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The Good Doctor
--- Chapter 54 ---
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The Good Doctor 54


Why didn’t I just tell Ken no? Fuck all! Oh yeah, I just had to show Eric how trusting I was, how fucking liberal I could be. Big important doctor! Big asshole!

I walked over and put my hand on Eric’s shoulder. “So what’s he gonna have ya do?” His skin is so warm, so pulsing with life, so him. I want to wrap him up in my arms and carry him inside away from all these people leering at him.

He nodded towards Ken who was over by the seawall checking things out. Eric’s eyes are warm and trusting, too trusting. “I think he wants me to walk along the seawall.” He grinned up at me. “I’m pretty sure I can handle it.”

“What were the twins trying to do out there?” I nodded towards the sea. I know damn well what they were trying to do, the shits!

He grinned. “Not a big deal, Pete. They were just goofin around.”

“Eric, they were after your ass!”

“Pete! They’re just kids!”

I dropped my voice and spat the words out. “Eric, I could see what they were after!”

Eric grinned and whispered, “You mean my butt?” Then he twisted around in an obscene way, like he was trying to look at his butt and thirty feet away the twins mouths gaped open.

I put my hands on my hips and said, “Do you have to do that?”

He grinned up at me and said, “Sorry. Pete, why are you so nuts about this? I’m not gonna let anything happen.”

I ran my fingers thru my hair and sighed. “I know, Babe. Shit…you know how I am. I’m trying not to let it get to me. When does Ken want you to do this?”

“He says a couple of minutes.” Just then Ken turned and started walking back towards us. “Well, it looks like he’s ready.”

“Eric, are you sure that you want to do this?”

Eric shrugged. “Why not? It’s just pictures but on the other hand I’m not really sure what he’s going for. Does he want me to model or something? Cause there’s no way that’s gonna happen.”

I groaned. “I don’t know why I didn’t just tell him no when he asked.”

Eric looked up at me with his eyes sparkling and he whispered, “This does kinda make me horny.”

“Oh for God’s sake! Eric, everything makes you horny!” The thought of Eric being horny makes me horny.

Eric turned to go meet Ken but then stopped and turned back to me grinned and said, “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. Demille.”

I shook my head slowly and said to him, “Behave yourself.” He was totally eating this up and Eric is just enough of a ham that he could actually end up liking this shit. I didn’t want to think about that.

Ken moved him over to the seawall while Ken got down on the sand with his cameras. Our kids and the twins were down on the sand and splashing in the water. The twin’s eyes never left Eric’s body and I could read their fucking minds because the exact same thing was going on in mine. Ken was having Eric strut along the top of the sea wall and he was mesmerizing and everyone felt it except for maybe Jase.

After a couple more minutes I looked around to find that the neighbors on either side of us were all gathering around to see what was going on and the whispered, “Who is he?” was floating from a number of mouths. Oh shit!


It’s a miracle that I haven’t walked off of this fucking seawall and broken my neck. He said to keep staring at the horizon while I walked, well, I gotta tell ya that if you do that you fall. His camera has been goin off like a machine gun and he’s sure as hell gotta have enough shots by now.

Jase comes skipping up the stairs from the beach and runs over to me. He’s wet from sea water and he seems to have a firm grip on his dick or in his case his peepee.
I bend over and Jase grabs my arm.

He looks around to see if anyone can hear, then whispers, “Dad, I gotta pee.”

“You can go, Jase. Do you remember where the bathroom is?” He nods yes.

“I can’t go by myself though, you gotta come with.” His grip on his cock looks even firmer and he’s bending forward. “I gotta go bad.”

I look at Ken and say, “Ken, I gotta take Jase. I’ll be right back.” If it bothered him he didn’t let it show. That’s good.

I hold out my arms and Jase lets me pick him up and as I do I can hear the staccato of Ken’s shutter. As we start to walk to the house Jase says, “Dad, do people ever…when they go swimin, gotta pee so bad they just do it in the ocean?”

I wrap my arms around his skinny body and he rests his chin on my shoulder while we walk. “Is that what you wanted to do?”

He nods. “Does anybody ever do that?” I can’t believe he never has.

“Sure, Jase, all the time.”


“Probably, at one time or another.”

“Are ya supposed to do that?”

“Technically no but it’s one of those things that nobody’s supposed to do but everyone does.” Well, this outta be fun explaining.

