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The Good Doctor
--- Chapter 57 ---
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   The Good Doctor 57


I’m sitting at Pete’s clinic waiting for him to be free for lunch.   Trying to figure out what time to meet Pete for something when he’s working is like impossible.   All those whining patients and their vague symptoms make it crazy.  There is however a familiarly erotic feeling to the place and it gives me an idea.

Finally, forty minutes after he was suppose to be free I see him come out of a room way down at the opposite end of the hall and begin walking towards me.  I love these moments because he’s always wearing a suit and he looks so hot in them.  He’s got at least twenty of em and he buys suits that are made out of this really really soft wool that fits him really well.  So anyway, as he’s walking his cock and balls get pressed outward and you can see the outline of his big dick beneath that soft wool, just off to the right.  Okay, so maybe it’s not noble or anything but it is nice.

Finally he reaches me and I stand up.  He’s got a smirk on his face and whispers, “Will you quit perving on my dick?” 

“Hey, if not yours, whose?”

With that he hustles me outta there and and we end up at the horrible but basically the only restaurant in town where you can get lunch without booze being served at the next table or bar stool, Caroline’s Cafe.  Unfortunately doctors can’t be seen going into taverns, at least not for lunch.  Apparently the AMA has put out the word that the notion of a doctor drinking between patients isn’t the best thing, image wise. 

I said unfortunately because the best food in town is served at Kelley’s, which is a no nonsense saloon with lots of dark wood and leather and big thick burgers that gotta be a pound each.  But we didn’t get to go there.

On the other hand everything at Caroline’s is pink and white including the waitresses and honestly I can’t even see why women would like eating there but they sure seem to because the place is loaded with them and their nonstop conversation has brought the decibel level to a point where you’d think that the nails would be crawling back out of the drywall.  Aside from Pete and I there’s only one other businessman there and he’s seated on the other side of the dining room looking like he’s hoping for a massive heart attack to free him from this hyper-feminine hell. 

We both order Caroline’s “Tuscany in the Spring” plate from our fresh scrubbed chubby blond waitress because basically it’s a chicken sandwich on white bread with potato chips.  I think that the name that Caroline has given it has more to do with where she’d like to be going to spend the profits from pedaling this crap to her captive audience than anything else.

Brittany, our waitress, writes our order down in a careful neat little script, gives my boyfriend a look that says she’d be happy to lick the sweat off of his…whatever and then scurries off.

I watch Pete watching her and say, “Don’t start thinking that you’ve got options.”


“The waitress, she’s hot for you.”

“Oh.”   He really has no clue.  “I was just thinking that she looks familiar.   Not like she’s a patient but that maybe her mother or sister is.  I was trying to think who.”

“Wanna know what I was thinking?”  Actually it was more a case of planning and it was inspired by my wait for him at the clinic.

He pulled his eyes away from the waitress and said, “Is this gonna be embarrassing?”

“Not for me.  I was wondering when I’m gonna get a physical exam outta this relationship.  I mean I got a boyfriend who’s a doctor and I’ve never had an exam!”

“Eric, you don’t need an exam.  I woulda noticed if anything was wrong and I’m really certain that the thing you use the most is healthy,” He glanced around and then leaned across the table and whispered, “your prostate.”

“Yeah but what about the other stuff, my liver and and stuff?”

“Eric, you’re healthy, I’ve checked!”

“How checked?  Whadya, give me a physical when I’m sleeping?”

He laughed.  “No…it’s just that it’s something I notice…it’s like an anti-virus program running on your computer in the background.”  He sighed.  “But I guess we could do some blood tests and stuff.  You don’t really feel sick do you?”  I know, I know, I should probably feel guilty about this but honestly, it’s as much for him as it is for me!

I didn’t want to seem too anxious for this to happen.  “No…I’m mostly just fine.  Okay…well, it’s probably best that the basic stuff gets checked…you know…from time to time.”  I didn’t actually want him to worry but at the same time I want to kick this into high gear.  “You don’t feel uncomfortable giving me an exam do ya?  I mean, your objectivity and all, I could go to someone else if you wanted me to.  That Dr. Hammermill is s’posed to be great.”  This was like lighting a fuse.

