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The Good Doctor
--- Chapter 6 ---
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The Good Doctor 6

“Mom, you’re getting your way but I don’t want you embarrassing Pete.” I was leaning against the kitchen counter eating Bruschetta, mom is at the stove working on sauce Bolognese for pasta. I’ve probably got enough pasta sauce in my freezer to feed Jase and me for a decade but it relaxes her.

“Me? Embarrass?” She thinks for a moment as I crunch through the crusty toasted Italian bread. “You’re sure that he’s not just………………well you know what?” She’s waving this huge wooden spoon at me. “Using you.”

“Mom, first of all, holster that thing! Second of all nobody’s just “using” anybody.” I start building a small Bruschetta for Jase but my ineptitude makes her nuts and she takes the knife away from me and does it herself. “Anyway, you’re the one that was so hot for this. I thought you’d be thrilled.” I point at the Bruschetta. “He likes anchovies on his too.”

She looks at me like I just told her you gotta put tomato’s in red sauce. “Of course he does.” Mom brings us huge tins of anchovies. I could eat em for breakfast and Jase doesn’t yet know that the rest of the world thinks we’re crazy.

I yell for Jase. “Jason! Your Bruschetta is ready!” He comes tooling into the kitchen and I hand it to him carefully on a napkin. “Eat it in the family room, Kiddo. Grandma and I are talking.” He could care fucking less and goes back to watching the television.

“Well, Mom, the thing is that you can’t just pop in in the morning.” I’m dead if I try to explain the cooking breakfast in your underwear tradition. “I mean guys are showering and shaving and…………..stuff.” No amateur at this she decides to go on the offense.

“You and him…………you’re not walking around naked I hope. Not with Jason in the house.” She’s stirring her sauce her back is to me.

“Mom! Gimme a little credit! You think that I’d ever do anything to hurt Jase, ever, for any goddamn reason?” My indignation is real and she knows it.

She turns to me with a look on her face. Like she’s sorry she said it but she felt she had to.

She starts to speak. “I didn’t…………….”

“I know, Mom, I know.”

She recovers. “So how does Jason feel about him?” Pete is no longer Doctor O’Connor and not yet Pete, he’s “him”.

“That’s the weird thing. Jase really seemed to like Pete from the very beginning. I’ve never seen him take to anyone like he has to Pete.” I dip a piece of bread in her sauce and eat it over the sink. She makes noises like this upsets her but we both know better.
“ You know Pete was thinking of specializing in pediatrics but then at the last minute decided on family practice. He’s like a kid magnet.” This is actually true, kids seem to know that Pete likes them and they’re always running to him. Plus there’s the whole doctor thing happening cause like when he’s talking to Jase he’s always calm but deliberate and it seems to relax kids. I know that it does Jase.

She’s waving her spoon at me again. “Eric, for God’s sake, fix yourself up, you look like a bum!” Well that’s a little cruel!

I look down at myself. “I usually do wear shoes!” Lie. “I threw these jeans on just for a second after I got home and showered.” Lie. “I was gonna wear this tee shirt one more time before I threw it out.” Lie.


I walked naked into my bathroom and begin to wash cum and lube off of my hands. Pete comes up behind me and wraps his arms around my upper arms and chest. His still semi-hard cock is nestled in the crack of my butt. I want to be with him forever.

I look up at him in the mirror. “Kiss my neck.” He begins kissing it and lightly biting it. He lifts his cock up so that it’s sliding in the crack of my butt. I reach back and take his cock and position it at my butt hole.

Our HIV tests came back with an all clear which we knew would happen cause were both like practically virgins, well in some ways, so we shit-canned the condoms and decided to play with our semen. We’re both slick with cum and lube.

He exerts enough pressure for the head of his dick to pop in and I gasp and drop my head for a second my hands braced on the counter top.

“Oh fuck that feels good!” This is the third time in the last ninety minutes and the word good doesn’t describe what I’m feeling. I turn us to the side so that I can watch us in the mirror while Pete fucks me. I know, kinda sluty.

He’s about eight inches taller than me with a more powerful upper body that tapers down to a small waist, cute butt and powerful legs. I’ve got more of a swimmer’s build I guess because I am one. I love the way that you can see his individual muscles when he tenses.

