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The Good Doctor
--- Chapter 5 ---
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The Good Doctor 5

Jase is dressed in his pajamas and is sitting on my lap with one arm tight around my neck but his eyes are glued to the television. He’s soooo thin.

”Dad, is that really a dead body?”

I look up startled and then grab the remote control and switch the channel. “Jase, you’re not supposed to watch that junk and NO that was not REALLY a dead body and why on earth would you wanna see one anyway?”

Jase fake shivers and says. “It scares me, Dad.” He turns in my arms and presses his forehead to mine and stares into my eyes. “Do I have to go to bed?” His breath is little boy sweet against my face.


“Dad, I wanna say goodnight to Doctor O’Connor, he’s so cool, nobody else knows a doctor.”

I smile at him. “You like him?”

Jase nods vigorously and then yawns. “He’s nice.”

I swing my legs up onto the sofa. “Okay, here’s the deal. You lay your head down on my chest and when Pete gets here I’ll make sure you get a chance to say goodnight.”

“I don’t have to sleep?”

“Nope. Just lay your head down.”


I was first aware of whispering and then realized that Jase was no longer lying on my chest but the whispering was coming from him.

“We can wake him up.”

“It’s okay, Jase. He must be tired, let him sleep a bit.”

“He lifted weights and then we went swimming. You think that made him tired?”

“Maybe. Did you guys swim hard?”

“Dad swam laps! That means that you swim from one end of the pool all the way to the other end and then come back. When he does that I have to count how many times he does it cause he forgets. He swam a bunch of times.”

I lifted my head and saw the back of Pete and Jason’s heads. They were sitting on the floor leaning against the sofa. I dropped my arm over Pete’s shoulder and draped it over his chest, he immediately covered it with his own. That feels so right.

Jase turned his head and pointed at me. “You fell asleep, Dad.”

Pete dropped his head back against the sofa and twisted it around to look at me. He spoke softly. “We don’t have to do this tonight. I could take off and we could get together tomorrow or the next day.”

I grinned at him. “Don’t even think it. Your staying put.” I put my hand to my face and smelled my breath. “Oh God! Dog breath!” I climbed off of the sofa and went into the small bathroom off of the foyer and rinsed with mouthwash.

Walking back through the foyer I looked down at myself. I should have changed. Old blue jeans a red tee shirt and no shoes or socks. Great! Really looks like I went to a lot of effort! I looked up at Pete.

“I forgot to change. We laid down for a second…………..I forgot.”

“Eric, you look fine.” He’s sitting on the floor with his arms around his knees, his eyes a deep blue. I want to push him gently backwards and straddle his waist.

“Yeah, Dad, you look okay.” Obviously Jase is not overly impressed.

I hold out my hands to Jason and he grabs them and pulls himself up. “Time for bed kiddo.”

He says, “Okay,” and then pulls away from me and kisses Pete. “Goodnight, Doctor O’Connor. I gotta go to bed now.” Jase turns to leave but then stops and turns back to Pete. “But we can have breakfast tomorrow. My dad and I fix breakfast and you can eat with us.”

Pete blushes and I stammer. “Come on Jason! It’s time for bed.” Geez, you can’t take that kid anywhere.

I get him tucked in and walk back into the family room and kneel down in front of Pete. He looks up at me and his lips part slightly. I slowly lean forward and kiss him. I feel his warm hands sliding up under my tee shirt and he’s kissing me back big time. If he hasn’t run by now he’s isn’t going to. At least I don’t think so.

I held his hand and stood up pulling Pete up with me. “Let’s go to my bedroom.” He didn’t move but pulled me to him and stared into my eyes.

“You’re sure……………really sure?” Geez I need sex! Am I sure?

“Yes.” I want to run and look out the window to see if there are television trucks out there for filming “The Breeding of Eric Cortland”, a penetrating look, from an essay by famed author Helen Cortland.

There’s lube and condoms in the nightstand drawer. I didn’t want to leave them out cause I didn’t wanna scare anyone.

“What about Jason?”

“He thinks that you’re here for a sleep over. From his point of view at his age it’s the most normal thing in the world.”

“What if he sees me leaving your room in the morning won’t it upset him?”

“Hell, he’s counting on it. You heard him, he wants us to have breakfast together.” I reach out and pull Pete to me by his belt. “I need to be with you.” He rested his arms on my shoulders and stared into my eyes. “I’ve been thinking about you……………..pretty much nonstop since we met.” I reached out and laid my hand on his chest. “And the thing is; my cock is just really gonna break in half if it presses any harder against my pant leg.”

