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The Good Doctor
--- Chapter 49 ---
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The Good Doctor 49

Once again, a lone, pristine, silvery, Hershey’s Kiss sitting in the middle of my desk, looking all innocent with its little paper tassel sticking up and slightly bent as if to say, “Eat me!”

I’m not swayed by its chocolaty goodness because I recognize it for the relationship-killing time bomb that it is and I immediately call Rose and ask her to lunch.

I figure if anybody understands the mind of a lonely, hard up, pathetic figure it’d be her but at the last minute I decide not to mention my reasoning, at least not right now.

It seems that she’s managed to whip the waitresses into shape at the lace-curtain restaurant that Pete took me to and while I’m trying to think of a place to spit out the chamomile tea that one of the servers was pushing she slides into the other side of the booth.

I look up at her and smile. “Hi, Rose. Is that hat on right?” I didn’t know women still wore hats.

She glares at me and says, “Don’t start, Eric!”

“Rose, I’m not starting anything. I just thought that maybe you got the hat on backwards.”

She goes into full defensive mode but I can tell that she’s wondering if it really is on backwards but she’s too stubborn to take it off and look because in her heart she knows that that’s my goal. I don’t know why I do this. My mother says it’s because I’m a little shit and the more I think about it the more I figure that she’s probably right.

Before I speak I glance quickly up at the hat and frown. She blinks twice.

“The thing is, Rose, that I’m pretty sure that one of my new guys is gay.” I just pause to figure out what I want to say and she jumps in.

“Eric, do I have to point out the hypocrisy of you being upset about that?”

“Rose, hypocrisy doesn’t enter into it! I think the guy’s hot for me.” She rolls her eyes but I continue. “The thing is that these Hershey’s kisses started appearing on my desk a few days after he came on board and I keep getting these steamy looks from him.”

We are interrupted. The waitresses in this place are all wearing pink dresses with white lacey aprons and are trying to push meatless hamburgers and watercress soup. When I was here with Pete I made the mistake of ordering a real burger and got something that made me think that I was being punished for ordering it and I wasn’t gonna make that mistake again.

Rose orders a tuna salad sandwich and I ask, “Do you guys have a bacon sandwich?”

Her pencil is poised and she frowns and says, “Bacon sandwich?” like I had suggested grilled toddler or something.

“Uh huh. You know two pieces of toast with mayonnaise and bacon, crispy bacon.” I smile she blushes and I’m determined not to have a repeat of the last time. I grinned my very best grin and say, “It’s gotta have a lotta bacon on it though. I have a deficiency.”

She’s still blushing but looking skeptical. “A bacon deficiency?”

I put my arm up on the back of the booth tilt my head to one side and rest it on my fist and smile slowly. “Un huh. You wouldn’t want me to get all sick would ya?” She’s smiling and getting all coy now.

She says softly, “Well I think it would probably have three slices on it.”

I hand her the menu stare into her eyes and smile. “Why don’t you bring me one with extra bacon? That way I’ll be sure not to pass out or anything. You can just charge me………… know……….whatever. That way I’ll get my bacon fix and you ladies won’t have to wonder what to do with my body when I pass out.” She nods and nervously picks up the menus’ and leaves.

Rose kicks me hard under the table as the waitress departs. “Eric, stop teasing the straight people!”

I bent down and rubbed my ankle. “Geez I haven’t done that in a long time, you know, flirted with a girl.”

“You’re not thinking of turning straight are you? I mean not that I think for a moment that you could pull it off.”

I shivered at the thought. “No fucking way! Geez, Rose what a lousy thing to suggest! Besides, that’s not my problem. The thing is that Pete knows about this guy and when he was in the office to pick me up he even gave him his best alpha-male glare. If the guy didn’t get the idea from that and he tries something I’m pretty sure Pete’ll kill em.”

Rose touched the tip of her hat with her fingers. “Pete would never do that!”

I shake my head. “I’m not so sure. He gets pretty possessive where I’m concerned. Not that he has any reason to worry.”

“I can’t imagine Pete being anything other than gentle. Look at the way he is with you and if he ever had a reason to kill anyone you’ve gotta be at the top of the list.”

“Funny, Rose but oh so wrong. Our gentle Doctor Pete has gotten a little physical with a couple of guys that he thought were paying too much attention to me.”

She leans forward and gets all conspiratorial. “You know, you could use this to get more sex!”

“Rose, whadya think I been doin? But geez, even I can only take so much and he finds out this guy is doin that again and I’ll never survive it.”

Rose leans forward with a serious look on her face and says, “How much are we talking about here?”

I rest my chin on my hand. “I dunno, a few times a day I suppose.”

“Well you better be honest with him. The worst thing that can happen is you not tell and have him find out.”

