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The Good Doctor
--- Chapter 51 ---
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The Good Doctor 51

I can feel a slight sheen of sweat on the big muscles in Pete’s back as I sigh and run my hands lightly over them. A can barely see his smile in the early morning light as he lowers his head to kiss me again.

His voice is a soft murmur. “Did Janet get pregnant the first time you guys had sex?”


He’s always so gentle and his cock is slowly moving out of me. He explained, “I never saw anyone produce as much cum as you do. I was just thinking that that quantity would have to help in getting a woman pregnant.” He looked down at my chest. “I mean this is like a freakin gallon or something and it’s just typical for you.”

Great! Now I can worry about producing freakishly large amounts of semen. “You mean it’s too much? It’s always been like that.”

His smile got broader. “Not as far as I’m concerned, I think it’s fucking hot!”

Like he usually does he grabbed his tee shirt off of the floor and started wiping it carefully up. I was coming down from my orgasmic high and knew that I was going to fall back asleep as he bent over and kissed me. He whispered, “Go back to sleep, Babe. I’m gonna throw breakfast together for the kids and then I gotta go in to the hospital for a bit.”

What could have only been thirty minutes later I was on my stomach with my head buried under the pillow, my eyes were closed, my left hand however had begun its search for Pete. All I got were cold sheets but then the smell of frying bacon hit me and I remembered Pete telling me he had to go in to the hospital this morning. I rolled over onto my back then swung my legs out and sat on the edge of the bed staring sleepily at my hard dick staring up at me. I pushed the head down till my cock was horizontal to the floor and then let it spring back up and hit my stomach. I muttered down at it, “You do produce a lot.”

I stumbled into the bathroom for a quick shower and then pulled on a fresh pair of boxers and headed towards the great smells coming from the kitchen.

I had just stepped into the hallway when at the other end of the hall David came out of his room wearing his usual boxers. Even in the short time he’d been with us his body had changed a lot, his shoulders were broader and his chest more defined with almost all of the baby fat gone. His body had a lithe swimmers build. He seemed to be biting his lip and he had an almost stunned quality to his movements. He took a couple of steps forward and then stood there staring at the other wall of the hallway as he smiled slightly and sighed deeply. I knew instantly what had happened.

I stepped behind him and putting my hands on his shoulders turned him slowly to face me. I lifted his chin and stared into his eyes.

“Last night?”

He sighed and nodded yes.


He laid his head against my shoulder and nodded yes again.

I kissed the side of his head and rubbed his back. “Everything okay?”

He nodded and said softly, “Um hmm,” and wrapped his arms tightly around me.

“If you wanna talk about it…….ever……it’s okay.” He nodded again.

I took his face in my hands and stared into his eyes searching for any kind of pain. There was none. I said softly, “Come on, let’s get some food into ya.”

In the kitchen I released him and he walked over to Pete at the stove who smiled down at him and pulled him into a hug. I had to tear my eyes away from the sight of Pete’s white CK boxer briefs as the soft fabric worked its way into the crack of his perfect ass when he shifted his weight.

Jase tapped my arm. “Dad I’m goin over to Billy’s after breakfast, okay?” Billy lived one street over. For a while there some of the boys had called him Arrff for his unconscious habit of humping, like a dog, anything he got near. Jase decided that that was curable and now a few months later they were fast friends and the nickname had disappeared.

“Sure kiddo. Just keep an eye out for child molesters and slave traders. You know how upset Grandma would get if you were in some faraway place going to the highest bidder.”

“Dad! Grandma says that you’re not supposed to say stuff like that!” Honestly, the kid has zero sense of humor.

Jase yawned and in his little boy way dismissed the whole thing. He climbed into my lap rubbed his eyes with his fists and laid back against my chest. Now this was unusual.

I whispered. “Not into breakfast this morning?” He shook his head no slumped over and rubbed his eyes against my upper arm. This was definitely unusual.

David looked at him for a moment and then placed his hand on Jase’s forehead and asked, “You feel okay, Jase?” Jase nodded yes against my arm.

I looked up at Pete but he was already out of his chair. Seconds later he was sticking a temperature probe into Jase’s ear.

“Normal.” Pete hunkered down next to Jase and brushed his hair away from his forehead as he looked into his eyes. “You sick, Jase?”