Pete tilted his head forward and kissed my forehead and then brushed his lips downward over my face until they met mine. He pulled away a fraction of an inch and spoke in a whisper. “Medically speaking that probably wouldn’t be a good thing………..we should probably do something about that.” He ran his hands down my back and slipped them into the back of my jeans.

He pulled his head back and smiled at me. “No underwear?”

“I thought that I might need a clincher.”

“Hah! I’m the one who’s already head over heels in love. But I gotta tell ya, this helps.”

I broke away slowly from Pete’s embrace and then took his hand and pulled him with me. “Let’s go to my room. I think that Eleanor has cameras covering this one.” I stop for a moment and look back at him. “You’re not hangin out there by yourself with the whole love thing…………not anymore.” Am I sure? I think so.

I turned and locked my bedroom door. Tonight would not be a good one for little surprises. Not that I’d ever leave Jase locked out in the hallway for more than a couple of seconds but that’s a couple of seconds that can make a big difference.

I felt awkward. Pete looked like he felt the same. I was only wearing two articles of clothing, a tee shirt and my jeans and I figured that maybe the fastest way to break the ice would be to get rid of that stuff. Pete was starting to move towards me when I whipped the tee shirt off over my head and then dropped the jeans and stepped out of them. My very relieved cock sprang up and bounced in the air like the gate at a railroad crossing.

Pete stopped and looked at me, his eyes traveling up and down my body. “Oh…….God.” His voice was a hoarse whisper. “You’re beautiful.” What’s he been drinking?

I spread my arms. “It’s just me.” I’m beginning to feel kinda lonely and Pete moves forward quickly like maybe he’s reading my mind and wraps me totally in his arms. To do that I gotta lift my cock so that it’s pointing up and pressed between us. He feels so warm and I bury my nose in his neck, he smells fantastic. His left hand has traveled down my back and is caressing my butt. That seems to happen a lot.

I free myself enough to start unbuttoning his shirt. Wow, my very own doctor to play with! “I’m figuring that this would work better if I’m not the only one naked.”

He laughs quietly. “You’re probably right.” He slips off his shoes and then struggles with his belt while I push his shirt to one side and then bend over and take his right nipple in mouth.

“Oh fuck!” This from a guy who seems to think “Holy Cow!” is an expletive. I like it!

I stand back up while I’m unzipping his pants. Pete and I are kissing and it’s like how you can’t eat one potato chip and pretty soon the inside of his mouth is like the most important thing in the world to me. He tastes soooo good and he kisses in a way that makes me feel…………..well, needed. His kisses are slow, languorous, it’s like he’s savoring me, fingertips moving over my face, touching my eyelids, caressing my ears and his whole hand molding to my neck.

I feel his cock poking me and I reach down and wrap my hand around it. Holy crap! That’s goin in me? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…………..maybe.

Pete shucks off his pants and underwear while continuing to kiss me. It feels like we’re moving and I realize that he’s slowly moving me backwards towards the bed.

“I seem to remember you asking about prostate exams. Have you ever had one?”

“Ahhhh………….just one that I don’t think counts. Are you gonna…………….”

We crawled backwards onto the bed and somehow he seemed to end up kneeling between my legs.

He was beginning to slide his knees under my legs pushing them gently apart and up but he stopped for a moment and leaned over and kissed me. “It pays,” he kissed me again, “to be sure.” I could feel his cock bouncing around down near my asshole and moving against my inner thigh.

Pete reached over to the nightstand and retrieved the lube and a condom. Oh God! This is gonna happen!

Soon I could feel the cold lube being applied to my butt. I know that my muscles are freezing up. This is something that I want like crazy and am scared to death of.

Pete is so gentle, gentle and confident. I can feel the confidence through his fingers, they move surely but softly. He’s slowly massaging my butt muscles, making large lubed circles. I can’t even be sure when his finger entered me, one minute it wasn’t in and then it was, no pain, just maybe a little pressure and still the gentle massaging. Then, after a bit there were two in, the pressure was a little more but Pete was moving so slowly that it all just seemed to happen.

I could hear the condom package being torn open. “Pete? Was that what I think it was?”

“I think that you’re ready.” He rubs my upper thighs. “Just calm down.” He bends over again and kisses me and keeps his mouth next to mine. “I would never hurt you and I understand how these muscles work, all you need to do is lie there and think about how much you love me.” Oh…………well that I can do.

