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The Good Doctor
--- Chapter 46 ---
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The Good Doctor 46

“Why did I let you talk me into this? I musta been outta my fucking mind!”

“I think it looks hot!” I can talk him into anything.

“Wouldn’ta looked so hot if we had gotten killed down there!”

“People always glare at other people in that part of town, means nothing.”

“What if somebody I work with sees this thing?”

I squeezed and lifted my crotch and Pete’s eyes flashed in that direction for a split second. “First of all how are they gonna see it and second of all why would they give a fuck?”

“Golf, tennis, locker rooms, showers, that’s how!”

“I still think it looks hot. When that puppy is all healed it’s gonna be so fucking cool! Makes me hard just thinking about it!” And boy does it ever!

“My mother’s gonna kill me and my dad is gonna think that I’ve lost it completely. And them knowing that it makes you hard isn’t gonna improve things.”

“Don’t tell em.” It’s just like a twisted chain design way up on his upper arm, it’s not like they did Mount Rushmore on his back or hot over one nipple and cold over the other.

“If this is so damn wonderful how come you didn’t get one?”

“Me? Well the whole damn needle thing kinda creeps me out and then there’s my mother and believe me she could smell a tattoo on me from a thousand yards.”

He gave me an exasperated look and his voice got louder and went up an octave. “And she can’t on me?”

“Hmm? Oh, yeah, she’ll spot that in a flash but she won’t say anything to you. Besides she’ll just figure I talked you into it. You may actually get sympathy outta this if you play your cards right.”

Pete made a hard right into a small shopping center. I asked, “Where we goin?”

He frowned and grinned at the same time. “You’re gonna share the pain……..and believe me there is pain.”

He parked in front of a Kohl’s department store and hustled me inside.

“Pete, that arm is attached!” His legs are a lot longer than mine.

“It’ll be okay, I’m a doctor!” Then he went into a whole mumbling thing about how could a doctor be so god damn fucking stupid.

The dragging stopped at the jeans department where a stunned looking young guy was whipping his head back and forth like he was watching a tennis match. Finally he seemed to swallow hard and said, “Whadya want?” He sounded suspicious like we were trying to trap him or something but somehow I got the feeling that he was always like that.

Pete said, “Jeans.” He looked at me. “What’s your size?”

“Ahhhh, it seems to change.” He’s not gonna be happy till he’s got me looking like I should be strutting down a runway in Milan or some fucking place.

“Eric your size never changes!”

“I’m not sure, thirty maybe thirty-two waist.”

Pete said, “There’s no way that you’re a thirty-two waist!”

He turned to the clerk who was twisting a pencil in his white knuckled fingers. “Gimme a tape!”

The clerk snapped the pencil in two and quickly said, “I’ll measure him!”

“No you won’t! I’ll do it.”

The clerk, Roger by his nametag, seemed to tighten his grip on his measuring tape. “This needs to be done by a professional!”

Pete, still gripping my upper arm, said, “I am a professional!”

The clerk blinked, swallowed and said, “A professional pants measurer?”

Pete hesitated at playing the MD card. I mean what could he say, “I’m his doctor I’ll measure him.” Besides, Roger was becoming more territorial by the moment and grabbed my other arm saying, “Right this way, Sir.”

Pete maintained his grip on my other arm and said, “Where are we going?”

“The changing room.”

Pete stopped, I stopped and finally Roger stopped. Pete said, “Why the changing room? You can’t measure him out here?”

Roger wiped the sweat off his upper lip and said, “No! Jeans gotta have more measurements than other pants. It’d be too ahh well public out here. Out here is fine for regular stuff but we always measure for jeans in the fitting room.”

Pete gave him a hard disbelieving stare. “I’ve never heard of that!”

Roger gave a nervous smile. “That’s why I’m the professional.” We were edging closer to the changing room.

It’s a weird thing with doctors, lawyers and accountants but they’ve got what almost seems like a genetic predisposition to defer to another professional even if they’re pretty sure that he doesn’t have a fucking clue.

Pete said firmly, “I’m going in with you!”

Roger countered with, “I’m sorry mister but it’s store policy that only one customer at a time is allowed in a fitting room.”

At the fitting room door Roger signaled me to go first and I called back over my shoulder, “Is it like a big deal if I don’t have any underwear on?”

There was a loud crash that seemed to shake the wall and I turned in time to see Roger falling backwards with blood pouring from his nose as he slumped to the floor with Pete’s arms breaking his fall. Pete is great in an emergency and flipped at the speed of light into doctor mode and took over until the store manager showed up and hauled Roger off to places unknown with his head tilted back and Pete’s bloody handkerchief pressed to his face.

In the meanwhile I was picking out jeans. Especially because of the whole tattoo thing I had accepted the idea that I was gonna have to get a few pair of jeans that would make Pete and apparently everyone else on the planet happy.