I look at his cock disappearing into me and laugh and gasp at the same time. “Oh damn! I love watching you fuck me!” How the fuck is that thing going into me? Where is it going, my stomach?

Pete pulls my head back against his shoulder while he continues to pump slowly into me. “You okay? I don’t want to hurt you. Let me know if you feel any kind of tearing pain.”
Yes doctor.

After a couple of minutes he runs his left hand down my chest and stomach and then wraps it around my cock. After giving a few long strokes he twists his hand around the head of my cock and I feel like I’ve been plugged into the national power grid.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming! Oh fuck!” My legs are shaking and if his right hand weren’t around my waist we’d probably be doing this on the floor.

He gives the head of my dick one more twist and I start shooting in his hand. After about the fourth volley he takes his handful of cum and rubs it all over the front of my body. Suddenly the room is filled with the intense smell of sex and I can feel Pete’s body tensing up as he gently pulls his cock out of my ass. A second later and I can feel the warm spray of his cum hitting my back while he’s moaning and gasping for breath.


We’re in bed and I’m straddling Pete’s waist. My cock is lying on his stomach but after our earlier sex romp the chance of a hardon is slim. But it’s okay because I’m not thinking about sex, I’m thinking about him. I lean forward and pin his hands back next to his head and bend my head down to kiss him.

“Do all doctors taste this good?”

He grins at me. “You know you’ve got like this sicko doctor fantasy thing happening. I hope you understand that not every doctor is gonna do this for you.”

I nuzzle the underside of his chin. “S’okay, there’s one in the family now so I don’t have to outsource the work.”

He pulls my head down to the crook of his neck and I stretch out my legs and lie totally on top of him our cocks are rubbing together. “Put your arms around my back and squeeze.” He does and I moan. Why does that feel so good.

He sounds concerned. “Your back okay?”

I nod yes. “Just not used to regular sex……….all the positions. My body must have gotten used to me leaning against the headboard and whacking off. All these exotic things that you’ve taught me are gonna take a while to adjust to.” I lift my head and bury my tongue in his mouth. Again! I’m beginning to loose track of which tongue is mine!

Pete’s stroking my back with an occasional detour to play with my butt. He’s always touching me! It’s fantastic! I never realized or at least was never able to put it all together in one piece but I really missed being touched. Now if I get within three feet of him I wanna walk over and bury my face in his neck. Maybe it’s more of a doctor thing, like it’s a way of giving reassurance, like just before they nail you with that two-foot long needle their always trying to use on you. Do I really look like a bum? Get outta my head, Mom!!!!!

I lift myself up and look down at Pete. “Do I dress like a bum?”

He reaches down with both hands and squeezes my butt cheeks and then runs his hands up my back. “You look fine to me.” There’s a definite smile in his voice. “When you first came to the office you looked great. Almost every other time I’ve seen you has been here and you’ve been in jeans. Nothing wrong with that.” I DO look like a bum!

“Well most of those times the jeans were just transitional to nakedness.” I sit up and straddle his body again, his cock under my butt. “Everybody looks the same naked, there’s no clothes to judge!”

“Eric, trust me not everyone looks the same naked and if you keep clenching your butt like that I can’t be responsible for what happens.” He rubs my thighs from my knees to my waist. More of that incredible touching!

“Well, tomorrow’s Sunday and we’re hitting the department stores! God! My mother was right! Again! What is she…… some voodoo priestess or something?”

Before I know it Pete has rolled me onto my back and has thrown his right leg over me, his semi-hard cock is pressed to my thigh and his mouth is covering mine. My arms automatically wrap themselves around his neck as he begins to push my legs apart and he brings his left leg over my right. Semi-hard has turned to full mast and I think that he’s found a way to distract me. I may never walk again!


Pete is sitting at one end of the sofa and I’m at the other, we’re both leaning back against the arms of the sofa and our feet are kinda tangled together. I’m reading the newspaper and Pete is reading a story to Jase who’s straddling his lap facing him. The Sunday morning sunshine is pouring into the room.

Pete points at the page that he’s showing Jason. “Great looking pony, huh?”

Jase nods vigorously.

Pete continues reading. “The little pony lives in a beautiful meadow high in the mountains where the grass is tall and green.”