It sounds kinda corny but there’s sex and then there’s making love. I guess that even though I’d heard that, like a million times, and thought, “Yeah right!.” I never REALLY thought about it. Not that I hadn’t thought about getting fucked because I thought about that a lot. I had imagined what it would feel like with big cocks or little cocks fat cock and thin cocks. I imagined everything from total mind blowing pleasure to being impaled on something that was tearing my guts out.

The one thing that I didn’t imagine, that I guess that I had no point of reference for was being fucked by someone who loved me, someone who cared more about what I was feeling than what he was feeling. Yeah, there was still the usual, “fuck me, yeah, yeah, harder, faster, oh god I’m cuming crap, actually twice, but along with that and far more important than that was Pete making love to me. His lips kissing my eyelids and his face buried in my neck, his caressing me, gentling me, while I adjusted to his cock, while I adjusted to everything. I really am a little kid and he really is an adult.

After the second time we fucked and I went and got another towel from my bathroom and cleaned us up again. I tossed the towel on the floor and climbed back into bed and laid kinda half on Pete’s chest, my left leg over his right leg and my head on his chest just under his chin. We didn’t say anything for a half an hour, nothing, just wrapped his arms around me. He just held me and even now that seems like such a simple thing but it was profound, really deep. It was like I let myself go in that thirty-minute period, all the tension and fear and doubt, just seemed to drop away.

I realize now that I hadn’t been in love with Janet. She was, for a long time, my best friend and we had great sex together, well for a while anyway but I didn’t love her, not like I think that I love Pete. I don’t know how this guy snuck up on me, how he got past my radar but he did and it has totally fucked with my mind.

I got up to pee around four in the morning and I watched him in the dim light for a while as he slept. His face is so strong, strong jawed and determined and yet kind, his blond hair looking brown spread carelessly across his forehead and the pillow. There’s nothing sexier than a powerful guy who’s being gentle because he loves you and as I slid back into bed Pete wrapped his muscular right arm around me and pulled me gently to him so that my back was pressed to his front, his still half hard cock pressed against my butt.


When I walk into the kitchen in the morning Pete is standing in front of the stove wearing only black knit boxers and making scrambled eggs, Jase is wearing red briefs and is staring at the toaster. Pete turns as I walk in and grins at me.

“Jase tells me that to do this properly we have to be in our underwear.” His huge soft cock is pushed off to one side. I want him to come back to bed and hold me forever.

I grin back. “Thems the rules!”

Feeling a tad guilty about a night of unbridled lust, I kneel down next to Jase and put my arm around his shoulders. “How’s the toast coming, Buddy?”

“It’s taken forever, Dad!” He looks at me with concerned look. “Is it okay if I call Doctor O’Connor, Pete? He says that cause were friends that that’s what I should call him.”

“It sure is, Jase.” He smiles.

When we finally sit down to eat I look across the table at Pete. He always seems to be tanned. This morning his hair seems darker and is hanging over his forehead. Where the fuck does a doctor find the time needed to get their body to look like that?

“Pete, how do you find time to work out?”

“It’s not easy! I finally bought one of those complete gym machines for the house. It works well there, gives me a chance to burn off the anxiety about patients…………and other stuff.”

I raise an eyebrow. “Other stuff?”

Jase is pretending that his fork is an airplane and is zooming the food into his mouth.

Pete ducks his head and then looks up again. “Well, it’s not a problem anymore.” He smiles at me and glances at Jase. “I’m really hoping that it won’t ever be a problem again.” Then he gives me a lopsided grin.

I look down at my plate and smile and then look up at him. “I’m thinking that you can pretty much count on that.” Oh great! Now I know what a teenage girl feels like, in more ways than one.


After Pete leaves for work Jase and I run around like nutcases trying to get ready in time, me for work, and him for daycare.

Finally we’re putting on the finishing touches.

I kneel down in front of Jase and straighten his shirt. I touch the tip of his nose with my finger.

“Okay, so who’s your absolutely all time favorite person? Wait, wait…………not including the guy on Smallville.”

Jason points gleefully at me. “That’s youuu, Dad!”

“Okay, so who’s MY absolutely all time favorite person? Jase giggles and points at himself. “That’s meee, Dad!”

“Okay, okay, and what are you gonna tell em when I’m old and they wanna put me in a home?”

Jase giggles at the impossible thought. “No!!! He’s gonna live with meeee!”

“That’s my boy!”


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