. But I don’t want him to think we don’t care.”

He laughed quietly. “How about we have this little talk in the family room and you can be in the kitchen holding up cue cards?” That’s not a bad…………no……no I trust him.

I climbed a little higher on his chest and kissed him and then smiled at him for a while. “You know it’s not like I did all that fucking by myself.”

He shoved his tongue into my mouth and rolled me over with his arms wrapped around me. There was a smile in his tired voice as he stared down at me. “The first moment that I met you I knew you were gonna drive me totally insane.” He rested his forehead on mine. “God I fucking love you!”

As our lips pulled reluctantly apart I said, “What the fuck woulda happened if my regular doctor hadn’t been overwhelmed that day? We might never have met.” Then I sighed. “No, that’s not possible we’re suppose to be together.”


Has anyone ever gone through school without running into a bully? I dunno, maybe jocks but certainly not normal students. My nemesis was Brad. Somehow I had gotten his attention in eighth grade and he had made my life a living hell ever since then. I was hoping that he’d be overwhelmed by high school and consequently forget about me but that was not to be so when I was body checked into my locker I didn’t even have to look up to see who did it.

“Hey orphan. You still here?” It takes a special person to make fun out of a person’s mother having died.

“Hi Brad.” His being within fifty feet of me filled me with dread.

“I thought when your old lady died you’d crawl off into the shrubbery. I was kinda relieved that I wouldn’t have to look at your face for four more years.”

I was trying really hard not to cry and to somehow get this over with so that I could meet Sam for lunch. “Brad, I gotta meet someone.” His hand hit my chest hard and I was shoved backwards my back hitting first followed by my head.

“Hey dipshit, did I say that I was finished with………….” The words never got out of his mouth before his head hit the wall and a knee came up and slammed his nuts. He tried to go down but this huge hand held him in place.

This huge guy looked at me kindly and said, “His name is Brad?” I nodded yes probably as scared of him as I was of Brad.

He took his forefinger and lifted Brad’s chin. For the first time ever I saw fear in Brad’s eyes. He gasped, “Lon, geez it’s nice to see………….”

Lon nudged Brad’s nuts with his knee again and said, “Now you listen to me dipshit. David is not ever to be touched. You don’t wanna even mention his name cause I find out your still even noticing he’s here and I’m gonna beat you so fucking bad you’re gonna wish you were dead. And don’t start thinking that you can get someone else to do it cause anything happens to him and I’m poundin on you. Got that fucker?” Lon started to shove his thumb into one of Brad’s eyes and Brad screamed, “Yes!”

Lon tossed him to one side and said to me, “David, lock your locker so this scumbag doesn’t try to get into it.”

My mouth opened and closed and I turned and snapped shut my padlock. I looked at Lon and squeaked. “Whadya gonna do with me?”

He laughed and put his arm around my shoulders. “Take you to your boyfriend dumbass.” I slumped against him.

“How did you know that was happening or even who I was?”

He smiled at me while we walked towards the cafeteria. “I didn’t but Sam asked me to keep an eye out for ya and told me your locker number I just happened to be going by.” He grinned. “We watch out for each others boyfriends. Started it in eighth grade and we perfected it as freshmen.” Everyone in the hall just seemed clear a path for him. “Sam and I are best friends and we both had boyfriends who could use a little help and then later with the swim team and the football team there were always boyfriends who weren’t jocks and rather than have us follow around our boyfriends all day to make sure they were okay we came up with this system.”

I grinned at him and felt brave enough to ask a question. “So it’s divided into the big guys and the little guys?”

He laughed. “Actually the littlest guy on the swim team is the toughest son-of-a-bitch between the whole swim team and the football team. He’s like a martial arts grand master or some shit. Fucker could take on a dozen guys at one time and still win. And on the other hand Ben on the track team is a fantastic athlete has a great body but is afraid to fight, afraid he’ll hurt someone.” He shook his head.
” He’d stand there and let someone punch him in the mouth rather than defend himself. So we watch out for him too. I mean he’s a great guy, a really sweet guy, he just won’t fight, so we make sure that he doesn’t have to.” He grinned down at me pulled me into the cafeteria and sat me down in front of Sam.

Sam grinned up at me and said, “Hi Babe! I been missing ya.” I wanted to crawl onto his lap.

All that I could seem to see were his warm brown eyes and bright white smile. “Babe, go get a tray so that we can eat and get outta here.” I hurried off to get my food.