His head jerked up.  “Hammermill?”  I watched as the battle raged behind those deep blue eyes, the battle between his desire to tell me what a hack Dr. Hammermill is and his training to never say anything bad about another doctor.  His voice became deep, sincere and authoritative.  “I don’t want you going to anyone else.  Nobody knows you better than I do.”  Bingo!

I tried to look concerned but not too concerned.  “You don’t s’pose you could do it this afternoon do ya?”  Not that it really matters because I’ll be just as horny tomorrow or a week from tomorrow.

I could see him going over his schedule in his head.  “I dunno.  I’d have to check.”

“I could come by about four.  I’d be like your last patient, you know, just hang around till you could take me.  It’d be like, “Take your lover to work day.”  Then it’d be over and I could relax.”

He got all concerned.  “You’re not really worried are you?  Is there something you’re not telling me?”

“No!  No, don’t worry, nothing like that.  I just want it outta the way.”

He sighed heavily.  “Okay…but you know that you’re gonna have to wait…so don’t be driving my nurse crazy.”

“I promise, I’ll be good.”   I didn’t want to mention it but the fact is that his nurse, Nurse Nancy, her name actually is Nancy, is a vicious bitch, masquerading as a nice old lady.

“Oh and we can’t let Jase know.”

That got his attention.  “Whadya mean?  Oh, yeah, you’re right…he’d worry.”

“By the way, are you gonna charge me for this?”

He got a thoughtful look on his face.  “I really oughta.  Afterall, you are just like any of my other patients, probably even more trouble than them…well…kinda.  I mean the same tests and the same expense.  Plus I gotta pay my nurse and after you’ve hassled her she’s probably gonna demand hazardous duty pay.”  He grinned.  “No you little squirrel, I’ll do it for free.  Besides I’m curious to see what’s happening on the inside of you.  This oughta be good.”


At three o’clock I shot home and prayed all the way the mom would be either not there or be so involved in some chore that I’d be able to slip in and out without being questioned.  Why it ever occurred to me that that might be possible I haven’t a clue.

She was sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper and drinking a cup of coffee.  Just as I suspected!  Nobody in their right mind would work as hard as she claims to.

“Eric, what are you doing home?”  She looked worried and got up.  “Are you alright….is someone sick?”

I decided to try for honesty figuring that if that didn’t work I could always modify it.  “I’m going to Pete’s office and get a kinda mini-physical.  You know, a freebie.”

That got her attention.  “Why?  What’s wrong?”

I held up my hands.  “Honest, Ma, nothing!  I’m good!  Pete just had a little extra time and we got talking about it and bing bam boom, a free physical.”  It’s not that I couldn’t have payed and I did have health insurance thru my company but it’s the principal of the thing and if Pete ever needed machine tools he knew where to come.  Really, I’m not cheap!

She was settling down because, being Italian, it was like, genetic, you never turned down a freebie.  “Okay…well, maybe you shouldn’t tell Jase though.”  She sat back down and picked up her paper.

“’re right…Pete and I talked about it, Jase’ll never know.”  I jerked my thumb in the direction of the bedroom.  “Ah…I just thought…you know…”

She sighed.  “Gonna change your underwear?”  She looked back down at her newspaper and nodded her head.  “Probably a good idea.”

No, my underwear, despite my nutzo mother’s ramblings, is not dirty!  But the underwear that I’m about to put on is dirty.  Well, not dirty dirty but sexy dirty.

I reach to the back of my closet and pull out the thin plastic wrapped package of 2xist underwear and take it into the bathroom.  I feel like a porn star or some shit.  I tear open the package and let the thin soft material pour over my fingers.

I’m a boxer guy, plenty of room for everything to roam free.  But today, if my plan is gonna work, I need something Pete hasn’t seen.  Well he kinda has because these are about as close as you can get to a Speedo swim suit, except that they’re even more revealing in that they cling so much closer to my skin.  While a Speedo might bridge the gap, these puppies go all the way in and embrace the gap, if you get my meaning.

