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The Good Doctor
--- Chapter 50 ---
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The Good Doctor 50

My mother put her hand on my arm for emphasis. “Eric, I don’t see that you have a choice. You can tell Pete and you should but you have to do more than that. But you’ve been planning to have a company party of some kind anyway and I think you should go ahead with it but be sure and include the families. That way when you show up with Pete this Marc guy will get the picture. Understand?”

Is it unusual for her to make sense or is it just the way that I look at what she says?

“Okay, so the plan is that we take everyone out for dinner and get em all blitzed and show em what a great couple Pete and I are.”

My mother was nodding her head. “I’m not sure about the getting them drunk part but that’s the basic idea.”

“I originally kidded Pete that we were gonna make it a pool party but he got these kinda seizure things so that’s probably not the best idea.”

She shook her head slowly and looked down. “I know what he’s going thru.” She patted my hand and said, “Maybe something a little more ordinary. She brightened and said enthusiastically, “Something where people can dance. You’re such a good dancer.” I am a good dancer if I do say so myself. “Your father used to rent a big room at Ermallio’s with a dance floor and he’d get a band and everything. It was so nice, he’d always buy me a corsage and he and I would lead the first dance. It was romantic!”

Romantic? Romantic. Romantic! Pete looks so hot all cleaned up.

She touched my hand again and said, “You could also invite customers. We used to. Give the people at work a chance to see who they’re dealing with.” Like Rose? Rose. She’ll come looking like Bette Davis on a bad night. Pete-ah! Pete-ah! Pete-ah! Except in Rose’s case it’d be, Anyone! Anyone! Anyone!

My mother backhanded my arm. “Eric! Where do you GO when I’m talking to you?”

“Huh? I was wondering how many people we could count on showing up!” A lie. “Quit hitting me!”

I rubbed my arm. “Anyway, how do you hire a band? I’m mean, where would you go to do that?”

“Just call Ermallio’s and reserve a room and they’ll be able to help with the band.”

I got to thinking about being confined in a room with all those people. “Does it have to be inside? It’s been pretty nice out lately why not do some sort of bar-b-que thing?”

She shrugged. “You could, Garanski Park outside of town can be rented. They’ve got that beautiful pavilion. You want me to check?

“Okay now don’t get mad at me.” I was straddling Pete’s naked waist with his hard cock trapped under my naked butt. I’ve found that this tends to be the best position to get him to agree to things.

His hand disconcertingly went to my balls. I looked down at my testicles cradled in his large hand.

“Being not only a guy but a doctor you do know how sensitive those are don’t you?”

He smiled and said, “I promise to be gentle.”

“This’d probably be a good time for ya to run over in your mind that oath you took about not doing any harm.”

“Eric, tell me!”

I gently thrust my hips slightly forward just to remind him of the fun we’re gonna be having once this unpleasantness is taken care of.

“Okay, remember the last time you came over and took me to lunch? Remember the new guy in the warehouse that was putting Hershey’s kisses on my desk?” I’m sure that he didn’t realize it but he was tightening his grip on my nuts.

“Now this is the part that you might not like. See I think he’s started doing it again. Not that I can be sure that it’s him doing it because I can’t be, it could be anyone.”

He looked angry and said, “It’s him!”

I gently pried his fingers off of my balls one by one and then bent forward and kissed him. “He doesn’t matter. I hope you know that.”

He pulled my head down and kissed me so hard it took my breath away.

He pulled away and took a deep breath. “I know that. I really do. At least it’s something that I know logically.” He sighed and grinned. “Sometimes my gut reacts before my brain has a chance to kick in. So what you’re saying is that you’d rather I didn’t kill him?”

I nodded yes. “It’d probably be a big break for my insurance rates.”

“Alright, now for part 2 of “Don’t get mad at me.”

He dropped his head back on the pillow. “Eric, you’re killing me!”

I clenched my butt muscles and his lips parted, it centers him.

“Well, the thing is that my mom, you know how she can be, all irritating and shit, well she had this wacky idea, not unlike most or her ideas, that she bludgeoned me into going along with and you’re probably gonna hate it but remember that it’s not my idea and if you just think about it for a minute and don’t totally reject it out of hand I’m sure you’ll see that it definitely has some possibilities and it’s not like we can say no to her anyway…………”

His hands grabbed my upper arms. “Eric! Breathe!”

I took a deep gasping breath. “I knew you were gonna hate it! I tried to tell her!”