When I got back Lon was telling him about Brad. Sam looked up at me and said, “David, be sure and tell us if this asshole tries anything else.”

Lon looked at me and said, “David, that dipstick is not gonna do anything for a few days but then he’s gonna convince himself that it was all a mistake and he can still give you hell.” He stared at me. “You gotta tell us when that happens, cause that’s when we’ll shut him down and after that he’ll really stop and think before he ever tries it again.” He reached over and took my hand. “Promise me that you’ll tell me if he does that.”

I answered right away. “I will, Lon.”

Sam said, “If you don’t see Lon or me just tell any member of the swim or football teams. They all know that you’re my boyfriend and they’ll all standup for ya.” He grinned sheepishly. “You are my boyfriend, right?”

I felt like my heart was gonna jump outta my chest and I grinned and nodded enthusiastically.

Sam and I were getting into the habit of wolfing down our food and making our way as quickly as possible to the top tier of the swimming pool stadium. He was leaning back against the concrete wall and I was lying between his legs with my back against his chest his arms were wrapped around my waist and his lips were playing just behind my ear. I was so hard it felt like you coulda used my dick to cut steel.

I groaned feeling something long and hard running from the area of my butt well up into the small of my back. I wiggled my back and said, “Is that what I think it is?”

He said, “Oh, God! Please don’t wiggle!”

I laughed. “Geez, Sam, that thing feels huge!” I started to reach behind me. “Can I hold it?”

He grabbed my wrist and gasped, “David! I am so fucking close!”

I tilted my head back and said, “You can hold mine.” Where was all this courage coming from?

I heard the thud as his head dropped back against the wall. “David if I touch your dick I’m gonna be shootin in my pants. Just gimme a minute here.” It was weird, I felt powerful but then I thought it was dumb to make the person I loved uncomfortable. Loved? Loved.

I decided to change the subject. “Eric asked me if you had kissed me yet.”

“You’re fucking kidding me! How did he know?”

I shook my head. “He said he didn’t know that he just suspected from the way we looked at each other at the store.”

“Whadya tell him?”

“Well I just nodded yes that you had kissed me and then he said, “Pretty cool, right? And he hugged me.”

“No shit? Did you get all nuts?”

I laughed. “No that was earlier. He wanted to know if I was mad at him cause I was so quiet and then I was going all nuts. I ended up hiding my face in a pillow crying and telling him I thought he was hot. It wasn’t my coolest moment………….but you know then he hugged me and somehow he made it okay. It’s weird because sometimes when I’m talking to Eric it’s just like I’m talking you or Justin and then he can get………..well dad like but not in a bad way.” I twisted in Sam’s arms to look at him. “When I’m talking to him it’s like he makes me feel that everything is okay.” I leaned back against his chest. “But holy fuck he’s hot.”

Sam laughed and squeezed me tighter. “You’re making me jealous.”

My head was nestled in under his chin. “No need to be. I mean he’s too old, old enough to be my dad, well almost. Geez……..can you imagine having a dad that looked like that?” Then I got to thinking. “Pete would be more like you’d expect a dad to be and Eric would be like the coolest dad on the planet.” I wondered silently for about the millionth time what my dad had been like and would he have liked me.

He bent his head kissed my temple and then laughed. “I’d be beating off ten times a day if my dad looked like Eric and we ate breakfast in our underwear every morning.”

I tilted my head up and back. “Your dick settled down yet?”

He bent his head and kissed me on the mouth. “Still hard but not on the verge of going off.”

“Is it okay if I touch it? I’ve never touched a guys dick and I think about yours like all the time.”

Sam said, “Okay, swivel around so I can feel yours.”

I twisted around and lifted my leg over the bench so that we were facing each other. He lifted my chin and said, “I wanna be kissing you when you touch it.”

I reached forward and pressed my hand against the long lump in Sam’s pants and at the same time he shoved his tongue into my mouth and pressed his hand against my cock. We both started to moan. I could clearly feel the head of his cock through his pants and boxers and I ran my thumb down along its length until it was clearly buried in his balls and he mumbled, “Careful.”

“Geez, Sam, that thing is huge!” He grinned at me and made a small thrusting movement with his hips.

He smiled and pulled my lips to his and then said, “You gonna be able to handle that, Baby?”

I nodded yes but said, “I dunno…………..yeah, I’m sure I can……….God I want it!”


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