I kick off my shoes without bothering with the laces and strip off my pants and tossed them on the counter, my boxers follow and then I pull on the briefs.  As soon as they got up as far as my knees I was hard and when they’re all the way on it was almost orgasmic.  I twisted sideways and looked at my butt in the mirror, a second skin.  “Locked and loaded!”

On my way out thru the kitchen I asked my mom.  “Where’s Jase?”

She looked up.  “Ernie’s, and he’s gonna be back any second so you better get outta here.”

She sighed and got up.  “I’ll start dinner.  You won’t be late?”

“How about David?”

“He’s having dinner with Sam and his family tonight.”

“Nah, we’ll be home about the time that Pete normally is but go ahead and feed Jase unless he wants to wait.”  Sometimes, well lot’s of times really, Jase would rather eat with us even if it means waiting.  He’s very social and he’s gotta know what’s going on with everyone which means we gotta be even more careful about this checkup business.


I woulda paid twenty bucks for Nurse Nancy to have had the day off but I didn’t have that kind of luck and the old barracuda was standing behind the front counter glaring at me as I walked in.

With a look of resolve she held her clipboard close to her chest like a shield and looked at me over her glasses.  The other person there was an attractive young nurse receptionist type person that I had never seen before and who was staring up at me with a predatory look that made my stomach clench.

With exagerated kindness Nurse Nancy said, “Mr. Cortland, how nice that you could make it in again today.”  Then turning to the girl.  “Kristine, take Mr. Cortland to room three and have him get ready.  Oh, and don’t forget to mark his file, “No Charge” actually you might want to mark it, “Absolutely No Charge.”  We wouldn’t want him to accidently have to pay for his health care.”  Bitch!

The girl, Kristine with a K, by her nametag, looked at me and almost seemed to close her eyes while she pressed her splayed fingers to her chest.  Then her blue eyes snapped open and she said in a soft breathless voice, “Oh, Mr. Cortland, if you could just come this way and I’ll get you all settled.”  Walking down the corridor sho glanced back once at Nurse Nancy slipped her arm through mine in a possessive gesture and whispered throatily to me, “I don’t know how she could treat you like that!”

I gave her my best warm smile.  “Maybe she’s having a bad day.”  Or maybe she’s having a bad decade or maybe she’s run out of kittens to eat or bunnies to string together to make Live Bunny Necklaces.  But I didn’t say any of that because, after all, I did promise to be good and despite all the evidence to the contrary Pete claimed that she was the best thing that ever happened to his office and that she was actually quite loving.  Well, her being loving was a little difficult to get my head around but he was the one who had to live with her on a daily basis.

Kristine opened the door to an examination room and let me go in first.  “I’ve never seen her behave like that with anyone.  Maybe you’re right, maybe something happened and it’s just a bad day for her….or maybe she’s lonely.”

She turned and looked around the room, her hand touched my arm and then drifted away.  “Well, let’s get your blood pressure and temperature.”  She opened what looked like an empty folder, glanced down at it and set it on the desk.

Her hand fluttered to her face, her eyes had become hooded.  “Would you like to take that shirt and tie off?”  Her tongue touched her upper lip.  “They’ll have to come off anyway and it’ll make all this easier.”  She looked at the blood pressure gear in her hand like she was seeing it for the first time and then looked up at me and giggled.  “If you really did want to you could just strip off everything now,” Her fingers came up and brushed my hair from my forehead, “it’d make things so much easier.”

I grinned at her.  “You’re not just trying to get me naked are you?”  I really was kidding…really!

I had already started to unbutton my shirt and her hands flew out and started tearing at the remaining buttons while she leaned in and pressed her crotch to mine.  “Hurry, we don’t have much time!  She might come to check up on me!”

I yelped and tried pushing her away.  “What are you DOING?!?!

I jumped back and slammed into the door but she was all over me pulling on my shirt like a crazy person and hooking her foot behind mine and trying to jerk it forward to trip me and get me to the floor.

She was screaming at me.  “YOU BELONG TO ME!!!!!!  STOP FIGHTING THIS!!!  JUST STOP FIGHTING MEEE!!!!!”

I tried to grab for the door knob with my right hand but she tore my shirt open and while I was trying to pull it closed she got my feet out from under me and I went down sprawling onto the floor with her pawing hands tearing at my fly. 