“But if everybody pees in the ocean then when we go swimming we’re swimming in pee.” Bingo!

“Yeah and all the fishes pee in the ocean too.” It suddenly occurs to me that we may be on the verge of Jase never going in the water again. “But, Jase, the thing is that there’s so much water that it gets too diluted to matter.”

He lifts his head to look at me and then drops it again while he thinks.

Jase’s head is lying on my shoulder like he’s about to pass out, his eyes are only half open and his arms are around my neck. I whisper to him, “Please don’t go to sleep and pee.”

He giggles sleepily. “You mean wet the bed?”

I laugh. “If you did it now it’d be wetting the dad.” I lowered him to the floor in the bathroom. “I think that maybe after dealing with this whole peeing issue you oughta take a little nap.”

Jase looks at me like he figures that he ought to argue but his heart isn’t in it. The most he can come up with is a tired, “I don’t wanna, Dad.”

After he pees Jase is leaning against my legs rubbing his eyes as I strip him out of his wet bathing suit and get him into a pair of dry briefs and then lay him down in his room for a nap. His hair is very dark against the clean white pillow case, I kiss his forehead and for a moment his finger traces a pattern on the white cloth that’s invisible to me and then, seconds later he’s asleep.

Back at the beach Ken smiles at me as I approach him and Pete is off to the side of the yard talking to a bunch of people who just seem to have appeared but who also seem to know him. I wink at David who’s standing next to Sam and he blushes and drops his head. Sam and the twins are staring at me but I figure with Pete only fifty feet away and ready to kill I really don’t need to worry about the twins.

Ken leans close to me and says, “What I’m looking for now, Eric is to get you into that water. I wanna see you walking out of it with the water still pouring off of your body. Watch what I do with my hands. This is what I want. You wiping the water off of your head with your hands. And with your head tilted back like this.” It looks a little contrived to me but what do I know about this shit?

So I walk out into the water and Ken follows even though he’s not wearing a swimming suit. When the water is up to my crotch I dip down to get myself all wet and then standup and start walking towards the shore. Pete has moved over so that he’s standing on the shore behind Ken and the expression on his face can only be described as carnal so I just stare into his eyes and think about all the stuff that I’d like him to be doing to me as I walk thru the water and I hear Ken’s shutter sounding like a machinegun on the Western Front but I’m too lost in Pete’s fiery blue gaze to care.

The twins have walked to the water’s edge and look like they’re planning to come in but Pete turns his head quickly and barks something at them and they look like two puppies trying to decide if stealing the Sunday roast is worth the beating they’ll get.

When I reach the shore Pete throws a big fluffy towel over my shoulders and then turns to Ken and says in his best doctor’s don’t fuck with me voice, “That’s enough for today.” Then he glares at the twins who back off and then stand there looking at each other in some unspoken communication.

Finally we round up David and Sam and everybody troops into the house for lunch which my mother, knowing that we wouldn’t have thought to stop and stock up on food, has provided. A salad Nicoise for the adults and stuffed zucchini for the kids. Of course mom has made enough of both to feed everyone for a mile in any direction and Pete and I decide will join the boys in having the stuffed zucchini and then everyone can also have the salad Nicoise. There’s also a huge crusty loaf of Italian bread a big container of escarole soup with sausage and a bottle of wine, just in case the barbarians that mom is convinced that we’ll be mingling with don’t know about wine.

Woken by the commotion Jase climbs, still sleepy and little boy warm, onto my lap and eats off of my and everyone else’s plate. With an impish grin he steals an olive from David’s plate and then leans forward and kisses him on the cheek. For some reason I instantly think of my gallivanting grandfather and realize that Jase has more than a little of the devil in him. That boy’s gonna be a trial by the time he gets to high school.

Pete looks much happier now that our little family is together and free of outside distractions and he smiles and jokes with David, Sam and Jase while his knee is pressed firmly to mine.

After lunch all five of us go back into the ocean and I realize that I’ve never been swimming with Pete. Of course he’s good at it. He’s a natural athlete and even though he’s wearing those dumb trunks his body looks spectacular.

I dive under water and come up behind Pete who’s standing in chest deep water as he’s watching the kids swim and in one swift movement I jerk those trunks down to his knees. He yelps and grabs for me but I really do swim like an otter and I’m gone in a flash. I come up slowly thirty feet away with just the top of my head and my eyes breaking the surface. Pete is scanning the water watching for me but when he spots me he knows that I’m too far away.

