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The Good Doctor
--- Chapter 64 ---
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                                                      The Good Doctor 64

I hate tight jeans.  But Pete said, “Eric, don’t wear those loose jeans for horseback riding.  You look like a Smurf riding the range!”  I do not, under any circumstances, look like a Smurf! 

He leaned in when he said it and simultaneously shoved his left hand down the back of my boxers and shoved his tongue into my ear.  “Although, you gotta be the hotest Smurf in existence!”

On the other hand I do love him and he is hung like Man-O-War, so that’s why I’m pulling on these low riding slim fit Levi’s whatever…even though they make me feel a little weird.

Jase came into the bathroom after I got em on and I was combing my hair.  “Where’d ya get those jeans, Dad?”

“Ah…Pete made me buy em.”

Jase stuck his finger out and touched the material cautiously.  “They look new.”

“They are, Jase.  I just never wore em but they’re s’pose to look like I did, like they’re worn.  They look okay?”  I turned to try and get a look at my butt but I couldn’t really.

He nodded yes, leaned against me and then said, “Will I look like you do when I get big?”

I nodded into the mirror at him.  “That seems to be the way it works kiddo.  Like father, like son.”

“I like the way you look, Dad.”

I put my hand on his back and then bent and kissed the top of his head.  “Thanks, Jase.”  Jase always likes the way that I look.  “Did grandma get here yet?”

He shook his head.  “I don’t think so, I didn’t hear her.”

As soon as the words were out of his mouth we heard, “Jaaaaason!”

“That’s her now, Jase.”  But he had already taken off.  I poked my head out of the bathroom but Pete wasn’t in the bedroom any more.  I slipped into a shirt and tucked it in while I walked out to see what my mom thought.

She was in the foyer and I posed for her.

“How do I look, Ma?  Like a cowboy?”  I held my arms away from my body and turned around so that she could see all sides.

She looked at me from my head to my toes and then looked at Pete and rolled her eyes!  What the hell is that supposed to mean?

“Eric, stand up straight!  You always slouch!”  I do not slouch!

I lifted my chin up and tried to stand up even straighter.  “Okay, how’s that?”

She stood there tapping her thumbnail to her teeth.

She does this to me all the time!  “You don’t like it!  Why can’t you just say you don’t like it?”

She shoved her thumbnail into her teeth for a moment.  “It’s not that I don’t like it.  It’s…” 

She turned to Pete.  “Will there be people there?”  Oh fer cryin out loud!  What am I, the Hunchback of Notre Dame?

“Ma!  It’s a farm!  There’ll be animals!”

She looked hesitantly at Pete again and asked, “Big mean ones?”  I had a feeling that her mind was wandering.  “I mean will there be people helping the animals?  People who’ll see what you look like?”

“I look that bad?”

“Ahhhh, not….baaad, just maybe a little…ya know?”  She looked to Pete like she expected him to answer but he was just standing there with a frozen smile on his face.

She said, “Eric, you look like one of those ads in the magazines.  One of those boys with…you know,” She held her hands down at her sides and made a pushing out gesture.  “…all of his stuff showing.  I don’t like it.”

Pete had started biting the inside of his cheek.  Finally he said, “Maybe you’d be more comfortable in some other pants.”

I looked down at my jeans.  “They’re too tight?”  I never have this problem with my regular jeans.

“No, they’re not really all that tight, not in the front anyway.”  He shook his head.  “They’re just….  It’s just that on you….I dunno…it’s weird really…but like it somehow all comes together and goes over the top.”

I looked at Jase and he just shrugged, clearly as outta the loop as I was.  I said to Pete, “Over the top?” 

He nodded and then sighed.  “Eric, somehow on you those clothes make you look like some, some freakin A&F boy gone bad.   I can’t believe that I made you get those.  They make you look…I dunno…like you’re flaunting yourself.  Did I see em on you?”  Flaunting myself?

My mother said, “What’s an A&F boy?”

