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The Good Doctor
--- Chapter 53 ---
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The Good Doctor 53

Pete was lying in bed with his bedside lamp on reading some doctor thing. I rolled over onto my right side and licked his upper arm. He didn’t stop reading but he did smile. I licked again.

He said slowly, “Yeeesss?” I sure am a lot of work.

“I don’t wanna interrupt you, go ahead, keep reading.” I slid my left hand up his leg until I was cupping his balls in my hand. Pete laughed and put what he was reading on the night stand. He rolled to his left rolling onto me with the delicious weight of him pressing me down his now hard cock against my upper thigh. He kissed me gently and held my head to his chest. I’m so needy.

He ran his fingers thru my hair and whispered, “You were about to say…?”

“Well, I just wanted to be absolutely sure…you did tell your parents that we were invading their summer home?”

He laughed and thrust his cock forward slowly. “You afraid they’re gonna show up and scream for the cops?”

“Ah…I guess something like that.” I wiggled a little until his cock dropped down between my legs and was pressed against my butt.

He laughed, bit my ear lightly and whispered, “Ohh fuck…evil…you’re just plain evil,” while he began thrusting.

“So?” I whispered.

“Baby, they know that we’re gonna be there. I mean it’s not like I’m sixteen and taking some cheerleader there. Why are you worried?” I’ve got this weird fear that Pete and I are gonna be fucking like monkeys and his parents are gonna walk in on us, doing in their bed.

“I dunno, just my nature I guess. I guess as long as they know it’s okay. You dated cheerleaders?”

“Ah…a little.” That figures.

“Well, I mean it’s okay.” I laughed. “You’re not still doing it are ya?” I shove my tongue in his ear, presumably to wash out the memory of cheerleaders. I thank god for precum as he slowly begins to move into me and growls my name.

I could hear Jase’s voice while he talked to Pete who was driving but the sun on my face was warm and I decided to doze a little longer.

Jase said for the tenth time, “We there yet, Pete?”

Pete laughed and played the game. “Pretty soon, Jase.” Jase giggled. Somehow I knew without looking that David and Sam were asleep. I could remember what that was like, being a teenager and needing, really needing to sleep.

I rolled my head in Pete’s direction and whined, “Daaaadddd! I gotta peeee!”

I reached back and grabbed Jase’s foot and wiggled it. “How ya doin ya little critter?”

“I’m not a critter, Dad, I’m a boy.”

“Kinda the same thing.” But Jase was bored with the game and yawned, then turned to stare out the window while he counted the gray Toyota’s as they went whizzing past going in the other direction. Jase and I had pretty much concluded one day that ten percent of the world’s cars just had to be gray Toyota’s. David was slumped against Sam, his face turned into Sam’s chest. Sam’s head was back against the headrest his mouth slightly open his left arm loosely around David’s shoulders.

Pete’s right arm was on the armrest and I reached over and laced my fingers thru his and squeezed. I got a grin in return but he didn’t take his eyes off of the road. I love a careful driver. And this way I get to watch him, the way that his jaw works as he’s maneuvering thru traffic, tightening and then relaxing and how his eyebrows look as he’s concentrating. I want to bite him but instead I look down at his crotch at the impressive bulge there. I’d love to slip my hand under his shirt and rub his stomach and his hard chest and nipples. Maybe he’s right, maybe I am just one big orgasm waiting to happen.

My mom could have strangled us for going on vacation, well going on vacation away from her. She’d have been fine with us camping out in her backyard but I didn’t think it’d be the same. She did try to put on a brave face this morning though and even tried to slip me a couple hundred bucks, like I was going off to camp or something. Actually she chased me around the kitchen trying to put it into my pocket but then settled for giving it to David and Jase. I’ve always gotten the feeling that what my mom is really afraid of is that we’re going to find someplace that we’d like to live better than we like living in our town and move away. Plus, of course, she’s fundamentally suspicious of Pete’s parents because they’re not Italian and they’ve got money. Well, it’s not so much the money cause mom’s probably got more than they do but they’ve also got social standing which is something that my mom doesn’t figure that she’s got.

We had turned off the main road a ways back and Pete was negotiating narrow country roads. You could smell the sea.

“We’re close now, right?”

He grinned. “Yep.”

We were going past a golf course. “You’re a member, right?”

“Yep.” I knew that he would be. The only thing that I’m a member of is my health club, forty dollar a month and I still figure I’m being robbed.

Then on our right was a paved driveway and we turned into it and stopped in front of a big kind of added onto house. You know, one of those places that probably started its life as a two bedroom bungalow but got added onto over the years. The house had a kind of sprawling quality to it but whoever did the adding on must have used an architect because it also had a well thought out quality to it and had a well thought out look.