“Eric, you haven’t told me what it is yet!”

“Oh………’re sure? I thought………well it doesn’t matter. She wants us, my company that is, to rent Garanski Park and have a big kind of picnic thing with lots of food and alcohol and dancing and shit. She figures that once this Marc sees us together as a couple he’ll realize that he’s a non-starter.”

He stared at me for a moment. “That’s not a bad idea.”

“Maybe it’s the way I worded it.”

As I walked thru the door from the garage Jase launched himself at me from the kitchen doorway. Little boys sometimes seem to have the flying thing down pat and he ended up with his arms wrapped tightly around my neck and his legs wrapped around my waist.

He gave me a kiss and yelled, “Hi, Pop!”

“Hi back at ya Young’n, where’s your grandma?”

“She’s in the back yard planting stuff, tomato’s and stuff, you know? Like farmers do?”

“Uh oh! Maybe I should just sneak into the bedroom and take a shower.” Jase still had me in wonderful stranglehold and was bouncing up and down.

Reaching the safety of my room I flopped back on my bed with Jase still attached. He stretched out on top of me and settled in, I kissed the top of his head. I would happily stay like this forever.

Finally Jase rolled over onto his stomach and then sat up straddling my waist. My eyes were closed and he reached down and pried my eyelids up.

“I got a question, Dad.”

I said with a smile. “Well that’s unusual.” He didn’t catch it.

“Is Sam gonna be my brother too?”

I wondered how much he really knew. “What makes you ask that?”

“Cause he and David are always gonna be together and David’s my brother.”

“What makes you think that they’ll always be together?”

“I heard Sam say it and he knows everything.”

I grinned up at him. “Even more than me?” He nodded his head gravely.

I should tell him to get Sam to answer the question. “Well, Jase, in that case I think that you probably could consider Sam your brother. Why don’t you talk to David about it and see what he says.”

Jase got a worried look on his face. “What am I gonna do when David goes to college?

I ran my hands up his arms. “What brings that up?”

“Sam was telling David that he had to keep getting good grades so that he could go to college. So that means he’s gonna go and when he does then I’ll be all by myself.”

“Pete and I don’t count?” He just waved his hand in dismissal. Apparently we don’t.

“Jase, David isn’t gonna be going to college for a long long time. I really don’t think you need to be worrying about it for quite a while and there’s a lotta stuff gonna happen between now and then.”

Jase lifted his butt up and then dropped it down onto my stomach. I grunted. Little boys think their dads are indestructible. “What’s gonna happen, Dad?”

“Well for one thing you’re gonna be a lot older and you’re not gonna be necessarily thinking the same way about lots of things like you do now. And for another thing David is probably gonna be goin to school somewhere in either Connecticut or Massachusetts or Rhode Island so it’s not like we won’t be able to drive to see him on a weekend.”

“We can?”

“Well I think that’s pretty likely. But, Jase, David is only fourteen right now so you don’t need to even be thinking about this stuff.” Jase is a worrier and David has helped him deal with a lotta stuff that’s been hanging around since his mom died.

I rolled over to my right and Jase ended up underneath me. I kissed his forehead and said, “I’m surprised that you’re worrying about that and not worrying about something that you really should be worried about.”

He looked up at me and frowned. “What, Dad?”

“ME EATING YOUR STOMACH!!!!” I shoved his shirt up and started blowing raspberries on his stomach while he screamed and twisted trying to get away.

In a minute he’s panting and exhausted. I prop my head on my hand and grin at him. “I’m taking my shower now. You gonna do your clothes pickin out thing?”

He nodded yes while rubbing his stomach.

“Nothing too bizarre, okay?” He rolled his eyes.

My mother is compulsive, everything has to be tidy, organized……..she’s a………..well maybe psycho is too strong a word. That happens to mesh well with Jane and Ellen’s natural nuttiness and all three of them share a generalized contempt for my ability to do anything.

Okay, I suppose that I do encourage it, at least to some degree. In my mom’s case nothing makes her happier than straightening out my life at least to the extent that she can. And all that she has to do to enlist the other two is to look at them, flip her head in my direction and roll her eyes. At that cue Jane and Ellen both nod slowly and the circle is formed. The only thing missing is a black cauldron and a big fire.

I think that all women are secretly certain that the men in their lives are total fuckups who’s only interests are eating, football and beating off in the shower so that they don’t have to have sex with them. Okay, maybe there’s a little truth to that.