Jase shook his head no and mumbled, “I wanna go play with Billy. I’m not sick.”

Pete looked up at me and shrugged. “He looks fine but that doesn’t mean it isn’t on its way.”

I bent my head and kissed the side of Jase’s neck just below his left ear. “Here’s the deal, Kiddo. You can go play with Billy but it’s not gonna be one of those all day wild little boy freakouts.” So why didn’t I keep him home? Cause I’m raising a little boy not a little girl. And besides I’ll be able to hold this over his head for the rest of his life.


I blinked.







“Ma, what are ya doin?” She had the biggest fucking butcher knife in her hand that I’d ever seen.

“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m cutting up a chicken. You wanna eat don’t you?”

“You know you can buy it cut up?”

Whack! “I like doing it.”


Just as the kitchen Samurai was plunging her knife in again I cried out in a high squeaky pleading chicken voice, “No! No! No! Please don’t cut me again!” The sound of cold steel crunching thru small bones stopped.

She turned slowly and stared at me. “Eric, do you ever plan to grow up?”

“I think I’m as big as I’m gonna get, Ma.” Being flippant with Italian mothers is, at best, a dangerous hobby and normally I never would have done it but today I had a secret weapon. Okay, so maybe I woulda done it anyway.

She was gesturing towards me with that huge fucking knife. “Do you even know where your children are?”

I nodded. “David is at Sam’s and Jase is at Billy Woodham’s.”

She shook her head. “You’re sure? For all you know Jase could have been grabbed by some pervert and already be stuffed in somebody’s trunk!” Something deep inside of me lurched as it always does when she says it. God! This woman knows how to push all of my buttons!

“No, Ma!” Okay, that was a little too loud. “If I lean over the counter and look out the window I can see thru the Blankship’s yard into the back of the Woodham’s yard. I did just that. “And there the boys are, playing.” Thank God! She turned disgustedly back to her disgusting dismemberment.

I figured I deserved a reward for having won that skirmish, more or less, and I got a bag of barbeque flavored potato chips out of the kitchen cabinet and a jar of ice cold dill pickle slices from the refrigerator and began to munch. I really like to make a stack of about six chips, cram them into my mouth followed by a nice cold pickle slice and was happily doing just that when I noticed the total silence. I looked up slowly to see my mother glaring at me.

“Whaaaff?” I mumbled cautiously with a mouth crammed full of potato chips.

She closed her eyes for a second and opened them slowly. “What are you doing?”

“Ea…Ea...Ea,” I choked down the chips, “eating.”

She shook her head slowly. “This must be something you get from your father’s side of the family.” She was still shaking her head. “Your grandpa told me I shoulda married an Italian.”

At that moment Pete came in thru the garage looking all fresh and healthy like something out of the Summer Edition of the Brooks Brothers catalog. He had just run to the hospital to check on a few patients and now, it being Sunday, he had the rest of the day to himself. He kissed my mom and as she turned back to her chicken giggling like a little girl he slipped behind me and bit the back of my neck while sliding his finger down the crack of my Levi covered ass. The combination of sensations seemed to short circuit my nervous system.

I made a little yelping noise in the back of my throat but by the time my mother turned around to look Pete was well on his way to the living room. I looked at her staring at me and said defensively, “Well he bit me!” She just looked up at the ceiling and shook her head.

I leaned against the counter. “So ma, we’ve been…”

She glared at me and interrupted. “I thought you bought new jeans.”

“I did, Ma. So we’ve been thinking…”

“Eric, buying them isn’t enough, you’ve got to wear them too.”

“I will, Ma, I mean I do. So Pete and I were…”

“I thought the picnic went well.”

“Yeah but we’ve…”

“You think that Marc guy got the picture?”

“I think so, Ma.”

She knows about the trip! All this is just water torture to get me to spill my guts!

She glares at me hard. “You’re not gonna tell me?!!”

“Tell ya what, Ma?”

She puts her hands on her fists and gives an aggressive shrug. “Fine! Just fine!” She turns and picks up a piece of paper off of the counter. “Well if you don’t want to speak to your mother at least you can do some shopping!” She thrusts the list at me.

“Ma!” I hate shopping! Well actually I’m afraid of it. It’s embarrassing cause I always get a hardon when I shop and it’s always like the hardon from hell.

“Ma…….I can’t do this!”