I tried desperately to push her hands away. “KRISTINE!  You  are  making  a  fool  of  yourself!!!!  Oh my god!!!”  She ripped open my fly and I gasped and tried to twist myself over unto my stomach and crawl for the door as she jumped on the back of my legs trying to jerk my pants down.  My fingers were clawing uselessly at the cold slippery tile floor and I could feel my pants being pulled down.

I twisted my upper body around to try and push her off…….and it was then that the door opened.

“KRISTINE!!!  ERIC!!!!  Eric, what are you doing?”  Pete brown wingtips were right under my nose. 

Then Kristine was yelling from where she sat on the top of my thighs, “You can’t have him, Doctor!!  He’s mine!!”  Then she collapsed down on top of my back and wrapping her arms around me said softly in my ear, “You’re gonna be all mine, Baby, all mine!”

The next few minutes were a blur, a hazy frenetic tableau of Nurse Nancy, Pete and two other doctors and of Kristine screaming like a banshee while four of them hauled her off kicking and trying to bite them and of me trying desperately to keep my pants up with the zipper torn out and hanging down and my belt just…gone.  I know that I’m gonna be blamed for this.

Finally, with the door closed and silence returned, I righted the chair and slumped exhausted down into it.  It took about ten minutes for Pete to get back and then he slid silently into the room came over and gently lifted my face.

His voice was soft.  “You okay, Eric?”  I nodded and he grabbed some cotton balls and a bottle of some stuff and started dabbing at my face.

“She kinda banged you up but I think it’ll be okay.”  His hands were warm against my face.

“Nancy feels really bad that it happened.  She feels she shoulda known.”

He sighed.  “But honestly, who expects that?”

He knelt down in front of me so that my legs were on either side of him but that put his head about even with mine and he looked into my eyes.  “Don’t you start thinking you’ve got options…she is insane afterall…apparently.”

I said pathetically, “I bought new underwear.”  Which now was clearly visible.

He looked down at my lap and then smiled.  “Nice too…white.”

I shook my head and decided to come clean.  “I didn’t need a physical.  This was all a lie.  I just wanted to get you to play doctor.  You know…porn doctor.”

He smiled and said, “I know…and I was looking forward to it.  Somehow now….doesn’t somehow seem…well…the moments kind of passed.”  He pulled my face to his and kissed me softly.  “How about tonight…we could do the burglar and the gay home owner.”

I kissed him back and laid my head against his chest.  “Deal.”


We didn’t tell Jase why I was at Pete’s office, just that I was and he never asked.  He did hear what happened though because my mother’s voice carries, to say the least and she spent twenty minutes on her “I’m gonna kill the bitch!” rant.

He took Allan’s giant emerald green paw and touched it several times to my face.  “Allan’ll take care of it, Dad.  Whenever I hurt myself he makes it better.”  He really does know that it’s just a stuffed bear, he just likes to pretend.

I put my hand on the side of his face pulled him to me and kissed his forehead.  “Thanks, Jase.”

“Dad.  Why did that lady wanna pull your clothes off?”  His breath was little boy sweet against my face.

I sighed.  “I dunno, Jase.  I guess she just wanted to see what I’d look like without em.”

He nodded his head like it all made sense.  “I see you without your clothes all the time, Dad.”  Clearly he didn’t see the reason for such a fuss.

“Yep.  No big deal, right?”  He nodded again.

“Am I gonna look like you when I grow up, Dad?”  One of Jase’s favorite questions.

“I’m pretty sure, Jase.  I look like my grandpa and you look like me so I guess you’ll keep doin that.” 

He got a goofy smile on his face and said, “When I get old.”  He was holding his hand up and making his fingers into some sort of flying thing that ended up zooming in and landing on his dad’s nose.

“Ernie’s sister wants to see me without my clothes too?”

“She does?”

He yawned leaned into me and nodded yes. 

“She’s seven, right?”  Another nod.  “An older woman.”

He kissed me, a spontaneous, no particular reason for it, little boy, sleepy kiss.  “She likes me.”  Another yawn.

I whispered.  “Go to sleep now, Jase.”



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