I for one think that it’s probably best that we keep them thinking that. We should have learned our lesson with the whole letting them vote thing, they don’t need any more enlightenment.

Well, where I’m leading with this is the company picnic and me getting out of organizing it. I mean I think it’s a great idea and all and it may even have the intended consequences but geez, I’ve got a business to run.

My mother seems to think that industrial supplies are just pictures in a catalog and entries on a computer screen. She’s never been in a factory watching the drill bits and cutting wheels that we’ve sold transform clumps of raw metal into something actually useful. And I still don’t think she gets it that when we screw up an order we can bring an entire factory with hundreds of employees to a halt. I agree that Rose is the exception to all of this but if you think about it she’s really more like a man. She woulda been a great lesbian.

My dad understands but he told me once, “Kid, don’t expect women, especially your mother, to understand this, they’re working on a whole different set of problems.”

Anyway, back to the picnic, mom is doing a great job of pulling it together; she’s really in her element. Mom organizes people a lot like Al Capone did and I’m sure the Parks Department is littered with the bodies of the less than helpful but she got what she wanted and is now organizing David, Sam and a bunch of cousins to get tables set up the way she wants them. I don’t doubt for a moment that she’s got some master plan that guarantees the success of this venture but I’d just as soon not know what it is and simply remain a tool.

Jase is the only one who has remained a non-working observer and since he’s able to pass freely from one camp to the other I kinda use him as a spy. Of course my mom is probably doing the same thing but at least we both know where we stand.

So far I’ve managed to avoid having to do anything regarding the picnic, for a while there I thought that I might get trapped having to hire the band because my mom said that she wasn’t even going to try to figure out what young people liked.

Pete came to my rescue though when he suggested we get a DJ and avoid the whole band thing all together. Besides he had a patient who was one and needed the work. He added that with a DJ we could also get some decent music that normal people could dance to and with that he made a kind of thrusting movement with his hips while snapping his fingers and then made a grab for me.

I may not be strong but I am fast and slipped easily out of his reach. Not that I don’t want him thrusting his hips against me but sometimes it’s nice to let the sexual tension build. So I just wiggled my butt at him and then ran to the safety of Jase in the family room. Later I’ll lose the underwear and just put on an old pair of gray gym shorts. He loves those because he can sneak his hand up them and cup my ass.

Spring was turning out to be about perfect in Connecticut. The evenings dropped into the high forties but the days quickly moved into the seventies with bright sun and blue skies.

My mother’s Pattonesque approach to picnic planning was paying off and practically all the invites had responded to in the affirmative meaning we could expect a couple hundred guests for sure and since we had encouraged them to bring their families we were maybe looking at twice that number.

Italian mothers don’t believe in the concept of too many people coming to dinner. Their satisfaction is in direct correlation to the size of the well-fed crowd.

While the menu certainly included the usual hot dogs, hamburgers and sausages (both hot and mild) it also had a substantial chunk of mom’s Italian cooking repertoire. So the ovens of our extended family were percolating like the blast furnaces of a Korean steel plant. And lasagna, baked ziti, and a half dozen other Italian specialties poured forth to the extent that mom actually had to borrow refrigerator space, an unheard of development.

Even in our own house the excitement seemed to be building and Pete was wearing an odd little smile, which said that he was up to something. Sam started teaching David how to dance and to my astonishment Jase showed us that he knew how to do the Robot.

I looked at him dumbfounded. “WHERE did you learn to do that?”

Jase accepted our amazed praise as his do and told us “My friend Bryan’s brother showed us. Pretty cool, huh?”

David and Sam’s dancing seemed to be designed more to give them a chance to hump each other than anything else.

The morning of the day of the picnic started with the sun breaking thru a light morning haze that left dew glistening on the grass.

My mother mentioned that as she came barging into our kitchen invading our ritual, Breakfast in Your Underwear. Pete, Jase and I are, of course, used to that but I thought David was headed for a heart attack as he went totally rigid and stumbled backwards into me.

I whispered in his ear, “Don’t show fear. It’s when you show fear that she attacks.” He managed to swivel his head around and give me a “Am I gonna die?” look.

She stood there in the doorway with her hands on her hips and said what she always says, “You’re just like a pack of wild animals when I’m not around!”

There is some truth to that.

I wrap my arms protectively around David and pull him back against my chest and even my mother is smart enough not to say anything specifically about him and since Pete and Jase are also exempt from being yelled at that leaves moi.

