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The Good Doctor
--- Chapter 48 ---
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The Good Doctor 48


“So are ya gonna do it?” Sam was pulling into a parking spot at school.

“I told Eric that I wanted to.” Sam reached over and took my hand in his.


“It’ll sound stupid.”

“It’s about your mom, right?”

“Yeah. It’s almost like………..I dunno………like I’m throwing that part of my life away. Like I’m saying she doesn’t matter anymore.”

Sam turned in the driver’s seat and was resting his head against the headrest while he stared into my eyes. He said slowly, “That’s not really what’s happening ya know. You’re not losing your mom and you never really knew your dad. And here you’re getting two dads and a brother.” He grinned. “That’s not even to mention how hot your dads are.”

“I really like em. At first Eric made me nervous cause of the way he looks but once you get to know him he’s great. Actually between the two of them they make like the perfect dad. Pete seems a little sterner but when you get to know him he’s really not that way at all and Eric is almost like an older brother. You know like you had a brother that was maybe ten years older but who still wanted to do stuff with you but kinda treated you like he was your dad too?”

“Yesterday morning when we were standing in the kitchen waiting for breakfast he took my face in his hands and held it and asked me if I was doing okay, if I was handling things okay. I knew………..I mean I really really knew that he was talking about you and me having sex the night before and he was saying that he was okay with that as long as I was okay and then he hugged me.” I could feel tears forming in my eyes and then Sam leaned over and pressed his forehead to mine. “When Eric did that……………it felt just like I always imagined it would feel like to have my real dad do it, well maybe not for the exact same reason but the feeling. It felt like he really was my dad.”

“Hey you’re also picking up an awesome grandma. She sure kicked ass yesterday!” Sam was speaking softly and softly kissing the side of my face and the sensations were zapping like radio waves throughout my body.

That made me laugh. “She sure took care of the Brad situation! But she’s always been really nice to me.”

Sam’s breath was soft on my face and his voice was throaty. “You make it pretty easy to be nice to you. You’re so fucking cute and sooooo fucking sexy.”

I whispered to him, “Now you’ve got yourself all horny, right?”

He turned my head and kissed me on the lips. He whispered. “I wish you were sitting naked on my lap right now.”

Someone banged on the window and Sam and I both jumped a foot. Once he saw who it was he pushed the button to lower his window and said, “You are a real asshole, Lon! You scared the fucking shit outta me!”

Lon was doubled over with laughter and couldn’t speak but Sam introduced me to the tall skinny boy that was standing next to Lon. “David this is Jamie Corlen.” He spoke to Jamie and said, “Jamie this is David.” I reached over Sam and shook Jamie’s hand.

Sam said, “Jamie is Laughing Boy’s boyfriend.”

Jamie was leaning down on the open window. I said, “Jamie, don’t we have English together?”

Jamie said quietly, “Yeah we do. I been meaning to say hello.” I would never have thought it was possible for someone to be shyer than I was but Jamie sure seemed to be and now that I got a look at him I realized that he was the guy that sat at the back of the class and never said a word.

Lon seemed to recover and his head joined Jamie’s leaning in the car. “Hi, David. We’ve been meaning to introduce you two. Jamie and you can be each others “Go to guy,” that’s somebody to go to if there’s a problem or you need something.”

Sam looked at me and said, “Yeah, if Jamie needs anything and Lon’s not around you let me know, or really any of the guys but it’s really just as much so that you got someone to talk to, so you don’t feel alone or anything. And there’s a lot more guys than you and Jamie but you’ll get to meet em all.”

He looked at Jamie. “You’ll show David, right? Like show em when you get outta English this morning how you wait for the guys, okay?”

Jamie nodded yes and said, “I’ll show you this morning, David.” I wasn’t really sure what he meant but I found out later when English class was over.

Jamie held my arm and pulled me back against the wall of the hallway. “See those classrooms at the end of the hall? The last one on the left has a couple of guys from the football team in it at the same time we’re in English and then we just walk with them as the come by.”

I was really curious about him and Lon because they seemed so different. “How long have you and Lon been together?”

His voice was soft. “Officially it’s only been a little over a year but unofficially more like two. We’re next door neighbors.”

I said, “He’s really big and kinda scary, well not scary anymore but when I didn’t know him he sure was.”

“Well I guess because I grew up with him he never really seemed scary to me, well except when he started playing football and other sports. It always seemed like those were the guys that I had to be afraid of. Course that’s not a problem now.”

He nudged me and said, “Here’s the guys from the football team.”

Two big guys who were either juniors or seniors were walking down the hall and Jamie and I just fell in with them and walked.

Jamie said, “Guys, this is David. He’s with Sam.”