The back seat was suddenly alive with movement as two all arms and legs teenagers and one trying to keep up little boy started struggling to get out.

Words like, “Cool!” and “Awesome!” were floating thru the air as three kids took off running for the seaward side of the house leaving Pete and me with the luggage but of course we ignored it and followed the kids to the water. The sun was bright and the water was blue and the kids were enthusiastic and I was horny. I always get horny riding in a car. I guess that it’s the vibration and the lack of any distractions. My normal horniness isn’t filtered thru anything or diluted by anything plus the main inspiration for my horniness has been sitting next to me for two hours wearing a pair of worn old jeans whose crotch has turned to faded velvet.

The beach was sand and it was about forty feet to the water that was lapping gently at the sand. Three houses down two teenage boys were horsing around in the water.
Pete nodded his head in their direction. “The Nielson twins. I’ve known them since they were really little kids.”

The Nielson twins weren’t so little anymore. They looked to be at least six feet tall with broad shoulders, blond hair and yellow Speedo’s that were barely containing their cargo. I grinned at Pete. “Healthy looking boys.” No, I wasn’t attracted but I’m not dead either.

“Eric, don’t give me that look. They’re almost like…I dunno…younger cousins or something.” He looked me up and down. “What bathing suit are you planning to wear?” Where did that come from?

“The only one that I brought is the black Speedo, so I guess that’s gonna be it.” I figured that if I only brought one it pretty much would stop arguments. Pete looked resigned.

“Yeah, well, I’m pretty sure the Nielson twins aren’t gay. Our guys could hang out with them too, they’re good boys.” That could mean anything; my mother thought that I was a good boy. Oh…well…maybe not so much.

Pete leaned in close to my face ran the back of his finger down my chest and said softly, “Wanna help me carry the luggage in? With the kids on the beach we could….look around.” My butt spasmed.

I looked up into his flame blue eyes. “There’s time? Won’t they come looking?”

The boys have been herded back inside and gotten to change into their swim suits. Then with a slamming of screen doors they’re back outside running towards the water.

I slip into my little basic black number with Pete watching my every move but then
as I started to walk away I heard Pete make a gasping groaning sound and then yelled, “Eric! That suit! It doesn’t even cover your ass!”


He grabbed me and turned me around his hands running down my back onto my butt. He sighed and calmed down a bit. “Eric, the top of your butt is above the top of the suit. Didn’t you ever notice that?”

“Pete, it’s a racing Speedo. Sometimes they fit like that.” I’m pretty sure that I’m right about that and anyway I do see that sometimes this is how they fit people.

“Where did you get this suit?” The implication was that I had smuggled this suit into my collection of Pete approved suits.

“Pete…you bought it. Don’t ya remember jerking these outta the guys hand and telling him we’d take em?”

“Oh…I didn’t see it on you.” He’s chewing on his thumb.

“Well, now you know how it’s supposed to look.” He started tugging on the back of the suit trying to pull it up. I swatted his hand away. “You’re giving me a wedgy!”

He looked at me earnestly. “Eric…just remember those guys are out there.”

“You mean the twins?” He nodded yes. “Pete, they’re just high school kids. Besides, Jase and David and Sam can protect me.”

He sighed. “Okay…I’m just being insane.” He pulled me in for a kiss. “I know that this is stupid and I promise that I’ll try to do better.” Oh, he slid his hand down the back of my suit. That can really put things in motion!

I pushed away from him before this got outta hand. “Okay, the kids have probably already been carried away by sharks. Lemme go see if anybody survived.”

He laughed as I walked to the door. “There’s no sharks here, Eric.” Yeah, right.

When I hit the beach the boys are gallumping thru the surf and the Nielson twins have joined them. David and Sam are launching Jase up into the air for him to come crashing down into the water. He’s having a ball. I think of tossing a fish to a great white shark that hurls himself into the air and catches the unsuspecting little boy fish in his razor sharp teeth. I force the thought away.

The Nielson twins are climbing all over each other one minute and trying to dunk each other the next. One blond teenage god climbs on the back of the other and seems to be, for a moment, humping his brother’s back until the brother rolls sideways and they both crash down into the water. Their yellow Speedo’s are a little big for them and the water has plastered the fabric to their bodies like a second skin and it’s pretty obvious that both boys enjoy the skin to skin contact. Both David and Sam are watching the older boys closely while trying to look like they’re not. Jason is oblivious to the building testosterone storm.

I slog thru the water over to where the boys are playing. Jase sees me and yells, “Dad! Dad they’re throwing me into the air!” David and Sam watch as he comes half walking and half swimming over to me and I scoop him up while I scan the sea for fins. Yeah, I know, whacko.