“Eric, are you staying in your underwear all day or do you plan to help with your own picnic?”

I do a David hand off to a passing Pete, no sense in the innocent getting hurt, and say, “I thought you had it all taken care of, Ma.”

This is like holding out a cape to a bull stamping your feet and yelling, “Toro! Toro! Toro!”

The results are predictable. “Oh you’d like that wouldn’t you? Well, Mister, you can just do a little work too! This is your relationship that were talking……” And on and on and on it went.

After five minutes of being yelled at I call in an artillery strike from an unexpected direction. “Ma, you want a frozen waffle? They’re really great ya just throw em in the toaster. Just like homemade.”

She staggers but takes the hit and when the gun smoke clears she fires back. She grabs the box of frozen waffles off of the counter and slams it into the trash. “I feed you good food all week so that you can kill yourselves with junk on the weekend?” Obviously she intends the answer to be no.

“Eric, you’re not feeding my grandsons poison!” Gee and I thought I could wipe em all out at one time.

“Ma, they’re wholewheat!” She knows the value of that statement and dismisses it with a flick of her hand.

Jase knows no fear, he really doesn’t, maybe it’s the Batman boxers he’s wearing He says, “They’re really good, Grandma!”

She looks at me and shrugs. “You did this. Your kids are gonna grow up thinking this is actual food.”

She starts pushing us out of the kitchen. “Everybody get dressed! I’ll make real waffles! Waffles without chemicals! Waffles that won’t kill you!”

While mom may not fully appreciate the male bonding aspects of our Breakfast in Your Underwear tradition she does make a hell of a breakfast. We had waffles with homemade blueberry sauce and an endless supply of thick crisp bacon and big glasses of ice-cold orange juice.

Of course after that we were put to work but that was gonna happen with or without the great breakfast.

It was Pete and I and Jase, David and Sam. Poor Sam got sucked into this by his dog-in-heat like devotion to David. But by one o’clock all of the food had been moved in coolers to the park. The boxes of paper plates plastic knives and forks and napkins were put in place and after a couple of phone calls during which a lot of Italian was spoken cars full of relatives began arriving to help with the heating and cooking.

Mom supervised and ran around for hours cooking, tasting, arguing and cajoling. At one o’clock we, Pete and I, went home and showered and changed but Sam, David and Jase were hanging around as they were earlier this being a more casual event for them.

When we got back around 2:00 what had been a huge empty concrete pavilion was now a teeming mass of freeloaders scarfing up my profits. Mom was loving it. Somehow she found the time to get home, change and return with my dad who was now parked at a table in the shade shaking hands with all the old timers.

When the crowd around my dad thinned I went over and put my arm around his shoulders in what I felt was a singular gesture of filial warmth and said, “Hi, Dad, glad you could come.”

He kept smiling but muttered under his breath, “Eric, what are ya fucking nuts? These losers are gonna cost ya like three grand!” I love it when he gets all sentimental and actually it was closer to five grand.

I didn’t want to get into the real reason for the picnic so I just said, “Well it’s like, you know, to thank em for the business and shit.”

He wasn’t buying it but after living with my mom ever since the planet was young he knew better than to argue.

Meanwhile the person that my dad never argued with, my mother, was dragging my boyfriend around showing him off like she had just brought him back from a hunting trip tied to the fender of her car. He was loving it! First of all a lot of them were his patients anyway and beyond that he just likes to socialize. Personally I would rather have been home in my underwear watching ESPN and stuffing myself with junk food.

Jase came running up to me grabbed my hand and dragged me over to the very edge of the park where a small stream meandered.

He was pointing down excitedly into the stream and yelling for me to look.

“What, Jase?”

“I want one a those! I want it for a pet! I want a frog.”

“What are ya gonna do with him?” I was prepared for any answer.

“I’m gonna keep him in my room for a pet.” Well that’s better than a lot of the other possibilities.

“Jase………I’m not sure that’s the best idea.”

“I won’t hurt em.”


“C’mon, Dad!”

“Jase, what about his wife and kids?”


“Jase, he’s got a family just like you do and they all live here in this stream. But if you take him away they’re all gonna be real sad.”


“Well how would you feel if someone came and took you away to live somewhere else. Don’tcha think that I’d cry?” Okay there’s a dirty trick aspect to this but for all anybody knows what I just told him is true.