He’s laughing but he’s also intensely competitive. “Just wait’ll I get my hands on ya, ya little shit!” It’s an idle threat and we both know it but I also know that my payoff comes only if he does catch me. I slowly submerge and then swimming underwater in a lazy corkscrew head for Pete. I love the water!

Of course he sees me coming and as soon as I brush his legs he’s got me and hauls me up by my waist and pulls me back against him like he’s afraid that I’ll get away.
The water is up to his chest and nobody sees me slide my hand into those trunks and wrap my fingers around his lengthening cock. He grunts and tightens his grip on me but at that moment the twins reappear on the shore and despite some evil looks from Pete they come in the water. This time they’re not walking together, they’re well separated and it’s pretty obvious what they’re attempting to do. I can feel Pete’s grip on my waist tighten even more but I pull myself free. Looking up at him I say, “You’re not gonna believe this but I think that I can handle this.” The twins are only ten yards away from us now and despite Pete growling, “No!” in my ear I flip quickly beneath the surface of the water.

Thirty seconds and one micro-second scuffle later I surface for air somewhere between the twins just in time to hear Adam yelling to Gabriel, “Watch out! He’s….” But I’m back under the water and heading for Gabriel. He never stood a chance and seconds later I resurface a hundred feet from either of them twirling two yellow Speedo’s around my index finger. They both look like they’re ready to cry and they appeal to Pete.

“That’s not fair, Pete!! Our mom’ll kill us if she catches us skinny dipping again!”

Pete shrugs dramatically. “Hey, guys, I don’t have your suits and besides I wasn’t gonna tell your mom, I was gonna tell your dad.”

“PETE!!! You can’t do that!” They looked at each other in a panic. “He’ll beat us!”

Pete laughs. “You guys are so full of shit.”

Adam wails, “Okay…maybe not beat but he’ll take the car away from us. Pete, we’ll be isolated in this hell hole.”

Pete says, “Well, boys, you do have a problem but for folks in need of a favor you sure haven’t been very neighborly.”

They glance quickly at me. “We been tryin to be, Pete.”

Pete growled at them, “Look you two maniacs, Eric is my boy friend and I’m not interested in sharing him. The deal is this, if you want your suits back and to have me shut up about it you gotta quit hitting on Eric.” He looked from one to the other. “You think you can do that?”

They both started to say at once, “We didn’t….” but the look on Pete’s face told them it was a non starter and they stopped. Then after some silent communication between the two of them, “Can we still hangout with, Eric?” Then quickly, “No sex stuff, you know just swimming and stuff. We won’t do anything. We just wanna look.” Why does this make me feel so slutty?

“That’s up to Eric. Though I can’t imagine why he’d trust you two.”

The twins both turned and looked at me earnestly. And well, it was flattering. I said sternly, “No touching!” They both nodded vigorously and I flipped them their suits which they ducked down into the water and put on.

When that was done they swam over to me and were bubbling over with enthusiasm. “Whadya wanna do now, Eric? Wanna play water polo? Or tag?”

Pete had joined us and said, “Guys, Eric and I are just gonna hang out here and watch David and Sam and Jase and make sure that they’re okay. You can hang out with us here if you want.


Sam pulled me thru the warm water and pressed my chest to his, my legs seemed to just automatically wrap around his hips. My face was against his shoulder, his lips against my ear.

I could feel his lips moving against my skin as he whispered, “With Eric in that fucking Speedo the dolphins are probably beating off.”

I laughed. “No kidding! At least at home during breakfast he’s wearing boxers that do a better job of hiding….him.” Eric’s body was making it hard to think of him just as my dad.

“What’s with the picture guy? You think Eric’s gonna wanna do modeling or something?”

“I can’t imagine that he would. Eric is the least fashion conscious guy on the planet.” I sighed. “Besides, if he did that he’d be gone a lot. I wouldn’t want that.”

Sam’s voice was soft. “You really like em don’tcha? I mean I know that you gotta cause he’s your dad but still, you really like him.”

I kissed the side of Sam’s neck and tried to explain. “Eric is really kind. Not just on the surface but it’s his whole nature. He makes me feel good about myself.”

Sam’s voice got throaty and I gasped as his finger moved into me. “How bout me, do I make you feel good?”

I tightened my grip around his neck. “Oh God! You are so gonna fuck me tonight!”


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