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The Good Doctor
--- Chapter 45 ---
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The Good Doctor 45

Even if I didn’t see her car I’d know when my mom was at my house. Getting out of my car in the garage the smell of Italian cooking is unmistakable, the basilly, garlicky, slightly acrid and yet sweet smell of cooking tomato sauce, the savory smell of browning meatballs and the toasted garlic smell of bruschetta all tell me that mom is working.

Just before Jase and Charlie barreled into me she pointed her spoon at me and asked, “You hungry?” She didn’t wait for an answer, she never does. “I’ll fix ya a little something to tide ya over till dinner.”

I grunt, “K, Ma,” as boy and dog hit. Jase uses me like a tree and is hanging from my neck with his legs wrapped around my waist in like a second. Charlie is standing with his paws on Jase’s back furiously barking his hello, further into the kitchen I see David and Sam sitting at the table eating six thousand calories each to tide them over until dinner.

Jase grabs my face in both hands his own face is alive with excitement. “Sam is here with David! Sam’s gonna have dinner with us!”

I kiss Jase’s cheek and say, “Oh he’s not here! You’re makin that up!”

“I’m not dad!” He twists and points at the kitchen table. “See! There they are!”

I give him a doubtful look. “Where? I don’t see anything. Sure you’re not makin this up?”

He grabs my face again and with a look of frustrated forbearance he tries to explain to his idiot father. “Look, Dad!” He turns my face in the direction of the table. “They’re right there!”

To keep the game going I close my eyes. “I don’t see em.”

“Dad! Ya gotta open your eyes!” I can’t help it and I smile and he gets it. “Gramma, he’s doin it again!”

From the stove, “Eric, quit teasing Jason!”

I kiss my son again and say, “Hey, I never rat you out. How come you’re always squealing on me?”

Jase presses his forehead to mine. “Sometimes you make me nervous.”

I carry Jase over to David and Sam. I squeezed Sam’s shoulder and say, “Hey, Sam!” I lean over and kiss David on the temple quickly before he has a chance to think about what I’m doing and get all crazy and then I dump Jase into his lap.

“Take your brother, David. He’s too wiggly for me.” Yes, I used the word brother deliberately but he doesn’t know that. Maybe it was just a figure of speech.

I turn back to Sam. This is one gorgeous kid, broad well muscled shoulders narrow waist and in general a good looking kid. David, you are one lucky boy. “You’re gonna stay for dinner aren’t ya, Sam?”

He stands up and shakes my hand. “Yes, Sir, if that’s okay.” He earns major points.

At the spoken notion that there is even a question that someone might not be eating her food my mother runs over and says, “Of course you’re staying for dinner!” She gestures towards the chair he just got out of and says, “Now sit. You want more milk?”

I smile at Sam. “It sure is okay. Besides you can help David program his cell phone.” I take a small package that I had tucked under my arm and hand it to David whose eyes get so big they look in danger of exploding.

David stammers, “I cell phone?”

“Yeah, I was gonna have a regular phone put in your bedroom but finally decided that you’d get more use outta this. I dug into my pants pocket and pulled out a list of names and numbers. “Sam can show you how to program in these numbers.”

David is almost vibrating. “I can’t believe it! This is so cool!” Sam has turned to his boyfriend and is staring at him like he wants to be doing it for a long time. His eyes are full of love and his mouth parts slightly showing even white teeth.

Jason on the other hand is looking at me like he can’t believe that he didn’t see that package which is something that surprised me too considering the nature of little boys.

He climbs off David’s lap and approaches me like a gunslinger at OK Corral. “Where’s mine?”

I reach down pick him up and smile. “You’re too little for a cell phone, every mother in town would be out to lynch me if I got you a cell phone.” I start walking slowly to my bedroom carrying Jase.

“I’m gonna get ya a goat. We can tie it up on the front lawn and it’ll eat the grass so we won’t ever have to mow again and then if you need to make a call you can go outside to the front yard pry open the goats mouth and yell into it. It’ll be a goatphone.” My humor is totally lost on my son who does not look happy.

“I feel like I been gypped.”

“Do any of the other kids you go to school with have a cell phone?”

I can see that Jase hates the question and is struggling with the answer but finally says with a sigh, “No. It’s so stupid!”

I sat down on the bed still holding Jase. “What’s stupid?”

He frowns at me. “I dunno. That’s what’s bothering me.”

I twist around and lay Jase on the bed. “I gotta shower. You gonna pick out my clothes?”

He’s still angry but can’t figure out why he’s mad except that he feels like he should have gotten something. He nods and says with a long sigh, “Yessss.”

Five minutes later when I come out of the shower he’s just finishing laying out my clothes and his revenge.

“Briefs! I gotta wear briefs?” I didn’t even know that I had any. I slip them on and pitch the towel towards the bathroom.