“I don’t think I even tried em on.  That was when that guy walked into the wall and you had to help him.  I was just glad that we could get outta there without being sued.”

She turned to me.  “Is that like a male stripper or something?”

“No, Ma.  It’s just those boys in the clothing ads.”

“Oh!  Eric, you’re a nice looking boy, you don’t have to take your clothes off like that.”

“Ma, I’m fully dressed.”

She shook her head slowly and kept staring at me.  “Why doesn’t it seem like that?”

I said, “Well I’m not changing again!  The whole world wears these things and we’ll only be at the farm.  Who’s to see me?”


We turned Jase over to Pete’s mom and dad and headed for the barn.  Well, in the case of Pete’s Dad’s farm it’s more like barns plural.  There’s a barn for farming stuff and a barn for cattle stuff but the best barn is the horse barn.  It’s really beautiful.

Pete was striding along next to me in his well worn Levi’s and his blue work shirt looking insanely hot.  He’s really in his element here.

I kept holding my hand away from my body until his left hand brushed against it as we walked.

He jerked his hand away reflexively gave a little laugh and said, “Don’t start!  With you in those jeans you were lucky to make it outta the garage at home.  If Jase hadn’t been with us we’d still be in there.  I’ve had half a hardon since breakfast anyway and when you walked outta the bedroom in those,” He shook his head and grinned, “just don’t mess with my dick.  It’s ready.”

Well this is encouraging but not what I was thinking of.  “I can’t believe that you think that I’d think of something so base!  I was just admiring the architecture.  How come this horse barn is so much nicer than everything else around here?”  I was having trouble keeping up with him because his legs are so much longer than mine.  I felt like a little boy running next to his dad.

“And geez, could ya slow down?  My God!  This is like walking with Paul Bunyan!”

Pete finally grabbed my hand and jerked me through the door to the barn.  He leaned against a wood post and pulled me to his chest.  “To answer your question, this was the first barn.  Before my mom and dad bought this place it was owned by a guy who raised horses, expensive horses.  All of the old stalls are lined in teak and have solid brass fittings.  He spent a fortune on the place.  When we bought it my dad had to build the other barns but this one is still my favorite.”

His hands had been moving slowly down my back and now he pulled my shirt out of the back of my pants and replaced it with his hands.  He gestured with his eyes to the second floor.  “When we’re done with Mable I’ve got a little spot all laid out for us upstairs.”


He laughed.  “Her real name is too long.  Somewhere along the line my Dad and I just started calling her Mable.”

I grinned up at him pushed my body against his crotch and said, “So whadya got planned for after?”

He tilted his head to the side like he was thinking but then smiled and said in a soft throaty voice, “I thought we’d take our cue from the horses.”


She was beautifull with long graceful legs and thin little ankles.  Her eyes were a warm brown but she looked like someone who’d been waiting so long for something that she had finally gotten to the point where she was thinking that it might not happen, like if she was human she’d have a nervous twitch.

Pete rubbed her nose.  “My dad bought her in England and had her shipped over, like five years ago.  Isn’t she gorgeous?”  She was beautiful, she seemed almost delicate.

The fact however was that Mable had a look on her face.  I said, “You suppose she’s homesick?  Maybe she’s wondering what the fuck happened.  Maybe she asks herself what she did to deserve this, being sent away to a foreign land, to be bred.  Or maybe she’s embarrassed.  I mean here we are standing around discussing her sex life and arranging for this fuck.  It’s not very private.”

Pete laughed.  “Eric, I’m pretty sure that she’s more concerned about her next meal and the sounds that stallion is making.”  The stallion was in a stall at the end of the barn and you could tell that he was anxious and edgy.  He kept snorting and stamping his feet.  When I looked down that way I could just make out him tossing his head.  Then he seemed to look right at me and his eyes were wild.

I turned back sighed and lightly touched Mable’s insanely soft nose.  I whispered, “Well Mable, he’s big, hairy and well hung!  Just like we both like em!”