The Nielson twins are a tangle of arms and legs, as entwined, they plunge beneath the surface of the water only to shoot up again sputtering. I’m talking quietly to Jase while I hold him but out of the corner of my eye I see the twins look at me and become quiet, something that I’m pretty sure is unusual for them. They both stand up straight and they seem to be staring at me like I’m some form of life they’ve never seen before and are unsure of. Something about their behavior strikes me as odd and then I realize that for once they’re not interacting with each other. Their shoulders seem to become broader and their stomachs flatter and it almost seems like they want to attack or something but I know that that’s not it.

Whereas the water is up to Jase’s shoulders it’s only up to the bottom of the twins suits and it laps against their crowded crotches as they move towards me still uncertain about what I am.

One twin points to the other and says to me, “He’s Adam.”

The other twin points back and says, “He’s Gabriel.” This back and forth way of talking seems to be what they do.

It seems weird to try and shake hands while I’m holding Jase and nobody is really dressed so I just nod at them and smile. “I’m Eric, Jase and David’s dad.”

“You’re their dad?” Adam sounds like he doesn’t believe me.

“You don’t look..”

“old enough.” They’ve come closer and seem to be relaxing and Adam casually rests his tanned elbow on his brother’s tanned shoulder.

Adam says, “Do you like to swim,”

Gabriel finishes with, “in the ocean?” He gestures towards the open sea. “We swim here all the time.”

“Yeah, if you don’t know how to swim we’d be happy to help, you know, teach you.”

Adam points down the beach. “We live right over there,”

“and we’ve got Xbox.”

“We could show you our room.” They looked at each other and grinned.

“Yeah, you’d really like our room!” Adam had dropped his hand and was unconsciously cupping his crotch and I was beginning to get nervous.

Then suddenly Pete’s voice pierced the air. “ERIC!!” I jump and feel like I’ve been caught doing something wrong but Pete is standing on the lawn with someone and waving me back to the cottage. I hand Jase over to David.

“David, why don’t you guys come a little closer to the shore so your brother isn’t all the way up to his neck?” They had been standing there staring wide-eyed at the twins while they were speaking and now it seemed like they were coming out of a trance. He and Sam both stammered that they would and moved in closer to the shore with the twins following.

Pete was talking to a bald guy wearing cargo shorts and a tee shirt with a couple of cameras strung around his neck. As I got closer he lifted a camera and took some pictures and that felt odd, not bad, just odd. Pete was smiling.

“Eric, this is Ken Darlen, he’s a professional photographer, he lives right down the beach. I held out my hand and we shook. “Nice to meet you.” I point at the camera. “Working?”

Pete started to say something but Ken got there first. “I like to walk along the beach and shoot pics of whatever shows up. I took a few of you, I hope you don’t mind.”

I couldn’t think of a reason to care and wasn’t sure why he’d think that I would. “No…that’s cool. The kids would be a more interesting subject though.”

Pete said, “Well, the thing is, Eric, Ken just told me that he’d like to take a few shots of you, kinda posed.” Pete looked like he’d been holding his breath and then he exhaled. “Ken shoots a lotta big ad projects for the fashion houses.”

I grinned. “Well, I’d just like to say that if nudity is important to the story line I’d be more than willing to do it.”

Pete started to sputter. “Eric!” Ken Darlen started laughing. The boys were gathering around and the twins were leaning forward like they didn’t want to miss anything.

Jase came over and looked up at me. “You gonna get your picture taken without clothes on, Dad?” Pete sighed and shook his head slowly.

I lifted Jase up and held him to my chest. “No you little moppet!” Jase grinned held my face in his hands and then kissed me. Yeah, outtta the blue but it’s a little boy thing and my rule of thumb with Jase is that you don’t question kisses.

I turned to Ken. “I really wouldn’t have a clue as to what I was supposed to do.”

“Eric, you just need to be yourself and let me direct you. What I really wanna see is whether or not what I see in person translates to film, or in this case,” He laughed and held up his camera, “electrons.”

I looked at Pete who seemed uncertain. I lifted my eyebrows in a question. He shrugged and said, “I dunno, Eric. When Ken mentioned it it just seemed like something cool to do. But I dunno, whatever you think.”

I turned back to Ken and grinned. “This isn’t gonna end up on the internet is it?” He shook his head and mouthed the word, “No.”

“You’re not gonna try and get me to do weird stuff?”

“No, Eric, I just want to see how the camera feels about you. The worst that can happen is that you’ll end up with a bunch of pictures for the family album. But I don’t think that’s gonna happen, I think that the camera is gonna love you.”


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