I pick up the tight black jeans, the result of not trying them on at the store. I pull them on and button the buttons.

I smile at him and say sarcastically, “The bright orange turtleneck is charming too.” That was my mother’s handiwork.

Jase is lying on my bed watching me dress. Finally finished I flop backwards onto the bed next to Jase and turn my head to look into his eyes. I feel like I’m dressed like a male prostitute but I decide to suck it up and keep my mouth shut about it.

I lift my left hand and touch his nose with the back of my index finger. “You still mad?”

He blinks his eyes his voice is soft. “No. I decided that David needs it more than I do anyway. Cause he goes to high school and there’s mean boys there.”

“What kinda mean boys?”

“Boys that punch and hurt smaller boys.” Oh shit!

“Do those mean boys hurt David?”

Jase looks like he’s weighing what he should say but he’s used to pretty much telling me everything and he does.

“The use to but Sam made em stop.”

“Is that what David told ya?” He nods yes.

“You s’pose you could let me know if it happens again?”

He turns towards me and lies on his side. “You gonna beat em up?”

I smile up at him. “Hopefully that won’t be necessary but I will take care of it. If it happens again try and ask David what the boys name is. Okay?” This is a small town and I know a lot of people.

I smile at him. “So what’s the chance of me getting a hug?”

He grins at me. “No goat?”

“No goat.”

He rolls over on top of me and squeezes my chest while I kiss the top of his head. I look up as Pete is walking into the bedroom.

He grins. “This a hugfest?”

I roll Jase off of me sit up and say, “If you play your cards right.”

Pete looks at my crotch and smiles. “I like the jeans.”

I make a face and say, “Pervert!”

Pete scoops Jase up hugs him and kisses him on the cheek. “Actually those jeans are kind of a pleasant change from those things that are two sizes too big that you usually wear.”

“So you want me to wear jeans like these?” He never said anything like that before.

Pete smiles and gently lowers Jase to the floor and Jase shoots out the door to pay close attention to what David and Sam are doing. “Ahhhhh, maybe just at home.”

I’m confused. “So you don’t like em?”

Pete comes over and takes me in his arms. He kisses the side of my neck and lowers his hands to my butt. He mumbles into my neck, “They’re a little……..revealing.”

I pull away from his arms and look in the full-length mirror. “Whadya mean? Well, they are a little tight I guess.” I run my hands down my thighs. You can’t like see the outline of my dick or anything but there is an obvious bulge.

I’m not sure what he’s thinking. “Should I change em?”

He comes up beside me and kisses the side of my head while his right hand rubs my butt. “No they’re good for here, great actually, just don’t wear em out, you know, where other people can see it, I mean them.”

I look up at him. “When are you gonna talk to David………..or you want me to do it?”

He sticks his tongue in my ear! I asked a serious question and he does that? It’s like shooting a howitzer at a railroad car full of dynamite. I ended with weak knees and mumbling incoherently.

“Pete…………oh fuck yeah!”

He pushes me into the bathroom and locks the door, within sixty seconds my pants and underwear are around my ankles I’m bent over the bathroom sink and Pete’s cock is deep in my ass. After another sweaty sixty seconds I’m shooting in the vanity sink and he’s shooting in my ass.

The only reason that I’m not sliding to the floor is that I’m holding onto the faucet for dear life and Pete has collapsed over my back. I lift my head and look at him in the mirror.

“So you do like the jeans.”

He gasps for air gives me a goofy grin and says, “Ahh……….yeah………I guess I do.”

One of the advantages of growing up with parents who spend most nights on the cocktail circuit is that you learn how to carry on a conversation with people that you hardly know and Pete is brilliant.

He talks, he charms, he kids, he coaxes, he entrances and at the end of the meal Sam is talking like we’ve known him since he was born and David is sitting there staring at him like a lovesick…………whatever.

Afterwards I’m carrying dishes to the dishwasher and from the way Sam and David are watching me I wonder if they know what Pete and I did just before dinner. I can’t imagine how they’d know and I chalk it up to teenage insanity. Every once in a while they look at Jase and he rolls his eyes. It’s like a disease.


Sam falls backwards onto my bed and covers his face with his hands. “How do you stand it? Geez, there was enough testosterone drifting around that kitchen to start a fire! Does he always look like that?”

I sit on the bed next to him and lace my fingers through his. “You mean the way his face looks or the way he was dressed?”


“I never saw him wear those jeans before or that turtleneck. But you know he let’s Jase pick out the clothes he wears when he comes home.”

Sam lifts his head and looks at me. “You’re kidding! Really?”

“It’s like a thing they’ve got going. Jase loves doing it. He must have been mad at Eric cause Eric hates clothes like that.”

“Fuck if I looked like that I’d sit in front of a mirror and beat off all day. Did you see the way that Pete would look at him?” He laughed. “I hate to be the guy that hits on Eric when Pete’s around.”