Jase stops him. “What about the bears?”

I drop the paper and kick Pete. He glances up at me and I silently mouth the words. “No fucking bears!” He glances quickly at me then smiles at Jase and then glances quickly at me again. One eyebrow rises questioningly.

Again I mouth. “No bears!”

Jase won’t wait. “What about the bears, Pete?”

“Aaaaaah………..the bears live over here in the woods,” he points at the picture in the book, “and they’re very happy.” It’s not my fault that he can’t read lips. Well, there’s no saving him now!

Jason states flatly. “Bears eat ponies.”

Pete lowers the book and puts his hand gently on Jase’s shoulder. “No they don’t, Jase. They eat blueberries and salmon and stuff like that.” He’s so naïve.

“They eat ponies too.” Jase points at the picture. “They hide in the woods and when the little ponies walk by they run out and grab em.” Jase is nodding like this was something that anybody who knew anything understood.

There’s only one way to save Pete and I drop my paper and then reach forward and start tickling Jase mercilessly. He screams and tries clawing his way away from me but I drag him back until he’s lying against me on his back. I stop tickling him and let him catch his breath. I kiss his neck. This squirming, panting, giggling little human is my life.

My face is next to Jase’s. “You guys gotta go to the store with me and help me pick out some clothes.” While Jase is dealing with me I slide my foot down and just lightly rub Pete’s crotch. He kinda jumps and I smile.

“Why, Dad? You got clothes.”

I sigh. “I need some new ones, Jase. I keep forgetting to get clothes.”

Jase twists his head around and looks up at me. “Doesn’t Grandma buy your clothes? She buys clothes for me.” So that’s where they come from.

“No she doesn’t, Kiddo. I’m sure that she’d like to but a guy has gotta draw the line somewhere.”


The salesman walks up to us and tells us that his name is James and he wants to know if there’s anything that he can do for us.

“I need clothes, pants and shirts and stuff.”

“Sir, do you need dress clothes or casual clothes?”

Pete jumps in. “He needs like chino’s and sport shirts and sweaters. That kinda stuff.” He glances quickly at me.

“You do have stuff for the office? I’ve seen you in a suit.”

I smile at him. “Yeah, I’ve got bum and I’ve got well dressed. It’s the in-between that’s a problem.”

Pete makes a face and tilts his head. “You don’t look like a bum!”

Jase chimes in. “Grandma says he does. She says it all the time.” God, that woman!

James has a tape measure in his hand and a gleam in his eye. “Sir, do you know your sizes?”

“Aaaaaah, like maybe a thirty inch waist.” I get an idea. “Pete, what’s it say on the back of my Levi’s?”

Pete grabs the back of my pants and looks. “Twenty-nine……but they’re a little loose.” There was a little wedgie involved there.

James decides that neither one of us can be trusted and throws the tape around my waist. “More like twenty-eight.” He bends down and holds one end of the tape on the inside of my shoe and runs the other end up the inside of my leg. James hand brushes hard agains my cock. “Oh!” Pete gives me a dirty smirky look. Okay, James accidentally brushing against my cock has made me think about fucking but (a.) James doesn’t know that and (b.) Pete is the only one who gets to do that.

I turn to James and also glance at Pete. “Okay, now what?”

Pete turns to James. “Chino’s, they can be Docker’s or Polo or anything. Let’s do cream, light tan, tan, brown, navy and black and a half-dozen shirts that’ll work with all of em, or as close to that as you can get. Also maybe three light sweaters that’ll work with most of em and maybe a neutral light jacket.” I love this! It’s like having mom without all the crap.

I was all set to whip out my Visa card but then we found out that everything needed some kind of alteration, well the pants anyway and it took like forever and it’s not like it got outta hand or anything but James definitely has wandering fingers.

Anyway, by the time we’re done Pete is slouched zoned out in a chair with Jase sleeping on his lap. Actually they look really cute together and I wonder for like the millionth time if Jase has any understanding of my relationship with Pete. What would he say if I told him that I was in love with Pete? “Gee, Dad, that’s great! Can I have more toast?” or “Huh?” Probably the latter. He knows that I like Pete and he certainly likes Pete but I’m not at all sure that he’d understand, or care, not yet anyway.


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