Pete hooked a rope to Mable’s halter and we led her out of her stall towards the back of the barn.

I asked, “Where we goin?”

“Just to a bigger area at the end of the barn, I don’t want either one of them to get hurt by banging into anything.”  That sounded so….violent.

“There’s a chance of that?”

He looked at me over Mable’s back.  “Not generally but I’d feel better if we had more room.”

The room we went to was big, maybe forty feet square and it had a much higher ceiling than the other rooms, maybe twenty feet.  On two sides of the room heavy wooden fences were built about six feet out from the wall.  Pete took Mable over to one and tied her up.

“Now stand behind the fence, Eric and keep talking to her.   Pete patted her rump and went over by the wall and came back with a small bucket.  Then without warning he quickly scooped something out with his hand and in a surprise move he lifted Mable’s tail and rubbed it on.  It totally took me by surprise because he
hadn’t said that he was gonna do that and then it just seem so intrusively intimate that I jumped like a freakin foot, my butt clenched my toes curled and I yelled,
“OH MY GOD!!”  I guess I was a little tense.

I was standing there dancing on my tiptoes waiting for the electric shocks in my spine to stop when Pete looked at me with a confused look on his face and said, “What?”

“You didn’t tell us you were gonna do that!”

He grinned.  “Sorry, it’s lube.  Your favorite brand, I believe.”

With a shudder still running down my back I petted Mable’s nose and said, “Sorry about that but I got a feeling you’re gonna be really happy he did it.”

Pete said, “Okay, I’m gonna get him.  Keep talking to her.”  I was running out of conversation.

I looked into Mable’s soft brown eyes and said, “I like what you’ve done with your mane.”  She just snickered at me.

Then more to myself than to her, “You suppose the other horses know that you’re in here about to get laid?”  I sighed.  “People talk, I suppose horses do too.  Maybe they’re all wishing that it was them.  Is this guy a catch?  He looked pretty hot, in a horsy kinda way.”

Then I heard this high pitched whinny, almost a scream and it was getting closer.  Then Pete came back into the room with the stallion at the end of a lead.  He was almost prancing and when he saw Mable he skittered to one side the way that horses do.  His nostrils flared and his eyes never left Mable.  Then as he moved to the side I saw his cock which was already half way out.  It was fucking huge!

Somehow I figured that there would be some period of introduction but Pete was bringing him right up behind Mable and obviously it was gonna happen NOW.

“Ohhh God, Mable!  Baby, I hope you’re not big on foreplay!”   OH MY GOD!!  He climbed right up the back of her, all quivering muscles and bad attitude!  Towering over all of us he let out this long screaming whinny as he gripped her.  His huge head and neck were whipping around and he looked like he tried to bite the back of her neck!

Mable’s eyes seemed to be ricocheting back and forth in their sockets and her nostrils suddenly flared out as he entered her.  Suddenly his thrusts were knocking her side to side and she let out a small plaintive squeal.  The power of the animal seemed to be rocking the entire building.  I screamed, “Oh my God, Mable!  Hang on, Honey!  Think of England!  THINK OF ENGLAND!!”

Then the stallion seemed to settle down.  He was still humping furiously but his head seemed to be dropping and then suddenly he got that strangled look on his face that Pete gets, let out a loud whinny that had to mean, “I’m fucking cumming!!” and it was over.  He dropped back off of her and Pete led him off.

Mable had a strangely self-satisfied look on her face but other than that it was like it happened every day.  I patted her nose.

“Well, you’re probably pregnant now so it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll ever see him again.”  She didn’t seem to care.  “Now it’s gonna be morning sickness and barfing.”  But as we led her back to her stall, she seemed to be smiling.

Once the horses were locked up Pete gently pressed me against the wall and reached down and lightly pressed his hand against my crotch.  I was hard and I really didn’t remember that happening.

My face was against his shoulder and his lips were pressed to my ear.  His voice was soft and teasing.  “Do you realize that you’ve been hard since we got in this barn?”  I was about to make some quip about him sure being the one to notice that but then he shoved his tongue in my ear and I lost my train of thought.