She didn’t even turn from the sink. “You can and you will! Unless of course you’re tired of being a father too, those things are for the boys.” She always uses her trump card, it’s so frigging unfair.

Pete had settled himself comfortably into the sofa and with his stocking feet propped up on the coffee table was leisurely making his way through the Times, New York, that is. It’s a paper that started appearing on our front porch shortly after Pete moved in. Personally I avoid the news at all costs in any form because there’s nothing in there but stories about bad stuff happening and who doesn’t already have enough of that in their own life without having to import it from someone else’s life.

He looks up at me staring at him and then takes my hand and pulls me down onto the sofa next to him.

“Did you tell her?”

“Shhhh! Keep your voice down!” I hissed at him. “She got like the hearing of an Impala.”

He grinned. “They’ve got good hearing?”

“Gotta have. Fucking lions after your ass all day, you bet they got good hearing.”

“I thought maybe they did it when a great sense of smell.”

“Fuck she’s got that too! Try not changing your underwear for a couple of days and see the looks you start getting.”

“You know you’ve got to tell her and the longer you drag this out the harder it’s gonna be cause you’re gonna make yourself crazy.”

I sighed. “I almost did it a few minutes ago when she was waving that knife around but then she calmed down so I didn’t use it.” I took his hand and played with his fingers. ‘You know… could tell her, she really likes you and besides it’s your parent’s place.”

“Eric! C’mon, she’s your mom and besides she loves you more than anyone.”

“Not more than Jase, maybe we could get him to talk to her. She never yells at him.”

“Eric, she loves you more than anyone, even Jase! Believe me, I get to meet a lot of mothers and I know that yours loves you. You just make her crazy.”

“I make her crazy! What about what she does to me? And besides what do I do that could possibly make anyone crazy? I just mind my own business. Maybe that’s it! The whole concept of not sticking your nose into what everybody else is doing is probably so foreign to her that she does actually think that it’s me who’s nuts.” Pete was giving me his “indulgent” look. “What?”

I’m pretty sure because he figured he was loosing the argument, not that it really was one, Pete shoved his left hand under my butt and began to squeeze but I quickly slid off.

“You can’t do that! She’s just in the kitchen!” Damn I love it when he does that!

He grinned. “I thought you liked it when I did that.”

Well he had me there but the last thing I need is for my mother to catch us. Not that she’d probably mind as long as it was with Pete but it made me uncomfortable.

“Pete, it’s is your parents house and besides when she finds out that we’re taking the kids for a vacation to the beach, a place with deep water where we could all drown, she’s gonna have a lot of questions. Like why! And you can’t just say that you need some time away because as far as she’s concerned we should be totally happy here, near her. Believe me, I’ve tried it.”

“Eric, it’s Madison, Connecticut, not the Bermuda Triangle.”

Ignoring his comment I held up the list. “And besides I’ve already been given my punishment for not having told her” I held up the shopping list, “and I’ve learned that this doesn’t get taken away if you change your mind and cave in.”

He laughed. “A shopping list? How’s that punishment?”

I suddenly started to wonder how Pete would react to my not so little problem.

Pete’s knuckles were white from the grip he had on the other end of the shopping cart. His whisper was low but intense. “What is the matter with you? Are you crazy? Put that thing away!”

I whispered back just as intensely, “I CAN’T HELP IT! IT WON’T GO AWAY! That’s why she’s making me do this! She knows I hate coming here!” It was sticking out, way out, and it wasn’t like winter when I had a coat to hide it.

He moved so that he was standing next to me our shoulders touching and whispered. “She knows that you get a hardon when you shop at Sam’s Club?”

I gave him an exasperated look. “She just knows that I hate to come here! She doesn’t know why.” I hung my head. “And it isn’t just here. I’m okay in department stores and shopping for appliances and shit and strangely enough even sporting goods…….but everything else.” I held out my hand palm down and moved my index finger slowly up.

Pete groaned and then turned and seemed to be looking around for something. He grabbed a huge bag of bird seed like it was weightless and plopped it with a thud in the back of the cart.

“You are just one big orgasm waiting to happen! You know that? There,” he said, “that’ll help block everyone’s view.”

“Fifty pounds of bird seed?”

“We’ll get a bird!”

“Better get a fucking eagle!”