I sigh. “I know. I just gotta think of the best way.”

My mother turned on me like a cobra. “Eric if you try to eat any more of that cookie dough I’m gonna smash your hand with my spoon! Now go!”

“You let Pete and David and Jase eat it!” Well she did!

She moved so that she was between me and the bowl full of raw chocolate chip cookie dough. “I gave them a taste! You’ve eaten a pound! I won’t be able to make the cookies!”

“Couldn’t you just add some more flour or something?”

“I’m gonna hit you with a pot! Now go bother Pete!”

She was obviously prepared to defend those embryonic cookies to the bitter end and actually I was pretty full so when I heard the sound of someone turning the pages of a newspaper I followed it to the living room.

Pete was lying lengthwise on the couch with his back against the arm and I plopped down on the other end and entwined my feet with his. I have like the longest sofa on the planet because the salesman told me that it was a standard size. He was lying of course but it’s a big living room and it all worked out in the end and besides I really like lying on it with Pete. We’re at opposite ends so we don’t make each other crazy and our feet are together so we don’t lose track of each other. It’s very comforting and if I need to I can shove my toes under his balls. That’s comforting too.

Pete lowered the newspaper and said, “We were all rooting for ya, Eric but you really never stood a chance, cookie wise that is.”

David was sitting on the floor leaning against the sofa reading a book. He looked up and said, “You’ll still get to eat em when they’re actually cookies.”

“I know, it just became the principle of the thing after a while.”

Pete lowered his paper again and touched David’s shoulder. “Show Eric.”

I said, “What?”

David jumped up and yelled, “I’ll get it.” and took off.

Pete grinned at me and said, “His report card.”

I was about to ask Pete how he did but David came trotting back into the room. I pulled him down onto the sofa so that he was lying between my legs with his back against my chest. He was making all kinds of unhappy sounds but I was pretty sure that he liked it when I did this.

My hands were around his chest and my face looking over his shoulder when I opened the envelope. I could feel his heart beating.

I read his report card and yelped, “Freakin straight A’s! You totally aced this!”
I hugged him hard and kissed the side of his head. He was blushing like crazy but I knew he was loving this. In the last few weeks he’s been soaking up affection like a sponge.

“You even got an A in PhysEd! You said that you were no good at sports.”

David said, “The football team guys helped me out.”

Pete’s expression didn’t change but his eyes were screaming, “Don’t fucking say it!” and I didn’t.

But I did say, “Young man………this is absolutely outstanding!” I kissed him again and said softly, “I’m soooo proud of you.”

Jase came galloping into the living room saw David and me and came right over. “Did David tell ya?”

I hugged Jase with my right arm but didn’t let go of David and said, “He sure did. Pretty great huh?”

Jase was poking David in the arm with his finger saying, “He’s really smart!”

“He sure is. Now you’ve got a smart older brother you can get to help you with your homework.” Okay so technically that wasn’t quite true yet but we’re working on it and I want him to get used to the idea.

I whispered to David, “This is making you crazy, right?”

He blushed and nodded and I patted him on the back and let him get up. “Okay, I’ll give ya a break then.” I squeezed the back of his neck and said, “But I am super proud of you. Did you tell Sam yet?” It wasn’t lost on me that Sam was the driving force behind this. That kid impresses me more all the time and it’s obvious that he totally loves David.

David said, “No. He’s gonna pick me up and we’re goin to his house tonight if that’s okay.”

I kissed his temple. “It sure is. Have fun.”

David and Jase both took off for their bedrooms. Pete half lowered his newspaper smiled and said, “He sure blushes when you hold him.”

I sighed. “I know. But I also know that he needs to be getting some of the affection that his fucking father should have been showing him, he needs that physical contact and I figure, what the hell, I’m Italian and we can get away with that shit.” As far as I was concerned any guy that took off and left his kid should be shot.

Pete’s sock clad toes were beginning to check me for a hernia. He said, “Not many fathers do.”

“I know. My dad didn’t really either and you know that still pisses me off. I was lucky, I had a grandfather who more than made up for it but that’s something that every kid should have.”

My mother had walked up behind me and said, “What?”

I nearly jumped out of my skin. “Ma! Make a sound or something!” Pete used my near heart attack to remove his toes from my testicles.

“What should kids have?”

“I was telling Pete how grandpa used to hug me and……………you know, just be physical. I mean I love dad but he never did that.”

She sighed. “What can you expect? He’s not Italian.” In my mother’s mind that was all that had to be said.

She sat on the edge of the sofa and but her hand on my chest and smiled. “But your Grandpa,” She smiled and shook her head slowly, “that man gave you and all the other kids in the family all the love that maybe they didn’t always get at home.”