“Not possible, you’re making that up.”

His voice was soft and seductive.  He was insanely horny!  “Yes, Eric, it is possible and it’s true, I looked, purposely.”  He brought his mouth to the side of my neck and started kissing.  I love it when he does this.

I said, “So you gonna show me the second floor?”

He grinned and pulled me to him and kissed me again.  “You saw it once but you may not recognize it, it was a different part of the barn.  And you have to climb a ladder but I’ll be right behind you.”

In fact the ladder was in the corner of the room and just seemed to be some boards nailed to open wall studs and I began climbing with Pete right behind me and when I say right behind I mean that halfway up he bit my ass.

“Pete, I’m gonna lose my balance!”

But it was only two more rungs before I was climbing off the ladder on my hands and knees onto a straw covered floor.  The room was at the end of the building with one window that looked out over the barn yard.  The late summer sun was streaming in as Pete unfolded a red plaid blanket and laid it on the soft floor.

I stretched out on the blanket and Pete dropped down next to me and then turned onto his side and wrapped his arms around me.  He kissed me very slowly and then asked softly, “You feel like a cowboy yet?”

I grinned up at him.  “Hey I felt like a cowboy before I ever saw this place.  Course I never imagined that it’d include what we just did downstairs.”  I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him hard.  “What we’re doing now is a lot more what I fantasized that real cowboys did.”


Twenty minutes later we were in basically the same position but now we were both  sticky, sweaty and content.  Pete’s head was lying on his rolled up jeans and I was lying sprawled on top of him.  His eyes were closed.

I groaned.  “Let’s just stay here all day.  I don’t have the strength to get dressed.”  Then something occurred to me.  “How do we get cleaned up?”

Pete kissed the top of my head and said, “I brought some of those Wet things, the big ones.  Beyond that your only other choice is the cold water tap downstairs.”

I closed my eyes and touched the tip of my tongue to his sweaty chest.  “Well even if I wanted to go downstairs naked the water would still be cold so I guess it’s gotta be the wipe things.”  I could almost hear his eyes snap open.

Pete said, “I’ll do it.”


He started to sit up.   “Just swivel around and I’ll clean you up.”

“Whadya mean swivel around?”

He slapped my butt lightly.  “You’re mostly sticky back here…and…well…most of that is mine.  C’mon, lemme do it.”

I lifted my head and looked at him.  “Why are you so anxious?”

He laughed and rubbed my shoulders.  “It…ah…kinda turns me on.”  Oh.

“Why didn’t I know that?”

“Because, Eric, you fall asleep faster than anyone I ever met.  By the time I’m cleaning you up you’re usually seventy percent unconscious.”  Oh.

So I swiveled around which put me across his lap with my butt in the air.  He started to get hard immediately but he also started to slowly clean me up from my shoulders to my feet.

I started to laugh.  “You really are a perv.”

He sighed.  “I know…just enjoy it.”

Pete’s hands are huge and muscular but his touch is very light.  He slowly ran the cloth over my shoulders and back and then even more slowly over my butt.  Then when he started wiping behind my balls there was definitely a little penetration.

He said softly, “Your butt’s not sore or anything is it?”  His finger went a little deeper.

I had folded my arms and laid my head on them.  “No, it feels nice.”

He started pulling me around so that I was lying against his chest.  I said, “What’s the matter?  I thought you wanted to play.”

He kissed me on the lips and smiled.  “That’s was kinda foreplay.”

I knew what he wanted and positioned his rock hard cock and then slowly settled down on it.  I love this position because Pete pretty much kisses me non-stop through the whole fuck and there’s nothing like cumming with his huge cock in my ass and his tongue down my throat.

But everything ends and this did too.  Eventually we did clean up and as we were pulling our shirts on we heard Jase and Pete’s mom and dad coming.  Looking out the window I could see them in the distance with Jase skipping along in front of Pete’s parents.


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