I felt a warm hand I my shoulder and a blond guy that was huge and had a really muscular face said, “Hi, David. We’ve seen you with Sam but he’s tryin to keep you totally to himself and hasn’t introduced you around yet. My name is Chet and this is Bucky”. Bucky gave me a bump fist thing that I was just learning how to do. I hoped that I didn’t fuck it up.

I said, “I’ve got Chemistry this period, in room 202, do you guys go by there? Chet squeezed my shoulder and said, “We do now, David.”


When I got home with Jase Sam and David were in the living room doing their homework.

“How’s it goin guys?”

David dropped his forehead to the top of the coffee table and moaned, “He’s a slave driver! He’s even got me doin stuff for extra credit!”

Sam leaned back and grinned. “I’m not that bad! Besides, you wanna be as good as I know that you can be don’tcha?”

Jase came running in and asked excitedly, “Can I do my homework with David and Sam?”

I grabbed him to hold him back from climbing all over them and finally had to scoop him up. “Jase, you don’t have homework, at least not so’s you’d notice and besides I need ya to pick out my clothes.” Of course I really just wanted them to have some time alone.

He looked torn but finally said, “Oh…….yeah.”

I carried him into the bedroom and dropped him backwards onto the bed. While I was getting undressed I asked him, “Where’s grandma d’ya think?”

“She said that it wouldn’t kill you to defrost dinner for a change.”


Jase nodded yes. “Those were her exact words.” That’s a mighty cavalier attitude. Not that it’s that big of a deal. I’ve got two freezers downstairs loaded with mom’s culinary output.

“Okay, I’m takin my shower while you decide what I’m gonna wear and then we’ll hit the basement for food. Anything you’re hungry for?”

Jase said, “Lemme think about it while I pick out your clothes.” Like all of us he’s become jaded, or maybe the reverse of that. He’d probably love a Big Mac, although it’d be as much as my life is worth to bring one into the house.

I was taking my shower when a handsome blond guy poked his head through the door. Pete grinned at me and said, “Hi, Hot Stuff!”

I grinned. “Hi yourself, handsome. What are you doin home early?”

“My last patient of the day cancelled, bless her heart.”

“One patient got ya home an hour early?”

“She a hypochondriac. Normally she’s good for an hour of, “Is this anything?”

I asked, “Are the boys still doin their homework?”

“Workin like dogs. Did you know that Sam has got David doing work for extra credit?”

“I know. I woulda hated him when I was a kid. Well except for the looks and the body.”

“Eric, that’s exactly what kids need to do if they’re gonna get into the best schools.”

Yeah right. “You could come in here and help me wash stuff.”

He grinned and shook his head no. “Jase is right here waiting for ya. You’re gonna look very sharp.”

Back in the bedroom I looked at the clothes and then looked at Jase. “You’re sure.”

He nodded yes.

“You don’t think…….” He was shaking his head no.

“You got this from watching Cirque du Soleil the other night on TV didn’t ya?” Oh well, it could be worse, tight black jeans, tight black tee shirt, black shoes and socks. I felt like Zorro. At least he forgot underwear.

I found Pete in the kitchen on the phone. He smiled when he saw me and pulled me over by the black belt in my black jeans.

He put his hand over the mouthpiece. “You look fucking hot.”

Pete had his hand down the back of my jeans to emphasize just how hot I looked when Jase came into the kitchen and I turned my back to the counter while Pete slipped his hand casually out of my pants.

“I figured out what I wanna eat. I want those things like meatballs but they got that white stuff in em and then they got green stuff around em.”


“What do they call that white stuff? Remember they had it when we went to dinner with Grandma and Grandpa and we met the lady with the black hair that knew mom.”

“Lady, black hair, mom and dad…………………..rice?”

“Yeah! It’s like meatballs with rice in em.”

“You mean cabbage rollups? With tomato gravy?”

“Yeah………I think so.”

“I think we got that. It’s not even Italian but don’t tell grandma that.”

“Come on, we’ll go downstairs and see if we can find it.”

“I don’t wanna go downstairs.”

“How come?”


“Grandma’s been talking to you about basements?”

“She doesn’t like em.”

“What if I held you all the time that we were down there?”

“What if we both got eaten?”

“Jase! Jase, why would you think that you’d get eaten?”

“Grandpa says that there’s monsters that come outta the walls in the basement and they eat kids.” WHY does my father DO this shit? He was edging closer to Pete and finally reached up and took his hand.

I realized that he was afraid that I was gonna make him go down into the basement so I did the most non-aggressive thing I could think of and sat down on the kitchen floor. “I’m not gonna take you down there, Jase. You don’t have to be afraid.”

He ran over and sat in my lap on the floor and pulled my arms around him.

I spoke quietly into his ear. “You’re not gonna believe me if I tell ya that grandpa was just bein a jerk when he told you that are you?”