She turned to Pete and announced, “Eric is just like my dad was, he even looks like him.” She told Pete this about five hundred times. When my mom isn’t trying to kill me she’s my biggest fan. She shrugged. “Although I’ll never understand, why he can’t raise a garden? My father was a wonderful gardener. He supplied the whole family with fresh vegetables.” She slapped my chest.

She said, “Why can’t you do that?”

“Ma, will you quit hitting me?” The woman has an arm like a teamster.

What she’s omitting is that my Grandpa also used about a dozen cousins as young slave laborers. Well, much appreciated slave laborers anyway.

She stood up and said, “It’s all ready, whenever you want to eat. I gotta go feed your father.” Mom made her lasagna with Italian sausage, which is great, then there’s salad, garlic bread, and for the adults, vino.

As we hear the back door close Pete is knee walking towards me looking very predatory. He knows that this really turns me on and since I don’t remember having done anything this can only be good. I stretch out on the sofa and Pete wraps his arms around me and then settles some of his weight on me mostly in the crotch area.

In this light his eyes are the most amazing blue. They’re like fucking hypnotic. He gives me one of those, From Here to Eternity, kisses that cause my toes to curl and my asshole to tingle.

When he breaks the kiss his breath is warm on my face and he’s holding me tightly.

His voice is a firm whisper. “I love you more than I could ever tell you.”

I run my tongue over his lips until he sucks it in and then he kisses me again. Then I say, “I love you too.” I’m not sure what I did or what he thinks I did and my mind does a quick retrace of the last twenty-four hours but I come up with zilch.

I know that I should just accept this but I gotta know. “How come? I don’t mean how come you love me but how come you’re saying that? Not that I don’t want you to say it cause I do. I mean you could say that like constantly and it’d be cool with me it’s just that I was wondering wh……………….”

He gently presses his lips to my motor mouth and shuts me up in the very best way possible way but these aren’t your typical, “Bye, Babe, see you tonight” kisses and if he keeps this up I could easily end up with a load of cum in my boxers because he’s also been slowly thrusting his hips while he kisses me and I’ve got an imagination like you wouldn’t fucking believe.

I start thinking how rugged Pete’s body is, how rock hard his muscles are and how if he wanted to fuck me right now there wouldn’t be a thing that little ole me could do about in the unlikely event that I didn’t want that to happen. I mentally slap myself and start pushing on him to get off me.

I whisper to him. “We gotta either fuck right now this instant or feed the kids and although it’s killing me I gotta go with feeding the kids.”

He started to climb off of me but just before swinging off of the couch he grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me to him for another hard kiss. What the fuck did I do?

With everybody fed David changes clothes to go over to Sam’s house and Jase decides to hang with us in the living room.

On Friday Sam has a weird work schedule cause he’s gotta go in for like two hours and works until six o’clock and usually picks David up on his way home and he did tonight too. I changed into a pair of old gray sweats that were of a pretty thin material and of course I skipped the underwear thing.

While Pete was lying on the couch Jase was lying right in front of the TV. I lay down on my stomach next to him and wrapped my arm around him.

I whispered, “You keep sitting this close to the TV and you’re gonna turn into some kinda alien cyborg voodoo devil child.”

He looked at me smiled and then rolled over onto his back. He yawned and rubbed his eyes. “What would I look like, Dad?”

“I dunno but we’d probably have to buy your clothes at Radio Shack.”

He giggled and then asked, “Dad, will I look like you when I grow up?”

I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. “Probably, you look exactly like I did when I was your age. People probably think I cloned myself. Grandma can show you pictures. She’s got like a million of em.”

Jase is always surprising me and he did again when he got up on his knees wrapped his arms around my neck and said, “I love you.” Little kids come up with stuff like that all the time.

I gulped down the lump in my throat and said, “I love you too, Jase.” How did I ever get this kid? It sure wasn’t because I deserved him. More like Mother Nature deciding to roll the dice and thinking, “What the fuck, how bad can he screw it up?”

I give Jase another kiss and then go over to the couch and lie down in front of Pete. He wraps his arms around me and pulls me back against him.

This put me in an odd although intense position. With Jase there watching TV there isn’t anything sexual that Pete and I would do but with him lying behind me he gets to do stuff and I have to pretend that nothing is happening.

Whatever I did before dinner really got his motor running because he was giving me steamy looks all thru dinner and now you could light New York with the sexual energy radiating off of him. The problem, of course, is that I’m far from immune to charms. I mean I practically get a hardon from saying good morning to him and right now his right arm is under my head and his left arm is wrapped around me with his middle finger resting exactly on top of my right nipple. Oh and his khaki covered hardon is pressing itself aggressively into the crack of my butt.


Sam was in the foyer saying goodbye to his parents, as they got ready to go out for the evening. They’re really nice people and another nice thing about them is that they go out to dinner every Friday evening and never come home early.