I rolled over and laid my head on Sam’s shoulder. “I’d hate to be the guy that hits on you when I’m around.” I laughed and so did he. “Okay, so I’d need to get you to help me beat the guy up.”

Sam pulled my head to his chest and lightly stroked my face with his thumb and said, “Actually if I looked like that I’d probably just walk around naked. They’d have to call the cops to get me to put clothes on.”

“I wouldn’t mind if you walked around naked the way you look now.”

He lifted his head and glanced at the door. “Any chance they’ll come in here?”

“Not without knocking. It’s like a law.” Sam had buried his nose in my hair and was inhaling deeply.

I slid my hand down his chest and onto his stomach and then very slowly onto his cargo pants covered dick which was sticking up towards his chest. I wrapped my hand tightly around his fabric covered cock. He gasped and pushed up into my hand. My thumb traced the pointed head of it and he began to moan.

“Sam, I know that you must be used to doing a lot more that this……….you know with your old boyfriend.”

He reached over and touched my face his voice was soft. “There’s all the time in the world, David. I really want this to be right for you. I want you to be ready.” He gave me an odd grin. “Besides, you’re already better than him, you don’t have to do anything to be better.”

I sit up and swing my leg over his waist and then slowly lower my butt down on top of his hard cock. “Mind if I play horsey?”

Sam looks up at me with a look of panic and lust. “Oh, David!”

I smile and say, “What? We’re totally dressed.”

I bend forward and interlace my fingers with his on either side of his head and then bend further and kiss him. I begin to slowly thrust my hips forward over his cock which has now been forced by my weight into the crack of my butt. As my hips move forward my own cock is rubbing slightly against the fabric of my boxers.

Sam grunts and then laughs nervously. “Where did you learn to do this?”

“I dunno. I guess I just dreamed it up.”

Sam is beginning to twitch and he’s getting edgy, I clench my butt muscles and he groans. I take his hand and put it over my covered cock and as soon as I feel the heat of his hand my orgasm begins to build.

I thrust my hips forward faster and clamp down hard on his cock. My own cock starts to cum and as soon as his hand feels the wetness his eyes snap open and his own orgasm begins. I’d give anything to have it happening in me.

The following Monday was the first school day in three weeks that I didn’t eat lunch with Sam. The swim team was having some sort of awards thing and they were all taken to a local restaurant to eat. It seemed like I hadn’t had the opportunity to talk to Justin in ages.

He took one look at me and gave a disgusted sigh. “He’s not fucking you yet?”

“Justin, you don’t know that!”

“The hell I don’t! You look like my dog Cleo did last week when she was in heat. But shit, even she’s got better luck than you.”

We slid our trays of food trays down onto a table.

“He says that he just wants to be sure that I’m ready……….you know, emotionally.”

Justin shook his head slowly and said, “What a load of shit! It’s a fuck it’s not a damn space shot. Besides I still think that a good fuck is the solution to like ninety percent of the world’s problems.”

He growled, you know, like a bear and then said, “Okay we need a plan. First of all you always carry a condom I hope?”

“I got five of em in my pocket right now.”

He grinned at me with a mouth full of food and finally swallowed and said, “Optimism, that’s a good thing. How big is he?”

“I think a little over six feet.”

He sighed. “No dumbass! I mean his dick.”

I put my cupped hand against the tabletop and then moved it to duplicate that measurement. Justin was looking at me like I was nuts.

“The best feel I’ve gotten was when he was lying on a bench. So I guess a little over two hands.”

Justin chugged a carton of milk. “What size condoms you got?”

“Just regular.”

He reached into his pocket and slid me couple of gold foil packages. They said, “Magnum.”

He shrugged. “Believe me it’ll feel a lot better for him if it fits right……… lucky little fuck.”

I frowned and asked him, “How much you think this is gonna hurt?”

“Maybe a little the first time or two but then you’ll be okay. How bad you need it kinda helps determine that and by the look on your face you’re ready for a twelve incher.”

Justin slid his tray away and put his elbows on the table and leaned forward. “Okay, pay attention. There’s certain words and phrases that just seem to be hard wired into guys heads and you can pretty much count on them getting you a certain response. Like the word “Need.” A woman says that to me and as soon as she’s pronounced the first letter my dick is getting hard and if it’s “Justin I need you!” my pants and underwear are already on the floor before the air has stopped vibrating.”

“You could even tell him that if you don’t get it soon you’re gonna have to buy a cucumber.” He laughed at his joke but then said seriously, “I’d go fucking nuts if I thought a vegetable was getting what I should be getting.”

He studied the ceiling for a moment. “All right, here’s what you say to him, ya say something like, “Sam, all I can think about is how much I need you inside of me. Sometimes I think I’m gonna go crazy if I can’t feel you taking me.” Taking, that’s another one of those words. Geez I’m getting a hardon just saying it.”


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