Pete kissed me in the fitting room while his hands roamed my faded Levi’s 501 clad ass so I figured everything was gonna be okay. Well, okay except for my mother but then that was a given.

We walked from the garage into the kitchen just as my mother was getting ready to leave. She wrapped a scarf around her neck and then looked up at us and said, “I gotta go fix dinner for your father.” She pointed at the stove. “There’s lasagna in the oven.”

Pete was edging his way towards the family room and made the mistake of thinking that if he kissed my mom goodbye quickly that it would make a difference and she would leave sooner.

She smiled and said, “I smell antiseptic.” She pulled on her jacket. “Oh I smell a lot of antiseptic. Did you hurt yourself, Eric?” She walked over and sniffed the air right in front of me and then shook her head.

She said, “Pete?”

He’s really terrible at this but in his defense he’s never had to get good at it. He grew up in a normal household. He’s actually starting to blush.

She walks over to him and sniffs. She looks up at his face and then turns to me.

“Eric, what did you do?”

“Bought some jeans. Where are the kids, Mom?” It’s not like I don’t know how this is gonna work out but it’s always worth a shot.


I can feel my whole body slump. “Pete and I had to go to Hartford so he could get some files and stuff and I bought some jeans.” I sighed. “Aaaaand I talked Pete into getting a little tattoo. It’s tiny, nothing really.”

“Oh my God!” With my mom we’d have been better off telling her we spent the day biting the heads off of chickens. Getting a tattoo is the first step on the slippery slope to hell.

Okay, so it was thirty minutes of verbal abuse but now she was really gone and I followed what appeared to be a sulking Pete into the bedroom.

He was hanging up his suit coat and I came up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist. “You still pissed at me?”

He turned in my arms and pushed me backwards onto the bed and then climbed on top of me and kissed me. “For one thing I’m thinking that I probably overreacted and for another it was my decision.” He grinned at me. “That surprises you?”

His brilliant blue eyes were staring down into mine. “No………..not from you.” I pulled his shirt out of his pants and ran my hands up his chest. “So you gonna let me see it?”

He started unbuttoning his shirt from the top and I started from the bottom. He pealed it off threw it at the hamper and then pulled off his tee shirt being careful when it came off of his right arm. Geez he’s got a beautiful chest!

I looked up into his eyes. “After dinner we gotta talk to David.” Of course we never got a chance to do that cause Sam picked him up.


“ Are you guys gonna be okay?” Sam’s dad was really just an older version of Sam, well heavier too but really just as nice as Sam. His mom was very pretty and kind of elegant. They were both dressed up because it was their anniversary and they were going out.

“Dad, we’re gonna be fine. I gotta take David home about quarter to ten will you guys be home by then?”

“Probably not. We won’t get outta the play until nine or so and then we’re going to the restaurant. I’d say eleven at the earliest but probably more like twelve.”

Sam put his arm around his dad and then kissed his cheek. “Enjoy your anniversary, we’ll be fine.” I don’t think that I ever saw a guy kiss his dad before, well except for Jase.

Sam sat me down in the family room with a coke and then walked with his parents to their car. I was scared. Well, scared and excited. This was gonna be the first time that we’ve really been alone and with enough time to do anything and now that anything could happen I wasn’t totally sure about what I wanted to have happen.

Sam came back from saying goodbye to his parents and stopped at the door of the family room looked at me and smiled. He walked over to the couch and took the coke out of my hands and set it on the coffee table and then, laughing, pushed me backwards until I was lying lengthwise. He straddled my body and then lowered himself gently being careful to keep most of his weight supported by his elbows and knees.

His lips parted slightly and then he didn’t say anything but took a deep breath and smiled at me. The fingers of his right hand were running through my hair and he bent to kiss the side of my neck. I groaned as the electricity of that kiss rippled through my body and I held onto Sam’s shoulders for dear life. His right knee went between mine followed by his left and then our cocks were pressed together but still separated by our clothes. Sam wrapped his arms around my head cradling it while his tongue brushed my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked it in delirious with the idea of having part of him inside of me.

After a few minutes he pulled his mouth from mine and dropped his forehead to the sofa next to my head. He groaned and then mumbled into the fabric, “Okay…………..let’s decide how far you don’t wanna go tonight.” He lifted his head and stared into my eyes. “Let’s decide now while were still thinking with our brains.”

I lifted my head and kissed him because I knew how hard this was for him, hard to hold back. “At some point I really need you to fuck me.” I held his face and stared hard into his eyes. “I really really need that but I think tonight might be too soon.”

“No problem,” He sighed, “it’s off the table………..for now.”

I kissed him again and said quietly, “It won’t be off the table for long because I like think about it all the time.”

He grinned at me and thrust his hips forward. “Me too…….but like I told you before, this is gonna be at your pace.”

I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his waist. It seemed like the natural thing to do but it caused Sam to moan and drop his head to my forehead. He mumbled, “You’re killin me!”