I was waiting for him in his bedroom sitting at his computer. I wasn’t interested in the computer but I was always afraid that one of his parents might forget something and come dashing back to their bedroom and walk past Sam’s.

I heard the bedroom door close and heard Sam click the lock. In a moment his hot hands were rubbing my shoulders and then he bent down and traced the outline of my ear with his tongue. I shivered and pulled his hands down to my chest.

He pulled me slowly out of the chair and into his arms where his tongue pressed itself into my mouth as his hands were unbuttoning my shirt.

I pulled my mouth away from his and stared into Sam’s mischievous eyes. I ask him, “Did you get your report card today? I got mine.”

He took my face in his hands and gave me a serious look. “And…………..?”

I can’t help laughing when he gets all serious. “Straight A’s”

He hugs me tight to him. “I so knew you could fucking do that!”

He starts walking me backwards towards his bed. I’m giggling. “Whatdya gonna do to me?”

He pushes me backwards onto the bed but hangs on and cushions my fall. Then he sits up and starts taking off his clothes. “Get nekkid boy! I’m gonna give ya your reward!”

I look up at him hopefully. “You’re gonna fuck me?”

He knows that I want that but I know that he’s trying to be careful and not go too fast. He’s naked from the waist up, he bends forward and touches my face. “Soon, David. Babe, I know you wanna do that like right now and I do too. I just wanna be sure you’re ready.” He sits back on his heels. “We’re gonna get a little closer to it tonight. Let’s take this a step at a time, okay?”

I drop my shirt from my shoulders and then lean forward and kiss him as he unzips his pants. “Whatever you wanna do, Sam. You’ve been right about everything else and you’re probably right about this too.”

Sam pulls my underwear and pants off in one move and my cock slaps up against my stomach so hard I wince, then he strips off his own and leaning over rubs his tongue over my right nipple before pressing my nipple against the back of his upper teeth with his tongue. I gasp and arch my body upward thinking that I’m gonna for sure cum from the pleasure and pain. Just as the pain is beginning to really register he starts sucking gently on it and a warm glow spreads from my chest to my crotch.

When I think that I’m gonna go crazy he switches to my left nipple and he practically has to hold me down to keep me from jumping off of the bed.

Sam gently holds me down with all of his weight as he sucks lightly and then backs off further and just circles the nipple with his tongue. I realize that my fingers are digging into his hair probably hurting him and at the same moment he looks up at me smiles and say quietly, “Ow!”

I let my body sag back down to the bed and laugh. “I’m sorry! I just never thought anything could feel like that. Did I hurt ya?”

He laughed warmly. “Nope. Did I hurt you?”

“No! I mean I’m not sure……… was kinda in between hurting and feeling fantastic.”

He moved up to my face with his brown eyes twinkling and kissed me. “Well if you liked that you’re gonna love what comes next.”

I said, “What are ya gonna do?”

“It’s a surprise but you’ll know what it is when it happens. Actually when I think about it there are two things but they’re gonna happen pretty close together.”

He sat up and then swung his left leg over my head so that he was straddling it and his cock and balls were resting on my face. I inhaled deeply and decided that I could stay like this forever.

He looked down and me smiled and said, “Open wide.” He had to push his cock down slowly so that he didn’t hurt himself.

I giggle and took his dick into my mouth while he bent forward and took mine into his. We had done this a lot before so I figured this couldn’t be it and it wasn’t. He put his hands behind my legs and pulled my ass up so that it was sticking straight up. As he did that part of his cock was pulled out of my mouth but there was still about three inches in there.

Now he had rotated me so completely that I was almost standing on my head. His arms were wrapped around my back to hold me and he sucked my balls into his mouth and I worked at pulling even more of his thick cock into mine.

I began to moan as he licked past my balls to the area right behind them and then his tongue started licking the globes of my butt and lightly biting them.

I was going crazy, his balls had pooled on my forehead and nose and the clean male smell of them was hitting my brain like a drug. I was gulping down Sam’s precum as fast as he could produce it and it tasted like there was a river of it running down my throat.

Then he ran his tongue hard over my asshole and I screamed and tried to buck my hips but I had his cock down my throat on the one hand and my legs were tucked under his arms at the other. I couldn’t believe he had done that and then he did it again and I was absolutely certain that I was gonna cum any second but then I didn’t.

Soon he had his mouth sucking on my asshole and I was certain that this was the surprise and it sure was a hell of one but then he surprised me. He was sucking on my cock and on his finger too and then I felt it pushing into me and my legs tried to straighten so hard that I almost jumped out of his arms. It was the most intense wonderful feeling that I had ever felt and when he shoved it further in I came hard into his mouth just as his enormous load of cum was gushing into mine.


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