“Actually it’s for wild birds.” He grinned. “Kinda suits you.” His eyebrows were relaxing and his look was going from aggravated to horny. His eyes raked over my body. The muscles of his upper arms were bulging as his hands gripped the edge of the cart. He put his foot up on the bottom ledge of the cart and leaned towards me. His voice was getting all low and husky. “Actually you do look pretty fucking hot….all boned up like that and the way those loose jeans kinda make their way into the crack of your butt.” When he gets like this it sends out some weird signal to my nervous system, which is always pretty much on edge anyway when it comes to Pete.

The thought of him bending me over the back of the cart and fucking my ass raw right in the middle of Sam’s Club flashed thru my mind. I turned my head and said all panicky my voice somewhere between, “What the hell are you doing?” and “Fuck me quick!” “Pete if you keep talking like that I’m gonna cum in my pants right here in the middle of Sam’s Club! You really want that?”

We had been slowly working our way to the meat department and we were now stopped in front of “PORK.” Pete looked at me like he was going to kiss me and murmured, “That would be fucking hot!”

Suddenly the swinging doors to the back room banged open and a handsome young man wearing a white coat and a paper hat came out with a strange grin on his face.

“Hi, Mr. Cortland!” He leaned against the cart like Pete had done, his voice sounded strange and a bead of perspiration appeared at the edge of his paper hat. He glanced once towards my crotch, blinked then took a deep shuddering breath and said softly, “I just wanted to know if you needed any help…with our…meat?” His name tag said, “Dennis.”

Pete had stood up ramrod straight. “Eric!” It was almost a shout. “You wanna introduce me to your friend?”

“Pete, I never even met…….”

The guy stared into my eyes and said softly. “Eric…..that’s such a nice name. I never knew that was your name.” He sighed. “But it just figures you’d have a wonderful name.” Oh for God’s sake! Where do these people come from?

Pete was beginning to look like he was about to lunge for the guy and I pushed the cart forward and put myself between them. “How do you even know who I am?”

Without the cart to lean on the meat guy stood there with his hands twitchingly at his sides. He looked at me forlornly and then reached out like he was gonna touch my shirt. I felt Pete tense behind me and I shoved him backwards with my butt. The meat guy seemed to see Pete for the first time and jerked his hand back.

“You used to come in here all the time. I used to look forward to it.” He glanced at my crotch and obvious hardon again and sighed. “I finally asked one of the check out girls who you were.” This time he looked up defiantly at Pete and held his ground.

I felt Pete’s mouth by my ear and he hissed, “He should be institutionalized!” I figured that that was probably true but then if we started doing stuff like that I’d loose most of my friends and relatives. Anyway the look on Pete’s face reminded me of one of those dogs that isn’t really snarling or barking but is on the verge of ripping out someone’s throat without warning.

I said, “Okay, well this has been fun but we gotta pick up Jase. You know he didn’t look so hot this morning. Let’s go check out and head home.” I started to push the cart away but pretty quickly became aware of the fact that Pete wasn’t following me and when I looked back he and Dennis were standing there glaring at each other.

I retraced my steps and touching Pete’s arm said, “Pete I wanna make sure Jase is okay.” I know it’s kinda quilt trippy but then it works when my mom does it to me.

Pete’s body seemed to relax and it’s like he came out of a trance. He sighed. “Okay…yeah…you’re right.”

All the way thru the parking lot to Pete’s car I could almost feel tension radiating off of him. I kept glancing at him but he was pretty unreadable. When we got into the car he sat there with both hands gripping the steering wheel tightly. Then without saying a word he twisted in his seat leaned over the center console and kissed me hard. You know how it is when someone just takes possession of your mouth and while his mouth was doing that his left hand was rubbing my almost back to normal cloth covered hardon.

Finally he broke the kiss and came up for air. He grinned. “You know it’s your fault that I’m such a fucking asshole.” He shook his head slowly while staring deep into my eyes. “Shit you make me crazy!”

I was pretty much expecting Jase to be all tired looking and sickish when we got to Billy’s but he was just the opposite and was running around like crazy. I glanced at Pete for an explanation and he said, “It can go this way too, especially with little kids. It’s like they get this energy burst just before they’re about to crash and have the cold or flu or whatever it is take over.” And he was right because in the twenty second drive from Billy’s house to ours he was out like a light.