The DJ that Pete got us was actually pretty good and seemed to have a great sense of what he should be playing for the mood of the crowd. We had gone from light and bouncy stuff during the afternoon to Cole Porter and Gershwin in the early evening when the over fifty crowd was feeling frisky and then drifted thru slow rock and as the evening went on the beat kept getting more and more insistent.

My mother was sitting with my dad and looked to be getting edgier and edgier as the sun went lower. I was on the dance floor with Rose’s receptionist who turned out to be a really great dancer but she had the annoying habit of rubbing her pendulous breasts against me every time she could do it without looking too much like a hooker.

Glancing again at my mom’s table I saw that she had captured Pete yet again and then while I watched she pulled a small silver flask out of her purse and poured something into Pete’s glass of ginger ale. They both looked down at his plastic glass and seemed to giggle.

Just then the DJ switched to Guns N Roses and Colleen pulled my attention back to her with a come fuck me look and we began to boogey to Rocket Queen. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Marc get up from the table he had been at with some other guys from the warehouse and their families and start to walk slowly towards us stripping off his green tee shirt as he walked. Well I noticed a couple of things right off the first being that his cargo shorts were barely hanging on his hips and there’s no fucking way he had underwear on but then neither did I. He stopped right behind Colleen and I prayed that he was going to ask her to dance but when she felt his hand on her shoulder and turned around he just said, “Mind if I cut in?”

Colleen got a disgusted what the fuck is the world coming to look on her face and then said, “Oh why not?” and went stomping off.

Marc and I began to move to the rhythm and my eyes were glued to his torso as he pressed one hand flat against his upper abdomen and slid it slowly down to the top of his crotch.

I kept thinking of tomorrow’s headline, “Doctor Kills Lover’s Employee at Company Picnic,” or maybe just, “Doc Offs Rival.”

I was trying not to look at Marc, which caused me to see my very own Doc as he got up from the table with my mom. He downed his drink and slowly peeled off his Polo revealing his vee shaped cut bod and then he slowly sauntered towards us with his khaki’s riding low on his hips and an odd little smile in his lips. The sun was near setting and hanging lanterns had been turned on and their warm light was highlighting the ridges of Pete’s six pack as he tapped on Marc’s shoulder and said, “I’ll take it from here.” Marc took a long up and down look at my better half and knew the battle was lost.

Just as Marc turned away they dropped the needle on Welcome to the Jungle and Pete and I began to dance.


Sam and I both stood transfixed watching Eric and Pete dance. Their eyes were locked on each other and it was like they were feeding off of one another, you could almost see the combustion.

The pounding rhythm seemed to be pouring fuel on a combustion that was happening between them and was now running out of control. My mouth was dry and my palms were damp.

I knew that they were my dads now and I knew that they probably shouldn’t be making me horny but I was hard as a rock and looking around I didn’t think I was the only one. There were half a dozen young guys sitting there with their dates who looked like they were about to have an orgasm as they stared open mouthed at my dads.

Finally when they started to play Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N Roses the beat increased and so did everyone’s blood pressure as Eric slowly pealed off his tee shirt and stuffed it into his back pocket. His chest and torso were slick with sweat and glistened in the light cast by the hanging lanterns as Eric’s body seemed to become one with the music while his eyes seemed to cloud with lust as he and Pete danced closer and closer together.

It was more than I could take! I grabbed Sam’s hand and gasped, “I need it NOW, Sam!!”

He looked at me confused. “Huh?”

I grabbed his shoulders. “You gotta do it NOW!! I gotta be fucked NOW!!!!”

He turned and looked at the dance floor and seemed to struggle for air. “Now?”

Then he seemed to get control and grabbed my hand. “Okay! Right! But where……..? C’mon!” We took off running hand in hand to the dark field next to the park.

The party was a distant thing, the sound of the music diminished to a rumble and the light faint. We tore at each others clothing and then I was lying in the dusty grass naked and with my legs spread.

Sam practically screamed, “Condom! Lube!”

I reached into my cargo shorts pulled out a condom and pressed it into his trembling sweaty hands. I also grabbed the small tube of lube but I was so nervous that it tried to fly out of my hands and danced on the tips of my fingers and I almost lost it. Getting a grip on it again I must have squirted the whole container into my hand and stroked some on Sam’s latex covered cock and smeared the rest onto my butt.

Sam positioned his dick at my asshole but I put my heels behind his butt and thrust myself up impaling myself on his cock.

I yelled, “Oooooohhh fuck!!!!!!”

He tried to pull out but I held him and yelled, “KEEP GOING!!!!!!!”



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