“What’d I do?” I really didn’t know.

He stuck his tongue in my ear and then said, “That’s a position that you fuck in.” He licked my neck. “It feels like my cock should be in you when your legs are wrapped around me like that.”

I laughed. “I’ll have to remember that.” I could feel deep in my guts that I needed what he said to happen and soon. Something inside of me wanted to scream for him to fuck me.

“Okay, let’s put that aside. What do you want to happen tonight?”

I said, “I definitely want to see you naked, no clothes of any kind.”

He grinned broadly and said, “Can do that.”

“And I wanna put your cock in my mouth.”

Sam lowered his head and kissed my neck again, sucked on my earlobe and said, “Not a problem.” I was beginning to squirm from the work his mouth was doing on my ear.

“I dunno, mostly touching you and stuff.”

Sam lifted himself off of me and stood up with a huge hardon tenting his pants and a spreading wet spot.

He took my hand and pulled me up too and basically hardon wise I was in the same position that he was although mine wasn’t that big.

He kept hold of my hand and said, “Let’s go to my room. There’s no way that they’re commin home early but just in case.”

Sam’s room reminded me of him. On one end there was a big bed and straight in front of you as you walked in was a desk against the wall with a computer, off to the right was a closet and a television. The walls were covered with swimming and baseball posters.

He pulled me in and closed and locked the door and then immediately began taking off his clothes. I guess that I was mesmerized because I couldn’t tear my eyes away from what he was doing.

He heeled and toed his shoes off and then lifted one leg and pulled off one sock and then the other. He smiled at me and pulled off his tee shirt and sweatshirt at the same time. His chest was totally hairless and the muscles at the top of his chest where his nipples were were really big and then the muscles of his stomach below that were hard and separated by individual muscles in rows.

He said something to me and I must not have gotten it because he laughed and then said it again. “You gonna join me?”

I swallowed and stepped over to him almost in a trance. “Can I touch your chest?”

He opened his belt and popped the top button on his pants, then he gently took my hand and still holding it pressed it to his chest and began to slowly move it around.
The muscles felt like they were covered with the softest skin in the world but underneath that there was rock. He ran my hand over his nipples that were like little sharp peaks and down slowly over his stomach and then pressed it down further underneath the waistband of his briefs and into his pubic hair.

He said, “Push my pants down.” I didn’t know if he meant his briefs too but I figured maybe he didn’t and I just pulled his jeans down and that left a pair of boxer briefs with a hardon pressing them out towards me.

His voice sounded hoarse. “My briefs too.”

I started to pull them down but they got caught on his hardon and I had to pull the waistband way out to clear it. I pulled them down to his feet with his jeans and his cock pointed up at a forty-five degree angle with a drop of precum hanging for a moment at the tip before it began to drip slowly downward.

I don’t know why I did it, it wasn’t like I even had to think about doing it but I leaned forward and caught that drop of precum with my tongue and then licked the rest off of the end of his cock.

He just said, “Oh fuck,” and then put his hand on the side of my face and slowly pressed the head of his cock into my mouth. I sucked on the head like it was the most normal thing in the world for me even though I had never done it before. I didn’t try to take more of it than the first couple of inches but I had this need to get any more of that precum that there might be and I could taste it on my tongue and as it slid down my throat. Then for a reason that I didn’t understand at all I pulled my mouth off of his cock and moved the head that was still oozing precum all over my mouth and lips

When I looked up at him he was staring down at me with a look of almost panic and then finally, gasping, he said, “Okay, okay, we gotta slow down a little or this isn’t gonna last long.” He lifted me up and kissed me slowly and then said, “Did you ever do that before?”

I shook my head no. “I just……… seemed like what you should do. Did I do it wrong?”

He shook his head. “No. You did it perfectly but ya know I’m beginning to feel a little………..weird…..standing here naked while you’ve got all of your clothes on.”

He was tugging my shirt out of my pants and then I lifted my arms while he pulled it off over my head. Suddenly I felt all…………well naked but Sam seemed to see that and grabbed a shirt off of the back of a chair and draped it over my shoulders. He opened my belt and then knelt down in front of me and slowly pulled my pants and underwear down. He had to pull the waistband away like I did because my cock was sticking straight up towards the ceiling. He just looked at my cock and then looked up and me and smiled. Then he reached forward and gently wrapped his warm hand around my balls and then took the head of my cock into his mouth.

The shock was total and I gasped, “Oh fuck!” and collapsed onto his shoulders. He kept sucking and I felt like I was being turned inside out.

I pushed him over backwards and he fell slowly bracing himself with his arms and never letting my cock out of his mouth. When he was flat on the floor I turned and took his cock back into my mouth and sucked on it hard. I knew that one of us was whimpering and I was pretty sure that it was me.’

In a moment he was pushing his hips into the air and then shot after shot of his hot cum filled my mouth.


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