“I believe you.” He said it like, “Geez, how could you figure otherwise?”

“But you still won’t go downstairs.”


“Well………..I’m gonna go down there and kill all the monsters.”

“Don’t go! Dad, you’re not big enough!

“I have a secret plan.”

“For the monsters?”


“I don’t think it’ll work.”

“What if I take Pete with me? He’s big.”

He stared up at Pete. “He is big.”

“But I need you to do something.”


“We gotta sneak up on the monsters and that means that we gotta be real quiet. So when Pete and I are down there you can’t let anyone else come down there and if anyone tries to you gotta yell and lemme know. Can you yell really loud?

“Uh huh.”

“Okay, so when we go down there we’ll close the door to the basement but if anyone looks like they wanna go down there you gotta yell really loud. Okay?”


I pulled open a cabinet and grabbed a small can of Crisco and then took Pete’s hand and pulled him towards the basement door.

He looked at me and shook his head. “You are like some kind of demented.”

“Is that spelled h-o-r-n-y?”

“In your case, yes.”

I turned to Jase. “Now don’t let anyone come down.”

For all his demented talk he wasted like zero time getting my pants down around my ankles. In the low light of the basement I positioned his cock and backed onto it. The stretching and penetration were like heaven.

“Oh fuck I need this!”

“You are just like a bad little boy.” This from someone with his cock nine inches up my butt.

‘I know and I deserve to be punished but it’d be too loud unless you can make it sound like a monster dying.”

Somehow this made him fuck harder so it was like a good thing.

“Some day I want you to fuck me in your office. Like you were doing a physical, ya know, and when you checked my prostate I just started moaning an shit and even though you knew it was wrong your dick was getting hard and before you knew it you had me bent over the examining table and even though I was begging you not to, you shoved your rock hard dripping cock up my needy butt and were plowing the shit outta me.”

He gasped. “Oh fuck I’m cumming!”

I beat my dick like crazy and ended up shooting on an old box of Christmas tree ornaments just as Pete was filling my ass with his hot load.

We finally dragged ourselves upstairs and Jase looked at us and said, “So where’s the meatball and rice stuff.”


Sam and I were leaning against my bed with the television on softly. He pulled my head to his chest and was licking and kissing the back of my neck. His fingers were running through my hair and gently held my head against him. When he ran his tongue up to my ear I almost jumped outta my skin and rolled on top of him our noses pressed together.

He reached out and cupped my cock through the fabric of my pants. “You think Jase has gone to bed?”

“He went a half hour ago.”

I straddled Sam’s lap and sat on his legs. He grabbed my hands and pulled them way out so that my face was pulled towards his. His eyes were warm and his mouth was open just far enough that I could see the white of his teeth. His lips touched mine and when I opened my mouth he sucked on my lower lip and then moved his tongue into my mouth as his hands came behind my head and pressed me to him.

When he broke the kiss he buried his face in my neck and his voice was muffled.

He murmured, “How can I love you so fucking much?” Each word vibrated through my skin and into my heart.

“I don’t know.” And I didn’t. “I don’t know what I’d do if you didn’t though.”

He laid his head back against the bed stared into my eyes and shook it slowly. “No chance it’s gonna stop.” He ran his hand over my chest. “I think about you every minute of the day. Really……no shit…………it’s like I’m nuts or somethin.”

I laughed. “I hope that it’s not curable.”

“I don’t wanna be cured. I just want you.” He grinned. “All David, all the time.” He twisted his head and looked at the bedroom door. “Sure it’s locked?”

I nodded yes and he unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out or I should say moved the material away from it cause it was rigid, then he did the same to his. He looked around and then pulled my dirty tee shirt off of the bed and laid it on his chest.

He tried to pull my cock down so that he could hold it to his but he had to bend his up cause mine couldn’t be moved without breaking it off. When I felt his cock held to mine and felt the silky warmth of it my moved fell open and stayed that way.

As Sam jerked our cocks I felt like every muscle in my body was straining and when the side of his finger brushed the head of my dick I thought that I was gonna have a heart attack or something.

He smiled at me and said, “Feel good?” I couldn’t answer or close my mouth I just nodded quickly and made a little sound. And then it felt like a slow electric shock that started behind my balls and then just exploded through my whole body and I was shooting so fucking hard that I was bouncing off of Sam’s legs.

My first shot of cum went straight up my chest and hit my chin but then Sam quickly bent down and wrapped his lips around the head of my cock and I had to clamp my hands over my mouth to stop my scream as he swallowed my cum. Then suddenly he threw his head back against the bed as his own cock started to shoot and I grabbed his shoulders and leaned forward pressing my lips to his as he gasped for breath and his cock fired between us.


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