Once back in the house we got Jase into his pajamas and Pete went into full doctor mode and totally checked him out. He was folding his stethoscope and putting it into his bag. “He’s got a slight fever. I’ll check it every thirty minutes or so. The fever he has now could be because of all the running around. Do we have soup in the house?”

I grinned. “You’re kidding right? Have you met my mother?” Thank god she had already gone home or the place would have been turned into the Mayo Clinic. “I’ll get some chicken soup out of the freezer and nuke it.”

Pete and I sat at opposite ends of the big sofa, him reading the news and me reading the comics and Jase wrapped in a blanket between us. A half and hour later Jasee had climbed onto my lap and was lying with his head in the crook of my arm. His voice was getting throaty.

He looked at me with one eye. “I’m not sick, Dad!” I probably should have kept him home this morning. My mother’s right, I suck as a father.

I kissed the top of his head. “I dunno, looks like maybe you got a cold, Kiddo.”

He coughed. “Does grandma know I’m sick?”

I smiled down at him and sighed. “Not yet. You’ll be able to tell by the lightening bolts.”

He twisted a bit in my arms. “Lightening bolts?”

“Just kidding, Jase. I was gonna call and tell her but as soon as she finds out she gonna be over here moving mountains and I thought maybe I’d let her get a good nights sleep first. I’ll call her first thing in the morning though.” I ran my fingers thru his hair and now he felt warm. “Don’t worry she’ll spend all day tomorrow babying you.”

Pete looked at me touching Jase’s forehead and passed me the ear thermometer. I stuck it in Jase’s ear while he stared up at me. I looked at Pete. “One hundred point five.”

Pete set his paper down and said, “Tylenol time.”

Jase said, “I’m not a baby!”


When Sam drove over to take me back to his house for the day I slid into the passenger side of his car and everything felt new to me, the clean smell of his car, the leather upholstery and most of all, Sam. His eyes were bright and shining, his smile gentle and then becoming broad with satisfaction. We kissed and broke the kiss slowly the fabric of our lips clinging, lingering. His fingertips caressed the side of my face leaving a trail of sizzling electrons on my skin.

His eyes, like Eric’s earlier, searched mine, his voice was soft. “You’re okay?” I nodded yes.

He said, “I mean……..really okay…..all over.”

I smiled at him. “I can still feel you in me. I don’t want that to go away but I guess it will.”

He looked all concerned. “Did I hurt you?”

I shook my head slowly. “No. You’d never do that.”

I felt so different, better and so in love with Sam. A couple of days ago I would have said it wasn’t possible to be more in love with him but now I did feel even more in love with him and something more and I could see from the look in his eyes that he felt the same.

We drove over to Sam’s house. It was his day to cut the grass for his dad and I puttered around trying to help him but mostly I was just perving on his hot bod and the way those tan shorts were clinging to his powerful muscles. He knew that I was watching him and every once in a while without raising his head he’d lift his eyes and grin.

Afterwards we sat outside under a big old tree drinking Pepsi.

“Your mom and dad gonna let you go with us?”

He grinned and looked at me with such and intensely sexual look that I actually started blushing. He laughed. “They haven’t committed to it yet but I’m almost positive that the answer will be yes. Is the house gonna have enough bedrooms?”

“Pete said it’s really big, said we can each have a room.”

Sam got a panicky look on his face but I jumped in. “Don’t worry I was thinking the same thing. But Eric told me that the two bedrooms Pete was talking about shared a bathroom and that nobody was gonna check to see who slept where.” I grinned. “Eric knows what we did.”

His voice was choked. “How?”

“I dunno. But he took one look at me this morning and he just seemed to know. He wasn’t mad though. He just wanted to make sure that we used a condom and that I wasn’t like traumatized or anything.”

Sam groaned and laid his head back against the tree. “Geez, he knows I fucked you! Is he mad at me?”

“Sam, it’s okay! He and Pete are doin the same thing.”

“Yeah but they’re adults. You didn’t ever see em did ya?

“No. They’re pretty careful but I can just imagine.” I looked up at Sam and asked the question that had been on my mind since I woke up this morning. “We are gonna do it again aren’t we?”

Sam kinda rolled to his side and stared into my eyes. His voice was soft and slow. “I wanna do that with you forever.” He looked down at the ground and then back up. “But yeah, we are gonna do it again. Man, there’s no way that I could do without it now.”


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